PM elect, Abbott…The story so far?

PM elect, Abbott… The story so far?

So here we are, a week into the new era in Australian politics, and what have we seen?

Well the truth is, on the governing side… Not a lot.   😯

Abbott promised much from day 1 of a new government, and the first thing that we saw,images was that Abbott, although happy to share the campaign with his girls, and occasionally Margie, when he made his victory speech, he wasn’t prepared to share the podium with anyone!   😉

His speech itself was quite interesting, for all the wrong reasons IMHO.

Firstly most victory speeches include, very early on in the piece, the word “Humble”, which Abbott’s did not.   What he started with, was a “humble” gloat about the “change of government” which, when the rabid right sycophants reacted with rapturous applause, he repeated.

imagesTo be fair, he did say the “humble” word, in the last sentence, but IMHO, that was too little too late, as it came across as an afterthought, followed by his family which also seemed to me, like an afterthought.   😯

Then there were the usual postmortem’s by the usual suspects, stating that Labor was in disarray after a comprehensive defeat, some of which actually started before the election was held   😯   WTF?

So apart from the LNP cheers squad, commonly known as the MSM, the reality is that despite losing the election, the ALP did much better than most were predicting, and the advent of  a multitude of micro parties and independents in the senate, certainly promise to test Abbott’s negotiating skills. The same ones that took him straight into opposition last time around   😯   .

If we look to the old adage of “Start as you mean to carry on”, then what have they done since stealing winning government, and is this indicative of what we can expect in the weeks and months ahead?

Well, we shall see.

Now to the promised first week of stopping the boats, repealing the carbon Tax  Price, going to Indonesia, the budget emergency etc  etc; what we have seen is;

  • 3 new boats in his first week?
  • Indonesia saying NO to turning the boats around (Where it’s safe to do so?).
  • Indonesia saying NO to buying their old fishing boats.
  • The ALP and the Greens saying NO to repealing the carbon “Tax”.
  • Rudd still caretaker PM?
  • No date announced for the trip to Indonesia.
  • Apparently No budget emergency after all?   WTF?

Well, PM elect Abbott has been seen giving briefings to dept heads, and rallying the troops, telling them how good they are for winning, but otherwise keeping a low profile?

On the positive side, George brandis has been very busy in the capacity as incoming

Peta Credlin, Abbott's de-facto mum.

Peta Credlin, Abbott’s de-facto mum.

Attorney General, writing a letter of reference to get Tony Abbott’s chief of staff Peta Credlin off of a DUI charge, by using his position as an incoming minister of the crown and potentially the highest legal officer in the country, to intimidate the magistrate, and provide a “Get out of Jail free” card.

It must be really good to know that when you are part of an LNP government, the laws of the land just don’t apply to you.   😯    And we can all rest easy knowing that they are sparing no expense to deal with the important issues in their first week of government.   😯

imagesAnd then we have Julie Bishop, the supposedly incoming foreign minister, cancelling the appointment of Steve Bracks to New York Consul-General, which was announced six months ago; a post that he quit his job to take up.   😯

The good thing is though, that she hasn’t verballed anyone this week… That we know of anyway?

We have heard that they have sent out a directive to dept heads to make way for LNP appointees throughout whatever is left of the public service.

Abbott has started the search for a three star General, to head up his slogan “Operation Sovereign Borders”, so that the military can take charge of the operation, that isn’t a military operation, to turn the boats around, that won’t turn around, and stop the boats that won’t stop coming… WTF?


Sophie Mirabella, who just can’t find her moral compas

We have also seen the sad demise of that doyen of nasty, Sophie Mirabella,   😯    which has to be my personal highlight of the first week of Abbott’s, Murdoch owned government.   😉

Murdoch’s MSM has made much of the ALP’s lack of leader and shadow cabinet, even though Abbott has not announced his front bench, and none will be sworn in until sometime in the second week… we think!   🙄

On Friday, the ALP resolved their immediate problems of leadership and shadow cabinet by installing Chris Bowen as interim leader, with the previous cabinet members resuming their roles in the opposition front benches, until the ballot for leader can be held, and a new shadow cabinet named.

The question now is, “Are we any closer to knowing what an Abbott government will do, and can we have any confidence that we will be getting the “Adult” and competent government that we deserve and were promised?”

