Said the Abbott to the Bishop… Victory?

Said the Abbott to the Bishop… Victory?

Said the Abbott!

Said the Abbott!

Ok truth seekers, as we face the the second week of the Abbott led Murdoch government, and the advent of his first ministry, I thought it might be a good idea to start the week as we mean to carry on, with a little bit of light relief   😀

So I have added another episode in my “Said the Abbott to the Bishop… ”  series of poems with;

Said the Abbot to the Bishop… Victory?


Said the Abbott to the Bishop

I have realised my dreams

I can’t believe the voters

Were all sucked in by my schemes

And now I am the PM

I’m not sure, quite what to do

Cos those bloody lies and slogans

Have just dumped us in the poo


Those blasted Indonesians

Are already such a pain

Rejecting two main policies

Make our plans look quite insane

We’ve only been here for a week

But already they won’t play fair

So you’d better go and talk to them

And show them your death stare


We promised turning boats around

And buying some as well

So if your death stare doesn’t work

Our plans are shot to hell

They should recognise my mandate

As Australian PM

But I’ll bet they’re getting back at us

Because you verballed them


Said the Abbott to Scott Morrison

Our Sovereign Borders Slogan

We urgently must implement

So find a three star bogan

A General like Jim Molan

Would be my preferred pick

A gung ho man who’ll turn boats round

And won’t make me look a dick


He’s gotta look impressive

And he’s gotta play his part

So that Operation Sovereign Borders

Doesn’t look like a brain fart

And if those leaky fishing boats

Continue to keep coming

Then we’ll pretend to look the other way

And start whistling, or humming


Said the Abbott to George Brandis

Attorney General is your game

And you’ve proven quite conclusively

That “Justice” is just a name

To be discarded easily

So charges can be dismissed

Just like you did for Peta

with her charge of driving pissed


And you’ll really have your hands quite full

With Ashbygate and Thomson

Cos we really don’t want either case

To bite us on the Johnson

So play the game the way you do

And try not to get caught

Cos we shouldn’t be too blatant

With our legal system rort


Said the Abbott to the Sloppy Joe

The new emergency

Is to make the budget look much worse

Than it does look currently

So call in Pete Costello

And his budget, fudging team

To produce a budget nightmare

From the Labors budget dream


Cos we know that our scare mongering

Was nothing but a farce

But we cannot let the people know

We were talking through our arse

And our fiscal credibility

Is really on the line

And we mustn’t let the people know

Our Country’s doing fine


Said the Abbott to the Bronny Bishop

The speaker you will be

Cos young Julie Bishop’s the token woman

In my ministry

And I think you’ll do a stellar job

And it’s not about your gender

It’s cos you ride a mean high horse

And are a great truth bender


Your hair will be distracting

And your voice can get quite shrill

And you’re not as good as Julie

But your looks can also kill

And we know you’re not impartial

So I’m sure you’ll do just fine

To keep the rabble in their place

As you tow our party line


Said the Abbott to Mal Turnbull

You have done your job, right proper

To promote our modern bronze age

By retaining all that copper

Cos the truth is that our NBN

Is not about the speed

It’s all about us pandering

To Rupert Murdoch’s greed


Said the Abbott to the faithful

There’s now work that must be do

Turning lies and spin to policy

Instead of cattle poo

And although the history books should show

We’ve won a great victory

Don’t you all, get carried away

Cos it’s really… all about… me


Sainthood here I come!

Sainthood here I come!


About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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62 Responses to Said the Abbott to the Bishop… Victory?

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Wonderful, Truthie. I don’t know how you do it. I’m sorry that I missed your piece yesterday, but finally got around to it last night. You’re on fire, kiddo! Go Truthie.


  2. cornlegend says:

    I love this one, I reckon your best one yet.
    One thing, you’ll have plenty of source material.
    I’m excited, week two.
    Will it be a week of nothingness ?
    Up to 2 days ago, 4 boats with 377 people had arrived under his watch.
    I know it’s gonna hurt a lot of people, but I want action man to start doing stuff.
    Every thing he does will just get more people off side, and make it harder for him.
    Go get their arses kicked by the Indonesians, send out a Navy ship to turn a boat around, go spend the week with the indigenous communities.
    That would be a start.
    I’m starting to enjoy the thoughts of the fun that can be had ,in opposition, if they adopt the Abbott playbook, {which they need to do}
    Mate, it’s not all bad.
    seeing I’m cheerful at the thought ,I have to rate this 11/10


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cornie, mate unlike Abbott, I’m truly humbled 😯 😀

      Thanks mate, I’m glad that you enjoyed it 😀 , and I glad you’re feeling a bit better about things 😀 as we need you to be firing on all cylinders 😯

      Cheers 😀


      • kate ahearne says:

        Cornie, great to see that you’re full of fun and, as Truthie says, that’s the way we need you to be. I agree that this is one of Truthie’s best – but I always think that!


