Tony Abbott and the Liberal Family Plan!

English: Tony Abbott. Crop from another upload...

Tony Abbott. “Now where did I park the Kingswood?”  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tony Abbott and the Liberal Family Plan!

I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely sick to death of the LNP talking down our economy, and making out that only they have the economic credentials to fix an economy that isn’t broken in the first place.    😯

So with that in mind I thought it was time that I put my own spin on their plan and how it will affect us

Tony and the Liberal Family Plan!

The Liberal family knows the sense

Of living within its means

There’s little Johnny Howard

The greatest of has-beens

The Papa bear of right wing nuts

And Tony’s favourite hero

Who’s record sets him well apart

As our own  Australian Nero


With George and Julie in the ranks

To deal with legal things

The Liberal family’s got it made

As Rupert pulls the strings

There’s sloppy Joe their accountant

With figures made of rubber

And Little brother Chrissy

Who does little else but blubber


But Tony is the patriarch

The one that calls the shots

As long as uncle Rupert

Writes the script for all their plots

And tells “His” Tony what to do

And what he’s supposed to say

To make sure uncle Rupert’s set

To score his big pay day


And Tony looks with envy, back

To little Johnny’s era

When union bashing was the norm

And the GST made things dearer

And they spent vast swathes of money

On Middle class welfare rorts

While Tony perfected his brain farts

And called them policy thoughts


And now he wants the top job

In this, our vast brown land

To slash and burn with impunity

Through his right wing, nut job band

With lies and spin and slogans

Saying “These things they need to do”

To improve the lot of billionaires

So they’ll “share” with me and you


And they claim our debt is massive

And the economy’s on the rocks

But the truth is Tones and sloppy Joe

Are economic cocks

But to gain control they’ll do and say

Whatever the hell it takes

Proving once again the Liberals

Are monumental fakes


And their idea of the economy

Is, run it like a family plan

To not maintain the house or car

Even though they know they can

And though the roof is leaking

And the car is on the skids

They would rather keep the money

Than have a good home for the kids


And though the car is broken

The stupidity of this mob

Is they’d rather save the money

Than upgrade to save their job

So when the Kingswood starts to fail

And they cannot get to work

Tones will sell the family farm

The rabid, right wing jerk.


So he want’s to run the economy

Like he would the family budget

But the man (?) is such a hypocrite

And he thinks that he can fudge it

Cos he has a mega mortgage

On the Abbott family home

So it’s fine for him, but our modest debt

Is more than we should own


So when they scream of massive debt

And things we can’t afford

All Aussies with a mortgage or car loan

Should shout with one accord

“You Liberals are all hypocrites

With your economic scares

So don’t tell us, you know the score,

Ring Lifeline… and tell someone… who cares


Holden Kingswood Stationwagon

Holden Kingswood Stationwagon
“NOT THE KINGSWOOD?” (Photo credit: FotoSleuth)


About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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34 Responses to Tony Abbott and the Liberal Family Plan!

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Hey, Cool baby. You’ve hit on the very thing that I don’t understand – the mortgage. How can any of us buy our own home without going into debt? Der! Or buy a car? Or even fix the old one? We do it all the time, (go into debt for a greater good) if we can, don’t we? Wouldn’t we kill for an AAA rating?
    Love your work, Truthie.
    For Fair Media Alliance,


  2. cornlegend says:

    As always , you’ve nailed it mate.

    Love the “To make sure uncle Rupert’s set

    To score his big pay day”
    That’s what it’s all about !!


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, thanks for that 😀

      Yes it’s compulsory these days to give Murdoch a guernsey when writing about the LNP, seeing as how he owns them 😯

      Cheers 😀


  3. johnlord2013 says:

    Wish I had your gift for rhyme.


  4. Fed up says:

    I suspect Abbott took on that mortgage, close on a million dollars, believing repayments would be a clinch, as he had strong prospects of his income increasing dramatically when he quickly dislodge that pesky PM, taking over her pay packet.

    Poor Tones has now been struck with those massive payments for nigh on three years. Wonder if it has been a struggle to meet those monthly payments.

    Yes, I suspect that Tones had learnt the hard way, not to count on the income growing, before the chickens have hatched.

    Thankfully the national budget has nothing in common, with that family budget.

    Did I hear Windsor say today, he might just move a motion of confidence in the government.

    Fancy telling Wilkie he should vote against the PM because of her lack of ability to bring in a better poker machine bill. Maybe Mr. Wilkie will remind Pyne, that if his side supported the bill, it would not be in operation.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, I was thinking the same when I wrote it 😀 Which makes him even more of a hypocrite when he talks about living within our means. 🙄 And when he dismisses the facts of the governments income stream slowing. 😯

      And you are dead right, the national budget and the family budget are two entirely different things 😀

      I didn’t hear anything about a vote of confidence, but I would love to see the look on Liealot’s face 😆

      Haven’t heard anything from Wilkie, but Oakeshott certainly gave Pyne a serve 😀

      Cheers 😀


  5. Fed up says:

    I was not listening, but I am sure that is what I heard on ABC 24. Would not put it past Windsor, or Oakeshott for that matter. Rob;s reply is terrific.

