LNP, The best of!

LNP, The best of!

With all the discussions on media and the plethora of polls that we are bombarded with on an almost weekly basis, I thought it was time for a bit of light relief, so I’m posting here, some of my favourite verses from some of the poems I’ve written over the last year. 😀

The Boil

(V1) The Australian public looked upwards in awe

From the base of a hill that was not there before

It appeared just like magic, and it grew overnight

And by the next morning, was a hell of a sight

And some people said this was surely a sign

That the country was sick, and we’re in a decline

But the government said wait, this just isn’t right

The economy is good and the future is bright

But the people got frightened by the sight of the mound

And despite all the evidence said the country’s not sound


(V2) But the government continued, as the figures were good

Ignoring doomsayers as they knew that they should

But frustration increased in the ranks of “The NO”

And the hill stole their focus and continued to grow

Big red and angry with a festering head

“It looks like a pimple”, one observant soul said

Then a little boy smiled, as he spoke to his Mum

“It’s just like that boil, that I had on me bum”

And a woman with shock written over her face

Said.. “The damned thing’s so big… you could see it from space”


You can read the rest by clicking the link at the top of each poem.

Tony Abbotts Christmas Do.


(V1) The Abbotts invitations were all posted out

For the big Christmas party he’d planned

It’s to be fancy dress, with no particular theme

Except all normal clothing was banned

The only stipulation, for attending the Do was

That only the radical right were allowed

With Little Johnny Howard, the man of the minute

Feeling pumped up… and ever so.. proud


(V3) So the Abbott, the host with the least, not the most

Dressed up in the role of Santa Clause

But the role didn’t work, cos the Abbott’s a jerk

Delivering presents through all the wrong doors

But he practiced his lines, for appropriate times

With the heartiest of…. HO.. HO.. HO… HOs

But to his great chagrin, he was so full of spin

That they always came out.. NO… NO… NOs


(V6) The bouncer was Joe, cos a punch he could throw

With his size, and his  “I’ll hurt you” pout

And it’s his leaders big show so he couldn’t say no

Or the Abbott would knock him right out

So dressed up as Fred Flintstone, complete with a big bone

He wandered round looking for strife

But when he stepped in, people just gave a grin

As irrelevance …. is sloppy Joes… life


If I posted all my favourites from this poem, I’de just post the whole thing  😀

The Media

(V1) The conference called, the scrum was set

And the OB trucks plugged in

As the Journo’s and the camera crews

Got ready for the spin

A whirl wind tour of misinformation

Slogans and downright lies

That attracts our illustrious media

Like our garbage attracts flies

And so they wait with baited breath

To hang on every word

Hoping for a headline scoop a

Hope they know.. to be absurd


(V5) So while Abbott bolted, Bishop stepped up

All prim, and looking spruced

But her expression really said it all

“I’ve just been verbally goosed!”

Then the mincing poodle took the stage

A fire in his tummy

With nostrils flared and eyes ablaze

He spat another dummy

Then Hockey sought to join the fray

His large jowls all a-quiver

Stating “Lower tax and interest rates,

You know we will deliver.”


Run Rabbott Run.

The air electric, the chamber split

The vote was called on the dummy spit

Then Thomson, moved to right the score

Decided he would cross the floor

The press watched on from the gallery

As he stood, and walked deliberately

“How dare he”,  came the outraged shout

“His vote is tainted…..we must get out”


The rush was on quite earnestly

As the opposition tried to flee

The mincing poodle left his chair

And took off, like a startled hare

“I’m out he cried”, with a zealots glee

And found his office sanctuary

So there he stayed, his point to prove

And heroically… refused to move


Not far behind the poodles flight

The Abbott ran with all his might

“I’m coming Chris”, he cried with fear

As the speakers voice rang loud and clear

Though fleet of foot he crossed the floor

The shout rang out, “shut the bloody door”

So there he was, stuck in the hall

With the motion carried…. Taint and all


So Abbott cried foul and spewed forth bile

While that bastard Thomson, had the cheek to smile

“How dare he?” cried the outraged right

“That bastard shouldn’t stand and fight”

But stand he did, to their chagrin

So they had an unusual win

Though at Abbott’s feet much scorn was laid

Running… proved his… stock in trade


So with the spectacle covered far and wide

And despite the shame of every stride

The Abbott saw his urge to flee

As a way to free publicity

So when questions fly he’ll duck and weave

He’ll sloganeer,  and then he’ll leave

And commentators have their fun

With that old refrain of….. run…Rabbott…run.

😆  😆  😆

This last one is only short, so it’s complete.


About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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3 Responses to LNP, The best of!

  1. cornlegend says:

    Have you ever put any of your work to cd, dvd,
    wouldn’t mind getting hold of one if you have


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, thanks for your comment and enquiry. Sadly, I haven’t, but it’s certainly something to think about 😀

      I do have my own recording studio, but at the moment, I am recording a song that one of my students wrote (with my help), and I still have about 50 tracks to record before I can sell my Teach yourself guitar system, that I have developed.

      I am also writing and recording the soundtrack, for a novel that I am writing, so as you can see I am a bit snowed under.

      I am however considering putting a small ebook together of my political poetry, which I can do on my laptop whilst I’m on oxygen, as you can’t do a lot else when on oxygen 😦

      One of my songs for the book is available to listen to on “The Willow Wood Man” post, just click on the link and it will play 😀

      Cheers 😀


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