The Media

With an election coming this year, and all the talk of Media bias, and their promotion of lies and spin to the detriment of truth fact and reason, I thought it only appropriate that I should post my thoughts on their past efforts and what we can expect from the LNP and the MSM during this important part of the electoral cycle.

Our democracy hangs in the balance and this is what they serve up!

The Media

The conference called, the scrum was set

And the OB trucks plugged in

As the Journo’s and the camera crews

Got ready for the spin

A whirl wind tour of misinformation

Slogans and downright lies

That attracts our illustrious media

Like our garbage attracts flies

And so they wait with baited breath

To hang on every word

Hoping for a headline scoop a

Hope they know.. to be absurd


Then the crowd is hushed as the Abbott and co

Step forward to the mics

And their Tony starts his diatribe

Complete with barbs and spikes

Designed for maximum effect

To drive his message through

Riding roughshod over fact and truth

To hoodwink me and you

And his slogan filled Invective

Keeps him confident and strong

While his minders look on nervously

Hoping nothing will go wrong


When his rambling finally ceased, he said

“We’ll take your questions now”

And the usual suspects, cap in hand

Begin to scrape and bow

Then a cub reporter fresh from uni

And wet behind the ears

Asked a bold, yet relevant question

Realising everybody’s fears

And the minders all looked panicked

And the journo’s all looked shocked

And his front bench shifted nervously

As the Abbott went off half cocked


He stammered and he stuttered

Then said “Let me just say this”

But his response was incoherent

Filled with naught but wind and piss

So he reverted to his tried and true

And blamed the government

But the cub reporter asked again

And the Abbotts brain was spent

Then the head began to wobble

With the stare, adding its part

But the journo’s were distracted

By the smell of his brain fart


So while Abbott bolted, Bishop stepped up

All prim, and looking spruced

But her expression really said it all

“I’ve just been verbally goosed!”

Then the mincing poodle took the stage

A fire in his tummy

With nostrils flared and eyes ablaze

He spat another dummy

Then Hockey sought to join the fray

His large jowls all a-quiver

Stating “Lower tax and interest rates,

You know we will deliver.”


But the cub piped up so loud and clear asking

“How’s that to be done?”

But because of the impertinent cub

They were no longer having fun

So the conference ended and all the pollies

Quickly walked away

And the journo’s left to write their tripe

For the headlines the next day

While reporters smiled into their cameras,

Saying “back to the studio.”

And the morning anchors lauded them

Then returned to their spin promoting show.


And the next days headlines in the papers read

“Another Abbott win.”

Ignoring facts and truthfulness

And promoting only spin

And the mainstream commentators all said

Holding hands to hearts

That the Abbott’s surely got it all

Ignoring his brain farts

And the moral there for all to see

Is the truth will take a major hit

If it’s left to the mainstream media

Cos we know… they’re full of… shit!


 Cheers   😀


About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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7 Responses to The Media

  1. Catching up says:

    I believe we are in for some wonderful interviews this year.


  2. 2gravel says:

    Truth Seeker
    Very sad but true, keep up the good work. 🙂


  3. Truth Seeker says:

    Cu, yes, it should be interesting indeed, hopefully more fodder to work with. 😀

    Gravel, thanks for your comment and continued support. 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀


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  5. Put it to music, and the Liberals may use it for their campaign song. I’ve noticed that most them aren’t strong on irony.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      rossleighbrisbane, welcome to my site, and thanks for your comment 😀 😎

      No they’re not strong on irony, although they should be as many of their policies (?) are full of it 😀

      They also suffer a lack of sense of humour, but with a heightened sense of rumour 😯

      Cheers 😀


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