Julie Bishop

This poem came about as a result of the continued harassment of the PM over the “so called” AWU “scandal’, by Julie Bishop, in parliament and beyond.

I thought that a small comparison was appropriate.

Julie Bishop.


Julia Gillard is her name

Industrial relations is her game

As lawyer, pollie and now PM

To fight the right wing I R meme

Fighting for the workers rights

Against the corporate shinning lights


Education is her other passion

Though the Liberals think it’s out of fashion

As the bottom line is their concern

With our children future theirs to burn

Along with services and jobs

As lies and smear roll from their gobs


But our PM gets on with her job

Ignoring Abbotts lying mob

And their accusations thrown each day

In the LNP’s mendacious way

Cos she knows there’s still much work to do

To make OZ great, for me and you


Now Julie Bishop is her name

industrial relations was her game

As a lawyer from the west

Striving to be the corporates best

But not supporting workers rights

But those of corporate shinning lights


Her corporate client C S R

To not pay compo, raised the bar

With Bishop’s help they sought to try

To force delay, till victims die

But the case was lost as the Justice saw

That their corporate lawyer erred in law


But worse than that, she showed her hand

As one prepared to take a stand

Against what’s moral, right and good

Like an Anti Robin Hood

To steal Asbestos victims pay

So corporate profits win the day


With no compassion, concern or care

She turned her back on what was fair

And now she’s brought her moral lack

To parliament, as the Abbotts hack

With the dirt file there for all to see

As Abbott ducks his misogyny


While Abbott’s mute the Bishop shows

For a lawyer, how little law she knows

With questions based on false premise

Proving Bishop’s full of wind and piss

Renowned for cats claws and pussy calls

Abbott sends her out to take the falls


To prove to all, exclusively

He doesn’t have Misogyny

And women love him, this is true

Cos their loyalty is real true blue

And the Abbott mustn’t be a Jerk

Cos the girls will do his dirty work


With  lies and death stares in her armoury

To disguise her leaders misogyny

She’ll go out looking like the fool

Being used as Abbotts latest tool

With feet in mouth she’ll take the falls

Cos Abbott doesn’t have the Balls


But as election year rolls around

And Abbott keeps on losing ground

Our PM gets on with the job

Of taking the fight to the Abbotts mob

And continues turning up the heat

As they open their mouths to just change feet

And their policy vacuum clear to see

Snatching defeat… from the jaws of.. victory



About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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2 Responses to Julie Bishop

  1. 2gravel says:

    Another great pome Truth Seeker, great that you have your own site. Keep posting it to TPS like Patriciawa does, to remind us to check in now and again.


  2. Truth Seeker says:

    Gravel, Welcome, it’s great to see you here, and thanks for you kind remarks.
    I will keep posting on TPS, as I write more.
    Unfortunately, as comments, poems sometimes get missed and that was what prompted me to open my own blog, so that people who enjoy poetry like your good self could find poems that they might have missed.
    Miglo at Cafe whispers has been putting up a Saturday morning post of my poems, for the last four weeks, which has generated a bit of interest as well, and has been very supportive and helpful in setting up my blog.

    There will also be other stuff that I write, and some of my music, for those that are interested.

    I am also considering opening a lounge for open discussions when I get a bit more settled, and if there is enough interest, but for now I am happy to see my friends and supporters from CW and TPS.

    So again welcome and a very happy new year to you and yours. 😀

    Thanks again for your support 😀 🙂 😀

    Cheers 😀


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