GFC… Ooh I’ve gotta get me some of that!

GFC… Ooh I’ve gotta get me some of that!


With the election over, and at the risk of being accused of sour grapes, I have to say that apart from the loss, there are a few things that I find really disturbing.   😯

Firstly, I have no problems with the other team winning in a free and fair election, but I don’t believe that this election was either free, or fair.

Now I know that the ALP had their problems, due in part to nervous nellies who just couldn’t hold their nerve when confronted by the myriad of bad (read suspect) opinion polls, compounded further by a great deal of  leadership speculation and whiteanting by certain factions within the party.

As annoying, frustrating and destabilising as those things are, I don’t believe that these were the main reasons for what happened, and I don’t believe that this was a free election in any sense of the word, and the things that I find most disturbing in relation to that, are:

  1. The fact that so many alleged journalists were prepared to throw their code of ethics images(and I use the word “ethics” advisedly) to the gutter for the sake of selling Murdoch’s boy through blatant lies and spin.
  2. That an election in such a supposedly strong democracy, could be bought and paid for by a citizen of another country, especially one that has such a cloud of corruption and dishonesty hanging over his head.
  3. That I have real concerns about the debt that Abbott owes to Murdoch and the other magnates that supported the LNP in their deceptions, and how he intends to repay those debts?
  4. Free indicates IMHO an election that is devoid of coercion either direct or indirect, where voters use their own free will to elect their representatives, and when there is such a blatant disregard for the truth, and the rules of propaganda are exercised to the point of brainwashing, then I would question whether that was a  Free election.   And with the cost of Murdoch’s support (Which one would expect to be substantial) yet to be disclosed, I would argue that it was neither morally, ethically nor financially free for the citizenry of this country, or the country itself!   😯

I also don’t believe that it was a fair election because:

  1. Lies and spin were reported as fact by the afore mentioned, ethic discarding, imagesJournalists, and then further broadcast through TV and radio, making sure that maximum coverage of said lies and spin was achieved.
  2. Any good news stories about the governments many fine achievements, were either ignored, or reported in such a way as to make it appear that it was not a good news story at all, but a monumental failure, as in the BER, and the “Pink Batts” HIP scheme.  Both of which were very successful, despite the public perceptions based on the lies told by the LNP and spread by the MSM.
  3.   Due to the blatant bias of the MSM, led by Murdoch’s “News”? LTD, it was all but impossible for the average punter to make an informed decision about who was best to run the country.

I also find it amazing that reporters and journos are still asking of ALP MP’s “So why do you think that you couldn’t get your message out?”, even after the election, knowing full well that they themselves were the reason for it.

  • Are they in denial about their complicity?
  • Are they that stupid that they really don’t see that they did anything wrong?
  • Are they still trying to destabilise the ALP, as a part of an on-goin agenda, that will continue well into the future ?

I personally think it’s the latter, but that is just MHO!

So what are the main messages that came out of this election?

Well I have to say, for me, the messages that came across loud and clear and the ones that I find most disturbing are:

  1. Despite what I was taught when I was young, this election has proved that if you want imagesto realise your personal ambitions, it is not honesty, but dishonesty that is the best policy!   😦
  2. That democracy is for sale to the highest bidder, or for the richest people, with vested interests, and a level of sociopathy.
  3. That with the right propaganda machine behind you, you can tell the biggest of lies, and repeat them often enough and loud enough, so that eventually, without any level of balance or scrutiny, people will believe them.   😯
  4. That Abbott can claim, as he did after the last election that the Gillard government was illegitimate , when she formed a minority government after negotiating with the independents and minor parties (negotiations that he failed at) but can act like his government is more legitimate, and he has a clear mandate, based on an election handed to him by Murdoch based on lies and spin?
  5. That three years of mega dummy spit, lies and misinformation, talking down the economy for their own self interest, corrupt, seditious and some would even say, treasonous actions by candidates as well as some of high rank within the LNP should be rewarded  with an election win?

