The Abbott’s Cheer Squad

The Abbott’s Cheer Squadakerman_la_m1775325

After listening to Piers Ackerman squealing like a stuck pig (not to mention looking like
one) on The Insiders on Sunday morning,while his fellow insiders actually laughed at the puerile ramblings of a man rushing headlong to his intellectual and emotional dotage, it became apparent that even among the Abbott cheer squad of the MSM he is an embarrassment.

So who are the Abbott cheer squad, and exactly why do they put up with the likes of Ackerman further degrading what, if any, credibility they have left?

Well we know that Murdoch’s News Limited (“Limited” being the operative word) are the biggest barrackers, of which Ackerman is a main player, along with a number of other alleged journalists.

We also know that John Singleton’s ” Macquarie Radio Network” sporting such self obsessed/declared luminaries as Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and Steve Price (I feel the need for a shower at this point, just for mentioning them   :mrgreen:   )  are a big part of the “club”.

Gina (Kids… what kids?) Rinehart has made a concerted effort to gain control of Fairfax, along with Singleton and an investment banker Mark Carnegie, as reported in “The Australian”, are also in on it

Then there’s the commercial TV stations, as well as their ABC headed up by Mark Scott, a Howard appointee to the top job.

So with pretty much the entire MSM as Abbott’s cheer squad, it’s hardly surprising that when Stephen Conroy wants to tighten up some regulations regarding the media, which is long over due, the nut jobs like Ackerman come out to play.

Now, considering that Abbott and Co, with a lot of help from a very complicit MSM,  has spent an awful lot of time, effort and money (much of it ours) trying to destroy people like Thomson and Slipper, as well as the credibility of the PM and the government for purely personal advantage, as opposed to actually working in the national interest, I think it’s well and truly time that not only Abbott, but his cheer squad were seriously scrutinised.

We know that Murdoch has no conception of “In the public interest” , after the Leveson enquiry, and the further 600 + claims against News Limited, outlined in a recnt article in The Guardian UK .322255-gina-rinehart

We know that Gina Rinehart’s grab for money, power and influence/relevance is even to the detriment of her own children (nice), yet supports that perennial moron Bolt in his poorly rating Bolt Report and his bile filled, dishonest, bigoted, racist ramblings in the print media.

We know that Singleton allows plenty of latitude when it comes to the likes of Jones, Hadley and Price who are a constant source of  dishonest and hate filled rhetoric against the PM in particular, and in general, anything that their tiny, sociopathic brains are directed towards, making up “facts” to accommodate their own warped ideas on politics, economics and the environment.

We also know that apart from Ackerman, there are a multitude of other alleged  journos like Miranda Devine and Michael Smith, who’s articles are long on lies, spin and rhetoric but short on truth and facts.

So why do the Abbott cheer squad tolerate these blights on journalistic integrity?

Because of gross self interest on the part of the media barons and in fact Abbott himself.

But it’s not only about the fact that they are at best morally bankrupt and lacking integrity, or worse, corrupt, profits driven megalomaniacs who couldn’t give a crap for this great country or its future, or as Rinehart has so blatantly portrayed, don’t even care about their own kids future, much less ours, it’s about whatever it takes.

It’s about winning at all costs.

It’s about personal ambition.

It’s about them, NOT US.

Now I am sure that there are many journos who just tow the party line, because they have mortgages to pay and families to feed, in an ever diminishing  industry which is a victim of its own duplicity and bad management.

But the truth is that good journos are losing their jobs, while the right wing nut jobs like Ackerman, Bolt4 and to a lesser extent Jones, Hadley etc are well supported by their bosses.

They are there to scare the people into handing the reins of government to  Abbott, Hockey, Bishop, Mirabella, Brandis, Abetz and the rest of LNP bottom feeders, because they are driven not by morals or what’s right, but rather their bosses fiscal ideology that exploits the majority, for the benefit of the minority “Ruling Classes” (Read rich).

The gross hypocrisy of the media heavyweights crying foul on the proposed media legislation, citing restriction of  freedom of speech, is astounding.  And any blogger that has tried to put an alternate point of view, or even facts to reset the balance, as a comment, on one of their sites will know that it is next to impossible to get said comment published.

Their response by itself is reason enough to justify the passing of new media control legislation (my preference would be Canadian style Truth in Media Legislation).

We need new media laws, because the reality for Australians is that we have an opposition that have been bought and paid for, by the media barons, who own and are part of a cheer squad that is self obsessed and full of lies and deceit, because they, the LNP themselves, are self obsessed and full of lies and deceit.

Do we really want people like Murdoch and Rinehart running this country?

