The Abbott of Oz

This poem is just a bit of light hearted satire to set the mood for the campaign ahead   😀

The Abbott of OZ.


Julie the Bishop, sat on her porch

With her small mincing poodle called Pyney

As a dog he was crap, but he sat on her lap

And he didn’t bark, just sounded whiney


And along the east coast, the right wings great boast

Was that services, they would be cutting

With the axe they were wielding and political storm building

As a result of the things they were shutting


And as Julie watched on, the storm came along

Giving her no time to even go for a pee

Though a staunch right wing toff, the storm sucked her right off

Unceremoniously dumping her in Sydney


As Pyney her poodle sat licking his doodle

Young Julie looked down in dismay

Her landing had been broken by that sad human token

Sophie the wicked witch of the day


As a pollie she’s sad, as a human she’s bad

With notoriety around all that she’s spoken

Laying flat on the ground, with her thinking not sound

And her leg, like her moral compass, was broken


Then the good witch Ms Gillard stepped out from her front yard

Removing golden shoes from the beast

That woman’s a sleaze, but you may as well have these

She’s got one thing that’s useful at least


Now if you want to go back, give the Abbott a crack

But I don’t like your chances I’ll say

Cos he’s hard to pin down, acting more like a clown

And when asked things, he just runs away


The Hume Highway you know is the way you must go

To our Canberra, the Abbotts spin city

Full of press leaning right, and the Liberals a blight

But the rest of the place is quite pretty


So with nothing to lose, Julie put on Sophie’s shoes

Heading down the yellow brick road in disgust

When a scarecrow she saw, and a Lion with no roar

And a tin man all covered in rust


Now the scarecrow she saw, was a man stuffed with straw

And Barnaby Joyce was his name

From his pole down he came, then tried climbing it again

Cos poor Barnaby was lacking a brain


The tin man Joe Hockey was acting so cocky

Brain rusted and refusing to start

Caring not what he said, causing people such dread

And totally lacking in heart


And the lion named Turnbull, truth and fact he will spurn all

To keep faith with the great party line

The NBN he’ll try sacking, cos his courage is lacking

And his credibility’s on the decline


So her dysfunctional mob getting on with the job

Moved along down the road to spin city

With their hopes running high and a glint in their eye

Except for pyney, who’s demeanour was shitty



Musical interlude; 


We’re off to see the Abbott, The misogynist Abbott of Oz

We hear he is a pugilist wiz, if ever a wiz there was

If ever, oh ever a wiz there was, The Abbott of Oz is one because

Because, because, because, because, because

Because of the misogynist things he does  


Back to the tale;


So to Canberra they came primed and set for the game

With their burdens all keen to unload

But with many paths to choose and guided by Sophie’s shoes

They were quickly led down the wrong road


But they found their way back to the Parliament shack

As the Abbotts grand office they sought

It was quite hard to dodge, as he called it “The Lodge”

A bit presumptuous, most people thought


So they knocked on the door feeling tired and sore

Until ‘Come’ was the call from within

And they entered his lair for an audience fair

But instead they got mouthfuls of spin


When he finally stopped, Julie’s question she popped

‘To my home, can you help me to go?’

But his wobble and stare showed he wasn’t all there

Till at last he responded with … ‘NO.’


Then they all stated hey we’ve been walking all day

And all you give us is stupid death stares

So with a face full of thunder he gave them lifeline’s phone number

Saying “Ring that, and tell someone who cares”.


So their goals were sent packing, as they were all sadly lacking

Fitting perfectly with Abbotts theme

As lacking brains, courage and heart, is an integral part

And requirement for joining his team


So he asked them to stay offering excellent pay

Joining him and the rest of his bogans

In the campaign of fear running out of his rear

Spouting nothing but spin lies and slogans


So they all joined his team and promoted his theme

In the place that they truly belong

And they found a good fit in that vacuous pit

And their commitment to Abbott was strong


And the moral for all who consider voting Liberal

Is to look to the team that you’re backing

For a political storm will become Abbotts norm

As brains, courage and hearts…. they are lacking




About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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8 Responses to The Abbott of Oz

  1. Catching up says:

    Once again, you have hit the spot.

    This one might go to music.

    When asked a question, will he flee or freeze.


  2. gravel3 says:

    Another good one, guess you watched the Wizard of Oz last weekend too. 🙂


  3. WhitWords says:

    Hi mate,
    I think you’ve ruined one of my fave movies!
    But all in a good cause.
    I like it lots.


  4. cornlegend says:

    I don’t know how I missed this one !!
    On my days of feeling pissed off with the world, I seek out a Truthseeker poem.
    I thought i’D READ THEM ALL !.
    Somehow this one got under my guard.
    you sure have a way with words !!


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, 😀

      If you go to categories, (If you haven’t previously) and click on “Political Poems” there is a complete list. 😀

      Glad to surprise you with another 😀

      Cheers 😀


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