So with court cases hanging over the head of Abbott himself, not to mention questions that still need to be asked and answered over his own slush fund;

  • The Ashbygate saga, with far reaching implications for many within the LNP both state and federal.
  • The Thomson case that is still simmering away, and charges pending against Kathy Jackson who was well supported by Abbott and many others within the LNP.
  • The lies and spin that formed the basis of many of his policy positions.


The questions are;

  1. Is this government any more legitimate than the Gillard government?    And I would argue  that any government that is elected based on lies and misinformation has little if any legitimacy.   😯
  2. How can the LNP claim that they have a mandate to dismantle the carbon price, when firstly, they lied about every aspect of their policy for dismantling it; when they are arguing that they recognised the ALP mandate to remove workchoices; when the truth is they had no choice, as the vast majority of voters didn’t want workchoices, but they refused to recognise the ALP mandate for the introduction of an ETS which many people wanted, including Turnbull, who Abbott deposed so as to renege on the deal done?   And I would argue that they can’t claim a binding mandate for any of their policies.   😯
  3. How can they claim any credibility on economics, after stating that we have a “Budget Emergency”, only to now admit that the economy’s in good shape, that they will not get back to their much lauded “Budget Surplus”, any quicker than the ALP would (WTF?) , and that under them the much reviled debt will actually increase, before they can reduce it?   And I would argue very strongly that They Can’t!

So they lied to the people.

They have sold their souls and our future to Murdoch and the rest of their backers.

They were handed government with a raft of policies that without the backing of Murdoch’s  media empire, would have been seen for the rubbish that they are!

So as the world looks on in disbelief, they conned the swinging voters of this country into voting against their own and the nations best interests, and to effectively say:

GFC… Ooh I’ve gotta get me some of that!

Now I know that it’s not nice to miss out on something that everyone else seems to have, but… W…T…F…?



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18 Responses to GFC… Ooh I’ve gotta get me some of that!

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    Truth seekers, this post was written partly as a cathartic way of venting my frustration at what has happened, and partly to set the ground work for what comes next 😀

    Murdoch, I believe, got less than he hoped for with this election, and his “news” empire will continue to try to destabilise the ALP, throughout this term of government. 😯

    We lost this battle, but the war continues on many fronts.

    This is much more than just left Vs right, this is about democracy, our country’s and our children’s futures. 😉

    And so the fight goes on!

    Capitulation is not an option. 😀

    Cheers 😀


  2. nasking says:

    Good stuff TS! Posted on Facebook. Have a goodie!


  3. my say says:

    to quote pauline hanson,[lets keep the bastards honest


    • Truth Seeker says:

      My say, thanks for your comment, 😀
      I don’t know if it’s even possible to keep these bastards honest, cos you’ve got to get them to be honest before you can KEEP them there 😯

      But I appreciate the sentiment 😀

      Cheers 😀


  4. joy cooper says:

    Extremely well articulated, Truthie & I agree with you 100%. There is little to add as you have hit each & every nail smack, fair & square, on the head.

    That an obviously megalomaniacal foreigner can have so much leverage & influence over such a large % of the population points to a complete loss of the nation’s critical abilities. What happened to Australia’s noted talent for sniffing out BS from a mile away. Seems to have vamoosed somehow.

    My beloved was the ALP booth captain at our local polling station & he was astounded at the general ignorance of some of the voters, even someone who was giving out the Nats HTV cards. Especially as regards the alleged humungous debt of the ALP government & the fact it wasn’t owed OS. You get my drift. There was plenty of obtuseness floating about. He was asked to do the scrutineering as well (& there was no one else for the other parties there). .When there was found to be missing green HoR voting papers they were found in with the white senate votes. 😯 Dumb.