Cos with Abbott, that’s what we’ll get!

And it’s not freedom of speech that Abbotts cheer squad want, it’s their freedom to control our speech, and our thoughts, and our way of life!

The Abbotts cheer squad, owned and controlled by Murdoch, Rinehart and Co… be afraid… be very afraid!

Photo of Rinehart courtesy of The Australian

Photos of Ackerman and Bolt courtesy of


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25 Responses to The Abbott’s Cheer Squad

  1. Tinfoilhatter says:

    Ackerman squealing like a stuck pig!! Not wrong. Even gave me a fright – and I don’t frighten easily. After looking at the faces of the co-hosts I saw that they were as taken aback as I was!

    I am waiting to have the last & best laugh….


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Tinfoilhatter, thanks for your comment 😀

      Yes, it would have been funny if it wasn’t so pathetic watching him try to defend the indefensible. 😦

      Cheers 😀


  2. cornlegend says:

    Normally, when I see the names Bolt or Wackermann,
    I avoid it like the plaque.
    found your article interesting, and loved the baby pics.
    Don’t know what it is about the extreme right,Gina, Piers, Sophie,Bolt, Abbott, Murdoch,BAArnaby, , Mathias Cormann,Abbetz,Brandis etc
    but they turn my guts.
    If Abbott gets in Truthy, you better write a horror story screen play with the aforementioned cast


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, thanks for your comment 😀

      I was inspired to write after seeing Ackerman on Sunday and could not believe the way he was going on, and Incredulity was also on the faces of the other insiders before they started laughing and snickering, which fired him up even more. 😆

      And if Abbott does get in we won’t need a script, cos we’ll be living the nightmare 😀

      Cheers 😀


  3. Truth Seeker says:

    Let’s see what Abbott’s cheer squad make of this breaking news 😀
    David Ettridge has lodged claims in the Brisbane Supreme Court

    What great news! Supreme Court action to be launched against Tony Abbott over ‘Australians for Honest Politics’ Affair.

    I’ve printed off a copy to savour the list of claims:

    ‘My claims in the Brisbane Supreme Court will include that Mr Abbott and his Trust donors acted unlawfully and that amongst other things,

    1. Committed the offence of maintenance
    2. Perverted the course of Justice by assisting and financing court litigation of an allegation that wasn’t an offence under the Electoral Act (An obvious fact that escaped the notice of his lawyers at the time).
    3. Committed other offences against the Electoral Act Qld 1994.
    4. Committed offences against the Qld Crimes Act.
    5. That Mr Abbott committed the offence of Misfeasance in Public Office.
    6. Mr Abbott used Federal Government stationery for all of his related correspondence and in so doing made his unlawful activity official Government business.
    7. Mr Abbott may have also funded his multiple trips to Queensland in that period while committing the offence of misusing public funds. The current Government needs to investigate that possibility.
    8. It also remains possible that Mr Abbott acted with some immunity against consequences and prosecution from the Howard Government at the time and that his vigilante style behaviour was overlooked for the political advantage it provided to the Liberal Party. The Liberals were the biggest vote losers following the success of the One Nation Party in the June 1998 Qld State Election. (One Nation 439,121 votes, Liberals 311,514 votes)The Liberals stood to face a similar loss in the 1998 Federal Election. It goes to motive’ Mr Ettridge added.
    9. Mr Abbott’s attempts to destroy a lawfully registered political opponent were an act that showed contempt for the democratic process and the Electoral Laws that exist to guarantee Australians their right to have voter choice.

    Most of these allegations are very serious breaches of Australian law’ Mr Ettridge claimed.

    Comment reposted from TPS, by Cassablanca 😀

    Cheers 😀 😀


  4. bob macalba says:

    And a cheer squad they certainly are, no shame and thick skinned, i also imagine them all to have seriously calloused knees.. good morning TS good to come here cause i know you’re keeping the bastards honest, agree wholeheartedly its sickening to watch as they trumpet their bullshit views without any thought whatsoever on any damage they are causing to the community as a whole, IMHO the worst offender of the lot has to be that KNOB hadley, fair dinkum if you doubled or even trebled his current IQ he would still be an idiot to stupid even to apply for a village idiot job..yet he has a gig on radio and tv.. i guess he must swallow, see thats the respect i have for people like them ‘ridicule’ and a loathing that maintains the anger, keep putting it out there TS folk have to be reminded.

    cheers and VENCEREMOS


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bob, thanks for your comment and kind words 😀

      Yes they certainly are a sad bunch of sycophants, and I agree entirely about that perennial moron Hadley 😆

