Simple Tony Says!

Simple Tony Says!

The real Noddy

Simple Tony,The real Noddy

I thought it was time for another spot of verse, so I put this one together over breakfast.   😀

Simple Tony says!


Simple Tony says that we

Should trust his every word

On policy and costings

But that is just absurd

He only hears the “experts”

That back his political agenda

While ignoring the vast majority

Who say he’s a truth bender


He has a three word slogan there

To cover all occasions

Like “stop the Boats”, but to turn them around

Will upset the Malaysian’s

And the smugglers will just scuttle them

To prove that it won’t work

But the facts don’t bother simple Tony

Cos the man’s a lying jerk


He says that TPV’s will help

To stop the deaths at sea

But the experts say “That’s not the case”

That he’s lying to you and me

Cos TPV’s stop families

From getting back together

Encouraging women and children

To be lost at sea forever


Another slogan’s “Stop the waste”

And it’s something he should do

Cos for all his volunteering

He charges me and you

He rides his bike for charity

And makes out he’s just great

But the truth is his expense account

Proves he’s just profligate


He says he’ll “Fix the economy”

When the truth is it’s not broken

Being big on spin and rhetoric

While the details are not spoken

He won’t produce their costings

Or reveal their massive cuts

But he asks us all to trust him

He must think that we’re all nuts


Simple Tony says that we

Are running massive debt

While the world looks on with envy

At our numbers, that as yet

Show economic management

Is regarded as the best

And show our debt to GDP

Is a fraction of the rest


We have a  credit rating

That’s as good as good can be

But triple A means nothing

According to the LNP

Tony talks about mismanagement

And how they’ll do a better job

But his plan lacks credibility

Cos he’s an economic knob!


So just cos “Simple Tony Says”

That doesn’t make it right

And with his head stuck so far up his arse

It’s hard to see the light

And between simple Tony and the truth

There’s little correlation

And the lesson that he should have learnt is;

Self praise is… no… recommendation


About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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27 Responses to Simple Tony Says!

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Hilarious, Truthie. I knew it would be. The only thing I don’t believe is that you knocked it up over breakfast. Oh, and anything Simple Tony says.


  2. Fed up says:

    TS, for the first time, I have to disagree, Abbott and his ilk do not believe in listening to any expert. They, and they alone, know better that anyone, especially those who have taken the trouble to learn all the can about the topic, and spent their working lives in.

    Why would teachers know how to teach, why ask them, , when they know better.

    I think Abbott might haver stopped listening back in his teens, when Santa Santamaria was his mentor, along with the great Pell and the Jesuits, especially those of Oxford.

    Nothing else has penetrated, that cage, that holds his brain.

    Just to remind people, of what the ADLP represented.


    ……The DLP was substantially, although not exclusively, a party of Irish Catholics.[4] A minority of its parliamentarians and members, and a significant minority of its voters, were non-Catholics.[5] Journalist Don Whitington argued in 1964 that the DLP, as a basically sectarian party, was a most dangerous and distasteful force in Australian politics.[6] He claimed that the party was backed by influential sections of the Roman Catholic Church, and that while it professed to exist primarily to combat communism the party had less commendable reasons for being.[7] Whitington’s views were held by many people at the time they were written. The Archbishop of Melbourne, Daniel Mannix, was a DLP supporter, as were other influential clerics.
    The intellectual leader of the Victorian Catholic wing of the ALP (although not actually a party member) was B.A. Santamaria,[8] a Melbourne lawyer and lay Catholic activist who had the patronage of Mannix.[9] Santamaria headed an activist group called “The Catholic Social Studies Movement” (often known as “The Movement”),[10] which was modeled on Catholic Action groups in Europe[11] and, in organizational terms, on the methods of its principal target, the Communist Party of Australia.[12] This group later became the National Civic Council (NCC).[13]….”

    TS, it is not often we disagree.

    TS, it is not often we disagree. Yes, Simple Tony, does remind one of simple Simon. Nothing complex about this man. What you see, is what you get. Why people think they see otherwise,, is beyond me. Now the middle age man is telling us he has grown. Why? Why does he feel the need to tell us, he is making adult decisions. Could it be. his focus groups tell him, many see him and his actions as adolescent.

    Now after spending his life as a wrecker, he wants us to believe all he wants to do , is build, build build. If he repeats if often enough, he mig

    NO, lepers do not change their spots, so late in life.

    Love your simple poem. Nothing complicated needed for our Tony.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, thanks for your comment 😀 but the inference is that they find their own “experts” to back up what they say, ignoring all the “real” experts.

      So I don’t think that we disagree at all, cos we all know that their “Experts” are not really experts at all 😯 but rather like minded sycophants who are just there to defend the indefensible 😀

      Love your work 😎

      Cheers 😀


  3. Russputin2 says:

    Another great effort Truthy, Proud of you mate.

    Question for you, does LNP, stand for Little Nazis Party,,or Lieing Nasty Pricks,?


