Julia Gillards Letter to Santa

Here is the final poem in the Christmas series.

Julia Gillard’s letter to Santa

Dearest Santa, it’s Julia here

We’ve passed lots of policy, that is clear

While Abbott’s spent his entire year

On lies and spin and personal smear

But his arrogance has turned to fear

As he took the things that he held dear

Like his lead In the polls and his misplaced cheer

And he blew them all . . . up Ashby’s rear


To win, the man will gladly cheat

With his motley crew joining his deceit

As they open their mouths, to just change feet

While the MSM apply the heat

With opinion sold as facts, complete

With lies and spin, a right wing treat

Our democracy, their aim to beat

But instead turning victory . . . to defeat


So the things I ask are not for me

But for the lying bastards in the LNP

A conscience would set the Abbot free

From his inherent lack of honesty

Cos he talks like he is off his tree

With veiled abuse, based on misogyny

Combined with no integrity

He’s as mad as a dog . . . with a giant flea


And Julie Bishop, needs your help for sure

As a legal whelp, and a multi nationals hoar

She proved she’s rotten to the core

With her morals discarded, on the floor

By putting profits over compo, for the poor

Known best for her meow and her pussy claw

And her shonky knowledge of the law

From parliament she should be shown . . . the door


Then there’s sloppy Joe, who hasn’t got a clue

About what’s good, or right or true

And he’s flushed his credibility down the loo

By talking, economic cattle poo

Making out his maths are real true blue

Even though the man can’t count past two

But the right wing spin he’ll gladly spew

So for Joe . . . an original thought . . . is my request of you


And the mincing poodle, Chrissy Pyne

Makes out as if he’s doing fine

When all he does is cross the line

With his mealy mouthed, mincing poodle whine

And the lies and spin, on which he likes to dine

Means the little man will never shine

Even if he’s wearing Calvin Kline

Cos what he needs from you . . . is a real man’s spine


And Malcolm Turnbull, is no gent

Cos Godwin Grech proved the man’s quite bent

Leaving his reputation with a hell of a dent

And his credibility, all but spent

With his only option, his spleen to vent

Over a portfolio that’s less than Heaven sent

And an NBN plan that’s quite low rent

He needs your help . . . to voice his real intent


Eric Abetz, is a legal knob

Who dribbles liable from his gob

Because he thinks that that’s his job

With reputations, his to rob

By the slander grenades, he likes to lob

On behalf of his lying Liberal mob

While responsibility, he’ll simply fob

So could you do him slowly . . . on a nice warm hob


And Sophie Mirrabella, the queen of sleaze

Should leave the ranks of the parliament, please

With her tail between her knobbly knees

For her lack of morals and complete brain freeze

And Bronwyn Bishop, the libs old cheese

Is another one they should dump with ease

Cos her use by date was in the 1970’s

And her brain has atrophied . . . in large degrees


The media need your help as well

To move away from the corruption smell

Cos with Jones and Bolt they’ve gone to hell

In Murdoch’s isolated shell

Where if they don’t change soon, they’ll forever dwell

So stop them ringing his right wing bell

Cos they find the truth so hard to tell

A bit like Abbotts mate . . . George Pell


So dear Santa, what I’ve asked is hard

But we know they’ve all been fatally tarred

With the rabid right’s polluted lard

And our democracy is badly scarred

By these spoilt brats, from the private school yard

Whose lies and spin should just be barred

When they play the joker, as their only card

Yours sincerely . . . Julia Gillard


PS, while Abbot’s acting liker a goof

With his long forked tongue and his cloven hoof

And his policy vacuum showing proof

That his cred took a nose dive off the roof

The one thing I’d ask for me for soothe

Is can this coming year . . . be defined . . . by the truth?



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Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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