Well, the indications are that we will be seeing lots of “Jobs for the boys/girls”, self serving MP’s like Brandis, who will think nothing of using his position to help people within the LNP to avoid justice being served to them, and a raft of excuses to justify broken promises and backflips.

We will also see Abbott and the MSM blame everything on the ALP, all the while trying to hide the fact of the grand realisation that governments aren’t run by slogans and brain farts, but by clear thinking, a vision for the future,  good policies and politicians who actually have an idea of WTF they are doing.   😯

So after the first week, do we;

  1. Have any reason to feel more confident about the future?    Well I certainly don’t!
  2. Have confidence in the LNP’s ability to work in the national interest?   No!
  3. Seriously believe that any of his promises for the first 100 days, or in fact the first term, will actually come to pass?    Not likely!
  4. Have any confidence that the Murdoch press will start reporting the news, instead of trying to BE the news?   NO!
  5. Feel that we are getting better value for money out of Abbott PM than we did from Abbott LOTO?   Not really!

In his victory speech, Abbott said that; “Australia is under new management and is now open for business”.   😯

The question now is if , they have started as they mean to carry on, what sort of business are we open for?

  • Another AWB type scandal?
  • More Thomson and Slipper cases?
  • More backflips than the Russian Olympic acrobatics team?
  • More opportunities for millionaires to become billionaires, as the divide between rich and poor becomes a gaping chasm?
  • A PM who wants to be known as the infrastructure PM, while ignoring the real infrastructure needs of a 21st century country whilst concentrating on providing nothing more than  roads, many of which will be toll roads?

The truth is that after an election campaign that saw very little policy detail and costings, but plenty of lies, spin and rhetoric, and delivered the PM elect, that as LOTO, was responsible for said lies, spin and rhetoric, as well as the lack of detail and costing, we don’t seem to have much to show for the millions of dollars that an election costs and our democratic efforts?

We have an MSM that still refuses to hold the LNP to account, but will run with anything that can further discredit the ALP, and a Claytons government that prior to the election screamed crisis and emergency, only to now act as though there’s no rush to do anything?

So what can we say about the first week  of, PM elect Abbott… The story so far?



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Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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75 Responses to PM elect, Abbott…The story so far?

  1. Me thinks the man has run out of puff after 3 years as LOTO. He looks tired & jaded doesn’t he & perhaps a little worried. How on earth is he going to manage being criticized by the MSM. Oh that’s right, he’s still their white haired little boy, or at least that is what the Murdoch/Fairfax/ABC still want us to believe.
    Can’t wait for it all to unravel for him/them all. What is good for the goose is good for the gander I reckon.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Sandra, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, interesting times ahead, and probably not that much fun for Abbott 😀

      Let’s see what week 2 brings 😉

      I was hoping for some fodder for a poem, but… Nothing? 😦

      Cheers 😀


  2. orangefox says:

    Gosh truthseeker you’re hard to please. The guys’ busy up north rubbing sticks together and learning what fire is. I suppose he will claim it as an education expense.
    But perhaps he’s going to suprise us with all the goodies before Christmas.
    On recent voting intellegence there will be lots of grateful recipients.
    The other day I saw the answer to renew Labors’ popularity.
    At BigW they are selling a home brew kit that looks like a wine barrel on its side. You throw the ingredients in, wait 7 days, insert a CO2 aerating bulb then pour the beer whenever you feel like a cold one. Can last for 6 months and makes 10 litres.
    Labor just needs to promise one of these to all the bogans. Sold.
    They can call it the BBL policy.
    That’s the Bloody Beer Leave scheme.


  3. melaine says:

    Excellent work Truthie. One can expect him to be just as ineffectual the whole way through I expect. I shudder to think what sort of state the country will be in when they have finished with it. And I don’t just mean financially, I worry for the continuing discontent within the psyche of the population… how do you heal the malaise of the masses?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mel, thanks for that 😀

      I too worry for the state of this country after 1 term of Abbott, and yes, I agree that there are some things that take much longer to fix than others! 😦

      Cheers 😀


      • melaine says:

        Bit of a masochist this morning got abc24 on tv and just heard our dear leader is planning to bunk down with the ‘boys’ at the AFP college while the Lodge is being renovated!!!!! WTF ??????????????????????????//


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Mel, yes and he can entertain international visitors and dignitaries in the cafeteria, or the gym 😯

          Another brain fart worthy of the Abbott, and you took the words right out of my mouth… W…T…F…?

