Tony, self praise is no recommendation!

Tony, self praise is no recommendation!images

I don’t know about you, but I find it passing strange that many people, according to the polls, believe that the LNP are better at managing the economy.

Now leaving aside the fact that IMHO the MSM owned polls are, at best, wrong, if not manipulated to be deliberately misleading, the only reason for this misguided belief is because They (the LNP) say that; “It’s in our DNA, or that “you’ve got to stop the waste”  or “You can’t run an economy, if you can’t produce a surplus”.

The thing is that just because “They” say it, doesn’t make it right, and based on their past record it would be fair to say that there is a good argument for believing otherwise.

For example:

  • Selling off Telstra, with the promise and personal guarantee from J W Howard, of it being a great investment for “Mum and Dad” investors, left many facing financial ruin, because “they” said it, and were believed.
  • Selling off our gold reserves at bargain basement prices, took place because they” thought it was a good idea.
  • Privatisation of service delivery is in their DNA, and “they” tell us how it will improve service delivery, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary.
  • Austerity measures are in their DNA, and  “they” continue to push these measures despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary, and you just have to ask people in the UK and much of Europe how that’s working for them?
  • The “Trickle down effect” was and is still a major part of their strategy for dealing with the GFC and debt, and is in their DNA, and “they” tell us that it’s a legitimate economic strategy, ignoring the fact that the only people who believe that it works are the right wing nut-jobs.


  • To deal with carbon emissions, “they” tell us that they want to dismantle the carbon price, and instead plant millions of trees, that will take years to grow (if they grow at all),  and give lots of tax payers money to the worst emitters, in the hope that they will use the money to cut emissions.

So one could safely conclude that what “they” tell us is, at the very least, questionable, and the most obvious things in “Their DNA” are dishonesty and stupidity!

It is also a bit rich (pardon the pun) for Abbott to cry “Stop the waste!”, as he points to the “golden years” of Howard, who’s tenure was singled out as the most profligate in 200 years of Australia’s political history, and as his own record stands as the most expensive LOTO in our history.


As an aside, by far the most expensive ex PM’s are also from the Liberal party stables!

As far as the old worn out chestnut of  “You can’t run an economy, if you can’t produce a surplus”.   Someone should remind Abbott, Hockey and Robb that the AAA rating from all three agencies, was awarded while the government was running a deficit, and was reconfirmed while the government was still in deficit.

They should also be reminded that this was NOT achieved under Howard, or in fact any LNP government ever, and that “The Golden years” of Howard’s surpluses were at the expense of a huge infrastructure deficit that we are still dealing with and paying for.

They should also be reminded that while “they” say, ad infinitum, that the government is incompetent and cannot be trusted to run the economy, the rest of the developed world looks on with envy at the economic numbers that this government have produced on:

  • Employment.
  • Inflation.
  • interest rates.
  • Debt to GDP
  • Growth
  • Investment

We should also remember that “they” had a plan for dealing with the GFC, which included;

  • Austerity measures, which would have cut services and put thousands on the dole cues.
  • A stimulus package which was a fraction of the one that was implemented, and consisted of  handing out money to wealthy business owners, in the hope that they would employ some of the many unemployed (The trickle down effect).
  • A plan to maintain surpluses to the detriment of workers and consumer confidence, that most credible economic experts agreed would almost definitely have sent our economy on a downward spiral, following the bulk of the developed world into recession.

etc etc.

So while “they” tell us how good they are/were at running the economy, stopping the waste, turning back the boats etc, we should raise our collective voices and say in no uncertain terms;

“Tony, self praise is no recommendation!


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45 Responses to Tony, self praise is no recommendation!

  1. Kaye Lee says:

    Could we add to the “stop the waste” list the wages for the two extra shadow ministers Tony has got. He is only allowed have 30 and he has 32. This was only discovered apparently (she says incredulously) when they were to receive a pay rise of 45 000 a year (on top of their 185,000 salary). Rather than sack two of them from the shadow ministry, Tony struck a deal that he could keep the extras as they were already in the job on the proviso that if he made any changes to his Front Bench that he would have to then reduce it to the appropriate number ie get rid of two of them. I already resent paying any of the Shadow Ministry anything…I mean how hard is it to not read anything and just say no for 6 years. To find I am paying for two extra logs of dead wood really pisses me off.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Kaye Lee, welcome to my site 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      It is a great pleasure to see you here, as I have been reading, and enjoying, your comments over at AIMN, and I know you to be someone who has a great deal of knowledge and sense to offer to any discussion 😎