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  5. bundysmum says:

    Well done Truthie, abort really is the gift that keeps on giving.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Bundysmum, thanks for that 😀 yes until he gets in, then he’ll be the bastard the keeps on taking 😯

      Cheers 😀


      • bundysmum says:

        How true Truthie, we all need to work hard to ensure that doesn’t happen.And given his abysmal effort tonight in the debate we may be a little closer to our aims.We listened to the debate on the wireless as we are having problems with TV reception and I found it a far better way to go. Not distracted by anything and listen hard to both Q and A.

        Rudd won in our opinion, I would be interested to hear the opinions of others.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Bundysmum, I agree Rudd Rudd certainly had more answers, but then that’s not really hard against Abbott, cos he really doesn’t give answers, or at least not the answer that fits the question 😯

          Abbott lost big time when he said “Does this bloke ever shut up”, or thereabouts. 😀

          Not a good look. 🙄

          Cheers 😀


  6. cornlegend says:

    I left some reading ,regarding Bruce on IA, Mirrabella article


  7. Hi mister truth seeker,keep eating those turbo charged Weet Bix that poem was great. I heard on ABC local radio here in Brisbane that One Nation are suing Tony Abbott because he called them all rascist and this bloke wasn’t joking he has an Asian wife and 3 adopted Asian children and he is mad as hell,he called Abbott a liar and a coward and a few other choice things. Now I don’t have much or any truck with One Nation but it just seems every man and his dog are lining up to sue this bastard and you would think one of them will be successful,one lives in hope. Maintain The Rage.””


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi John, and welcome to my site 😀

      Thanks for your comment and kind words 😎

      You are right, my Weet Bix are turbo charged… with fruit 😀 How did you know that? 😯

      Yes they are lining up 😀 and we do live in hope 😆

      Great to have you along, and I hope you can comment again 😎

      Thanks again for your feedback 😀

      Cheers 😀

      BTW my friends call me Truthy 😀


      • bundysmum says:

        I ‘ve been spelling your name wrong! I’m mortified and sorry Truthy(gives self a backhander for being stupid)


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Bundysmum, we’re all friends here and any spelling will do 😀

          Some also call me TS 😀

          I’m just glad that that you are here as one of my valued commenters / friends 😀

          Cheers 😀


  8. cartoonmick says:

    I love it. That’s great.

    How easy is it for a pollie to confuse people when they present their “opinions” dressed up as the truth.

    I hate the thought of Abbott representing Australia on the international stage.

    Sure, we get the pollies we deserve, BUT do we really deserve THAT representation on the international front ?? NO !!! “Git ‘im orf”.

    And what really annoys me, apart from the continual tsunami of “one up man ship” from both sides , what really annoys me, is their assumption that we are all stupid and actually believe everything they say. That’s what really annoys me (am I repeating myself?).

    Right now, I feel like my head’s been marinated in political snake oil.

    Where’s Tony Windsor when we need him???

    The one silver lining is that there’s a great supply of material for the political cartoonists.




    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cartoonmick, thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 😀

      Yes, todays politics certainly supplies plenty of “Grist for the mill” 😀 and I find that Abbott is the gift that just keeps on giving 😆 along with his bunch of misfits 😯

      Love your work 😎

      Cheers 😀


  9. cornlegend says:

    Simple Tony Says
    nothing in our house.
    The minute “She” spots him on the tele, she hits mute.
    I hit off.
    The little prick sickens me.
    I couldn’t watch the debate, I would have seen him 😀
    It actually does look pretty funny when he does a press stop, with mute on
    Always a party stooge or advisor, positioned slightly behind him, either side, always NODDING.
    Reminds me of those dogs in a car rear window, of years gone by.
    Or he has some butt ugly liberal candidate females looking on approvingly.
    That one with “sex appeal” looks like she’s been smacked in the face with a shovel !!
    Or Malcolm Turnbull always looking like he’s chained to the spot and looking for an escape route
    Oh Truthy, what have we got ourselves in for, if this lot of scum sucker, bottom feeder rabble get in ?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      I feel the same way, but force myself to watch, for the sake of inspiration for my poems 😀 although my “She” gets pretty fed up with the barrage of expletives aimed at the TV. 😯 I also hit the mute button from time to time, and agree that the sycophants standing behind are quite an amusing side show 😀

      Mate, I heard an apt description of one of said female candidates, just a couple of days ago;

      “It looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!” 😆

      The answer to that question is: DEEEEEP SHIT!

      Cheers mate :grin


  10. cornlegend says:

    Mate, course it’s a winner .
    You have a gift at capturing the political soul of these scum bags.
    On the point scale, I’d have to go for a 9.5
    Points were lost for not having a grotesque pic of him somewhere in the article 🙂


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Thanks mate 😀 I can now go to bed a happy little poet 😯 (not so little though 🙄 )

      It was a conscious decision to go with the “Noddy ” pic cos I thought it captured the absurdity of Abbott and his trust me mantra 😀 and with Abbot, sometimes less is more (than enough 😯 )

      Night mate 😀

      Cheers 😀


  11. cornlegend says:

    Alright Truthy,
    After that explanation, it ties in with your creative thinking, I get the point.
    {the old fella’s a bit slow at times}
    Have the extra 0.5 😀


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