          Cheers 😀


          • melaine says:

            Maybe it is just another ‘smoke & mirrors’, keep us busy laughing at his inanity whilst the nasty stuff is going on out of sight? Will we have to learn how to genuflect when our ‘dear leader’ passes by? Who wants to volunteer as the little boy who points out the ’emperor is wearing no clothes’??


            • Truth Seeker says:

              Mel, maybe it’s more about boosting his own income by paying around $100 a night, and then claiming around $300 a day living away allowance? 😯

              Or am I just tooooo cynical? 😉

              Cheers 😀


        • monicaswickedstepmother says:

          So Tony Abbott is to occupy a flat at AFP headquarters – so his wife and daughters are too? Or are his wife and daughters staying in Sydney, and the “bunking in with the boys” is a way of sugar-coating the fact that Tony Abbott’s family isn’t living with him? There have certainly been rumours that all is not well in the Abbott household.


          • Truth Seeker says:

            monicaswickedstepmother, welcome to my site, 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

            Yes the rumours persist, but I still think that it maybe, at least in part, another way for him to claim another allowance. 😯

            Cheers 😀


          • diannaart says:


            You caught my thoughts, as soon as I heard about this bunking with the boys… am thinking the ‘girls’, that is Abbott’s wife and adults daughters, have had enough of the campaign, being told how to dress (what other explanation for the all white turn out by his daughters? Something just creepy Christian evangelistic about that). Abbott’s family would need some well deserved time out. Many of us make mistakes on choosing a partner, I can imagine that getting out of a Catholic marriage is even more fraught than your average secular one and the bigger the public profile the more potentially damaging for children.


            • Truth Seeker says:

              Diannaart, thanks for your comment 😎

              Yes you just have to wonder at what is really going on in the Abbott home? 😉

              But how can he justify this to visiting dignitaries etc. 😯

              Cheers 😀


          • Fed up says:

            wicked you are, but they have been around for a terribly long time.


  4. cornlegend says:

    Sorry mate,
    I have to mark you down on this effort 😀
    I fully expected to come to your fine establishment, and see exactly what the slimy litte scumbag had done in his first week.
    To give a proper summation of his effort, which is SFA,
    This article should have just been a blank page,
    or maybe a one Liner, Abbott Where are you, your country needs you !!!


  5. Fed up says:

    TS, it is, as we learnt with Labor, all about perceptions. We need to ensure the correct perception is built within the community.

    What Abbott said and dos, seems to be heard as much overseas, in fact more so, that in this country.

    Ridicule seems to to be the state of play, when talking about Abbott.

    I am enjoying giving Abbott the respect he gave the Labor government.

    The only thing I regret, it is so easy to do so. Not much of a challenge.

    In fact, unlike Abbott;s treatment of Labor, we can keep to truth and facts. Do not have to ,make it up.

    This week should be interesting.. Maybe by Wednesday, we will get a government. Who knows. I suspect ewe will also get a list of department heads that are to go.

    We will see Twiggy back in the saddle. Telstra getting back into the game.

    Along side this, will be the first public happenings of the Royal Commission into institutionalist child abuse. Scouts first in the firing line, I believe.

    Not sure if we will hear, that Cando, is free to do as he likes in Queensland, when it comes to the environment and mining.

    On top of this, we have the Thomson hearing going ahead, The Ashbey matters cannot be far behind.

    Yes, an interesting week indeed.

    Yes, I believe, that after more than a week, the PM elect, is to face the media. Wonder how stage managed that will be.

    I am sure, that all we will hear, is the new slogans.

    And Bishop goes off to the USA with a large group of people, traveling business class, which I have been told, was the same under Labor.

    Maybe someone should give Abbott a camping stretcher, so he can set up a bed in his office. Will save more money.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes I agree, it is way too easy to disrespect Abbott, cos that’s all he deserves 😯

      I also agree that perceptions are more important than truth 😦 and the pending cases will also be subject to perception rather than truth 😦

      Let’s hope Brandis can keep his grubby mitts out of the court process? 😉

      The sad thing is that if Abbott had a camp stretcher in his office, he’d get even more from his expenses, the mortgage must be his own version of a budget emergency 😯

      Cheers 😀


  6. Fed up says:

    I have been saying for a long time. that yes, Tony is focused on winning, but felt he would not know what to do with the prize when he got it. Did not expect to be proven right so quickly.

