T Abbott and the truth about lies!

T Abbott and the truth about lies!


Sophie Mirabella, who just can’t find her moral compas

I don’t know about you, but I find myself getting very frustrated when I hear one of the LNP “Honourable Members”, like that paragon of virtue  Sophie Mirabella (   😆   sarcasm alert   😆    ) stating on QandA that Julia Gillard lied about the Carbon Tax, while the lone ALP representative sits mute, and lets her get away with lying like the proverbial “pig in shit” (which, on reflection, is probably a fair and apt description of her).

And speaking of a pig in shit, Alan Jones is renowned for stating opinion as fact, he also makes up “facts” to suit his own spurious arguments on the economy, the environment and pretty much everything else that he feels he should he should be able to exert some influence over.

The sociopaths sociopath.

The sociopaths sociopath.

So when Alan Jones labeled Julia Gillard  “Juliar”, the question should have been asked,  ‘who is the real liar’? The man (and I use the term very loosely) has shown himself to be a bile and hate filled liar of monumental proportions, who’s sociopathic tendencies are legendary.

So when he calls our PM a liar, this smacks of a classic case of right wing projection. Now there are a number of examples of the alleged “Carbon Tax” lie, but the first one that I heard was prior to the 2010 election, and has been the one most played and referred to.

Unfortunately like Jones, Mirabella, Abbott and in fact the entire LNP, only quote the first half of PMJG’s statement “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead,” conveniently leaving out the part after the comma, where she goes on to say “but lets be absolutely clear. I am determined to price carbon”.

 As previously stated, there have been a number of statements by PMJG quoted, but they all seem to leave out the last half of the quote, which all finish with the affirmation that she is determined to put a price on carbon.

Which is exactly what she did.

And even leaving aside the fact that when she made the statement, there was no way that she could know that after the election she would have to negotiate with the independents to form government, so the truth is that she didn’t lie.

Talk about a wingnut   :lol:

Talk about a wingnut 😆

Now, it would be very easy to doctor a video to show Abbott stating  “If you want to put a price on carbon, why not do it with a simple tax?”, which is an exact quote taken a tad out of context and ignoring what he said before and after, and exactly what the right wing liars and nut jobs have done with the so called “Carbon Tax” lie.

The truth is that the biggest liars, WRT the Carbon Tax are the LNP and their complicit MSM.

Now the LNP have got form on the board in regards to broken promises, misleading statements and downright lies, with  “Honest” John Howard making an art-form out of lying, and as he is Abbotts mentor we should expect no less from Abbott himself.

There are way too many Abbott lies and misrepresentations to go into here, but if you are interested, there are a plethora of articles covering them, like the one by Miglo on CW , listing some of the more recent ones, and a new one by David Donovan on IA about the latest  Abbott dishonesty about his staffers drunken outburst, threatening to “Slit the throat” of funding for an indigenous education foundation.

I am focusing on the carbon Tax lie, because it’s the most often repeated “LIE” spoken and foisted upon the Australian public by the LNP and the MSM, and the “LIE” is  NOT “There will be no carbon tax under a government that I lead” , but rather that Julia Gillard lied! So, what is a lie?

A standard definition is:

To lie is to, intentionally deliver a false statement to another person which the speaking person knows is not the whole truth.

Now IMHO, that definition should be accompanied by a rogues gallery of photos of the worst offenders;

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.

Tony Abbott. Liar extraordinaire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Joe Hockey at the official opening of...

Joe Hockey. Economic buffoon and liar.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Julie Bishop at a Liberal function in...

Julie Bishop. Professional liar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: en:Christopher Pyne Taken with my own...

Chrissy Pyne. Whinging, lying mincing poodle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alan Jones, lying scum

Alan Jones, lying scum

Rupert Murdoch 2011 Shankbone

Rupert Murdoch. LNP and MSM owner and BOSS LIAR. (Photo credit: david_shankbone)

Andrew Bolt, .Ginas liar.

Andrew Bolt, .Ginas liar.

So the truth about lies Mr Abbott, is that you, your boss, your party and supporters, are the real liars!


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26 Responses to T Abbott and the truth about lies!

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Thanks for this, Truthie. Yes, why on earth does Julia let Tony get away with the carbon tax ‘lie’? If you saw the 7.30 Report last night, you’d have heard Abbott’s remark about what cunning politicians the Labor people are, “This is a pretty hopeless government but they’re pretty clever at politics”. But not as ‘clever’ as the NLP, nor as unscrupulous. He must have been smirking on the inside at that ‘clever’ little piece of politicking.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi Kate, and thanks for your comment 😀

      This post took me much longer than I had hoped, for a number of reasons, mainly personal, and I was concerned that the subject had been well and truly covered. 😯

      But as you point out it is still current because they still keep telling the same old lies. 😦

      I would urge everyone though, that when someone, anyone, quotes “the lie”, to ask
      them if they know the full statement, and then quote it back at them 😀

      Then people might get some balance about the true dishonesty. 😀

      BTW I loved your last post, but have been so tied up that I have not been able to let you know 😦 , but will rectify that shortly, all being well.