      And don’t the headlines of the last couple of days just reinforce the need for the media laws to be tightened? 😯

      I am a bit disappointed in the independents not getting onboard straight away, but there are some rumours that Oakshot has made a deal with Murdoch, if he has, then he has lost my respect! 😦

      Keep up the good work mate 😎

      Cheers 😀


  5. Hefina says:

    It’s about time these thugs got a dose of their own medicine , i remember writing to Piers Ackermans article he had written on his blog, Well !! the response was vicious, his trolls even got at me for spelling his name wrong. but the insults were even worse, calling me all sorts in a threatening manner. Good on Mr Ettridge for coming out and being brave to expose Tony Abbott and others involved. My neighbour is a friend as well as being a retired solicitor she said the other day discussing politics ,that Tony Abbott will eventually fall down very hard his type always do.
    Things comes to those who wait as the saying goes and he has waited long enough. don’t you think!!. as long as these thugs does something again to stop him. another slush fund??? thank you Truth finder and IA, you are great comfort to everyone who needs justice done.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hefina, thanks for your comment and support 😀 it is greatly appreciated 😎

      There are many of us hoping that Abbott gets his just deserts, and I just wish it would happen at the hands of a Royal Commission, but I will certainly settle for The Brisbane Supreme Court to do the job 😀

      It will be interesting to see what his cheer squad does when it happens 😆

      Cheers 😀 😎


  6. Tinfoilhatter says:

    Still waiting for the news to break on MSM….Better not hold my breath.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Tinfoilhatter, thanks for your comment 😀

      No, better not hold your breath 😯 but hopefully the fifth estate will continue to do the job 😀

      Keep up the good work: Grin: I always enjoy your comments 😎

      Cheers 😀


  7. wobbles says:

    Ackerman used to be known as “Rupert’s Dancing Bear” for obvious reasons.

    He was also called “cokey” by Mark Latham in Paliament because of a previous habit that cost him at least one job.

    I call him many other things but” journalist” is not one of them.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      wobbles, welcome, and thanks for your comment 😀

      Thanks for the info 😀 and yes the man ( and I use the term loosely) doesn’t deserve the title of journalist, thats why I said Alleged 😀

      They really are a despicable lot 👿

      Cheers 😀


  8. cornlegend says:

    Hi Truthseeker,
    I watched Question time today,first time for a while.
    Gotta say I enjoyed it.
    Julia was performing well, and the Opposition carried on like squealing pigs.
    Pyne almost burst a poofle valve , wonderful to see
    Time Labor took it right to them.
    They can out perform the rabble anytime.
    Just need some bloody focus and determination


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cornlegend, yes I saw the first half, before a doctors appointment to get the flu shot 😦

      Julia was on fire, and Abbott and his cronies looked like the idiots they are. Bronwyn Bishop looked particularly stupid (which is what she is) when she stood up to object, only to be sat back down by the speaker, without uttering a word 😀 😆

      I missed the pine dummy spit, but caught it later on the news 😆

      All in all, a good show from the government, and not at all from the LNP 😯

      They all look a bit rattled 😀

      Cheers 😀


  9. cornlegend says:

    hope all is well.
    I was considering getting a flu shot myself.
    Trouble is years ago ,I had one and 2 days later, had the worst dose of “flu EVER.
    Might have to rethink it now, as I creep into old age


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, thanks for you concern, but I get the shots every year, as I have a genetic lung disease and have no choice, cos a dose of the flu will take me out. 😯

      The flu shot takes about a week to become effective, so if you got the flu a couple of days after the shot, you already had it 😥

      I would strongly advise to get it, as this one going around is a baddie 👿

      Cheers 😀


  10. cornlegend says:

    bowed to your wisdom,
    just made an appointment.
    9 tomorrow !! shit scared of needles


  11. khtagh says:

    Nice piece TS, I too dread seeing either of the two right wing morons on insiders. After watching the comical antics of Ackerman on Sunday, I’ll watch in future in the hope that half way through a rant he clutches his chest gazes skywards & drops face first into the table. We can only hope.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      khtagh, thanks for the comment and the laugh 😆

      Yes, Ackerman is certainly a right royal KNOB 😀

      I also thought that Pyne was going to blow a gasket in QT too, we live in hope 😀

      Cheers 😀 😆


  12. cornlegend says:

    if anyone missed Pyne dummy spit, here a classic 3.7 minute video
    My media moment of the year


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, thanks for the link, as yet I haven’t upgraded to take videos, so for now people will just have to do it the hard way and click on the link 😀

      Cheers 😀


  13. cornlegend says:

    I love this one, its worth the click.


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