What a Joke the LNP are

This poem is pretty well self explanatory , written as a statement of disgust at the way a political party can treat the Australian public with utter contempt.

What A Joke the LNP are.


What a joke the LNP are

They really aren’t that smart

Their federal leader Abbott

Does nothing but brain fart

Misogynist and pugilist

He’s good at punching walls

But as far as women and policy

He really has no balls


His deputy the Bishop

Says the Tony that I know

Volunteers with local fire-ies

To put on quite a show

He guides the blind through marathons

And walks on water too

But Bishop just like Abbott

Is full of cattle poo


Pyne enunciated the same script

Falling prostrate to the floor

While proving once and for all time

He’s Abbotts little whore

He’s called the mincing poodle

And he’s great at dummy spits

But as leader of opposition business

He gives everyone the shits


Rolley  poley Hockey

The alternate treasurer man

Proves that numbers aren’t his forte

Dragging figures from the can

Claiming economic management

Is the LNPs great strength

While to hide his budget black hole

He will go to any length


Their antics in the question time

Are legendary for sure

Like the time that Thomson sent Pyne and Abbot

Running for the door

And asking nothing much of relevance

But always calling for a vote

To suspend the standing orders

Their stupidity to promote


Abetz their senate leader

Is a man with little cred

Taking fact and truth and reason

And putting them to bed

Opting rather for the spin and lies

That set the libs apart

Coming second to the Abbott

In the stakes for best brain fart


And they talk the talk with slogans

And abuse our great PM

Using lies and obfuscation to turn attention

Away from them

But when they’re asked the tougher questions

Then it ceases to be fun

So instead of walking the walk

The bastards turn their backs and run


In Victoria there’s Ted Ballieu

Causing death by a thousand cuts

To the public service sector

By his right wing bag of nuts

And in New South Wales it’s O’Farrell

With his promises all shot

A hundred and thirty and counting

Means he’s lied an awful lot


There is Campbell Newman, the new kid  

Cutting services galore

Pushing that tired old right wing chestnut

That less is really more  

Telling lies about the economy

Using books Costello cooked

While his model’s admired by Hockey and Abbott

With both completely hooked


Under Labors financial management

The GFC we dodged

But with Abbott and his cronies

All we’ll get is figures bodged

And so give the reigns of power

To this rabble if you dare

But don’t risk it if you have regard

For our… Australia…. fair



About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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6 Responses to What a Joke the LNP are

  1. foreverjanice says:

    Great stuff. We can but hope voters do have regard for our Australia Fair.


  2. dapohne says:

    i bet you will not post this but what a lot of garbage you people are i am ashamed that i live in australia with the like of you people full of hate it will be great when you labor people and unionists hit the dirt after the next election cant come soon enough for me and a lot of these sleezy people are gone from the parliament.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      dapohne, it appears that you have made a lifestyle choice to make bad bets 😀

      Backing the LNP is obviously one of them, but I am sure that if you had the ability to write anything other that hateful, bile filled vitriol, you would gladly post it wherever and be so proud, sadly that is obviously not the case.

      What I would like to know is what you hate so much about this government, is it;

      The best performing economy in the developed world? 😯

      The low interest rates? 😦

      The low unemployment numbers? 👿

      Or is it just that it is not the LNP? which is my guess! 😀

      So I can only assume that you are either filthy rich, or aspirational.

      Either way you obviously don’t give a crap about this country, only your own misinformed ideologies. 😦

      You must be either badly damaged or totally selfish to be so bitter and twisted. 😥

      The good thing is, with a Labor government you will at least be able to afford treatment for that, which won’t be an option under the cuts of the LNP 😯
      Oh, and learn to not take yourself so seriously 😀

      Cheers 😀 😆


      • dapohne says:

        no i am not filthy rich i am a pensioner of 77 years who has worked in various professions how dare you attempt to know me and at least i sign my name not like a bunch of cowards you are come out in the open you sleeze bag. and tell me why your P.M. has given 9.7 million to the islam faith


  3. Truth Seeker says:

    dapohne, what a sad little bitter and twisted person you are, 😦 you bet that I wouldn’t post your puerile comment, and then you come back full of more abuse and vitriol.

    So all I can say to you, if in fact you are telling the truth about your circumstances, is that you deserve an LNP government, and when they cut your badly needed health services as Newman has done in QLD, and your pension to the bone and you are freezing in winter and can’t afford to feed yourself, then I am sure you will write to Abbott and thank him…. NOT.

    God help us if he does win , but luckily for you Abbott won’t make the Lodge, and you will continue to whinge and whine, until you fade away into your senile haze forever decrying the loss of your right wing utopia.

    Your first comment was rude, ignorant and pathetically ill-informed, and I allowed it to show what sad ignorant people follow the LNP, and you have once again proved the point of the poem that you so vehemently railed against, now go away and tell someone who cares, cos I have wasted enough of my time on you, you miserable little twerp 😀


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