      Keep up the good work 😎

      Cheers 😀 😎


      • kate ahearne says:

        Yes, I think this might be one of the biggest lies in Australia’s political history – right up there with ‘Children Overboard’ and ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’. Anyway, we don’t have Gillard’s complete statement on our Quotes Page, so I’ll fix that pronto. The other biggie at the moment is about Labor’s management of the economy. I was disgusted to see Leigh Sales let him get away with it last night – no mention of the Global Financial Crisis!


  2. Fed up says:

    The biggest lie, aboard now, fueled by Abbott, is that the PM promises much but delivers nothing.

    This PM has kept most of what she has promised. There are a couple of things, that she has been unable to deliver in full. The PM has worked steadily at delivering all.

    What is Mr. Abbott talks about, when saying she is all talk but no action.

    The PM has done all in her power to deliver that unnecessary promise of a surplus. The PM has not control over the global economy, and we will still have a small deficit. A deficit, that has been slowly coming down. Yes, but no surplus.

    We have Abbott that seems to have more than one version of every policy announced. All carry the craveat, that they maybe be dekivered, after he has another study into them after the election. The only one set in stone is the parental allowance for having a baby. That one also now seems to be disappearing into the ether as well.

    The Abbott’s biggest lie is that Labor has destroyed the economy. That is just ot right. There is no figure to prove his point. The word surplus and deficit mean little taken out of context. We do not have unmanageable debt. The only people who say this, are the coalition and their hanger ons.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, thanks for your comment 😀 and I agree entirely with the points that you have made. 😎

      The main reason that I re-visited this lie is because it is the one that has been consistently told for two years, and I am absolutely sick of hearing in it go unchallenged, as it is the one that the entire “Gillard lies” mantra has been based on. 😦

      As always, I appreciate your input 😎

      Cheers 😀


  3. bilko says:

    This lie has now become folklore and would have Goebbels jumping for joy if he was up and about. Imagine getting into power on just one half sentence the mind boggles, as someone once said to me “there are none so blind as those who do not want to see, and none so deaf as those who do not want to hear”.
    After last nights cue card rendition by Abbott on abc, all bets are off (core/noncore??) until he (GIW god in waiting), see’s the state of the budget.
    As Satchmo sang “What a wonderful world” and the general public accepts this, worse still, the so call Journalists allow it to go on without comment, give me a break.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Bilko, thanks for your comment 😀

      Yes it’s amazing what you can get away with when the MSM and the ABC are on your side.

      I think most were hoping for a few probing questions last night from Sales, but it looks like the powers that be have got to her too. 😯

      I am doubly disappointed after writing “The ABC’s Balls”, and am now considering a follow up called “The ABC’s castration”. 😦

      Cheers 😀 😀


  4. wazman_nz says:

    Hi truthy

    How are you on this lovely afternoon. One of the things that i have noticed is that when Tony Abbott gets caught out he seems to freeze, its as though he knows he’s been caught, and its kinda like this wasn’t in the script? Talk about telling lies, scare mongering and downright untruths Tony has almost made it an art form, and yet to him its perfectly fine. There also seems to be two set of rules about making errors / mistakes, if its a Coalition person then its denied then its “this was uncharacteristic “, or “this was an unfortunate mistake”, but if its someone from the ALP then all hell has broken loose and nothing will suffice until that person is sacked.


  5. Truth Seeker says:

    Hey wazman, thanks for your comment 😀

    Yes it’s amazing how the double standards work with the LNP 😯

    Reality like economic intelligence are not part of their DNA. 😯 They really are morons relying on the power of the MSM to get them through 😦

    Cheersa 😀


  6. Bruce Rugby says:

    A couple of days ago I received an e-mail from one ot the most trusted msm journalists in this country. We go back nearly 20 years.

    ‘One of the difficulties Bruce is that, apparently, nobody now has evidence to prove the $20,000 indeminity, notwithstanding that you say you saw it. I don’t doubt your word – but of course you could not know for certain if what you saw was genuine. But even if you were shown a genuine truthful document at the time, its disappearance makes it impossible to accept as fact now. And, as you say, Sharples won’t talk about it.’

    Not so long ago I was hammered by a blogger on Pickering Post. He repeated time and time again that Sharples left the QC unpaid.

    All I can say is that I saw the Abbott $20,000 indemnity. Sharples grabbed the document out of my hand refusing to allow me to copy it. I warned him ‘Never let it out of your sight’. He did; he handed it over to the QC.and never saw it again. You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out where that ended up.