      I had not heard of this before and, like you, am outraged at the fact that we have to even pay the allowed number of shadow ministry for doing nothing but saying NO for all this time, much less “Two extra logs of dead wood” as you so accurately put it! 😀

      I will add a note, to direct my readers to your fine comment, 😎

      Thanks again, and you are welcome to visit and comment here any time 😎

      Cheers 😀


  2. kate ahearne says:

    Hi Truthie. This has got to be the best piece I’ve seen from you, and that’s saying something!! And I love the badge. – in fact all the visuals. Fabulous, powerful stuff. You’re a marvel.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi Kate, and thanks for that 😀

      I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, as it took a few days to write and put together, so I appreciate your feedback and kind words.

      I finished it late last night, and was pretty tired by the time that I finished, so I’m just glad that it all makes some kind of sense 😀

      Cheers 😀


  3. John Lord says:

    You won’t waste your time reading this.


  4. kate ahearne says:

    I wish I ‘got it’ John. As Pauline would say, ‘Please explain’.


  5. Kaye Lee says:

    Good Morning TS

    Here is the link to the story about Tony’s “grandfather deal” re the Shadow Ministers.

    And lets not forget Tony’s office expenses which have FAR outweighed the PM’s expenditure.
    “But how does Tony Abbott justify his Office Administrative Costs of $202, 065.73 compared to Julia Gillard’s of $8,241.60 (that’s more than twenty-four times Julia Gillard’s expenses)?
    Or how does Tony Abbott justify his Office Facilities expenses of $159,177.11 compared to Julia Gillard’s of $40,245.34 (almost four times Julia Gillard’s expenses)?”

    And now we have obscene amounts being raised to spend on election campaigning.
    “BUSINESS is bankrolling a record-breaking $1 million Liberal Party fundraiser in Melbourne on Thursday as Tony Abbott cashes in on his election favouritism.”

    I have two suggestions.

    Expense claims should be accompanied by receipts…what a novel concept. I do not believe that during Tony’s pollie pedal campaign that he paid $349 every night – or did he just claim the maximum to which he is “entitled”?

    I also find the amount of money wasted on political advertising to be just that – a waste. Political advertising is banned in the UK because “The government’s view was the ban on political advertising was necessary to avoid the risk that public debate would be distorted in the most powerful available media because those with the deepest pockets would have the loudest voices. Most campaign groups couldn’t afford it.” I think we need to revisit our rules regarding this.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Good morning Kaye, 😀 and thanks again for another of your fine and informative comments 😎

      Yes you just have to wonder how he (Abbott) can keep a straight face when he makes these claims that he will stop the waste? 🙄

      Maybe he means that he will stop the waste by stopping his own profligate ways? 😯

      Thanks for the info and the links, and I look forward to checking them out a bit later, when time permits. 😀

      Cheers 😀


  6. John Lord says:

    For all. What was meant by my comment was that in reading this post you would not be wasting any of your time. Because he piece was ssentially about waste I had a little play with that word. I agree with all it conveys. Hope that settles it. I don’t like wasting words.


  7. joy cooper says:

    Wonderful analysis, TS. Well thought out & written. Fantastic job. Have tweeted this (as I do with your writings). 🙂


  8. Truth Seeker says:

    For all that are interested, cornlegend has come through his op OK, and is hoping to be back on deck in a couple of days 😀

    Cheers 😀


  9. Kaye Lee says:

    Following on from the money spent on political advertising, I am also disturbed by the possible ramifications of accepting political donations from organisations who then expect to have some say in policy and legislation. Lynton Crosby, who helped John Howard to four federal election wins, is tied up in just about everything that worries me about our society – tobacco, alcohol, gambling, petroleum products, csg mining etc etc.

