Run Rabbott run

This poem was written as an exercise given by my writers group with the brief of writing something about  “moving”, and as usual I took a slightly different approach to the others in the group.   😀

It was originally inspired by the much revisited vision of Pyne and Abbott running from the Parliament, when Thomson crossed the floor to vote with the LNP.

Run Rabbott run

The air electric, the chamber split

The vote was called on the dummy spit

Then Thomson, moved to right the score

Decided he would cross the floor

The press watched on from the gallery

As he stood, and walked deliberately

“How dare he”,  came the outraged shout

“His vote is tainted…..we must get out”


The rush was on quite earnestly

As the opposition tried to flee

The mincing poodle left his chair

And took off, like a startled hare

“I’m out he cried”, with a zealots glee

And found his office sanctuary

So there he stayed, his point to prove

And heroically… refused to move


Not far behind the poodles flight

The Abbott ran with all his might

“I’m coming Chris”, he cried with fear

As the speakers voice rang loud and clear

Though fleet of foot he crossed the floor

The shout rang out, “shut the bloody door”

So there he was, stuck in the hall

With the motion carried…. Taint and all


So Abbott cried foul and spewed forth bile

While that bastard Thomson, had the cheek to smile

“How dare he?” cried the outraged right

“That bastard shouldn’t stand and fight”

But stand he did, to their chagrin

So they had an unusual win

Though at Abbott’s feet much scorn was laid

Running… proved his… stock in trade


So with the spectacle covered far and wide

And despite the shame of every stride

The Abbott saw his urge to flee

As a way to free publicity

So when questions fly he’ll duck and weave

He’ll sloganeer,  and then he’ll leave

And commentators have their fun

With that old refrain of….. run…Rabbott…run.

😆  😆  😆


About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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2 Responses to Run Rabbott run

  1. foreverjanice says:

    Truthseeker, you’ve been a busy person since I last visited this site. Your work is nothing short of fantastic and I’ve enjoyed reading your poems which paint wonderful pictures.


  2. Truth Seeker says:

    Foreverjanice, thank you so much for you kind words and feedback, I greatly appreciate it. 😀

    I did read your comments at The Pub, and I hope you have managed to stay cool. 😎

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆


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