Arsegate for Beginners

This poem was written as the second in the Arsegate series, and maybe the last.

 Although with an election year ahead, and the possible issues that the LNP are facing with regards to the Slipper case and the ramifications for Ashby, Brough and the rest of the players, Abbott’s slush fund and the bribery allegations in the NT and the inherent policy vacuum etc, one should never say never!

Arsegate for Beginners

Tony Abbotts blind ambition served us up the term arsegate

To be PM he promised everything, except his arses fate

So for an ETS or carbon tax, he’d surely compromise

He begged and pleaded, but the indies saw straight through his lies


So cast to opposition, Abbott set about his plan

To bring the quick demise of the Labor party clan

With lies and spin and slogans, he threw away due care

For the country and economy, as he really doesn’t care


So with a scare campaign ferocious and throwing morals to the wind

And ignoring all the experts and with truth and fact all binned

His goal was really simple, gaining power at any cost

But with monumental brain farts, his cause was quickly lost


But in the minds of many, Arsegate’s now much more generic

As they watch the right wing, zealots, lining up behind their cleric

The Abbott man who would be king, he’s heading up the charge

While the list of arsegate devotees is looming rather large


There’s Pyne, the Mincing poodle with his mega dummy spits

And his whinging, wining manner giving everyone the shits

And his social ties to Ashby giving rise to speculation

That there’s more to that than meets the eye, and cause for consternation


Then there’s that man Ashby who cried sexual harassment by Slipper

But the allegations going round, are the man prefers a nipper

And the chances are the harassment case will not get very far

As Ashby’s known for leaving his arsegate, always half ajar


Then there’s Sophie Mirrabella, who is rotten to the core

Who would lie to her own grandmother, for political points to score

She would take unfair advantage of the old and frail and wealthy

And her arsegate’s where her heart should be, which surely isn’t healthy


And Cocky Hockey tags along with his smug and arrogant smile

Making much of getting numbers wrong, by a decent country mile

With his ties to Abbotts arsegate, all we’ll get is a bad smell

From this man who would be treasurer, who would do us over well


And with Bishop as his 2 IC, the minister for not much

He shows just how far his front bench is really out of touch

With her contribution to debate making claws and pussy calls

And her head up Abbotts arsegate it’s no wonder they’ve no balls


Then the whistle blower Jackson, Abbotts hero of the minute

With the charges that she’s facing, could dump all of them right in it

And with Fair Work’s Michael Lawler a Tony Abbott appointee

Engaged to one K Jackson, there are conflicts there to see


With Abetz and Brandis on her side and Peter Reith as well

And the H R Nichols Society prepared to ring her bell

And she’s up to her elbows in the cookie jar, with egg upon her face

And there’s so many arsegates up for grabs, it’s like an Olympic race


There is also Malcolm Turnbull, whose hands are far from clean

With his lies and obfuscation, on the NBN clearly seen

As the brief for his portfolio was to seal our broadband’s fate

And although his heart’s not in it, it has proved his own arsegate


And as a savvy tech head, he has sunk the Liberals boat

As the Abbotts broadband policy is impossible to float

And he knows that fibre optics works, but sold out the mother-load

By adopting Abbotts policy of, arsegate to the node


So the burning question for us all is do we want this rabble

Representing our great nation with their slogans, lies and babble

Knocking holes in our economy, while looking after all their mates

While covering up corruption… from their numerous… arsegates.




About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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6 Responses to Arsegate for Beginners

  1. 2gravel says:

    Truth Seeker
    You are going to have one busy year with your excellent writing and I look forward to it all. 🙂


  2. Truth Seeker says:

    Gravel, thanks for your comment, and yes there seems to be a lot of inspirational fodder in the offing for 2013.

    The LNP are the gift that keeps on giving 😆

    it’s great to know that I have your support 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆


  3. foreverjanice says:

    Fantastic piece of writing, Truth Seeker. Love it to bits.


  4. Truth Seeker says:

    foreverjanice, welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment and kind words. 🙂

    It’s great to get some feedback, and know that there are people out there that appreciate ones efforts. 😎

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆


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