    All that Pyne listed. are things the independents support. In fact they were conditions for supporting the PM.

    Albanese and Pyne on with Karl ch( 0, Today, this morning was also good. Pyne is mad, one cannot say anything different.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, yes I think you are right, Pyne is mad, but that’s why he fits in so well with the rest of the LNP (and their supporters, come to think about it 😀 ) Albo’s great when he gets going.
      They say that it’s not over till the fat lady sings, and I have to say that I am really looking forward to Gina singing a requiem for the LNP. 😀

      Cheers 😀


      • frontad84 says:

        Chris Pyne was losing his cool
        When Emma was quizzing the fool
        She made the little worm
        Writhe and squirm
        Which put a sad end to his drool.

        The Liberals Christopher Pyne
        Makes whinging his usual line
        He learned that bad habit
        From his boss Mr Abbott
        And now he’s The Master of Whine


  6. Fed up says:

    “………………….”May is over and still there is no sign of the no-confidence motion,” Mr Windsor said.

    Mr Windsor says he is more than happy for the confidence of the House to be tested, and has not ruled out testing that himself, either alone or in conjunction with other crossbenchers.

    “It would be a worthwhile exercise as we draw to the conclusion of the Parliament for MPs to express their views on its performance,” Mr Windsor said.

    In his letter to the independents, Mr Pyne writes that: “I think I would be entitled to take an equivocal response as marking your determination to support the government and the current Prime Minister to the bitter end.”

    “If after three years of disasters and broken promises crossbench members can’t decide definitively now on whether or not they continue to support the Labor Government, then their answer is pretty clear,” Mr Pyne said in a statement to the ABC.

    Lead of the House Anthony Albanese has dismissed the threat of a no-confidence motion as nonsense.

    Topics: federal-government, government-and-politics, elections, australia………………….


  7. Truth Seeker says:

    Fed up, I just think it’s a crying shame that the government can’t put forward a No confidence motion in the opposition, cos I cant see many who have a genuine interest in politics thinking that they have been good value for tax payers dollars 😯

    Cheers 😀


  8. cornlegend says:

    I reckon it would be cool if Oakeshott, Windsor, Slipper, Thomson and Wilkie all sent a letter to Pyne agreeing to let the LNP bring it on, then back out at the vote.


  9. jock says:

    On mortguages: the peolpe who under howard were forced into casual work and short term contracts can’t even get small loans let alone mortguages. How can teachers do a god job when employed on short contracts. And the banks whinge that no one is borrowing!
    What about all the peole on contracts that don’t get super and never make enough to pay it themselves and abbott wants more contracts to screw those who can’t defend themselves. Too many peolpe have forgotten why unions came about.
    In Britain while the liberals were fighting African slavery Scottish coal miners were still legally slaves and property of the mine owners.

    Thanks Truthie for another bright moment.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Jock, thanks for your comment 😀 and you make some very valid points 😎

      In nursing, my wife saw the same situation with contracts, and we were also in that position when we first moved to QLD until my wife got a full time position at a hospital.

      Yes people forget that the union movement was started as a response to practices of slavery and grossly unfair working conditions imposed upon the masses by unscrupulous employers, those same sort of practices that workchoices sought to reimpose under the LNP ( obviously to a lesser extent, although I’m sure people like Gina would restore them in full if she could 😯 )

      Cheers 😀


  10. cornlegend says:

    was reading the heading of this post, and playing around with the words.
    Thought of “The Abbott Family Planning”
    Then, in my twisted mind, I thought how wonderful, if during the family planning, Grandpa Abbott would have had a vasectomy.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Ah cornlegend, you are a bad man 😀 that’s why I enjoy your contributions soooo much 😆

      But on reflection, he’s talks like he’s had a lobotomy so he can’t think, so it’s only fitting that he should also not be able to reproduce any more, although many would say that he should never have been able to continue his particular genetic line 😯

      One can only hope that his “Girls” marry men with some intelligence, common sense and empathy, to counteract whats lacking from his side. 😉

      It’s one gene pool that should have been emptied and closed down 😀

      Cheers 😀


  11. cornlegend says:

    I get disillusioned at the calibre of the modern day politicians sometimes.
    I had been involved in politics from a little kid, tailing my old man to ALP branch meetings.
    Other than letterboxing and handing out how to votes, my first major campaign, which I worked on ,fulltime through my union was Goughs. {my bloody hero}
    Its surprising these days that politically savvy younger ones, don’t know much about Gough, other than the “Dismissal”
    If I had to find a fault, it was he did TOO MUCH TOO quickly.
    I like to remind people
    “Outside parliament, Gough Whitlam concentrated on party reform and new policy development. He advocated the abolition of conscription and Australian withdrawal from the Vietnam War, and in 1971 visited the People’s Republic of China (PRC), promising to establish diplomatic relations—much to the chagrin of McMahon, who attacked Gough Whitlam for this policy, only to discover that President Richard Nixon was also working toward recognising the PRC. The 1972 federal election saw Gough Whitlam lead the ALP to its first electoral victory since 1946.