  3. cornlegend says:

    Yeah, I think I’m may be a tad prejudiced, when it comes to Truthys poem 😀


  4. cornlegend says:

    Bugger it !, while I’m in a cheerful mood, I’m going out to buy myself a new car today.
    “she” got one, so I reckon I deserve one too 😀


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, sounds like a good idea to me 😀

      Go for another red one, cos we all know that they go faster 😎

      Choose well mate 😀

      Cheers 😀


      • davo says:

        The downside is they match a certain pair of budgie smugglers. 😦


      • cornlegend says:

        No red ones for me, and stuff the fuel economy.
        I’ve got my Volvo and Rav4 for that.
        This one is a beast.
        Black ,6litre 8 cylinder full body kit
        They’ve got one in stock, so they are doing the rego today, and I can go cruisin” tomorrow


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Mate… you hoon? 😯 I’ll be able to hear you coming from way up here!

          And you do realise all the greenies wil now have to take a contract out on you? 😀

          But all I can say is … Good on ya mate 😀

          And does it come with internet connection? or will we just have to do without your words of wisdom for a few days until the novelty wears off a bit, or until you run out of petrol… whichever comes first? 😀

          Cheers 😀


  5. diannaart says:

    Careful Truthie – Abbott could mistake your rhyme for a to do list.

    I with everyone here, this is your best so far.


  6. olddavey says:

    After that tour de force I think you better have a little snooze. You must be worn out.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Olddavey, thanks for that 😀 and a snooze would be great, but I have a leadlight to work on , and a guitar student due this afternoon 😦 but I might try to combine them all, cos I am a bit worn out 😯

      Cheers 😀


  7. cornlegend says:

    now now, thats a bit cheeky,
    but you’ve got me wondering if I should carry a Jerry can 😀


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cornie… mate, forget the Jerry can, you should have ordered a tow bar, and tanker to tow behind 😯

      At least the motor will happily tow it 😀

      Oh and should we start calling you Horny instead of Cornie? 😛

      Cheers 😆


  8. Nick says:

    All this crap about being calm from Abbott is such a load of horse shit.
    Can someone remind him how he acted in opposition.
    Ran around the country telling everyone one that the carbon “tax” was gonna wipe us off the map, hypocritically screamed foul over misogyny because of a private message from slipper.
    Constantly called the govt rotten and should die of shame.
    50+ of completely useless SSO rants.
    Blocking Labors mandate on an ETS
    … the list goes on
    Abbott can STFU on about being calm, if he expects people who were on the receiving end to forget, then he is sadly (not) mistaken.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Nick, mate don’t hold back, say what you really feel 😀

      And I agree completely 😯 he has no right to claim a mandate, the high moral ground or that he should receive treatment different from that which he was happy to dish out. 😯

      He’s not even a PM’s second cousin twice removed 😯

      Cheers 😀


  9. cornlegend says:

    As soon as Abbott starts all his crap, we should all go on holidays to Whyalla.
    Seeing he reckons it would be wiped of the map, he’d never be able to impose his crap on us.


  10. Nick says:

    “With incoming Treasurer Joe Hockey now publicly musing about providing fiscal stimulus to the economy out of concern about how weak it is, let’s look back at the Coalition’s best arguments against stimulus when Labor used it during the financial crisis …”


  11. bundysmum says:

    Ripper Truthy, you are so clever.Thanks for helping us see the funny/stupid/ridiculous side of these embarrassments.


  12. davo says:

    Does anyone have a spare box of tissues for Ian MacDonald?

    I know this bloke personally, and I can tell you it won’t make a lot of difference if he sulks for a while and turns his phone off or not, but really!
    Cabinet post notwithstanding, he’s been elected to represent a constituency. Going into hiding is hardly fulfilling his responsibilities.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Davo, thanks for your comment 😎

      The closest thing I have to a violin is my six stringed ukulele, but you can’t be down in the dumps with a uke playing, so my next best option for Ian MacDonald, would be to give him the number for lifeline, and get him to tell someone who cares 😯

      What a sook 🙄

      Cheers 😀


  13. cornlegend says:

    IT’S a sad day for the nation when the cabinet of Afghanistan has more women in it than the cabinet of Australia, says acting Labor leader Chris Bowen.
    “The cabinet of Afghanistan now has more women (three) in it,” Mr Bowen said.

    “It is a disappointing day when Australia goes so backwards, so backwards.”

    But equally worrying were the large sectors of the community that will be ignored by Mr Abbott’s decision not to have a minister for disability care, seniors/ageing, tourism, resources, energy and the financial services sector, Mr Bowen said


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cornie, yes, but it’s Abbott, so we should expect no less from the scum sucker :shock

      But on the bright side, he only lies while he’s conscious 😉

      Cheers 😀


  14. Fed up says:

    Does the three star General have to take the job, if named, Cannot see to many, that would grab at this bag of unknowns.

    There is still the problem I believe, of who the three star general would be accountable to. Have not heard that one sorted out.

    I suspect, that maybe he would have to retire from the forces.

    Still not explained why one is needed.


