Tony, you stuffed it… you fix it!

Tony, you stuffed it… you fix it!ipad-art-wide-bill-shorten-420x0

I don’t know about you, but I was a bit taken aback when Bill Shorten said in parliament that this issue with Indonesia is a “Team Australia” moment?…   WTF?   😯

Now hang on a minute, wasn’t K Rudd roundly condemned for saying that Abbott’s policies on asylum seekers, tow-backs/turnarounds and buy backs had the potential to damage relations?

AAAJulie2And I seem to recall our current Foreign Minister, the one Julie ‘Medusa’ Bishop, stating concern for Rudd’s mental health as a result of his statements on his real concerns for the relationship, and Abbott’s approach to it.   Mmmmm?   🙄

The truth is that the LNP put a strain on the relationship well before they became the government, and in usual Abbott style, he didn’t/wouldn’t listen to the people who know, but rather took his standard “Head in the sand” approach to diplomacy, believing in the “Old Blue Eyes” principal of  “I stuffed  did it my way”, with a proviso that “It’s everybody else’s fault”.   😯

Nothing displays his ineptitude more than the fact that, despite a very real possibility of him becoming PM, he never seemed to consider any ramifications for his lies, spin and politically and ambitiously motivated

Tanya Plibersek called it for what it is at a doorstop, which was good to see, but this is much more than just the spying, and goes to the heart of Abbott/Bishop’s approach to policy and diplomacy.

I for one feel very strongly that Bill Shorten lining up behind Abbott, looking like he’s trying to take the pressure off the Gov by taking a share of the blame, is;

  1. Missing the point.
  2. Missing an opportunity to put the boot in, to an inept, embarrassing and potentially very dangerous administration.
  3. Showing him as wishy washy, and lacking the necessary passion and fire to effectively lead the ALP against an LNP who will do whatever to prosecute a case against anyone that they want to destroy.

Another issue of contention for me is the standard line that Abbott and Bishop have been pushing that “We don’t discuss ‘Intelligence’ matters”?images

The fact is that “Intelligence” and the LNP should NOT be used in the same sentence, as in this, as well as most of their policy positions, there is little if any “Intelligence” evident in their formulation and implementation, or in their general approach to foreign affairs and international diplomacy.   😯

Sadly, this government will stumble from one crisis to another (Diplomatic, economic and social), and many of the problems that they cause, and there are potentially many, will be left for a reelected Labor party to try to fix, but in this particular instance, we should be saying loud and clear;

Tony, you stuffed it… you fix it!

Boat Cartoon1




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38 Responses to Tony, you stuffed it… you fix it!

  1. melaine says:

    Like you Truthie I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard bill shorten utter those words 😯 WTF is the limp lettuce leaf trying to do?

    Surprised krudd hasn’t been tweeting ‘told you so’… accompanied by a suitable ‘selfie’ of course 😉


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mel, yes, Shorten has been very inconsistent, as a couple of times I’ve thought ‘Maybe he’ll get it together’, and then he goes and does stuff like that 😯

      You wouldn’t blame Rudd one bit 😆 😆

      Cheers 😀


  2. Good to see you doing so well, Truthie.


  3. diannaart says:

    Right on, Truthie. We expressed our dismay at the placement of Shorten as Labor leader – no pleasure in being proven right.

    Cartoons now – you man of many talents 🙂

    Regarding Julie Medusa Bishop, someone please tell her, one doesn’t need to discuss “intelligence” while making an apology for such – of course, this requires nuance and subtlety and, believe it or not, diplomacy – not exactly on the LNP’s KPI’s list.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Dianna, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes we did! 😯 But sadly the caucus didn’t, and what I’ve seen so far only reconfirms my original concerns 😦

      Yes, I’m just testing the waters with the cartoons, to see the reactions, 😉 and wether it’s worth continuing with? 😯

      Cheers 😀


  4. joan m. says:

    Hi Truth Seeker,
    Love your cartoons! Sadly, I worry about Bill Shorten, the “limp lettuce”, great title.


