Our Democracy, the Plaything of Abbott and the Rabid Right!

Our Democracy, the Plaything of  Abbott and the Rabid Right!

Like many Australians, I was astounded that after 30+ front pages, and lead news stories almost every other day on the Slipper sexual harassment case, prior to the Justice Rares condemnation of Ashby, Brough, Doane etc in their misuse of the legal system, and the deafening silence of the MSM on the case, since  his judgement, one has to conclude that there is a conspiracy of silence across the MSM, that ignores the dire implications for our democracy.

Fair & Balanced graphic used in 2005

Fair & Balanced? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s clear is that Abbott is the MSMs boy, and the LNP, their party, so the only thing that is a surprise, is that they have given up any pretence at being fair and balanced in their reporting, and moved decisively to blatant right wing bias.

Now the implications of this alone are far reaching for our democracy, as it is all but impossible for the public to come to an informed decision on who to vote for when they are only being told what the media wants them to believe.

Most of which is based on lies, spin and misinformation, designed to impart the impression that the government is dysfunctional, wasteful, constantly in a state of disarray, badly managing the economy, and has no plan for the future.

3 LNP monkeys

3 LNP monkeys (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

While Abbott and his motley crew of morally bankrupt miscreants, on the other hand, are portrayed as the saviours of a country on the brink of disaster, a disaster which in reality is the product of the LNP spin merchants and a desperately complicit MSM, and has no basis in fact.

Now at this point, the right wing nut jobs will join in the chorus of “Well it is the job of the MSM to hold the government to account, call them out on broken promises, ask questions about expenditure and policy etc etc.

And that’s all well and good, except that their own charter of ethics says to report “without fear or favour”,  but that charter and their ethics have gone out the window along with their credibility.  But I digress.

If the MSM bias is an affront to our democracy, the Slipper case is an outright assault on it, and if left uncontested, as the media obviously want it to be, then democracy as we’ve come to know it, have enjoyed it, will be damaged possibly beyond repair.

There are many questions that have not been answered, and what’s even worse, have not even been asked, so the big questions are:

  1. Who are the MSM trying to protect?
  2. What was Tony Abbott’s part in the whole dirty saga?
  3. What part did Pyne, Bishop and other senior LNP members play?
  4. Who was involved and to what degree?
  5. Why has there been no police investigation into what are very serious allegations against Brough, Ashby and Doane as well as senior QLD LNP members?

These are just a small sample of the questions that need to be asked and answered, for the sake of our democracy, and sadly they will not be asked by those that should, the MSM.

But there are some that are working hard to see that all the questions are asked, and the answers found, and that is what this post is about.

David Donovan from Independent Australia, with a little help from some other concerned citizens, has started a campaign to raise funds to engage investigators and lawyers for the express purpose of finding out the truth about Ashbygate, and they need our help.

So if you feel outraged by the attack on our democracy, but are feeling somewhat helpless and don’t know what to do or how to help, here is the answer.

Visit IA, read the articles on Ashbygate, and if you are as appalled as we all should be, by the blatant misuse of our court system, for personal, political gain, with the sole intent of removing a democratically elected government, then pledge whatever you can to support the fight for our democracy.



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35 Responses to Our Democracy, the Plaything of Abbott and the Rabid Right!

  1. Tinfoilhatter says:

    If the government go on the attack over the Rares judgement, they will be accused by the Loser of the Opportunists and his media backers of every abuse of power under the sun. The government needs to get on with future-proofing this nation (as much as is possible) and selling their achievements and visions for the future, which are many.

    So far, the LNP have used the fear, sexism, racism and class warfare / socialist cards – as they tend to do when void of anything else (which is always). I would suggest that they are getting very nervous – Joe went as far as having surgery to try not to look overstuffed and entitled to third helpings, and Tony had a makeover to try to present as ‘statesmanlike’….same lying, smirking brat with a better tie is all it came down to. Nervous to the extent that their strategists and media mates are flow-charting probabilities and memes until their eyes bleed.

    The people will need to be the ones to shine a bright light on the actions of these vile slugs in relation to the smearing of Mr Slipper and the attack on the government. And the people will succeed. Good on you Geezlouise & IA.

    Let’s hope the LNP are justly rewarded for their disgraceful opportunism. Karma can be a bitch.


