It’s Abbott and the LNP, so it’s different!

Its Abbott and the LNP, so it’s different!

It never ceases to amaze me that, according to the LNP and their complicit MSM/ABC, when the ALP does or says something, they are dishonest, dysfunctional, in disarray, untrustworthy, incompetent etc, but when the LNP are any of those things, for real, there’s nothing to see here!  Likewise when the ALP changes leader, it’s a political assassination, but when the LNP do the same it’s in the best interests of the party, the state, the nation and in fact the entire history of mankind!

English: Ted Baillieu

English: Ted Baillieu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This question of changing leaders has reared it’s ugly head again, as a result of the unexplained resignation of Ted Baillieu as Vic Premier.

At the risk of reopening old wounds, I think that it’s worth asking “what’s the difference, between what the ALP and the LNP have done?”

We still hear about how K Rudd was knifed in the back, how “Gillard has blood on her hands”  etc etc.

Now , in the interest of full disclosure, I for one was less than happy, at the time, with the

ALP split 2012

ALP split (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

ALP’s decision to replace Rudd, but then I, like most, only saw the public face of Rudd, and was unaware of the difficulties of working with him which, with the benefit of hindsight, there were murmurings of, prior to the spill.

Now like Baillieu, Rudd did quit, the only difference being that Rudd had a second chance to put himself up for the position and was defeated by a clear majority vote of the caucus.

The MSM are reporting that Baillieu came to the decision on his own, after becoming aware that he no longer had the full support of his parliamentary party.                                         The same could be argued for Rudd, who made the position of leader vacant of his own volition, returning to caucus later, determining to test the numbers.

Now I can hear all the right whingers, crying foul, and saying there’s no comparison.  But who can say with any certainty that Baillieu was not in the same situation whereby if he didn’t jump, he would have been pushed?     The very fact that he “Became aware” that he did not have the support he needed, alludes to the possibility that he did get some type of tap on the shoulder.

Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The LNP also summarily dismiss the comparison with Abbotts actions against Turnbull  by saying that Turnbull was not an elected leader of the country, but he was the elected leader of the LNP, as Rudd was the elected leader of the ALP who happened to win an election and became subsequently the PM, in the same way that Baillieu became Premier.

It could also be argued that Rudd, at least had the guts, ego, determination  or whatever, to test the numbers, whereas Baillieu, so far, has just capitulated, and the future will tell whether he gets the opportunity, and has the guts etc, to do the same.

Abbott on the other hand deposed Turnbull by one vote, and his motivations were definitely not altruistic, but rather as a way to fulfil his personal ambitions, with the added bonus of  being able to renege on the deal Tunbull made with Rudd on the ETS.

The irony of ironies was that the one vote that got him over the line, was almost certainly from his good mate (?) Slipper, another friend and colleague he tried to destroy.   (Turnbull given the poison chalice portfolio of destroying the NBN, to further erode what, if any, credibility he had left after the Gordon Gretch affair.)

There is a generic term which is “Right wing projection”, which alludes to the fact that those of the “Right” regularly accuse others (anyone not from the “Right”) of doing what they themselves are guilty of;

  • The ALP are dishonest and as a result can’t be trusted, when it is them (the LNP) that are serial liars ie, Whyalla, Gillard lied, Taxes and interest rates will always be lower under the LNP, (Abbott) “I will be the workers best friend “, wrecking ball through the economy etc etc.
  • The ALP are bad economic managers, whilst presiding over an economy that is the envy of the developed world, and their (LNP) economic plans have been roundly condemned by the vast majority of credible economists.
  • The Carbon Tax/price is bad for the economy and will not reduce emissions, when the facts show that the compensation package more than covered the moderate impost for  those that could not afford the small rise in costs, and the emissions from power generation have already shown a drop of 8%+ in the first six months.
  • Their three word slogans are based on lies or at best misinformation.
  • And the list goes on.

So, over the statement “It’s Abbott and the LNP, so it’s different” the question remains…….  WHY?