    The police found no ‘Membership List in Ettridge’s files or computers.

    Sharples denied that the ‘Indemnity ever existed’.

    Would I be allowed to believe that Sharples was threatened, that Ettridge never used the floppy disc on his office computer and that the QC traded the indemnity for ervices renedered?

    I trust my ears, I trust my eyes and I trust my judgement. Because it is expedient, I have become the person to shun…and that is a burden of conscience that I have been forced to carry for seventeen years in Coventry. Abbott is a liar among a mulitude of liars…the system wins and good men are silenced. Edmund Burke did not count on the ethics of Australian politicians or the absolute immorality of the press.


  7. Bruce Rugby says:

    My apologies; ‘services rendered”.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Bruce, thanks for your comment 😀 , and relating this tale for us 😎

      As most are aware, lying is a prerequisite for any career politician. Unfortunately some, like Abbott and Howard before him turn lying into an art form.

      The truly sad thing is that he isn’t even good at it, as any half baked journalist could call him out on the lies, but they are only interested in towing the party line, as dictated from above.

      I also believe that the reason that Abbott has been so adamant about calling an early election is that as PM he would be able to exert enough influence to have any enquiries or investigations shut down

      I also believe that if anyone would use and abuse the office of PM, it would be Abbott.

      This statement says volumes. 😎
      Abbott is a liar among a mulitude of liars…the system wins and good men are silenced.

      Cheers 😀


  8. patriciawa says:

    Good post, TS. Says all I’d like to say and more about the lies which the Leader of the Opposition dreams up day after day and particularly the big lie about our PM who definitely did not lie about the so-called carbon tax. I came here though expecting another great poem! Never mind, you’ve got me going…….

    Gillard guilty of dishonesty, deception?
    Shrinks would say that’s Abbott’s projection
    Of his own, dark, inner reflection.
    He’s the one who needs correction!
    In his manic drive to win election
    He’s spewing lies in every direction!
    In some psychiatrists’ perception
    He’d be an ideal candidate – for section.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Patricia, thanks for your comment, and another fine poem 😀 😎

      It’s always good to inspire as well as be inspired 😀
      The last two lines are particularly pertinent 😆

      There should be another from me coming shortly, I’m just trying to get my head around a few ideas 😀

      Cheers 😀 😎


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  11. As you would probably know Truthy, l`m not rusted-on to either side of the duopoly, and your post high-lights the terrible distortion of facts most voters are having pushed upon them. While it pretty crap the politicians are doing this, the greatest failure in my book is, the embedded news media vacating the field of doing solid interviews and fact-based reporting, and the embedded media offering more fact-free opinion based noise. As some of the commenter`s above have mentioned my show, Sales didn`t really perform too well interviewing Mr-Rabbit. This is a good explainer of Mr-Rabbit and Sales interview.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      730reportland, thanks for your comment 😀 and thanks for the link 😎

      Yes an interesting read, and the first chance I’ve had to read the transcript.
      Sales certainly went soft on him and with no interruptions, in her usual manner, it looks very much like a softly softly approach. Maybe she has been offered a career side track like Kerry O’Brien , if she doesn’t tow the party (ABC/LNP) line? 😯

      Thanks again for your input 😎

      Cheers 😀 😎


  12. crashskeptic says:

    Truth Seeker claimed:

    Unfortunately like Jones, Mirabella, Abbott and in fact the entire LNP, only quote the first half of PMJG’s statement “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead,” conveniently leaving out the part after the comma, where she goes on to say “but lets be absolutely clear. I am determined to price carbon”.

    As previously stated, there have been a number of statements by PMJG quoted, but they all seem to leave out the last half of the quote, which all finish with the affirmation that she is determined to put a price on carbon.

    Your claim is completely false (as has been pointed out to you multiple times before).

    Gillard never even mentioned “carbon price” or “price on carbon” or anything even remotely like that in the interview.

    Readers interested in the actual truth can verify this for themselves by watching the original, unedited video (all 3 minutes and 9 secons of it) from channel Ten’s Youtube Channel:


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Crash and burn sceptic, you like so many others are completely wrong, but what you have highlighted is the fact that the determination of the right wing nut jobs, like your self, to prove a lie that wasn’t, is incredible.

      That is NOT the interview that I and many others have referred to, and just because there has been a concerted effort to remove all traces of the original doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. But trolls like yourself would love us to stop telling the TRUTH, but you’ve got no hope.
      We will continue to tell people about the lies that you and other mindless LNP sycophants perpetrate as you are inherently dishonest.

      I’ve read your right wing crap on other sites and know you for what you are.

      Don’t bother replying, as my aim is to promote “The Truth” and it just isn’t in you.

      Cheers 😀


  13. Sally Zeyer says:

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  14. Joey Strahan says:

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