    Do not forget,it was the 2010 campaign in total that he took to this election.
    One cannot tell me,, that much has not changed in that time.

    It is still about demolition. Wiping out the last two terms of the Labor government.

    Knocking down the home is easy. Building a new one, takes more skill and imagination. Does he have either.


  7. Fed up says:

    The Indigenous polling booths have a story to tell, within themselves. If was followed

    The only booth that voted for Tony, was in Pearson town. Even there the numbers were divided. So much for being their PM. I do not think they like him. Wonder why? After all, he was going camping with them last week.

    I think that Tony might be finding out, there is more to being PM than he gave thought to.

    Finding a bed inn Canberra for one. Where did he stay before this election?

    Tony, has kept himself hidden, and still managed to give a poor impression. Mainly because he gives the perception of procrastinating, not making derisions. Of wanting to hide from the public. Also no appearance before the media, does not help.


  8. Fed up says:

    Melanie, much truth in what you say. We do need to keep a eye on everyword he says.


  9. Fed up says:

    Sorry muck it up.


  10. Fed up says:

    I seen where Abbott said going to the UK in his twenties was like returning home. Maybe it is time he did,.


  11. Fed up says:

    Was Abbott really into couch surfing, as it is being alleged?

    He does not seem to have premises in Canberra. Unusual, for one that has been in parliament so long.


  12. cornlegend says:

    For those too young to remember, When Whitlam was elected, he wanted to do things fast, like bring our troops home from Vietnam etc
    To achieve this, he and the Deputy PM shared up the portfolios and hit the ground running from day one.
    This slimy little prick in the leadership of the Muedoch-Aboot government runs and hides.
    Goughs Ministry of himself and Lance Barnard got stuck right in from December 5, 1972 and ran the joint for 2 weeks.
    The only thing the Mad Monk has run, is the shower.

    Prime Minister
    Minister for Foreign Affairs
    Minister for Customs and Excise
    Minister for Trade and Industry
    Minister for Shipping and Transport
    Minister for Education and Science
    Minister for Civil Aviation
    Minister for Housing
    Minister for Works
    Minister for External Territories
    Minister for the Environment, Aborigines and the Arts

    Lance Barnard – Deputy Prime Minister

    Minister for Defence
    Minister for Supply
    Minister for the Army
    Minister for the Navy
    Minister for Air
    Minister for Labour and National Service
    Minister for Social Services
    Minister for Immigration
    Minister for the Interior
    Minister for Primary Industry
    Minister for Repatriation
    Minister for Health
    Minister for National Development


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cornie, yes I remember, and I also seem to remember others that hit the ground running, unlike Abbott who went for a bike ride instead 😯

      Are we getting value for money from the LNP? “NO” 😯

      Cheers 😀


      • Freethinker At Large says:

        Tony’s slow deliberate speed as incoming Prime Minister, is in part designed to get politics off then front page, in deference to more feelgood sporting stories in the mainstream media. After all, we have a Minister for Sport, but not one for Science. He can dream on, as many of us are both alarmed and alerted by his coming to power, and the 47 % who chose not to vote for him will grow steadily in coming months.

        But another reason is that he is obliged to run some of his plans past his mogul patron Rupert, given all the rich support he has had from News Limited in the past 3 -4 years.
        However, Rupert is a very busy man, not as available as Abbott would like, fending off well founded corruption claims in the UK, while sorting out his messy divorce too. Rupert will be comforted by the fact that with Abbott as his puppet leader of Oz, and all his editors toeing the line, his business interests here will be, at least in the short term well protected, and he can attend to more pressing matters.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Freethinker At Large, thanks for your comment 😎

          Yes uncle Rupert has got his boy home (just), and will soon be wanting his pound of flesh 😯

          Let’s hope that the legal chickens come home to roost for him, and his comeuppance is swift and painful 😀 and likewise for Abbott 😉

          Cheers 😀


  13. Nick says:

    So is this what the new government is all about…. missing in action?
    As others have mentioned even when Abbott appears to speak he always manages to screw up what he is saying.
    Was hilarious seeming him getting tongue tide in the party room… our equivalent of George Bush no doubt about it!