  2. Geoffrey says:

    I for one have pledged my financial support for David Donovan’s Ashbygate Trust. Ashby, Doane, Brough, Pyne and Bishop need those complacent smirks wiped off each of their two faces. What a bunch of miserable corrupt criminals. Grinning like goons who have got away with murder they call the likes of that arch Antichrist, Mister Pell, (no “cardinal” title for that bigoted hypocrite), their friends.
    Witness the line up of overstuffed wankers following one another into the IPA 75th anniversary dinner. Every one of them a lying, grasping, asswipe, hoarding power like little brats saving their lollies.
    I am happy, no eager to see the complacent smirks wiped from the faces of Pyne, the sibilant mincing poodle, Bishop, three times bridesmaid to failed opposition leaders, Brough, the obsequious prick, and Ashby and Doane, little inconsequential fish, used and abused by their masters,…. their lives are surely over as far as getting their careers a leg up in what can only be described as the most corrupt, deceitful, underhand and anti democratic Coalition opposition I have seen in my five odd decades of political awareness.
    Be warned, this is a last ditch stand we are facing, the powers of darkness are lined up against the little people of Australia. Man the barricades, do not be complacent, be alert AND alarmed. It’s now or never. Give those pricks a bitch slap that will send their heads spinning like never before.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Geoffrey, welcome to my site, 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      I think I can safely assume that you’re not a fan 😀 Love your work, and agree completely with all that you so eloquently said. 😀

      Our country needs more passion like you display, and I appreciate your input 😎

      Cheers 😀 😎


  3. Bruce Rugby says:

    Much is being made of what is termed here as Ashbygate. The bone of contention is that the main stream media have swept it under the carpet, thus preventing any public inspection of what is perceived as Abbott intervention. The cry is about the suppression of democracy, which is ironic since gradualism is the mantra of Fabians. We are talking here about one man Peter Slipper to whom from what I saw of him made a good speaker but ran foul of issues outside of the parliament.

    I get very angry when I read about this as some sort of modern time corrupting of the system and the need to raise funds to address it. It was this corrupted duopoly that prompted me to get off my rear end all those years back to give moral support to an outspoken redhead who spoke a language that ‘the man in the street understood’. My call at the time was ‘seize the moment or lose it’. In those days I did not even have a computer, let alone the social media that we have today, yet I was able to build in six weeks 40 branches of the Pauline Hanson Support Movement. You talk about the deviousness that has caught Slipper in a web! What the happened to the movement of the people, that was seized, and illegally morphed into a political party, then seen as a wedge to use to build a Senate team around, to enable the Howard Government to get their reforms through the Parliament. “Clear the blockage in the Senate’, those words came from the then President of the Liberal Party and when the ABC questioned him on the world Today he first of all denied ever having spoken with me, then when caught out offered ‘that I had approached him as a means to becoming a member of the Liberal Party’. Why, why, why must I have to continue to belt my head against a bloody brick wall to have Abbott’s involvement in the role to create a Senate team and then when his staffer ‘did the dirty and took Hanson for himself’, then used the fund that the President of the Liberal Party informed me of to use it to bring Hanson and One Nation down. Why was it done? To brush away the tracks that could have lead back to the Liberal Party and possibly involve the then Prime Minister.

    Go ahead, but this matter dwarfs the Slipper issue. Both involve the sort of ‘dirty politics’ of survival and don’t believe for a moment either that it is apportioned to one side.

    I find this interesting. Barbara Hazelton who was a private secretary for Puline Hanson was also a secretary for the same Peter Slipper.

    I cry in a vacuum. As Philip Adams said in the Weekend Australian Magazine … social media has the power to topple kings and presidents. Forget about litigation, feeding the corrupted system in pursuit of justice is futile.

    What would be of immense value is that those with the technical know-how should shoulder arms and build a powerful Website that will demand public attention. Money put to that project would immediately attract investment. It takess courage, it takes commitment. It can be done and this is a challenge I throw down that goes beyond bloggers who contribute in many cases ideas and comments that deserve a wider audience. I reiterate; go to the younger people, those who know how to manipulate the social media to get the ball rolling.

    (Thinks to himself, why the hell do I bother.)


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Bruce, welcome to my site, and thanks for your comment 😀

      Now while I didn’t, and still don’t agree with P H and her political ideologies, I do agree that the Abbott instigated slush fund and the subsequent legal action against her was appalling, and I was very glad to see that David Ettridge has taken the initiative and started action against Abbot in the QLD Supreme Court, as It should have been addressed long ago.
      I do find it strange however that PH herself seems to have walked away from what happened to her at the hands of Abbot, and is now supporting him.

      You obviously bother because you care, and that’s why most of us bother too.

      I believe that there are many examples of our democracy being trashed at the hands of Abbott and his current crop of cronies, and although we may differ in our ideas, I think we can agree that for the sake of this country’s future these issues need to be addressed..

      Thanks again 😀

      Cheers 😀


  4. Bruce Rugby says:

    Putting aside the issue of Hanson’s ideologies, but not forgetting that she and not One Nation attracted over a million votes, which translates to a view that many would contest with you, the main issue here is the ‘applied treachery’ that emanated from the top echelon of the Liberal Party organisation. This ‘debauchery’ went unreported because the main stream media refused to lay a glove on those who are controlled by the powerful moguls that run them. Even as we talk there hovers in midst a sullied entrepreneur not here for the good of his physical health.