    As Tony demonstrates in this clip….”Show me the money and I am yours”


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Kaye, yes I think there are a few that have a claim on his arse, and will want their pound of flesh if he wins 😯

      Although I think the chances of that are getting more and more remote, and once the election is called and the debates are set, I think he will become the rank outsider, and I do mean “RANK” outsider. 😀

      Thanks for your efforts 😎

      Cheers 😀


  10. puffytmd says:

    The grandfathering deal for the extra two shadow ministers was a bit of genius on the ALP’s part because it locked Abbott into a show cabinet he cannot change. I think it was Albo who was credited with that idea, 😆


  11. bundysmum says:

    Thanks Truthie, this is a brilliant article that sums up the duplicity of these pretenders for all to see Crap like ‘in our dna, signature policy blah blah blah. Talking credlin and sprouting rubbish..I spent this arvo listening to comments on ABC NSW drive about the increase in excise on cigs. It was pretty obvious that abort inc had garnered the troops to oppose this increase to protect the donations they receive from BIG TOBACCO with offensive comments from the would-be treasurer encouraging people on low incomes (the most likely demographic to use tobacco) to feel aggrieved because they might be encouraged to give up their deadly habit.

    But I actually care for my former partner, who has COPD and it is very difficult indeed. He is now so limited in any thing that he spends most of his time watching tellie and occasionally going to town if he is having a good day and can get from the back door to the car, a distance of 5 metres.
    So in my opinion anything that would discourage smokers is a good thing, but the liebrals are so intent on backing their donors they don’t give a rats about the health implications.

    They really are a bunch of despicable bastards who are more than happy to sacrifice the people to support big business.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      bundysmum, thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 😀

      Yes, the funny thing is that Abbott shot down his own argument this morning, when he stated that “This is not a health issue, but a revenue issue”, but then in the very next sentence said “But you don’t pay if you don”t smoke” 😯

      I also know about COPD, as I have a rare genetic form of emphysema, and have an oxygen concentrator at home. 😦 It’s no fun struggling to breathe, and I have the greatest respect for carers, for sufferers of this debilitating disease, of which, my wife is mine. 😀

      Lucky for me, my wife is a nurse, and she takes very good care of me, as I am sure you do for your former partner 😀

      Yes, any respect that I may have had for Abbott (which I have to admit was never much) ,evaporated when I saw the way that he treated Bernie Banton.

      And yes, they really are a bunch of despicable bastards! 😯

      Keep up the good work 😎

      Cheers 😀


      • bundysmum says:

        I am deeply sorry to learn about your health problem Truthie, I understand only too well how difficult it can be. A dreadfull disease in all its forms and one that most do not understand how debilitating it is.

        My admiration for you grows and grows, and I do appreciate that without this wondrous technology we would never meet.

        And isn’t it grand that Cornie now has the nurses contacting us? I’m still chuckling.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Bundysmum, thanks for your concern, but I am better off than many, as I have my wife to care for me 😀 and I still have my music, ( although I can no longer gig) my students and my blog. 😎

          Yes cornie is certainly a great warrior for the cause, and I’m sure he has got them all going 😀

          It was only on the second reading that I realised who the nurses were, and It really made me smile to think of him in his post-operative state, still doing what he does, as only he can 😀

          It’s a wonderful on-line family that we have 😎 and I greatly appreciate all the support 😀

          Cheers 😀


  12. nurses1968 says:

    I found the right site, and no need for concern with our patient, corn,,he’s converting us all


  13. nurses1968 says:

    I would like to add however that this is a very informative site good work to the Truthseeker


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks for that 😀 and I have to say that I have a great respect and affection for nurses, as my wife is one 😀

      Love your work, as I’m sure cornie does too 😀

      Cheers 😀


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  15. Russputin2 says:

    CLASSIC! Truthy,
    Exceptional work mate, well researched and told in your own way. Top marks matey.

    Re the B/S polls, I think that they write the result then fill in the details above it.

    Have you ever known anyone who changes their political DNA from week to week?

    Leaning one way or other was like, back in the day, people were either Ford or Holden men,
    same with political allegiance I would have thought.

    More power to your arm Truthy,,

    Cheers Russ


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Russ, thanks for that mate 😀 I appreciate it 😎

      Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply, but I’ve been busy most of the day 😦

      I think you might be right about the way the polls are conducted 😀 and as I said, the only things that remain constant in their DNA are dishonesty and stupidity 😯 everything else is up for grabs 🙄

      As far as political allegiances, I can’t imagine why anyone who wasn’t rusted on would stick with dribble guts, cos in your guts you know he’s nuts. 😯

      Thanks again mate 😎

      Cheers 😀


  16. Kaye Lee says:

    Up until 6 moths ago I was not what I would call particularly politically aware, let alone active, but the spectre of Tony Abbott , who I went to university with, as PM certainly got me off my ass. I had always dismissed him as a lightweight bovver boy and have watched his rise in public life with a scoffing incredulity.