    Oh & another thing, the L-NP had four times the money to spend on advertising, etc than the ALP. Now where did that money come from??? As you said how will they repay that plus the huge amount of “free” publicity granted them by the MSM. We know the Liberals repaid their “debt” to the ABC by banning them from Tony’s after-election party. The rights were granted to Sky News. Who’d thunk??

    So much for me saying there was little to add. 😆


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Joy, thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words, 😀 but as you discovered, there’s always more to add, for someone who can think for themselves, when it comes to the stupidity and lies of the LNP and the MSM 😀

      And as usual, I value your contributions 😎

      Yes it’s not only the cuts that we have to worry about, but the sweetheart deals for infrastructure at mates rates, as payback for favours done 😯

      I think we may have to think about some petitions calling on the micro parties and independents to block them in the senate? 😉

      Cheers 😀


  5. bundysmum says:

    Good work Truthy. How long before the electorates wakes up to the fact that they have been well and truly had?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Bundysmum, thanks for that 😀 and that depends on Abbott and how long before he stuffs up, 😯 and how well we can highlight those stuff ups, as we know that we can’t rely on the MSM to do their job 😦

      We’ll have our work cut out 🙄

      Cheers 😀


  6. richo says:

    There is no such thing as a bloddy mandate, it is such a con. Howard claimed it when less thatn 50% of the country voted for him in 98. Now abbot claims it in the same way. only 44% or thereabouts actually voted for the Libs. It’s just bullshit.

    I am so angry so very bloody scared and concerned about what comes next.

    SO fucking pissed at him coming out and trying to bully the senate to do what he says.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Richo, mate I feel your anger and frustration, and the first thing we need to do is to make sure that the ALP, the independents and the micro parties in the senate don’t get bullied into accepting his mandate BS 😀

      We must prevail, 😀

      Cheers 😀


  7. kate ahearne says:

    Thanks Truthie. How wonderful that you have been able to scrape yourself off the floor and get back to the fray so quickly. I agree with everything you say. But there’s one thing that worries me, and that is that the Labor Party won’t get the full benefit from this defeat unless is has a good look at its own, internal problems. All power to your elbow.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Kate, that is the subject of my next post 😀
      And I look forward to some feedback from all truth seekers out there about what they should do and how to go about it 😀

      I’m hoping to have it done by the end of the week if not before, all being well 😀 Oh the pressure 😯

      Cheers 😀


  8. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie and thanks again for your musings. I think the Labor Party is to blame as well as the other usual suspects, but having said that I think the main danger is the Media is going to give this mob a blank cheque,a free ride to do any bloody thing they like and they will get away with murder and God knows what else in their insatiable lust for power and corruption and that is a real and present danger because it is not Abbott who is the threat but his corrupt corporate masters who will be pulling his strings and anybody who thinks Brandis hasn’t got the AFP to do his bidding should think again and be afraid of what is coming down the track, we can be afraid but we can also show courage and stand up to these evil corrupt utter bastards.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Brickbob, thanks for your comment 😎 and feedback 😀

      I agree with all you said, and we will have to plan our attacks carefully to get maximum effect on Murdoch and the corrupt forces within the LNP and the MSM 😯

      I do think that they will continue to destabilise the ALP if they can, so we really have to make sure that any disagreements and in fighting remain at a minimum, and behind closed doors 😀

      I hope to have more to say on that before the end of the week 😯

      Cheers 😀


  9. davo says:

    “And if the media has a duty of care to the people in a democracy, as Puttnam suggests it does, then do the Australian public have cause for a tortious class action on the basis of Murdoch’s unrelenting attacks upon democracy? It is surely an intriguing thought.”
    -David Donovan, Independent Australia.

    Now THAT is something I’d willingly join. Even if it was unsuccessful, it would surely shine a light on his bastardry.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Davo, yes I saw that on IA earlier, and wondered if it would be possible? 😉

      We will be discussing more of these ideas over the next few weeks 😎

      Keep up the good work 😀

      Cheers 😀


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