    There is no use sitting back and writing evocative words in lieu of a concentrated effort to confront this onslaught. I mentioned the creation of a powerful website as a first step toward the spreading of the concerns that many have yet in terms of the masses few are even aware.

    It is very sad that when I went down this road with Pauline Hanson, pointing out where she was going wrong, trying to prevent the demolition that David Ettridge and David Oldfield were to eventually bring to her she treated me with contempt. I get the same feeling about this. Manlygate …bugger off Bruce, we are interested in Ashbygate. OK then go down this track, spend money feeding the coffers of the very people to who you seek justice, but in the end it will be a futile cause.

    I am trying to be objective here. I followed for a while other websites and came to the conclusion that they were either with Abbott as is PP, or against Abbott as with IA. I cannot subscribe to pure bias that is often reflected in many blogs, when this is the very reason why many express their points of view about the main stream media.

    Many of you and as this site has already indicated had little time for PH. My support at the time was one of essentially moral support, but more importantly I saw the real possibility of her breaking the vicious duopoly that is apparent today. That nexus had to be broken …instead the messenger was shot.

    I am sorry that my suggestion of a Unified Larger Website did not warrant comment.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Bruce, I do understand where you are coming from, and I also agree that a larger website may well be a good idea. (I only neglected to comment on your suggestion of the website as I had family here and had to cut my reply short), however, I wrote this piece, as I do support IA in this endeavour, and I am more optimistic than you as to the outcome, or at least more hopeful.

      WRT the larger website, I would also be happy to support that, as my gravest concern is for the state of our democracy and anything that focusses the spotlight on the current level of corruption is a good thing. The problem is that many of us that run blogs are busy in many areas, as am I, and not able to dedicate the time required to such an undertaking.

      There are some like the new site Fair Media Alliance, which I am helping with, that are trying to make a difference WRT media bias, and if you were prepared to start a site, I am sure that you would get support as well.

      Your passion in this regard is admirable, and I think it would be a good thing to direct that passion and obvious frustration into such an endeavour. 😎

      Thanks for joining the conversation. 😎 I appreciate your input.

      Cheers 😀 😎


  5. Joy Cooper says:

    Excellent blog post TruthSeeker. 🙂 We have to work hard to fight the entrenched conservative elements within the MSM, those who are giving Abbott such a cushy ride & try to find out what’s in it for them.

    Quoting the X-Files again “the truth is out there” & there are many parallels with this show except they concern the Opposition & not the Federal Government. I see the IPA as being just like The Syndicate with its mysterious men comprising a shadow element behind the LNP.. 😆


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Joy, thanks for your comment 😀 and your kind words.
      I agree, the IPA are one of the most insidious organisations in this country, and from what I’ve heard, fairly heavily funded by Rinehart, and well supported from within the LNP.

      I sincerely hope that Ashbygate comes back to bite the LNP an the arse, along with Thomson and Abbotts slush fund.

      I also think we need a big broom to go through the different levels of policing both state and Federal.

      Keep up the good work 😎

      Cheers 😀 😎


      • Joy Cooper says:

        So hope this does happen & soon, TS.

        Another scary thing is Murdoch being a director of IPA so no doubt he is also a massive financial backer.


  6. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle) says:

    Well said TS, again. I for one have pledged to IA and I just hope that all people who come to your site and the others that you contribute to, make a pledge as well. The destroying of our democracy is the first step taken towards becoming a Fascist like state, because the Propaganda machine will steamroll over everyone.
    We need TRUTH and should demand it at any cost.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Sandra, thanks for your comment and support 😀

      I always enjoy your comments, and agree with you in the points you make. 😎

      I also hope that all get involved. 😎

      We DO need the truth, and should demand it at any cost. 😀

      Cheers 😀


  7. khtagh says:

    Truth Seeker
    Your becoming a got to go to site now, good job mate.


    I too have put my hand up to help out, I’m hoping that once the wheels start to move the AFP might realise that people will start to ask why aren’t they doing their job & pull their collective heads out of their arses & do the job they are paid to do.

    Give those pricks a bitch slap that will send their heads spinning like never before. YES!! & it will be the best bitch slap if he losses & has to front up & admit defeat.

    Bruce Rugby

    I do agree with you somewhat, but I think Ashbygate was way worse that what happened to PH, that was not an attempt to bring down a government, only an attempt to steal PH’s votes back to where the redneck vote was supposed to go, to the rodent.

    Did you see the swipe at Abbott that the talking hat(mad hatters party) made yesterday when talking about his new party quote “They might try to have us chucked in Jail like the last people that tried to do this.”