    • cornlegend says:

      Fed up
      cause it sounds good to Action man Tony to have a military bloke around.
      Can’t you picture it.
      Posing for the Media.
      3 Star and Scott Morrison and El Leader Tony, standing on the bow of a battleship, binoculars at the ready,guns primed . scanning the horizon for an Asylum seeker boat.
      Oh no, they can’t do that.
      They would cruise up along side, Abbott would summon the Captain of the refugee craft,
      then shout out “how much do you want for the boat mate”
      What a bunch of dipsticks.
      Spare me !!!!!


      • Truth Seeker says:

        Cornie 😆 😆 😆


      • Fed up says:

        Except, who will the General be accountable to. Is he stil going to but-y those drones. Abbott does not seem to be in a hurry to see the Indonesian leader. Can one really imagine Bishop really making things better?

        Time for A reporter to visit our near neighbours, asking some of the refugees what they think of their chances under Abbott. Answer might surprise, now TPV are back. Cannot see the relationship lasting with PNG. They do not have to take Abbott’s shit.


  15. Fed up says:

    Abbott will put off resumption of parliament, until the latest date he can. I believe he has to call the house together, 30 days after he is sworn in.

    Abbott will then flood the house with legislation. Most will be guillotine through the Lower House, with Abbott claiming all are emergency bills.

    They will reach the senate, where the present makeup, will send all off to committees, where they will be stymied for the rest of the year.

    As for things like the MYEFO, these we will not see, until February next year.

    Everything will then precede, with Abbott lying low, until about July 2014. Of course there will be the normal budget in Mat, I believe.

    There is no guarantee, that Abbott will be able to hold it together, until then. We have a ministry, of yesterday’s men, a mixture of extreme conservatives. No moderates in this cabinet. All with very strong ideas of their own entitlement and worth.

    If Abbott can control them, I will have to raise my opinion of him.


  16. Fed up says:

    TS, that lead light must be a sight to see. My friend was looking for someone with your skill. Too costly to fix, and replaced the doors. I wish he never let them go, to those who replace the doors. I am sure they would not have dumped them.

    Yes, A skill, I believe you could aways earn a quid from. lucky you. I recall that Min has the same skill.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, I’m on the second one of two that will go in our en-suite, hope to have them finished and ready to install over the weekend all being well. 😀 if I can get then finished, I might put up a photo on the lounge maybe 😀

      Sadly I can no longer do it professionally 😦

      Cheers 😀


  17. Fed up says:

    Nick, if you followed us here, and like sites for a little while, you would realise we have long memories indeed.

    Yes, we will enjoy giving him the respect, he gives others. NO more, no less.

    Only we will keep to truth and facts, and not attack the man by calling him names. We will keep to truth and facts. We will just use his won words. No need to make anything up.

    Yes, Abbot’s past will come back to haunt him, every time he puts his head above the parapet.

    Well after the last six years, we have earned this right. Yes, Abbott has taught us well.


    • Nick says:

      I am just sick of the sycophantic arse kissing the MSM gives Abbott.
      Their are so many holes in his policies, it beggars belief the journos aernt really talking about it, I hope an Albo lead opposition will bring attention to it.


  18. Fed up says:

    It appears that Sovereign Borders begin from Wednesday.


  19. cornlegend says:

    Well you know what Tony will be doing tomorrow.
    Getting a Military style uniform


  20. cornlegend says:

    One thing for certain, they won’t have too many female Ministers at the launch


  21. Fed up says:

    nick. you must admit, that kiss between Abbott and Bishop at the first party meeting was a beauty

    Seen it from a different angle today. Makes one wonder. If one did not know, one could say, it was a kiss between lovers. Just saying, concourse we know this could not be true, considering he is such a happy married man,.

    Wonder if Abbott has couched surfed at her place, as they say, he does, at others..


  22. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie,and and a wonderful funny piece of writing and oh so true,10 out of 10, and keep the home fires burning.


  23. Fed up says:

    Sorry TS, maybe I should not have wrote that.


  24. Fed up says:

    Well he does have the look of a man, that is not comfortable with his wife and girls.


  25. olddavey says:

    Fed up,
    yes, you should have wrote that.
    TS, he has them on their side, on their back and every whichway including loose.

    And now he has a nice little lodging where he can entertain the ms of his choice.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Olddavey, yes, it appears that the one place that Abbott doesn’t like women is on top 😯

      And he also reminds me of a man who’s lack of morals extends well beyond his lies and spin. :mrgreen:

      Cheers 😀


  26. Freethinker At Large says:

    Truth Seeker,
    With this poem, you have really nailed it, a truly superb word portrait depicting the character of this government.
    Will be a useful historical reference, even in 12 months time, as things start to fall apart.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Freethinker At Large, welcome to my site, 😀 and thanks for your comment and kind words 😎

      Sadly, there will be more to come, as they are the gift that keeps on giving 😯 when it comes to stupidity and ridicule, and I certainly intend to do my part in broadcasting their stupid and mendacious ways 😀 .

      I greatly appreciate your input, and hope that you can continue to add your thoughts to the conversations here 😎

      Cheers 😀


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