  5. Bighead1883 says:

    Far too many sad truth`s there Truthy,if all this was not so real you would honestly think we`ve regressed as a society back into a number of Australia`s Shameful episodes.
    ie;Shortens Team Australia babble on spying WTF
    Akin to 2pp pro Vietnam War and,Iraq MK2.
    So Abbott`s,”Stop The Boats””Buy The Boats””Turn Back The Boats”Negotiate The Boats”
    is all over and the boats are being readied for an onslaught of an unprecedented outset.
    What`s the MSM going to be telling us next week when scores set out at once and deluge Christmas Island and our Ntn Coastlines.
    Abbott in hie usual hypocrisy is going to do/cause the very thing/excuse he used so often,
    “too many people are dying at sea”.
    His faux pas in Sri Lanka in giving the government there {for domestic political purposes only]
    two of our patrol boats,[which they will use to commit more war crimes and atrocities] shows how unfit this person is to be PM of Australia.


  6. consider says:

    Couldn`t agree more Truthy.
    I`ve just finished reading the latest from Peter Wicks on IA.
    Those people who voted for Abbotts mob should be ashamed of themselves .How can they live with the fact that they gave power to this creature who calls himself a ” good Christian family man”
    after the comments he made concerning the torture etc. that is being carried out on those poor Sri Lankin people?
    Bring on the DD please!!!!!!!


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks for that 😎

      Mate i’m with you, grin: , sadly there are still those that only get their news from the old media, and haven’t heard that anything substantial is going on 😦

      But I too would welcome a DD 😯

      Cheers 😀


  7. Fiona says:

    Excellent cartoons, Truth Seeker.


  8. Gilly says:

    I do agree that the opposition should be on the attack more than they have been. But I do agree that this is a “Team Australia” moment.
    All MHRs are voted in to represent and to take part in Government. The fact that Rabbit can not grasp the basics of democracy, should not be allowed to further emancipate the representative duties of all MHRs. The term “opposition” is a misnomer, would prefer to see some other term or word, maybe “The Balance”. Rabbit’s approach to opposition was to dis enfranchise all voters in electorates who’s MHR is not in Government.
    This approach halves the working capacity of parliament and constricts the quality of policy. Besides nearly all the current brain power are in the balance”..


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Gilly, thanks for your comment 😎

      I don’t think that the opposition (balance) should give Abbott support for any problem, like this one that is of his own making 😯 He was told by politicians and experts alike, not to mention the Indonesians themselves, that he would upset the Indonesians with his policies, but he refused to believe anyone but his own, and now he is reaping the rewards for his own stupidity. 😀

      But it doesn’t really matter, as the whole parliamentary, democratic process has been subverted by the worst government ever, by appointing the worst speaker ever. 😈

      Cheers 😀


      • Gilly says:

        The problem is that Rabbit will not take responsibility for any of his mistakes. Oops does that mean he’s not an adult !
        The speaker has been ably supported by the changes to standing orders, Oops does that mean Bronny is not an adult.!
        The changes to standing orders restricts debate and scrutiny. Oops does that mean the Government is not adult !
        At least Rabbit knows how to run away, but not when.
        He he he.


  9. Bighead1883 says:

    Meanwhile in Victoria.
    The Melbourne Magistrates Court has rejected the option of a diversion order for balance-of-power MP Geoff Shaw.

    In sensational scenes in court today, Mr Shaw’s original 24 criminal charges, which were stripped yesterday and rolled into one, were reinstated.

    The independent Member for Frankston will now enter a formal plea of not guilty and fight the charges of obtaining financial advantage by deception and misconduct in public office.

    It means his future in the Victorian Parliament remains hanging in the balance.

    If convicted Mr Shaw will lose his seat, forcing a by-election that could bring down the State Government.

    Mr Shaw’s lawyer, Robert Richter QC, yesterday urged Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg, to impose the diversion order, telling him Mr Shaw accepted responsibility.


