Said the Abbott to the Bishop, take 2!

Said the Abbott to the Bishop, take 2!

The Minister for pussy claws

The Minister for pussy claws

Abbott having a good belly grin

Abbott having a good belly grin

After the recent madness in our political arena, I thought a bit of light relief would be in order   😀   and what better way than to revisit a theme I looked at back in April.

The truth is that I was pretty despondent after Julia’s demise, and wasn’t sure how the inspiration would take me, but when she told us to continue the fight, I knew that that was the only thing that we could and should do.

So with that in mind, I looked to the gift that keeps on giving… Abbott and his LNP   😀     and here is the result.   😀

Said The Abbott To The Bishop, Take 2.


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

There’s now more work to be done

As this damned election campaign

Is looking less and less like fun

Our credibility’s all but shot

Our policies just won’t work

And Rudd keeps asking for debates

To make me look a jerk


And they said you were a lawyer

So I thought you’d be quite smart

But you really dumped us in it

With your Indonesian brain fart

Cos you left the door wide open

For K Rudd to walk straight in

And do us over big time

Using our own brand of spin


How dare he play by our rules

Drumming up a load of fear

The man just has no scruples

I’ll bet next he’ll try some smear

Just because he is the PM

He thinks he’s got some clout

But I’ll show him how a real man acts

I’ll punch the bastard out


Said the Abbott to the poodle

Dummy spits are not enough

You need to talk some policy

Instead of spin and fluff

On educational reform

They’ve got us by the nuts

So stop your dummy spitting

Cos you’re looking like a klutz


Said the Abbott to the Turd Ball

We could win the broadband game

But it’s hard to sell a policy

When Fraudband is its name

I know you invented the internet

But our creds have copped a hit

Cos when it comes to talking broadband

Our policy is shit


We need a plan to spin it out

To make it sound just great

To counteract their NBN

Before it is too late

So get your act together

And use your bankers nous

Cos I need to take up residence

In Kirribilli House


Said the Abbott to Scott Morrisscum

The experts all agree

That turning refugee boats around

Is never safe, at sea

Cos those bloody people smugglers

Will scuttle their fishing boat

To make sure that our policy is

Something else that just won’t float


So go and find your own expert

To claim that it will work

Cos those bloody Indonesians

Make me look, a raving jerk

And Rudd has credibility

Cos he was a diplomat

And I can’t take questions on this policy

Just take off like a scalded cat


Said the Abbott to the LNP

Uncle Rupert’s dropped the ball

He promised I could win this

If I kept my target small

But Rudd is much more popular

And he plays the game like us

And our plan for domination

Is leaving on his bus.


Said the voters to the Abbott,

You hitched your wagon to the press

And the moguls, media spin machines

And now you’re in a mess

Cos you’ve spent this whole term running

From hard questions that were asked

And you haven’t developed policies

And now that time has passed


And we now need questions answered

With truth and common sense

Not airy fairy promises based on

Motherhood statements

So stop your obfuscation

Your weaving and you dodging

Or when the election comes around

You’ll get a royal flogging.


Can people be this stupid Nyahahahahahaha.

It’s all good cos uncle Rupert loves me Nyahahahahahaha.


About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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28 Responses to Said the Abbott to the Bishop, take 2!

  1. Fed up says:

    One of your best. Yes, aspirational proposal, no longer meet the mark. It appears policies are needed. What’s more, policies with details, if not costed. The Blue pamphlet , dear Julie, is not enough.
    It is not fair, I wanted Julia to fall, but I was too take her place, not that nerd, Julie dear, it s not fair, I have worked so hard to be pipped at the post.


  2. orangefox says:

    Thanks Truth Seeker that was a fun read.
    Watching the ‘Rudd family’ taking over the leadership I have to say that I am now begining to have serious doubts whether I will be voting for them.
    And I deliberately said the ‘Rudd family’ as I am getting the impression that they think they are some kind of royal family entitled to rule.
    The news that the ‘Rudd family’ will be dumping Julia’s knitted kangaroo and choosing something more upmarket for the Royals baby sucks. It’s the thought that counts not the value.
    It seems that “Rudd and family’ are busy removing any Gillard connections or monuments.
    Not impressed.
    No wonder so many front benchers resigned. They knew what would happen.
    I will be voting independent or minor party and preferencing Labor.
    That way I support Labor but not it’s leader.
    If Rudd wins this election outright it will go to his head and we will be stuck with him for a decade.
    I would like to see another hung parliament and Rudd forced to be part of a team.
    But Rudd should remember that if Turnbull resurfaces with a decent team ‘Rudd and family’ will have a very short stay at the lodge.
    I may be wrong about ‘Rudd and family’ but that’s the way I feel at the moment.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Orangefox, glad you enjoyed it 😀

      I haven;t heard that Rudd is choosing a different present for the royals, but I hope if that is the case, that Julia sends it anyway. 😀

      I think that the inherent problems in the ALP organisation will be addressed down the track, and I just hope that Julia’s legacy will remain in spite of Rudd’s machinations.

      I also hope that the “Cheerio” isn’t a permanent good bye, as I enjoy your comments and appreciate your input 😀

      Cheers 😀


  3. Fed up says:

    TS, try and watch the last reply that Gillard gave to Tony in that final QT. It was her at her best.


