Abbott and the IPA (Idiotic Policy Advisors)

TONY 2012

TONY 2012 (Photo credit: Newtown grafitti)

Abbott and the IPA (Idiotic Policy Advisors)

So, we know who Abbott is – the no account, right wing, nut job LOTO, who aspires to be a no account, right wing, nut job PM – but who are the IPA?

Well for starters, you can see the public faces of the IPA every day, pretty much, on their (Mark Scott and the right wing nut jobs) ABC, sharing and extolling the virtues of their wealth of experience in the areas of extreme right wing nut job policy making.

The Institute for Public Affairs is the mogul financed extreme right wing think tank that has a policy wish list of 75 policies that the LNP seem to be drawing from for one of four possible reasons:

  1. That they have been so busy lying cheating and scheming, that they haven’t had the time to develop policies of their own.
  2. Simply couldn’t be bothered developing policies, when they have a guarantee from Murdoch that he will hand them government, and his favoured policy direction is that of the IPA. (Abbott in his speech to the IPA Stated that Murdoch was a long standing Director of the IPA, as was his father and whether that is true or not, at the very least he is a major backer/supporter/contributor).
  3. That they are so closely aligned philosophically and ideologically to the policies that the IPA have produced and are exactly what the LNP would have produced, had they made the effort themselves, that there is no need to do the work themselves.
  4. A combination, or in fact all, of the above.

Here are a few policies from the IPA wish list that the LNP have taken up so far:

1 Repeal the carbon tax, and don’t replace it. It will be one thing to remove the burden of the carbon tax from the Australian economy. But if it is just replaced by another costly scheme, most of the benefits will be undone.

Abbott has been pushing this one since a Carbon Price was first announced, telling outright lies and giving misleading information to justify the policy position, when the truth is that he believes that man made Climate Change is “Crap”, and that the bottom line, for his mates, is much more important anyway.    But seeing as how, the chances are, he would have introduced a carbon tax himself it the indies had given him the go ahead for forming gov in 2010, maybe the main reason for him opposing it is because… Labor did it!     😯

2 Abolish the Department of Climate Change

Speaks for itself, except the Gov has already announced that the department has done it’s job and will now be merged into another dept.     😦

3 Abolish the Clean Energy Fund

Why support anything that promotes change to the way we do things, when you don’t believe in the fundamental principles, ergo the changes are not necessary, and there are DOLLARS to be saved?   😯

4 Repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act

So that idiots like Andrew Bolt can spout their rubbish with impunity.   😉

6 Repeal the renewable energy target

You don’t need renewable energy targets, if you don’t see the need for renewable energy, or it doesn’t suit your backers best interests.   😦

42 Introduce a special economic zone in the north of Australia including:

a) Lower personal income tax for residents

b) Significantly expanded 457 Visa programs for workers

c) Encourage the construction of dams

Cos Gina wants it (amongst others) for the expansion of mining interests and personal wealth building.   Abbott has said that he would “develop Northern Australia,” but gave no details     😯

43 Repeal the mining tax

Cos Gina doesn’t want it, along with her mining mates Twiggy etc.   😯

44 Devolve environmental approvals for major projects to the states

Cos the big end of town wants it, as a way to speed up approvals by bypassing one level of regulatory watchdogs, with the intent of further trashing our environment for the sake of mega profits, and with state govs like QLD LNP already trashing the state watchdogs and making every effort to cut red and green tape, it won’t take long before there are no constraints on state sanctioned environmental vandalism.   😦

49 Privatise Medibank

Amongst other assets.   👿

69 Immediately halt construction of the National Broadband Network and privatise any sections that have already been built  

The MSM campaign against the Labor Government started in ernest after the announcement of the NBN, and Abbott’s meeting with Murdoch. Coincidence?   😯

Not on your life!

These are ten of the seventy five IPA policies that the LNP have committed to so far, but with the IPA not being very transparent when it comes to disclosure of donors, and the LNP not being very transparent when it comes to disclosing the ties that they have to this right wing think tank that is over subscribed and exposed on the ABC, supposedly OUR ABC!   🙄   There are questions that need to be asked and answered.