    • Truth Seeker says:

      khtagh, sorry its taken a while to reply, but I’ve been a bit tied up this afternoon.

      With that out the way I’ve got to say that’s very kind of you to say that 😀 and having regulars like you makes it all worth while 😎

      You’ve gotta love the mad hatter don’t ya 😀 at least some times 😆
      I think his little swipe will become a king hit given enough time 😀 and no-one deserves it more than Abbott 😆

      Thanks again mate 😎

      Cheers 😀


  8. cornlegend says:

    Truthy great article, as always.
    couldn’t do what Kate asked in email. wrong password


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, as I said to khtagh, sorry for the delay, 😦

      I have been in touch with Kate, and to get access she needs to send you out an invitation to become an administrator, which you then have to accept after setting up a wordpress account if you want to.

      It takes about five minutes or so, and then you can log in with your own email address and password.

      Cheers 😀


  9. cornlegend says:

    What Delay !!
    I too have had a gaggle of family around the joint today [saw your earlier comment]
    Bloody good article though.
    Really enjoy reading your musings.
    Agree with the earlier post, a must visit site.
    I’m out and about a bit tomorrow, so thought I would give Kate a day or so with her new computer


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, Thanks for your comment and support, 😀 It mans a lot 😎

      Kate really will need a bit of help, and if you can see your way clear, I know you will be an asset to her.

      I will do as much as I can, and I feel sure that Tinfoilhatter will too.

      Cheers 😀


  10. cornlegend says:

    you have my email addres, if you or tinny need to contact me re Kate feel free


  11. Heather says:

    I too have contributed to this important ‘grass roots’ initiative. They still have a way to go to reach their target, so if you care about democracy, please help out.

    As always TS, a clear and compelling piece. Cheers.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Heather, thanks for your comment and kind words 😀 and for contributing to this essential cause 😎

      Hopefully all those that can help, will 😀

      Cheers 😀 😎


  12. cornlegend says:

    Don’t know if you’ve had a chance to read it yet, but Clint Howitt has written a brilliant article on Julia Gillard.
    Well worth the read.


  13. J.Fraser says:

    It’s been said that the only reason the Murdoch paper in Queensland (Courier Mail) ran the story of corruption in the Bjelke-Peterson government in the 1980s was because of the ABC investigation called “The Moonlight State” and because it was such common knowledge that only more people would have known about it if there was a banner on the side of the Storey Bridge.

    The Murdoch “Courier Mail” had had photo’s of Nationals Minister Russ Hinze standing outside the steps of a gambling den stating that there was no illegal gambling in Queensland (that got a round of laughter from most of Queensland, possibly because Queenslanders looked on Hinze as a “good ole boy”, after his beer gut competition days) , another photo showed 2 police on duty while a crane removed a roulette table from an upstairs premises.

    The only way the main stream media (MSM) is going to publish against is if more and more people know about the crap that “Slick” Abbott and Murdoch and Rinehart have in store for Australia.

    Send these sites to as many people as you can :





    And any others that will help get rid of “Slick” Abbott.

    Want to know which companies are “related” … try this and be prepared to be blown away by an exceptional and informative website :


    Here’s a tip …. click on Lobbyists … and then click on 1 you know …. for Queenslanders “Jim Soorley” former catholic priest and Lord Mayor of Brisbane is an institute all on his own.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      J.Fraser, welcome 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      You have hit the nail on the head, and if we all continue to do our parts, I believe that we can save our democracy and our future, from the onslaught of the mendacious MSM, their puppet master moguls and their puppets, with their self serving agendas.

      I have read many of your comments on the sites that you listed above, and am glad to see you here as well, as you are passionate for this great country and its future, and full of common sense and clear thinking.

      Thanks for including my site in your list of great sites, and I hope to see you here again 😎

      Keep up the good work 😀 😎

      Cheers 😀 😎


  14. jane says:

    TS, great post and completely spot on. If the Feds won’t do their job, it’s up to us to force them to.

    We also need to expose the IPA in all its malevolence.

    I will pledge at IA, after I post this comment.

    Bruce rugby, although I do not agree with anything Pauline Hanson said or stood for, I think that Abbott’s actions in raising that slush fund to have her prosecuted and imprisoned were disgraceful.

    That he has got away with it scot free, and continues to do so is an affront. and this is the moral and ethical bankrupt who could be the PM in a few months.

    Keep up the good work, TS.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Jane, thanks for your comment and kind words 😀 and I greatly appreciate your support 😎

      I always enjoy your passion and commitment, and always look for your comments when I visit the other sites that you frequent 😎

      Keep up the good work 😀 your country needs you 😎 and so do we 😀

      Cheers 😀 😎


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