    Prime Minister 1972-75

    Custom dictated that Gough Whitlam should have waited until the process of vote counting was complete, and then call a Caucus meeting to elect his Ministers ready to be sworn in by the Governor-General. Meanwhile, the outgoing Prime Minister would remain in office as a caretaker. However, unwilling to wait, Gough Whitlam had himself and Deputy Leader Lance Barnard sworn in as a two-man government as soon as the overall result was beyond doubt, on 5 December 1972, the Tuesday after the Saturday election; they held all the portfolios between them (see First Whitlam Ministry). Gough Whitlam later said: “The Caucus I joined in 1972 had as many Boer War veterans as men who had seen active service in World War II, three from each. The Ministry appointed on the fifth of December 1972 was composed entirely of ex-servicemen: Lance Barnard and me.” The full ministry was sworn in on 19 December

    The two men held the following portfolios:

    Gough Whitlam
    1.Prime Minister
    2.Minister for Foreign Affairs
    5.Minister for Customs and Excise
    6.Minister for Trade and Industry
    7.Minister for Shipping and Transport
    8.Minister for Education and Science
    9.Minister for Civil Aviation
    10.Minister for Housing
    11.Minister for Works
    12.Minister for External Territories
    13.Minister for the Environment, Aborigines and the Arts

    Lance Barnard – Deputy Prime Minister
    1.Minister for Defence
    2.Minister for Supply
    3.Minister for the Army
    4.Minister for the Navy
    5.Minister for Air
    7.Minister for Labour and National Service
    8.Minister for Social Services
    9.Minister for Immigration
    10.Minister for the Interior
    11.Minister for Primary Industry
    12.Minister for Repatriation
    13.Minister for Health
    14.Minister for National Development


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornlegend, Gough was also my political hero and the first election that I took an active interest in, although my father was also a member of the ALP and I always had an interest in the progressive left 😀 I agree his biggest fault was that he tried to do too much too quickly, which is what I told anone that would listen after the dismissal. 😦

      WRT smileys, Bacchus has kindly posted the entire list for TPS which I have copied and will put on my “How To” page over the weekend. I have already found three for you but as I said they’re all there on TPS now 😀


  12. cornlegend says:

    good onya lad !!


  13. nasking says:

    TS, good one.
    BTW, John Howard ain’t no Papa bear I’ve ever heard of…I always see him as a Rodent. 🙂
    Perhaps he has relations to that grizzled griper Sarah Palin?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Nas, great to see you here 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      I hope you’re feeling a bit better mate and the eyes aren’t giving you too much grief, and also that S is OK too.

      No he certainly isn’t, and Rodent is how most see him 😀 Papa Bear was merely a reference to the way he is revered within the ranks of the rabid right, a bit of poetic licence (pardon the pun) 😀

      Keep the faith mate, and your chin up, cos we can’t let the bastards win 😀

      Cheers 😀


  14. Well said Truth seeker (what a great pseudonym by-the-way).


  15. frontad84 says:

    How could anyone believe Abbott’s stand
    With Margie there holding his hand
    Do Libs really think this will change
    Voters view of this mange
    Or their lying Liberal brand

    Abbott hides behind wife for protection
    Hoping for image perfection
    And then has the gall
    To think we’ll all fall
    Into making him our selection.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      frontad84, thanks for your contribution 😀 and good to see you’re still out there adding your own limericks into the mix 😎

      Keep up the good work 😀

      Cheers 😀 😆


  16. Fed up says:

    Did one noticed the look on the wife’s face. I got the feeling that Tony looked lonely standing there. Got the feeling, it was the last place he wanted to be.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, yes I saw her nodding her head like a parcel shelf dog 😦 I didn’t think that either of them looked like they wanted to be there, and I’d be prepared to bet that the media weren’t real happy to be there either, having to listen to that same old slogans and spin again?

      Abbott seems to look lonely a lot lately, maybe he’s realised that nobody like him? 😯

      Cheers 😀


  17. frontad84 says:

    The Liberals bleat hour by hour
    Of great Policies on us they will shower
    If such be the fame
    They constantly claim
    One must ask why aren’t they still in power?


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