But the question for Australia is;  “Are we really prepared for public policy to be determined not by our duly elected representatives, but rather a shady bunch of faceless, self absorbed and self promoting representatives of the mega rich/mega selfish, because those aforementioned duly elected representatives are either to damned lazy or busy chasing their own agendas to be bothered doing the work that WE pay them to do?

And if the answer is a resounding NO, which is what it should be, then there is a petition that we all should sign, asking Abbott for transparency with regards to the policies from the IPA list, that the LNP are committed to implementing.

This is about honesty, transparency, policy direction, democracy, our future but also who we are voting for and why?

Tony Abbott, Leader of the Opposition

Clarify which of the IPA’s 75 policies the Coalition plans to implement.


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20 Responses to Abbott and the IPA (Idiotic Policy Advisors)

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Lovely stuff on the IPA, Truthie. You put me to shame with your energy and devotion. And your savvy about which are the issues that need to be addressed. And your talent. Well done, you. I’ll be watching the response with interest. Meanwhile, I’m nearly ready to post on the Fair Media Alliance site – it’s been a rough road, and I’m behind schedule, hugely.

    You’re an inspiration.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Kate, thanks for your comment 😀 and kind words 😎

      This one was a bit of a rush, but I wanted to get it up ASAP to push support for the petition, and get people thinking about who we are actually hearing, when the LNP speak of policy 😉

      I appreciate your support, and look forward to your next post 😎

      Cheers 😀 😎


      • kate ahearne says:

        Well, Truthie, you leave me for dead. I’ve had every kind of interruption, Do you mind if I email you the draft? (It’s still only a draft.) I really ought to just post the damned thing, but I hate to go without full benefit of other minds. I appreciate everything, especially your lovely writing.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Kate, thanks again, and I’m happy to help 😀

          I usually bounce my posts off my wife prior to posting, but some times I have to bite the bullet and just hope I’ve got it right 😀

          Although I often find bits that I have to edit later, which I do and then hit update. 😳

          I will be hitting the sack soon though, so if you are hoping to post tomorrow, I will get back to you ASAP 😀

          Cheers 😀


          • kate ahearne says:

            Thanks, Truthie. What you say is practical. I used to be a journalist, but I’ve been out of the loop so long that I’ve forgotten a lot of stuff – especially, ‘deadline looming – stop fussing’.

            But while we’re on the subject – after brekky tomorrow, would you mind explaining ‘re-post’ to me? Does this mean that we can ‘re-post’ you on Fair Media? What’s the etiquette about that?

            Love your work.


  2. Joy Cooper says:

    It is all very, very scary, Truth Seeker. Thank you for posting this. People need reminding just WHO are the real powers behind the throne & will be calling the shots.

    Just like the Kings & Queens of old, who had the manipulative, sly advisers standing behind them in the shadows. whispering into their ears, we now have the spectre of the non-representative IPA doing the same here.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Joy, thanks for your comment 😀

      It is very scary that unrepresentative swill like the IPA can be producing policies for the people who are paid to do the job for us the voting public and in the best interests of our nation (NOT) 😦

      Yes “Game of Thrones” Australian version 😯

      Cheers 😀


      • Joy Cooper says:

        It is indeed, TS. 🙂

        Unfortunately, the unthinking me me public, who are too wrapped up in their own lives to look out into the wide world & see what is actually going on, will be gulled into swallowing this hokum by the Murdoch press & rest of the misinforming MSM. 😦


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Joy, Yes and how many ALP voters say they won’t vote Labor and despise PMJG, but when questioned, can’t explain why they feel that way. 😦

          Well it ain’t rocket science, it’s straight brain washing. 👿 😦

          Cheers 😀


  3. Fed up says:

    Pyne biggest cpmplaint today was that the PM was trying to divert people away from their agenda. That of restarting the economy, carbon tax and debt.

    I suspect the PMis sayimg very ;oud to people, if you want a fairer education and super system, to Abbott a wide berth.

