Tony, how far back do you want to take us?

Tony, how far back do you want to take us?


There is one small point that most seem to have overlooked in the first debate that may well indicate how far into the past Tony Abbott wants to take us.

The fact is that here we are in 2013, and while, during the first decade of the 21st century, the developed world pretty much fell into a fiscal black hole, courtesy of the GFC which most are still struggling to get themselves out of, Australia has powered ahead.

Oh for Howard's utopia

Oh for Howard’s utopia

The LNP will tell anyone that will listen, that it was thanks to the Howard years of “Great fiscal management”, that we survived basically unscathed.   WTF?

I won’t go into why that statement is so much crap, but I will put some links at the end, that will explain it much better that I could.

But I digress.   😯

Now I’m sure that some will say that I am nitpicking, but the reality is that in the responses from the MSM to the question that Benson asked about the second airport for Sydney, we heard reams of commentary  about how Kevin Rudd didn’t answer the question.

To be fair, there were some who were also mildly critical of Tony Abbott, and his lack of an answer, but there was not one mention of how he took us back to a time when the standard units of measure were imperial, not metric.

At this point, I can almost hear the cries of WHF is he rambling about?

What a good question!   😀

Well the chances are that most people missed the little indicator as to why Abbott has trouble with a vision for the future, so let me explain.   😀

He said

“We cannot go on for another decade the way we have over the last six years and we’ve had a Government which has not advanced us one inch, one yard over the last six years on this.”  (My Bold)

Now the metrification of Australia was started in 1970, when I was a first year apprentice cabinet maker, and had to deal with the first vestiges of conversion.

It was completed in 1988, so some 25 years ago it was done and dusted.

imagesThe fact that in 2013, Tony Abbott looks back with longing to the most dishonest and profligate government in our political history, points to sex appeal as something that could be included on a woman’s CV, calls same sex marriage “Fashion of the moment” and measures forward movement in “Inches and Yards” is a fair indicator the he is locked  in the 70’s or at the latest the 80’s, and that the future is an unknown quantity with this current incarnation of the LNP.

Considering most people 40 and below have known nothing but metric measurements, and that that demographic are the future of this country, the questions we need to ask ourselves are:

  1. Is it any wonder that Tony Abbott has real problems getting his head around a true vision for the future of this country, when he can’t even get his head around something as simple as metric conversion, the implementation of which started 43 years ago, and has been in, pretty much, exclusive use for at least 25 years?
  2. Considering the first question, what is the target demographic of his policy regime?
  3. Can we really trust a man with such a limited capacity for forward thinking and change, to take us and our country to an exciting and prosperous future?
  4. Is this the sort of person that we want to represent us on the world stage?
  5. Tony, when you watch your favourite show, Downton Abbey, do you long for the days of serfdom, with you as lord of the Manor, or better still King of Australia, lording it over the women and peasants, all the while further increasing the divide between the rich and the poor?
  6. Tony, how far back do you want to take us?


Here  are five articles that everyone should read:

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25 Responses to Tony, how far back do you want to take us?

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    For those who will say “but I don’t see a problem with his use of inches and yards”, the main thrust of this post is not to say that many of us of the older demographic don’t fall back into our old imperial ways 😯 as we are comfortable with both imperial and metric, but rather to point out that someone who is addressing the voting public, many of which have known nothing but metric, should address the issues of the future with language of the present, not of the past.

    Cheers 😀


  2. Kate Ahearne says:

    Good one, Truthie. I hadn’t noticed it. But Tony gives himself away in so many of these little whoopsas – As Penny Wong pointed out, these are not ‘just slips of the tongue’, they give us insights into his mind. They might be ‘slips from the script’, but they give his ‘authentic’ self away.
    BTW, I posted a weird little letter to Kevin on Fair Media Alliance last night, and am intending an even weirder piece later today.

    For Fair Media Alliance,


  3. bundysmum says:

    1950 or thereabouts, he is a Neanderthal and his resurrection of the howard mantra proves he is living in the past.The fraudband policy, the idea that more clogged roads is the answer to transportation in big cities, the denial of the science of climate change etc.etc.

    Thanks Truthie, for reminding us of his inability to move forward to a brighter and better future.


