Something Astronomical

This piece, was another exercise from our writers group, when some were discussing things extra terrestrial, and the universe, and so the brief was to write about half a page on “Something Astronomical”.

So in my usual manner, I took a different slant and this is what I came up with;

Something Astronomical

A cool spring breeze floated gently through the new growth of the canopy, rustling leaves and moving branches as it went, while the golden orb of the full moon hung lazily above the treetops, casting its dappled yellow light amongst the gnarled trunks and tentacle like roots, punctuating the forest floor.

The young lovers moved slowly, deliberately between the trees, at once invisible in the deep shadows, only to reappear momentarily into the moons soft glow before moving back to the shadows once again.

They made no sound discernable above the evenings woodland chorus, and a casual observer  would know nothing of their passing. But pass they did like wraiths floating on the softly intoxicating aromas of pine, sandalwood and the wildflowers growing in abundance at the heart of their destination.

After what seemed an eternity, the couple stepped out from amongst the shadows and into a small clearing covered with a thick carpet of grass and wildflowers.

They stood for a moment staring up at the night sky as the myriad of bright, sparkling stars smiled down upon them, a crowning glory transforming a simple peasant couple to King and Queen under the spell of its majestic beauty, validating their love and commitment to one another.

Stripping away the trappings of unnecessary modesty, they consummated their marriage in the middle of the clearing, under a star encrusted sky, on a bed of wildflowers and to the rhythm of the night.

And when their passion was spent, they lay naked under the stars, staring up into the firmament as a shooting star passed, a final tribute overhead, and smiling at one another, the way that lovers do, they both silently concluded that their wedding night turned out to be…… something astronomical! 


About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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7 Responses to Something Astronomical

  1. foreverjanice says:

    Loved this short story – beautifully descriptive and sensitive.


  2. Truth Seeker says:

    foreverjanice, thanks for that, and it’s amazing what you can do in half a page if you try.

    My writers group were quite surprised when I read it out, as it was very different from what they were expecting, but they are starting to realise that you can take a brief and do something very different with it.

    One of the published authors in our group has started writing fiction for the first time ever, as a result of looking outside the box, very exciting. 😀

    You should give it a go. 😎

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆


  3. foreverjanice says:

    Truthseeker, there was a time when I became quite engrossed writing short stories. I lost the urge for reasons I won’t go into but if you would like to read a bit of what I was writing haven’t updated the site for years (forgotten how anyway) and you can’t leave a comment as the email addy is no longer current.


  4. Truth Seeker says:

    foreverjanice, I would have been interested to check out some of your writing, but I could find no short stories on the link. I think it may have been taken over by someone else.

    Cheers 🙂


  5. foreverjanice says:

    Truth Seeker. Well I’ll be buggered – I didn’t know that could happen 😦 Serves me right I guess for not updating the site. I’ve lost so much stuff with the rapid changing technology.


  6. Truth Seeker says:

    foreverjanice, I hope you have copies?



  7. I’ve spent all morning trying to set up a wordpress site – I think I have managed to get a couple of my stories on it but I’m very much in the dark as the how I’ve got this far. Anyway, you can see how far I got by going to


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