Let’s Suspend Standing Orders

There were two poems written about Abbotts “Arsegate”, the first was inspired by Tony Windsor’s speach in parliament, when he called out Abbott on his lies and misinformation  about the “carbon tax”.

This is the first of the two.

Lets Suspend Standing Orders

With the winter break over and the parliament resumed

And the Houston report taken up,

And the “Right” claiming a victory, while the greens loudly fumed

Stating the country’s just been sold a pup

And the heat taken out of the Abbott’s pollution

The rubbish he’s stated as fact

By the report knocking holes in the Pacific solution

And an economy the western world’s backed

And being wedged in a hole he resorts to the lies

That have served him so well in the past

So with bravado aplenty he summons the guys

To give our Prime minister a blast


And with nought else to jump on and ramp up the lies

He runs back to the old tried and true

With his eyes on the prize and his head full of flies

He dives headlong straight into the poo

Calling for an apology from our illustrious Prime Minister

For the damage her “Big Tax” has wrought

And for the freedom required to argue his case

A suspension of standing orders.. was sought

A tactic he’s used almost each sitting day

To control and divert the debate

For his policy vacuum and lack of ideas

Has found him seriously lacking of late


So the motion was outlined and seconded by Pyne

Who went off with his usual crap

But the deputy speaker pointed out the drawn line

And gave the bad poodle a slap

Then Combet stepped up to decry Abbotts spin

Saying “this policy, for the future is right.”

So the poodle jumped up, set to put the boot in

But the speaker was up to the fight

Then with the speakers OK Windsor joins in the fray

His intent, clearly not to sing carols

And his anger this day.. bubbled up… all the way

As he took aim and fires both barrels


“There’s been lots of discussion of history today

About a comment the Prime Minister said

But the truth is the Prime Minister didn’t win, let me say

We got a hung parliament instead.

As the Leader of the Opposition would know very well

The PM and her deputy too

That a carbon price or ETS was a part of the sell

Of the deal, or it wouldn’t go through

The leader of the opposition knows that very well

As he actually begged for the job

But conclusion was reached his integrity was breached

And only lies dribble out of his gob.”


“ ‘I’ll do anything, Tony, to get hold of this job,

the only thing I wouldn’t do.. is sell my arse.’

Was the only clear codicil he placed on his plea

But we knew that his honesty was sparse.”

Then the poodle jumped up outrage etched on his face

With his dummy primed, ready to spit

But the speaker thought “Parliament, not Crufts, is the case”

So she told the bad poodle to “SIT”

Windsor said.. “He’d do anything to garner a win

That he wasn’t asked shows the good judgment I’m living!”

“I am proud” Windsor said “to debate what we’ve done.”

“So support for this motion I’m giving”


“Doing something about climate change. I’m proud to support

And by history we all will be judged

Like this man who’d do anything to get the top job

With the truth that he is seen to have fudged.

And this opposition leader would’ve legislated thus

If he had just been given the nod

You’re a disgrace.. as you have the same targets as us

By a more expensive method, you clod.”

So with the vote finally called and the “No’s” winning out

And the ‘question time’ over and done

And the Abbott sent out with his spoiled brat pout

Understanding his days race was run


And from then on his days got considerably worse

As his lies and his slogans abound

With his brain fart propensities still recorded in verse

To prove that his thinking’s not sound

And our Julia Gillard’s proved more than his match

Looking stronger and more confident each day

And to lose the unlosable election

Is the price that the Fibberals will pay

For the Abbott man is vacuous and policy free

And dishonesty is his main part

Accentuated each time his mouth’s running free

And his disconnected brain begins to fart


So with credibility shot and popularity in decline

And a platform that no one can know

And our government stable and the economy fine

We’ll all sit back and enjoy the show

As the media, dragged kicking and screaming, join in

And with great expectation we wait

For the next thrilling instalment of the saga of spin

Know affectionately.. as Abbotts.. arsegate.





About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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