  4. Worth the wait!!


  5. orangefox says:

    Just to clarify the above post from orangefoxy should have been orangefox so if TS can fix this it would be appreciated. Thanks


  6. Fed up says:

    No,win or not,. Rudd will not be around for a decade.


  7. orangefox says:

    Truth Seeker,
    Of course will visit again!
    I enjoy your blog and those that post comments.
    Here is the link regarding the kangaroo gift story;
    Sorry that it’s a limited news site.


  8. Joy Cooper says:

    Enjoyed that, Truthie, & it is so on the money. 😆 You are really good at this. 🙂

    Cannot understand what is the problem orangefox sees concerning the Rudd family. Therese Rein is a very busy woman attending to her successful international business. His daughter & eldest son have their own lives & the youngest son would be attending university. Would they rather see the Abbott family as leaders of this country? Of course, they would live at Kirribilli House so his daughters could attend all the A-List events in Sydney.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Joy, thanks for your comment and kind words 😀

      I think, for many people, the anger and frustration at Julia’s demise is still very raw, and anything that looks like a diminution of her tenure or legacy is too much to deal with.

      But I also think that with time those feelings will ease somewhat, as the reality of politics hits home.

      I do understand someone not wanting to support Rudd, although I’m sure that some very good local members may end up paying the price for that, but a second preference should be sufficient in most circumstances. 😀

      I must admit to being quite happy with the reference to Kirribilli House 😀 one of my faves 😆

      Cheers 😀


  9. lmrh5 says:

    Reblogged this on lmrh5.


  10. Pingback: Said the Abbott to the Bishop, take 2! | lmrh5

  11. jane says:

    Truthie, you’ve surpassed yourself with this offering & I’m seriously considering nominating you for Poet Laureate.

    Like Orangefox, I wonder how long they’ll be able to keep The Termite on track; after all they didn’t have much success last time & if he gets the bit between his teeth, they’ll be shitting bricks.

    The irony is that if The Termite had acknowledged his part in his own downfall & played the team game, he’d still be Foreign Minister in a majority government looking at a third term with a comfortable majority.

    I remain convinced that his treachery led to the minority government, the savaging of Julia Gillard by the gutless wonders in the Liars & the Turdochsm culminating in the polls which caused her downfall.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Jane, it’s good to hear from you 😎 and thanks for that 😀

      Yes I agree that he should have just buckled down and played the team game, instead of all the whiteanting and dissent. 😦

      I also still believe that Julia would have won regardless, cos when it comes to the things that matter, like honesty, integrity, decency and POLICY, Abbott and his LNP are found sadly wanting 😯 , but as much as I dislike what has happened, it is what it is, and we still have to make sure that our focus is on NOT letting Abbott and his bunch of right wing nut-jobs near the government benches. :mrgreen:

      I’m not usually one for conspiracy theories, but I am sure that the polls were, at the very least, manipulated, if not completely fudged, to make Julia look like the looser in the publics eyes, thereby becoming a self fulfilling prophesy, or at least that was the plan. 😯

      Cheers 😀


  12. kate ahearne says:

    Yes, Truthie, I’m sure you’re right about the polls. I notice that the ABC is still quoting the Newspoll this week and ignoring the Morgan, despite the fact that Morgan is a multi-media poll while Newspoll is a land-line job, and Morgan polls more than 3,000 voters while Newspoll contacts about 1,000. Did you see that Bob Ellis has stuck his neck right out on Independent Australia?

    For Fair Media Alliance,


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi Kate, thanks for your comment 😀

      They just can’t help themselves, 😯 I’ve seen so many reports quoting newspoll, and completely ignoring the Morgan polls 🙄

      Yes I read Bob Ellis’s piece on IA, and although it looks like a brave prediction, I think he may be right 😀

      Cheers 😀


      • kate ahearne says:

        Yes, the Bob Ellis piece might seem a bit far-fetched at first glance. In fact I noticed that one disgruntled commentator is demanding that IA drop Ellis because he’s letting the side down. I hope they take no notice of that. Ellis had been spot on in the past, although I think this particular prediction might come unstuck if Kevin puts his foot in it too often, or if Abbott suddenly starts talking sense – there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. I think the biggest danger for Rudd would be to call the election later rather than sooner. He’s got the numbers now.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Kate, I think that he may well be right, but I also know what you’re saying and agree that it wouldn’t take much for circumstances to change. 🙄

          Having said that, the chances of Abbott talking sense, are more remote than the chances of hell freezing over, going on past and present form 😀

          Cheers 😀


  13. cornlegend says:

    Bloody good one again Truthy.
    you just keep nailing them.
    Have noticed though, Is it an LNP complaint, or condition, but they always have a sour nasty constipated look on their ugly dials ?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks mate 😀

      Yes I think it has something to do with their distinct lack of a real sense of humour 😦

      As I have said before, “They don’t have a sense of humour, only a sense of rumour” 😆 😀

      Cheers 😀


  14. cornlegend says:

    Hey Buddy, hows the painting and lead lighting /
    or shouldn’t I ask 😀


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, I have just finished the shelving in the laundry, most of the painting that I had to do is done, bar a couple of doors and frames, and I hope to start the leadlights next week all being well 😯 Thanks for asking 😀

      We had a couple of hold ups last week, so everything’s behind schedule, but we will get there in the end 😀

      How’s the house buying going? 😉

      Cheers 😀


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