  4. cornlegend says:

    “If I’ve said anything wrong I can trust you blokes at News Corp to clean it up for me or leave it out.” Tony Abbott


  5. orangefox says:

    Here’s one from Abbott for the future.
    Broaden the GST base.
    When he said it would need the permission of the state governments no one bothered to ask if the states were likely to be in favour of an increase. Considering it is the states biggest source of income and they are telling us they need more money to run services I would say it’s safe to say they would welcome an increase in the GST.
    In fact after the election I would confidently predict the state governments will approach the federal government and ask them to increase the GST. Therefore Abbott will have his reason to proceed.
    It really is inevitable the GST will rise no matter which party is in power. The difference will be how it will be changed.
    The ALP will likely increase the rate to 12.5% but exclude health, education and fresh food.
    The LNP will likely keep the rate at 10% but broaden the base to include health, education and possibly fresh food.
    Both will raise a similar amount.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      orangefox, thanks for your comment 😎
      Rudd has already said that there will be no change to the % or in broadening the base, so I doubt that he will, sadly I am nowhere near as confident with Abbott, as he has said that he won’t, but will still include it in his tax review. 😯 so the question is why?

      Abbott is lying when he says that he needs the states to change it, as it is federal legislation, and can be changed with new federal legislation. 😯

      He is a monumental liar, and cannot be trusted 👿

      Cheers 😀


  6. bob macalba says:

    G’day TS..cheers for the kind greeting over at the Sword.,just been lurking lately but still been following your posts, man your on fire,….VENCEREMOS TS

    Cornlegend,,, that miserable old scrotum faced bastard let me down, those fireworks i was saving for murdochs demise or my 50th whjchever came first. well the winds died down and im about to make some loud bangs, never mind. next time……soon hopefully


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Bob, good to see you back here too mate, 😀 and thanks for the support and kind words 😎

      Yes let’s hope it’s real soon, although they recon that the lawyer cornie is talking about., is very good at tearing up prenups 😀 so there’s a fair chance that the cleaners is where he’s headed, although my personal hope is that the next stop is gaol, along with Rebekah Brookes. 😀

      Cheers 😀


    • cornlegend says:

      bob macalba
      Happy Birthday anyhow mate.
      Fireworks or not.
      Drop in to Truthseekers LOunge for a free drink and some good music 😀


  7. cornlegend says:

    so much for the party.
    I was looking for a cheerful celebration.
    One can only hope.
    I hope his ex fleeces the old prick.
    Apparently she has some woopie doo divorce Lawyer, and gossip has it that Old rup, and his son were both getting their rocks of with Rebekah Brookes


  8. Jock says:

    Truthie, I know Kev is copping flak for aping rabbott over the NT, but he did put it over as a positive plan with some good points. When rabbott and truss put theirs out some time ago it was full of impractical ideas (lots of little dams, maybe we’ll think about it and produce another report). Northern Aus does have lots of potential and needs some deep serious thought.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Jock 😀 I don’t really know what Rudd’s plan is, as I didn’t hear anything much about it 😯 (Must have been announced while I was out in my shed working on leadlights 🙄 ) so I assumed that it was similar to Abbott’s brain fart, to support Gina’s brain fart!

      The problem that I have with the top end, is if the predictions about the effects of climate change are proved to be correct, then, between the heat and the rain, much of the north will be even less usable than it is now,

      Anyway, I’ll have to find out more about what he is proposing 😉 but thanks for the update 😎

      Cheers 😀


  9. bob macalba says:

    Cheers TS….Cheers Cornie, as to Rudds Northern Australia policy, mate thats a clanger, George Megalonis [i know thats not how his name is spelt,or is it?] on Insiders this morning pointed out some serious flaws in the plan, wish i could remember his points but am nursing a very groggy head this morning and really wasn’t paying attention, can watsh it again on abc i-view, gotta remember that grub morescum is on as well, berrocca time and snooze



  10. Truth Seeker says:

    Just watched QandA, what a complete KNOB Sloppy Joe is 😦

    Didn’t answer a question 😯

    Cheers 😀


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  12. cornlegend says:

    Great Direct Action on climate response
    thanks Bob Macalba for link


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