Tony Abbott’s Budget Emergency?



Tony Abbott’s Budget Emergency?

I have to admit to being pretty pissed off when I heard that mega truth bender Abbott telling all his lies and half truths during his budget reply.  For me though, the icing on his “Mud” (read SHIT) cake was his declaration of the “Budget Emergency” that needs to be dealt with, So here is my reply to Abbott’s budget reply.

Tony Abbott’s Budget Emergency


Tony Abbott’s budget emergency

Flies in the face of the facts

He says that he’ll fix it by returning to growth

And removing that big carbon tax

But the truth is our economy’s been growing for years

So “Returning” to growth is a lie

Like so many claims, that the Abbott has made

It’s nothing, but pie in the sky


And that big carbon tax, that he claims doesn’t work

Has been Abbott’s big lie from the start

Cos it isn’t a tax, it’s a price on emissions

And another T Abbott brain fart

And he says that it’s cost is a major impost

And emissions, it wont help reduce

But the truth is it’s working, while his direct action jerking

Proves once again, Abbott’s a goose


Being wedged by the PM on the NDIS

When the Medicare levy was tabled

Left him nowhere to go with his austerity side show

Cos he can’t be seen, beating up the disabled

But his Parental Leave Scheme which is grossly obscene

Is still there, and is carved into stone

Cos it’s women, he gets, the sweet little pets

And to prove it, that policy’s his own


But for parents, the bummer is he’s doing a runner

On the LNPs own baby bonus

Cutting further than Swann so the whole thing is gone

Clearly shows where the Libs place the onus

Making the least well off pay, while the rich get away

With more money to foster their greed

While no tax, millionaires pay, for their retirement day

The majority can’t meet their own need


And with many public servants facing the sack

And the environment taking a hit

And the union bashing with the Work Choices lashing

And industrial relations turning to shit

And Murdoch’s agenda a major truth bender

To paint Abbott as the PM we need

We have to unite against the rabid right

And their backers despicable greed


And the lies they are telling for the plan they are selling

Push austerity as the only way

But if we fall for his sell, Abbott’s economic hell

Will be the real order of the day

Putting more on the dole, makes a bigger black hole

And reduces the governments income

And a big assets sale is a part of the tale

They don’t tell us cos they just aren’t fair dinkum


So the budget emergency, is about Abbott’s urgency

To realise his own sick ambition

Using slogans and lies as a way to disguise

His version of right wing sedition

And with Murdoch’s support for the Abbott’s big rort

Their agenda is there, in plain view

For the big end of town, vote for Abbott the clown

And a government… for the wealthy… few



About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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18 Responses to Tony Abbott’s Budget Emergency?

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Thank you, as always, Truthie. I’d love to pull out a ‘best-loved bit’, but this time I can’t – all best-loved.

    I’m kicking myself because I did notice a remark of Tony’s where he said something like – not a budget emergency, exactly – a policy emergency, perhaps. I’ve tried googling everthing I can think of – does anyone remember and/or have a link to the remark that is haunting me?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Kate, thanks for that 😀 you are always quick off the mark 😎

      I have to say I haven’t heard any sort of correction from Abbott, and it doesn’t matter anyway, as that ship has already sailed and sunk 😀 and any retraction now would be in a similar vein to a Murdoch retraction of a misleading front page, where the retraction is placed in small type on page 54. 😯

      Thanks again for your support 😀

      Cheers 😀 😎


  2. kate ahearne says:

    Thanks, Truthie. But working on the knowledge, that LNP never let’s anything go unless it’s life-threatening, – do you mind if I still ‘use’ you to help me to get back to the statement that I’m thinking of? Looking for?


  3. deknarf says:

    Nice one!
    Actually he has a ‘budge it emergency’! He can’t get Julia Gillard out of the Prime Ministerial office!


  4. Tony Gurnett says:

    A clear history of Abbott (family) going back to pre 1940…from family of cowards leaving England to our poet friend above…all the ugly facts!


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Tony, welcome to my site 😀 and thanks for your comment.

