The 2013 Political Olympics

With the media whipped up into a frenzy of speculation regarding a supposed leadership spill over one poll seven months out from the election, one wonders what is going on?

Now keeping in mind that polls this far out mean nothing, other than to satisfy a biased media, hungry for an angle on making news, one has to ask the question why else would the MSM make such a fuss?

Following the rules of propaganda, and as a result of PM Gillard denying them their normal lines of speculation on possible dates, one can assume that their motivation is to portray Abbott as a winner, and conversely Gillard as a loser, ignoring as they do, facts, reason and common sense for the sake of perpetuating their lies and spin.  The hope being that they can persuade those swinging voters that they may as well just back the obvious winner, and as an added bonus, demoralise the ALP supporters.

Well I for one will not be dictated too by Murdoch and his right wing cronies!   😯

So with the MSM playing Abbotts propaganda game, and the right wing nut jobs claiming Labors demise, based on the aforementioned poll, I thought it was time for a bit of light relief.   😀

The 2013 political Olympics.

There are three teams competing to take home the prize

ALP… LNP… and the Greens

With the purveyors of spin all predicting a win

To the libs and their right wing, dream team


With un-back-able odds, the LNP sods

Seem a shoe-in. to the take home the meet

While the Greens proudly waving their ideological flag

Promptly shot themselves….. in both feet


With the odds stacked against them, the ALP team

Put their heads down and aim for the prize

While the LNP mob focus not on the job

But on giving each other.. black eyes


There’s their illustrious team leader, the Abbott

Trying so hard to play many parts

But his only, podium finish

Was for producing the greatest.. brain farts


He entered the triathlon, starting the run

In his budgies and channelling the force

But he was side-tracked by an inquisitive journo

And quickly, ran off.. the course


In the swim he seemed right on the money

Flying quickly around all the floats

Till from out of his goggles he spied course officials

And swam off, to tow back.. their boats


The bike leg, he started with confidence

But his own preparation was lax

As his wheels were both buckled and his tyres were flat

And he lost, blaming that big.. carbon tax


Pyne’s only option for a podium finish

Was for throwing political fits

As he reacts, for his part, defending Abbotts brain fart

With his own brand of big.. dummy spits


In archery, Hockey’s their best medal bet

As he’s sure to put on a good show

Like he does, in his statements on the economy

He’s an expert in drawing a long bow


So he lined up against Swan on the archery field

Swan knocking his arrow and loosing

And the arrow it sailed, and the bullseye was nailed

Handing Hockey, a hell of a goosing


Hockey’s aim like his policy direction

Was not good, as he stood on the grass

But his arrow flew true, past the target, mind you

To hit Abbott…. fair in the arse


Mirabella lined up for the equestrian event

But with Lundy just so far ahead

She returned to her roots and her old winning ways

And mounted… the judges.. instead.


Then Turnbull turned out for skeet shooting

Calling pull, and the NBN sailed close by

But his heart wasn’t in it and his aim couldn’t pin it

And he hit nothing… but pie in the sky


And the rest of the teams, contributed their bit

To the medal count, all neck and neck

Till the ALP captain stepped up to the start

With the marathon, the last box to check


And the marathon girl said we’ll give it a whirl

Lining up against the dastardly Abbott

Who took off like a hare running here and running there

Looking more like a maniacal.. rabbit


Then he stopped, then he started as his brain loudly farted

But Gillard would not be distracted

And he ran round in circles, tripping up on his lies

As his race became largely… protracted


And the Abbott cried foul as his ambition was lost

And the marathon girl won the day

Proving lies, spin and slogans, will not serve these bogans

But credibility and truth.. is the way


And the LNP lost with Abbot paying the cost

And the ALP claiming the prize

With the podiums top spot, claimed by that Labor lot

While the Liberals just sat down.. and cried


And the lesson to learn, is that bridges you’ll burn

And you’ll end up just losing your seats

Telling lies isn’t right and you’ll just lose the fight

Looking more like a mob of…. drug cheats


So be honest and true, and straight speaking

With a decent and credible fight

And don’t treat us like fools, expecting to win

Just because …you believe…. it’s your right.


English: Tony Abbott


About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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8 Responses to The 2013 Political Olympics

  1. Lindadom says:

    Fab, except the latest for idiot Abbott is board shorts not budgies.
    Perhaps he hasn’t had Botox on his thighs,
    To match his new eyes.
    One can only live in hope,
    Of getting rid of this dope.
    I despair for our nation,
    That anyone would give him a notion.
    It’s impossible to see,
    How he’s given any credibility, because it’s all about me.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Lindadom, welcome to my blog, and thanks for your entertaining comment 😀 It’s good to know that there are other people of like mind out there. 😯 😆

      I know he’s started going for boardies, but budgies in the LNP colours seemed appropriate, as he used to be seen only in red ones, and I think Budgies show the real Tones, and that he thinks that it’s all about him :mrgreen: 😦

      Cheers 🙂 😀 😆


  2. bob macalba says:

    nice one TS, cuppa in hand having a nice little chuckle, a good way to kick of my day


  3. WhitWords says:

    Hi mate,
    Well versed.
    I think the marathon reference most apt.
    Another excellent piece.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Whit, thanks mate for your comment and kind words, 😀

      Yes, I wrote it last year, and the reference now seems quite prophetic 😯 with the advent of the election date announcement.

      I am hoping that you will turn your hand to an article about this current stupidity with the MSM, as I know that you would add some more sense and clarity to it, along with your usual Whit (pun intended 😀 .)

      Cheers 🙂 😀 😆


  4. Hells bells that is a horrible pic of a disgusting character you chose there Truth Seeker. 🙂 It put me off my dinner. Great poem though. cheers.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Janice, thanks for your comment, and sorry about the pic, but I did put the shock 😯 smiley as warning 😀 Glad you liked it though 😀 😆

      Cheers 😀 😆


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