Abbotts Policies, The Story So Far.

With the MSM running wall to wall stories on the  “Inevitable” return of Rudd,   😆   and Trolls across the nation lining up to feign support for the ALP, if they would only return his Ruddness to his rightful position as leader, I thought it was time that the conversation was returned from this fanciful, wishful thinking of the rabid right, to reality.

So I have just written my take on the first raft of policy (?) announcements from the LNP.

Abbotts Policies, The Story So Far

The list of Tony Abbotts policy promises

Really isn’t that long

But the smell of decay from the John Howard years

Is getting incredibly strong

There’s at least 20,000 lucky public servants

He is promising he’s going to chop

And a QLD style, Peter Costello audit

That sadly, he’ll expect us to to cop


He’ll stop all the boats and he’ll cut all the waste

He states by his grand decree

But the truth is that Abbott and all of his mates

Are just so full of hypocrisy

The boats, he won’t stop cos the Pacific solution

Is well past its own use by date

And his personal expenses are already through the roof

So more waste, is the LNPs fate


There’s Joe Hockey and his bad economics ideas

Talking down our great economy

Promising surpluses, even though his creds were all shot

When he came up with eleventy

And he says that we all will be much better off

When he takes the school bonus away

And the pensioners too, will be jumping for joy

When he reduces their fortnightly pay


And their claim is to Wind back that “Big Toxic Tax”

Even though old Whyalla’s still fine

And despite his wild claims, that investment will cease

There’s still plenty to be made from a mine

With the investment stream running at record high levels

In spite of the MRRT

And the campaign of fear running out of his rear

Shows the Abbott is right off his tree


And his parental leave scheme is really a joke

Taxing business to help pay the rich

So they can take time off from their high paying jobs

On full pay, to scratch their procreation itch

While for the lower paid, winding back the tax threshold

From 18 to 6 grand, is their plan

Working longer you see is their way to prosperity

Having three full time jobs if you can


Now Gonski is the big education reform

But for Pyne it’s a non policy

Cos he claims spending cash to educate our kids

Will be bad for the economy

So maintaining the status quo, is their ideology

Whilst enlarging class sizes as well

So to get more for less, is the peoples best guess

But the poodle refuses to tell


Then there’s Turnbull the spokesman for doing us over

With our great NBN as his brief

Claiming fibre to the node is the way we should go

But if you’re rich you can pay for relief

From a less reliable system supplied to the node

That relies on the old worn out copper

But in France he’s investing in fibre to the home

Proving Turnbull’s telling Aussies a whopper


Now their climate change spokesman with a mouth full of feet

Is that sadly mendacious Greg Hunt

With a direct action plan, that came straight from the can

Of the Abbott, the climate change runt

He’ll give lots of cash to the biggest polluters

And plant many millions of trees

While their right wing supporters deny global warming

Instead stating, we’re facing a freeze


And Greg Hunt claims emissions continue to climb

While the facts say they’ve started to drop

And their grand action plan is the way we must go

Though the experts all say it’s a flop

An ETS is not good, and China’s not interested

And he’ll guarantee those are the facts

Yet within a few days they’ve exposed his lying ways

Announcing their own Carbon Tax


Now we’re waiting for policy costing’s

But the Abbott keeps running away

While their black hole is ever increasing

And we’re wondering just how they will pay

While he’s promised a policy banquet, this far

His efforts have proved him a fake

Cos his policy pie is just pie in the sky

Or a big… LNP…. fairy cake




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11 Responses to Abbotts Policies, The Story So Far.

  1. Excellent 🙂 Of course, it will be all the way back to the Howard era if Abbott happens to fluke the win he’s after. 4Corners last night brought back an unpleasant memory of Howard’s idiocy when he signed Australia up to the F35 (never to be any good) airoplanes to replace the F16s.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Janice, thanks for your comment, and continued support. 🙂 😀
      Yes I saw some of the report, and remember when he signed up to that plane without following the normal tender processes. 😉

      No wonder he was rated by the IMF as Australia’s most wasteful PM! 👿

      Cheers 😀 😎


  2. TMSeaward says:

    You speak the truth and do it in rhyme
    abbot will fall come e/lec/tion time!


  3. Fed up says:

    Sure it is not back to the Santamaria era. We even have a rebirth of the DLP, that many are now saying will give Abbott the numbers in the Senate.

    Wonder if Abbott has had anything to do with the rebirth of that party?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up/Cu, thanks for your comment and “like”, and yes it’s an intriguing question.
      If he did, it would probably be put up for adoption, cos he has form with not being responsible for births 😀 as you know 😀

      BTW, don’t worry about the likes of reb, his ego is so big that it could have its own post code 😀 😆

      Cheers 😀


  4. Fed up says:

    Thanks TS, but that is now in the past. Not really interested in such diversions. Everyone is entitled to their own views. It give my comment legs though. Sunk quickly when made months ago.

    Yes, Mr. Abbott does have a habit of fleeing from difficult situations.

    It may amaze you, that is how the issue arose in the first place. Not criticism or a value judgement. Just the example of his habit of running every time he meets something he does not like.

    Can see him rushing out of USA presidential office, because Obama asked him a difficult question.

    It will be interesting how he will cope with that promised visit to Indonesia immediately following his election. I am sure that their President will be telling him some home truths. How wi;; the man cope.

    How he will cope in Malaysia is beyond my ingenuity to the picture.

    May do OK in the UK, among his old Oxford mates. Most who appear to be in great trouble themselves.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up/Cu, I honestly don’t think he will get the opportunity, as there is still 6 months to go, and I can’t see him going 6 weeks without a stuff up, even with his minders trying to keep him out of trouble, so 6 months? 😀

      The man’s a walking running stuff up 😆

      Cheers 🙂 😀 😆


  5. Fed up says:

    We need to get past personalities. They are not important in the scheme of things. It is what their parties are offering.

    It is more important to look at who is sitting behind both of them.

    Focusing on personalities of the two leaders prevents this.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up/Cu, I agree, except that what the LNP are offering is nothing other than Abbott, so in that context his personality is very relevant, sad though it is. 😦 The policies so far offered up are really just an extension of his personality, all aspiration, and no substance 😀

      Cheers 😀


  6. Fed up says:

    There are many people in my opinion, who have come to believe politics and government have nothing to do with them.

    We have to convince them that they are wrong, that government actions affects everyone.


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