  14. Fed up says:

    Brandis is busy with addressing what he sees as lack of free speech. Is ready to go, according to another site., Yes, has to bills to repeal all that Roxon and the AG before her achieved

    I heard Abbott say, that he sees his role, as appointing ministers, and allowing them to get on with the job.

    I understand that to mean, the ministers will have a free go, to put all their obsessions into place, That he will be sitting back, and letting them free to do as they like.
    Seems to forgot, the buck stops with him, not them.


  15. Fed up says:

    TS, he appears to be a laughing stock, even before he gets on the plane. Do not expect to see Bishop greeted with open arms this week.

    I believe that Gillard had real respect on the world stage.

    Took Obama five days, to congratulate both.


  16. Fed up says:

    Albanese now on ABC 24. True he is still the deputy PM. All those emergencies seem to have disappeared.


  17. Fed up says:

    corn, are you sure he shower. He is from the old country.

    Yes, Whitlam was up and running on the Monday. People did not work on Sundays then.


  18. cornlegend says:

    I’m not too surprised at Abbott staying with the AFP.
    The AFP are just like a sub branch of the Liberal party.
    Look at the total inaction of the AFP, to anything Labor raised.
    Graham Perrett has been given the run around, they wouldn’t investigate allegations of Ashby,in regard to Slipper, or the under age sex allegations etc.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if Brandis moves in too.
    The whole lot are crooks.
    AFP are a disgrace.


  19. cornlegend says:

    The Americans were pretty impressed with Rudd on foreign Policy.
    I shudder to think what the world will think of Abbott and Bishop,
    direct from Clown Casting.

    from ninemsm
    Rudd top strategic thinker: ex-US official

    Kevin Rudd may have had more influence in shaping US policies in Asia than any foreigner since Singapore’s founder Lee Kuan Yew during the Vietnam War era, a US government official says.

    Kurt Campbell, who was the State Department’s top official on East Asia during Barack Obama’s first term, says the former prime minister left “almost ocean-vessel-size shoes to be filled” in helping the United States think strategically.

    “Despite personal foibles and a complex relationship in Australia, I think in many respects Kevin Rudd has been the most important strategic thinker in Asia in the last generation,” said Campbell, a key force in Obama’s “pivot” of putting a greater US focus on Asia.


  20. diannaart says:

    I agree with all the sentiments expressed here. I don’t think I have ever seen a newly appointed PM head for the bunkers on either side of the political divide. Quite sure J Howard hit the deck running, I know for sure KRudd and Julia did (especially Julia, I don’t think she stopped until she was voted out).

    I expected Abbott being far more public, out and about to catch the gaze of his adoring minions – maybe he realises there are no adoring minions.

    Well he kin run but he cain’t hide – many are the eyes watching Abbott.


  21. Fed up says:

    It appears that GIllard stayed in he Kingston flat when she took over from Rudd, but due ti securities concerns, moved into where Abbott is now,


  22. Heather says:

    I think he has hidden himself away. He has been so totally focused on getting the Labour Party out of office, and now that it has happened he has no idea what to do next – meanwhile nothing happens, but as usual the MSM focus on the Labour Party


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Heather, welcome 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes I agree, slogans helped get him there, but they won’t help him run the joint 😯

      And I di get the impression that he thinks that he will just delegate responsibility, and then just ride his bike 😉

      And it must be a comfort to know that the MSM have got your back. 🙄

      Cheers 😀


  23. Seems to me this was written with our “Nowhere Man” in mind!
    Maybe you could do a parody Truthy… it should be easy 😉


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mike Wilkinson, welcome to my site 😀 and thanks for your comment, and the video 😎

      To be honest, I don’t think it needs a parody, as the Beatles said it all, and it fits Abbott to a tee 😀

      He is the original Nowhere Man, and that’s exactly where he will take Australia… Nowhere! 😯

      Cheers 😀


  24. Fed up says:

    TS, that is all he has done, spelt out as new list of slogans. Along the limed of methodically, calm careful .steady … He uses every meaning of the word he can find. ]
    It seems that it is all a game to Abbott. That he is playing a role.