  10. puffytmd says:

    Hi Truthie.
    I have a different take on this. The msm and the Abbott gov’t are just itching for the ALP to do or say anything that might allow the bunglers who did this to dump it on the ALP or drag the ALP into sharing the blame.
    We have seen this already with the reaction to the Opposition saying ‘handle it like Obama did.’

    In this case the ALP has to be as Cesar’s wife, not just virtuous but seen to be virtuous. And…
    never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. 🙂


  11. consider says:

    One good thing to come out of this Indonesia debacle, is that Barnaby Joyce has postponed his trip over there.
    The last thing we need is this Boofhead over there high-lighting just our stupid we are (present company excluded) to elect such an idiot here in Australia.
    If he were to be let loose on the poor Indonesians, it would put our relationship with that country back100 years.
    We would be the laughing stock of S.E.Asia.
    Stay home Barnaby Please, and keep us amused here instead.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, I know where you’re coming from 😀 and he would certainly make a fool of himself, and us, but like Cornie said, with the riots and burning of Abbott posters, I cant think of a better time for him to go 😯

      A clear case of lateral thinking 😀

      Cheers 😀


  12. cornlegend says:

    With the Indonesians rioting, burning Abbott posters, and generally pissed off., I would have thought that would be the ideal time to send Barnaby.
    you can only wish 😀


  13. consider says:

    Corny, why didn`t I think of that. ❓


  14. cornlegend says:

    It was fun to watch the bumbling Bananaby in Parliament.
    He kept getting tongue tied with his “Government change deniers” rants
    He called the Speaker, Madam Speaker, Deputy Speaker, your Honour and a few that weren’t quite discernible
    Makes you wonder why Gina wants him as Deputy. 😀


  15. cornlegend says:

    Boring Bill can carry on with his “Team Australia” claptrap.
    I’m in “Team Piss the LNP Off”


  16. cornlegend says:

    Is it any wonder the Indonesians think this dickhead Abbott is a bit suss ?
    Here’s an oldie, of him stitching up the Indonesians a few years ago
    Another day another Lie from Abbott

    By now most people would be aware that federal Liberal Party and Opposition Leader Tones the Terrible Abbott has freely stated that he doesn’t always tell the truth when speaking with the meeja:
    “Mr Abbott has told The 7.30 Report he sometimes says things in the heat of the moment that are not absolutely correct, but the public can fully rely on his carefully scripted and considered remarks.”
    What is fascinating about this admission is that journalists rarely look at whether this is a vice that goes further back beyond 2007.
    Happily Wikileaks appears to supply the hint of an answer in its 2007 US diplomatic cable releases:
    “2. (SBU) The Indonesian press reported on June 7 that Health Minister Siti Fadilah Supari had announced that Indonesia and Australia plan to jointly develop an AI vaccine. According to Supari, the two countries will detail the cooperation in a forthcoming bilateral agreement. Supari reportedly made the announcement on June 6 before meeting Australian Minister of Health TONY ABBOTT on the sidelines of the June 6-8 APEC Health Ministers meeting. However, when questioned about the article, staff at both the Australian Embassy and NIHRD indicated surprise at the announcement. Australian Embassy contacts expressed some skepticism about the report given other inaccurate press stories about an alleged promise by Abbott to supply Indonesia with antivirals and vaccines. Dr. Endang Sedyaningsih, the NIHRD’s Director of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research Development, noted that Triono is with the Supari in Australia and may well have discussed a joint vaccine development deal. She added that Indonesia is open to agreements with multiple companies.”
    Yep, it looks like Tones as John Howard’s health minister was privately telling representatives of foreign governments what they wanted to hear at the time (without bothering to inform his own department or his Prime Minister) and then denying all when found out.
    If he was so ill-disciplined as a federal health minister and then as an opposition leader, would he be any better as a prime minister?
    Would Australia with Tony Abbott at the helm become a nation and government that was considered untrustworthy by the community of nations?


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