Mad Monk

Mad Monk (Photo credit: liamalexander)


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15 Responses to It’s Abbott and the LNP, so it’s different!

  1. C@tmomma says:

    Good work, Truth Seeker! 😀 Why don’t you cross post this at The PUB? Just ask fiona. We would love to see your stuff there, I can safely say.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      C@tmomma, that’s very kind of you, and I would love for the PUB to carry some of my musings, but I am not sure how to go about it!

      Would it be via a comment to fiona, or by email?

      Cheers 😀


  2. fileremos says:

    I find it particularly amusing that the LNP and their gang of Christians enablers always seem to want to hold the atheist PM up to a higher moral standard than themselves. None of the professed devil dodgers seem to even begin to be the imitation of Christ.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      fileremos, thanks for your comment, and welcome 😀

      Sorry it took a while to get you comment up, but it got caught up in the spam filter. 😳

      Yes, i have to agree, it’s hard to see their Christianity shining through 😦

      Cheers 🙂 😀


    • jane says:

      filermos, you only have to be aware of Morrison’s vile rantings and Liealot’s persistent lying for their “Christian” values to be exposed for the rubbish they are.


  3. bob macalba says:

    excellent Truth Seeker you’re on fire, man these are interesting times with so much going on in tory land, keep the bastards honest TS, keep the bastards honest, keep putting it out there and the folk will listen, apathy will be our biggest threat[i imagine that its a big part of the tory tactics, bore the f@#$ out of them with bullshit till they give in] well that aint gonna happen, to many good folk doing terrific work keeping the truth from being hidden away, and the truth is what the tories are trying to hide, keep ‘seeking’ and …cheers


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Bob, thanks so much for your kind words and support. 😀

      There are many of us doing our bit, you included, with your comments and links on TPS, that add a great deal, so I can return to you, to keep up your great work as well. 😎

      Cheers mate 🙂 😀 😎


  4. MWS says:

    “Now like Baillieu, Rudd did quit, the only difference being that Rudd put himself up for the position and was defeated by a clear majority vote of the caucus.”

    It’s my recollection that Rudd decided not to contest the first vote n2010 – when Gillard was elected leader unopposed. Later, after the press reported that Rudd was considering a challenge, Gillard declared the leadership open and both then stood for the leadership (Gillard won handsomely).


    • Truth Seeker says:

      MWS, welcome to my site, and thanks for your comment 😀
      Yes you are quite right, I will amend the oversight, and thanks for your astute observation. 😳

      Cheers 😀


  5. cornlegend says:

    Enjoyed your article, keep up the good work in getting the message out
    i do my best with postings at numerous sites and linking sites like yours IA etc
    One concern I have lately, is, most left leaning sites are waiting for the Guardian to start in OZ.
    I fear it will be no better than MSM
    Just gotta keep sticking it to the Scumbags !
    Good stuff Truthseeker


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, thanks for your kind words and support, I greatly appreciate it 😀

      It’s good to know that there are people like you out there doing your bit too 😎

      There is definitely an expectation around the launch of The Guardian Oz, based on the fact that they were instrumental in exposing the Murdoch media corruption in the UK and the setting up of the Leveson inquiry.

      So they do have a history of independence from our MSM, and we can only hope that they will introduce some badly needed balance 😀

      Cheers 🙂 😀 😎


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  7. jane says:

    Great post TS. Absolutely right about dingbat projection and hypocrisy which we shouldn’t hesitate to rub their trolling noses in at every opportunity.

    cornlegend, I think the Guardian loathes the Murdochracy enough to continue what they started in the UK and ferret out every rotten deed and their incestuous relationship with the Liars Party.


  8. Truth Seeker says:

    Jane, thanks for that 😀 I appreciate your input 😎

    Yes, I’m with you, I think that The Guardian will be a revelation, once it gets established over here. 😀
    I have checked pout the local site, and it looks OK so far, although still in its early stages.

    I have written a bit more on right wing projection in my latest post “MSM, the political satnav.” if you are interested 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😎


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