    If you want what I am proposing, you have to vote for me. Abbott will take us back to the dark ages.

    That Abbott wants to retain a funding for education, that every expert has said is broken and unfair.

    If one believes that the public school system should produced kids, educated to their full potential, one has to give Abbott a miss.

    Labor has been attacked for every budget cut they have made. This has happened, while at the same time, they have been criticsed for wasteful spending.

    What Abbott proposes to do is important.

    Where he gets the money from to carry out his plans, is more important.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, thanks for your comment 😀

      Yes Pyne certainly made an idiot of himself claiming that they would bring growth back to the economy, when the economy has been growing for the last ten years or so.

      The annoying thing is that not one alleged Journo called him out on his lies. 😯

      keep up the good work 😀

      Cheers 😀


  4. khtagh says:

    Another worth while stop over TS, I wonder if 4 corners would do a progie on them? Surely we cant be manipulated in such a blatant way in this day & age, but seeing they have all the eyes on screens & noses in papers they pretty well control the mindless.

    I have always been a staunch advocate of mandatory voting, but I can now see with so many shallow idiots in this country maybe an optional method might be better, the idiots will either stay in bed or get the days mixed up.

    Dog help this country.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      khtagh, thanks for your comment 😀 and continued support 😎

      I agree entirely mate, and it’s a scary prospect, but I can’t give up and I maybe naive, but I am hopeful that the voting public will eventually see the truth of what’s happening here, and reject the crap that is the LNP and MSM. 😯 it’s that that keeps me going 😀

      Cheers 😀


  5. Susan in Regional NSW says:

    I often think the IPA are to politics as is scientology to religion………..all are ideological nutters, but some are more dangerous and scarier.
    It’s just so frustrating that so many people are not prepared to research,think, discuss the issues that concern them and will affect their family after September 14
    From what I see and hear many are seemingly quite happy to be told what to think by the likes of some ill-informed, bigotted shock jock or to obtain their facts from a MSM outlet with a blatantly obvious agenda
    I say be careful what you wish for, or in the case for whom you vote, but to little avail.
    It will all end in tears but I have warned them


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Susan, thanks for your comment 😀

      Yes it’s hard to understand where their heads are at, to be dictated to by the likes of Bolt and Jones, and to vote for a party that can’t even be bothered to develop their own policies. 😯

      The thing that really bugs me is that there are manyALP voters who also believe the lies and spin, but when asked why they won’t vote for Labor, they can’t tell you. WTF 😯

      Cheers 😀


  6. cornlegend says:

    great one Truthy,
    I have to agree with Susan of Regional OZ.
    Been down in the deep south of NSW.
    Alarmed at the so called Labor voters who indicated they would vote for the Mad Monk.
    Totally indoctrinated by the shock jocks and MSM.
    as you say, they have no idea why the support Abbott, other than the brain washing.
    Some thought Labor was going to take their super {Abbott is !]
    Didn’t really understand Gonski, Mineral Tax, Carbon price, NDIS, school kids bomus etc.
    I just kept telling them Julia gave, Abbott would take away.
    Shock jock indoctrination is difficult to overcome.
    Sometimes I think I live in a parallel universe.
    I can see the wrongs, why can’t they ?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, good to see you in fine form after your break 😀

      Yes brainwashing is an insidious thing.

      Thats one of the reasons that I thought your idea was such a good one, as people can see what abbott’s offering 😯 for their streets.

      Cheers 😀


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  8. Wendie says:

    I totally agree Trusthseeker. The radical, damaging worship of the “god” of the free market proposed by the IPA is madness. Rupert Murdoch’s claim at the IPA 70th Anniversay dinner earlier this year, that the market is more “moral” than the state drives the IPA and will drive the Coalition. The more this exposed the better.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Wendie, welcome to my site 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, the IPA are, in effect, the policy arm of the LNP, and when you look at the list of IPA policies that have been taken up by the LNP, it’s hard not to assume that they are one and the same. 😯

      Cheers 😀


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