Roll up, roll up… The LNP Circus is in town?

Roll up roll up… The LNP Circus is in town?


It’s amazing how LNP stupidity seems to be catching, as anyone associated with the LNP apparently gets infected, like the illustrious  General (Disaster) Angus Campbell who can no longer speak properly or answer questions.

At Morrison’s weekly “Play fast and loose with the truth” exercise, we had him claim thatimages there was no standoff between Australia and Indonesia, and the scorn with which he approached the question, just made him look a bigger idiot, as he sneered, laughed at the question, umm’ed and ah’ed and tried to make out that it was a ludicrous proposition, then got sidetracked (very conveniently), and tried to move on.     😯

Angus Campbell did a similar thing, using the same “On water matters” operational excuse three times, aa the press seemed to be getting more frustrated (serves them  right   😀   ) as did I, watching this sad excuse for a minister of the crown, and his “General disarray” .   😦

imagesSo it started out with Morrison denying there was a standoff, while Abbott and Bishop tried to tell us that there wasn’t a problem, and that relationships with Indonesia are improving all the time, and better than they’ve ever been (WTF?).

And then, when the Indonesians said NO, it finished with Morrison, saying that the decision was taken in the best interests of the people on the boat to be taken to Christmas Island, rather than waiting for the Indonesians to make a decision, when to the rest of us, it looks like they did make a decision… to say NO!   🙄

So we have;

  • An operation in international waters that was possibly a rescue/turn back/not a tow back, (as it obviously wasn’t safe to do so?), that was in conjunction with Indonesia… or not?   WTF?”   😉
  • A standoff that wasn’t a standoff (according to Morrison) that was supposed to be secret due to the fact that it was an operational matter, for Australia,  even though the Indonesians had no problems whatsoever in telling OUR media what happened.
  • A possible attempted turn around, which wasn’t possible, and which turned out to be a major international embarrassment, as the LNP tow/turn backs policy turns out to be, like pretty much all their policies, just more lies, spin and rhetoric.   😯
  • A government who spent the entire last term of parliament, as opposition, telling all and sundry that they would tow/turn back the boats , “Where it’s safe to do so”, only to be shown up, at one of the first outings of the policy, for the lying, pathetically out of touch, and ideologically driven nut-jobs, who are completely incompetent at diplomacy and foreign affairs, amongst most other governmental operations!   😦

Now, with the government only two months old, and already way too many lies, stuffups imagesand backflips to include in one post, I thought it was fair to stick to the one policy that was sold to a gullible and unthinking public, as an integral part of any policy capable of stopping the boats,  even though it was roundly condemned by almost everyone that knows anything at all about the situation  (Not to mention those that know nothing about the situation, but just have common sense.   😯   )

MorrisonSo when Morrison/Abbott tell us that it was in the best interest of the Asylum seekers (Read ILLEGALS) , we can be “very confident” that what they’re actually saying is that they were done over by the Indonesians, and that the Indonesian’s  turn back policy is much stronger than ours, or to put it more bluntly, they backflipped, capitulated, lied, fell over etc…   😯

Now I for one would like to know;

  • How much has this failed policy, “Operation Sovereign Borders”, cost us so far?
  • How much more will it cost us to have all the Naval and Customs vessels tied up in trying to prove that this policy is not the abject failure that all but the LNP know that it is?
  • Were all the costs of this (and I use the term loosely) “Policy” included in their costings, or is it adding further to the Hockey black hole?
  • Why is it that we now have a government that looks and acts more like a bunch of clowns, who it appears will spend more time doing backflips, and who’s success will be judged more by the spectacular nature of their backflips (Double backflip with Pike), than by their policy success?

And is it right to say We are open for business with an adult government, or should we just say; Roll up roll up… The LNP Circus is in town?



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167 Responses to Roll up, roll up… The LNP Circus is in town?

  1. consider says:

    corny @1.31pm,
    That picture has finally done it for me. I`m racing out to jump off the patio.
    GOODBYE ALL!!!!!!!!!!


  2. cornlegend says:


    what a pair of disingenuous pricks
    No respect for our Indigenous citizens.
    And the buddy buddy bit, that was tame compared to the pair and their shenanigans in Afghanistan.
    It was sickening.
    I will try and get the youtube clip, but if I do, you might look for a higher building, and we don’t want that


  3. Caz2 says:

    For entertainment one could not beat Abbott’s interview with Leigh Sales on 7.30 tonight. She rose to the occasion while Abbott began each lip smacking sentence with ” I am not going to comment on ……….” Which meant he said f…k all. In the end he attacked Sales, hoping to shut her up, but it seems that the media are getting tired of being fed the bullshit and are starting to demand answers. Parliament was a joke today and Bronwyn Bishop is as trustworthy as the other Bishop woman. Three years of this? Enough to drive one to drink.


  4. cornlegend says:

    I’ll have to go have a look.
    I couldn’t bring myself to watch the little grub but if he got a bit of a gee up , thats different 😀


  5. brickbob says:

    Glad to see Abbott has his priorities right,he is going to Sri Lanka for CHOGM a country with a shocking record on human rights abuse and one of the most corrupt Governments in the world which a lot of other countries will not be attending for that very reason but i think he will feel right at home there. On the other hand he is sending some junior nobody to attend the climate talks in Warsaw,yeh,way to go Tones you fucking knuckle dragging two faced bastard.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Brickbob, thanks for your comment 😎

      Mate I think you nailed it, 😀 but I have to say that I am concerned that you might do yourself a serious damage by demonstrating such a high level of restraint in your summation, so my advice is; don’t hold back mate, say what you really feel 😀

      😆 😆

      Cheers 😀


  6. cornlegend says:

    Sri Lanka “one of the most corrupt Governments in the world”
    Abbotts only going over to teach them how to do it right, and to compare rorting schemes.
    They have held a few Aussies lately.
    Any chance they would keep Abbott and Bishop. ?


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