      Yes, he could certainly do us all a favour by going back 😀 Where he would fit in perfectly with the political scene over there, as Cameron continues on his path of austerity to the detriment of the vast majority. 😯

      Cheers 😀


  5. Gordonwa says:

    Hi Truth Seeker,

    I am in awe of your poetical/political prowess. This one works beautifully (unlike Abbott). You are maintaining that fine tradition of left wing wordsmiths who capture the essence of an issue in playful verse of deadly serious intent.



    • Truth Seeker says:

      Gordonwa, welcome to my site 😀 and thanks for your comment and kind words 😎

      I have read and enjoyed your comments on other sites, and it is good to see you here and to get your feedback on my musings 😎 I greatly appreciate your input 😀

      The truth is that Abbott is the gift that keeps on giving (for all the wrong reasons 😀 ), unfortunately if he gets the keys to the lodge he will be the one who takes from the majority and keeps on giving to the wealthy minority, and that is what we have to stop.

      We can’t let Murdoch dictate who we should have running this great country, and that’s what inspires me and others to write poetry and articles, and people like your good self to join the conversation, and together we must and will prevail 😀

      Thanks again 😀 and keep up the good work 😎

      Cheers 😀


  6. Fed up says:

    Gonski, he did not want. Nothing wrong with the present system.

    Polls must be telling him different.

    Today, according to Abboot, , we will have our own type of Gonskl. Abbott;s Gonski, to sit beside Abbott’s NBN and CEF. Oh, and the biggest of all, Abbott’d PPL.

    Trouble is, all are inferior models.

    Better to stick with Labor’s originals,.


  7. Fed up says:

    PS. Abbott must be a little upset. The lady just did not roll over. Now he has to come up with some pesky policies.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, thanks for your comments 😀

      Yes, how inconvenient 😀 That pesky red head won’t do anything she is supposed too, like stuff up the economy, or or anything. She wont even do the right thing and give Abbott the keys to the lodge… what a nasty woman 😀

      Cheers 😀


  8. cornlegend says:

    As always, Truthseeker, you nailed it.
    You sure do have a sharp political mind,
    Your poems always put a bit of a spring in my step, and you know what I think about your evil little subject matter


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, thanks for that mate 😀

      I have noticed you haven’t been around much, of late, although I did read your comment on IA yesterday 😎 Hope all is well with you and yours 🙂

      Yes those evil 👿 little subjects are a constant source of inspiration (and not in a good way) but I have been very busy myself for the last couple of weeks, and not able to take full advantage.

      My sister flies out tonight though, back to the UK, and the builders should be finished within the next two weeks or so, so Abbott watch out then. 😀

      Cheers 😀


  9. Yeah, truthie, my daughter has been shifting house, so I was drafted into the “big move”
    I also have a minor medical issue, thats taken up a bit of time {frigging Hernia, ]
    Felt I had to comment at IA regarding poster, Harry Boniface telling Taxisue, he didn’t feel she was welcome there. He did the same to Tinfoilhatter a couple of weeks ago.
    Getting a bit tired of being told by commenters ,that commenters , “too left” “irritating”” too idealistic” and some of the cartoons were” too immature” playground humour” etc.
    Don’t like seeing fellow commentators being attacked by others.
    Thats the job of moderators/editors.
    I’m all for free open debate, with everyone having the right to express their view, within the guidlines of the site.
    I’m sure the moderators, editors know how to do their job.
    anyhow, enough of the rant.
    Have a good day Truthie, and hope your sister is still enjoying her stay,


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, sorry to hear about your hernia, hope it doesn’t give you too much grief 😦

      Yes it can be very irritating when commenters try to tell site owners how to run their site, I saw a bit of it over at CW, AIMN and TPS. I suggested to a couple that they should start their own blogs and then they could run it their way. 😯

      Of course they declined, as it’s easier to tell others how to do it than do it yourself.

      I look forward to you getting back on top and commenting at your best 😎

      Cheers 😀

      BTW thanks for asking after my sis 😀 She has had a good time with us and our parents. will be sad to see her fly out tonight 😦

      Cheers 😀


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