    I agree that people can change over 30 years – Lord knows I have – but the more I watch of Tony Abbott the more I realise that HE hasn’t. When we were at uni it was all about intimidation purely in pursuit of winning, much like his football days according to Joe Hockey. He was angry about not being chosen for the first XV at Riverview (conspiracy) and he was angry about not winning the Presidency of the Student Council at Sydney University. He admired Bob Santamaria and learned from him about the power of vote splitting (DLP) which led to his attack on Pauline Hanson.

    I have made it my business to inform myself of late. I have read and listened to a great deal from both the past and present. I am an expert at nothing but I feel I have a working knowledge of most things and am keen to listen, research and learn.

    With everything I have learned in both the past and present I find in one thing I am unchanged – I couldn’t contemplate voting for him then and I couldn’t contemplate voting for him now.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Kaye, thanks for your comment 😎

      I have no prior knowledge of Abbott, but have watched him since he first came to light as a politician, and from then on, like you, watched his rise with scoffing incredulity.

      He was and still is a political thug who became LOTO purely by default, and has been a national embarrassment ever since. 😯

      I have to say though that I am surprised that you have only recently become, in your words, politically aware, as you bring a wealth of knowledge, understanding and common sense (Or rather un-common sense) to the political discourse. 😀

      Love your work, and greatly appreciate your contributions to my site 😎

      Keep up the good work 😀

      Cheers 😀


  17. cornlegend says:

    great article mate, you always just seem to get that little bit of an extra spin on it.
    Have enjoyed reading the contributions, especially from the newer posters.Well thought out, reasoned, and bloody spot on 🙂
    Gives us oldies a bit more fire in the belly
    And Truthy, me old mate, I’m sure you will allow me a bit of latitude.
    Thanks to all the regulars {friends} who sent me messages and emails during my little “break”, from here and other sites.
    Makes this old lefty proud to be associated with such a great bunch.
    and as I know they now visit Truthseeker, for information and inspiration, the great bunch of overworked and underpaid health workers., fearlessly led by Pauline.
    “she a rebel girl, a rebel girl
    To the working class she’s a precious pearl”
    {Joe Hill.}

    Thank you all
    corn 🙂


    • joy cooper says:

      So very happy to see you are back fighting the good fight, Cornie. Looking forward to reading more of your contributions as will your new fans. 🙂


    • Truth Seeker says:

      cornie, great to have you back on deck 😀 and thanks for your support 😎

      Mate you are more than welcome to have all the latitude that you want 😀

      Glad you had a great bunch of nurses looking after you, and you are certainly right about them being overworked and underpaid 😦 but nurses are a special breed 😀 and greatly undervalued.

      After my tussle over at Victoria Rollinson’s piece on AIMN, I am busy on a new post, so i will get back to you a bit later mate, but in the mean time don’t over do it. 😯

      Cheers 😀


    • bundysmum says:

      Great to have you back on board Cornie, you are an inspiration and affirmation. Along with Truthseeker you affirm that we must never give up and we must continue to fight for the rights of workers and the integrity of a democratically elected Government that we know full well we will never have under a abort led , millionare preferenced disaster.


      • cornlegend says:

        Thanks for your kind words
        Now, let the battle begin.
        Hockey put his foot in it again today Thought his Vietnamese Lib candidate mate was Chinese.
        Then again. all the LNP crowd do look the same.
        Freaking STUPID !! 🙂
        good to be back 😀


  18. cornlegend says:

    I think the battles are over, and the war starts monday.
    Fully expect Kev to visit the GG on monday.
    The Mad Monk has run, but now he will have to come out of hiding.
    All they need to do then is get the fool to DEBATE, which I think he will desperately try to avoid.
    And everywhere I go, I will be pointing out how the little gutter rat is squibbing it


    • joy cooper says:

      Good for you, Cornie. 🙂 We also are trying to do our little bit & I’m going full bore on Twitter as well. 😆 Joe Hockey has blocked me, the coward. Doesn’t ;like to be challenged & called out on his nastiness & lies. How he would go in a debate with Chris Bowen is anyone’s guess.

      As for that gutless wonder Abbott, Kevin will make mincemeat of him in a debate provided there is a fair moderator & they don’t drag Ray Martin out of storage in the attic & dust him off. 🙄


  19. bundysmum says:

    This is the sort of behaviour that abort reckons is acceptable. His arrogance and lack of respect for women is profound.


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