If not for the ALP, then for our country, our democracy and our future!

If not for the ALP, then for our country, our democracy and our future!

My first reaction, over the spill, like many people’s, was “YOU FREAKING IDIOTS!’images

I was hurt, angry, sad and ready to walk away from everything that I have ever believed in politically, after watching the demise of one of this country’s great Prime Ministers, Julia Gillard.

Kevin Rudd and his Whiteant Band have finally got what they, and Murdoch, wanted, and I just wanted retribution.

Now turning our collective backs on the ALP was my first thought, and I know that many have, but in the harsh light of reality I realised that this is not just about how disgusted I feel about what has taken place, as Rudd and his nervous nellies are just a part of the puzzle.

Julia has a legacy that should not be allowed to be squandered for the sake of personal anger or frustration, and when all is said and done, Rudd and his whiteant band might be complete knobs (Insert any derogatory name you like here), but the greatest threat to our country, our democracy and our future is not Rudd, but an Abbott led government controlled by Murdoch/Rinehart et al.

So for all those who feel that they can no longer give their first preference to the ALP, I would encourage you to find a left leaning independent for your first preference, and give the ALP your second.

IMHO I see no value in voting for the greens in the lower house, as Milne has proven herself to be just as big a hypocrite as the Abbott, taking every opportunity to dump on Julia, when she was the only party leader that was prepared to compromise for the sake of trying to find common ground and get something done.   I personally won’t entertain them in the senate either, but that’s just me   😯

For those that are struggling with voting ALP because of what Rudd has done, and feel that they no longer represent the political values or beliefs that you hold dear, then I would encourage you to look at the political values and beliefs of the alternative of Abbott/Murdoch and what they will do to this country if they get over the line.

Cos make no mistake, if we don’t get the ALP over the line, then we will get Abbott and the LNP, and all the good work that Julia and the ALP have done will be trashed by the right wing wreckers, and as night follows day, we will follow Europe, the UK and USA into the recession that we have already dodged, through good fiscal management.

I, like many, am not happy with what went down, and hope that down the track we can effect change in the ALP to restore the values that that are so sadly lacking in many in the current party, but to capitulate now would only boost Abbott’s chances and his ego, and that, to my mind, is totally untenable.

Most of us who vote Labor, do so because we believe in their policies, and in a social conscience, both of which are sadly lacking in the rabid right. (Their unspoken creed being “Every man, woman and child for themselves, unless you’re rich”)

So I implore all my fine readers and commenters, if possible, vote as you previously intended;

If not for the ALP, then for our country, our democracy and our future.




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  1. Lapdogs that nuzzle at the crotch of their advertising, employing, political masters.


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