    Listening to Bishop was sickening. Talking about her leader, like a love sick adolescent. Gee, this is the third one, she has fell under the spell of.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, yes, and that’s all he’s good for 😯

      And as for Bishop, I find her sickening all the time 😯 but yes, she is even more sickening when talking about Tones :mrgreen:

      Cheers 😀


  25. brickbob says:

    Tony Abbott could murder his whole family in cold blood and the Media would just spin it as Tony just having a daggy Dad moment, nothing to see here folks just move on.


  26. olddavey says:

    A nice private room to entertain a certain ms, a connection for the webcam, lots of new young friends to send the videos to.
    Not to mention the security, no unwelcome visitore here.


  27. olddavey says:


    All of us who are concerned by the way this government acts or will act should email the relevant minister with a copy sent to all other coalition mps asking questions that need answers on a daily basis. And insist upon a reply!!

    If enough of us do this we should be able to at least get some civility fro these cretins and with a bit of luck fill their in boxes to overflowing.

    Spread the word and aim for 100,000 questions a day. If no answer within 48 hours resend the question. This should clog things up a treat.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Olddavey, 😀 I like the way you think 😆

      But you know that Abbott has a secret weapon for “Question time constipation”,… it’s his “Suppository of Wisdom” 😯 😀

      Once the cabinet is announced and the LNP are sworn in, then you would have more of an idea who to email, but although I like your idea, I think that it would just be a pain in the arse for their staffers, and wouldn’t affect the MP’s that much. 😦

      Mind you, even tying up their staffers might have some effect, as the chances are that they will be doing more of the work than the MP’s themselves 😯

      Keep up the good work 😎 and the fight 😀

      Cheers 😀


  28. davo says:


    Foreign Affairs – Memsahib Bishop, an obvious choice as she managed to piss off our neighbours even from opposition.

    Education – Trixibelle Pyne, who, as Truthy has pointed out previously, received a mandate from none other than Ashby. AND probably learned all he knows from Ol’ Fishnets.

    Health – Dutton, although rumours are rife that it was a close run contest between him and a wooden indian.

    Attorney General – Brandis is the obvious choice. With his Police and Judicial connections, the doctrine of the separation of powers would be redundant. Think of all the red tape that would cut.

    Communication – Turnbull has it in the bag. I had a semaphore from him to that effect just yesterday.

    More predictions welcome..


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Davo, mate keep em coming 😆 love your work 😀

      Cheers 😀


      • davo says:

        Thanks Mate, just a bit of fun.

        Of course there’s…

        Treasury – Joe Hockey’s life experiences have led him to the conviction that the only way to fix an “ailing” economy is to fit a gastric band. I doubt his colleagues will look past him – although they can these days, he no longer blots out the sun to the extent that he did.


  29. davo says:

    Oh SHIT!
    I forgot Industry and Innovation – apparently Sophie is closing the gap. Does anyone have any garlic and a wooden stake? Bit of holy water wouldn’t go astray either.
    But anyway, she’s no certainty as there is a push to have more women in Cabinet.


  30. Truth Seeker says:

    Just posted; “Said the Abbott to the Bishop… Victory?” 😀

    Cheers 😀


  31. cornlegend says:

    “I like fighting Tories, thats what I do”

    Team Albo

    Geez, you can even buy the T-Shirt, what more needs to be said


  32. richo says:

    Thanks Truthie,
    You have said it well indeed. I am just getting back to the blogs I am still in delayed shock I think. Still can’t quite believe what we have done.
    I just don’t know quite how to respond as each day passes the horror becomes more real.
    Yesterday was a hard day with the sacking of Flannery.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Richo, thanks for your comment, 😎 and I feel your pain 😦

      Every day of this government brings new horrors to deal with, and like you, I genuinely fear for the future of this country if we cant get rid of this destructive rabble called the LNP. 👿

      If there is a bright side, it is that the longer they go on, the more they will show their true colours. 😀 he is going to have a hard time getting much of his agenda through the senate, and Murdoch will be busy fighting the legal processes in the UK and the USA. 😉

      Abbott might have won this battle, but he hasn’t won the war. 😀

      Cheers 😀

      BTW if you feel light a bit of light relief, check out “Said the Abbott to the Bishop… Victory” 😀


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