Team Australia… WTF?

Team Australia… WTF? images

Now I know that my last post touched on this issue, but since then I have heard the “Team Australia” tag way too many times, and the question needs to be asked;

Team Australia … WTF?

ipad-art-wide-bill-shorten-420x0I’ve heard it mentioned in some sections of the medya that maybe Shorten and Plibersek are “Good cop, bad cop” on the issue of  spying on Indonesia, and the government’s approach to diplomacy… WTF?

As far as I’m concerned, they just look like they are rudderless, and have no firm direction.   😯

I have to say at this point, that IMHO;

  • Sadly Bill Shorten has lived up to all my expectations (or lack thereof?).   😦
  • Albo seems to be hamstrung.   😦
  • Tanya Plibersek seems to be the Claytons  ALP leader.   😯
  • Chris Bowen, after his stint as interim leader is proving more of a leader than Shorten.   😯
  • Marles is trying hard to maintain the pressure.   😀
  • It appears that there are a small band of opposition MP’s that are doing all the hard yards, while Shorten is trying to play Mr nice guy.   🙄

ac-milne-main-20131114121127685588-620x349As most would know, I’m not a fan of the current configuration of “the greens”   leadership, but it would be remiss of me to not give credit where it’s due, and  I have to say that Christine Milne has done more to hold the government to account on their absolute stupidity, than the ALP have under Shorten.   😯

And this brings me back to the point of this rant; WTF did Shorten mean by “Team Australia”?

Cos it came across to me as: “Listen Tones, we know that it happened under our watch, so we’ll all hold hands, sing Kumbayar, and support you in everything you try, and hope that it all works itself out, or just blows over”.

Now I do understand that the ALP are walking a fine line here, but “Team Australia?”

I think the problem is, to some extent at least, that just as the LNP are still acting like they’re in opposition, so Shorten is not adapting well to not being in government.   😯

And as the medya tries to digest and regurgitate the possible causes for, and ramifications of, the latest Neilson poll, and a 5+% turnaround; with nary a thought for the possibility that, those that voted for the Abbott have started to realise the folly that was

 voting for a party that was/is lacking anything relating to good public policy, honesty, integrity, transparency, decency or ability, they (the medya) conveniently ignore the elephant in the room that is their complicity in the great deception perpetrated upon us.   😦

The truth is that while Shorten plays the warm and fuzzy “team Australia” card, the mob that are in government, and are systematically tearing down the very fabric of our society, and trashing our democracy are a party that’s NOT playing for team Australia , but rather for “Teams Murdoch/Rinehart/corporations”.

So the question remains… Team Australia… WTF?



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37 Responses to Team Australia… WTF?

  1. Bighead1883 says:

    Now Truthy this is a ripper,because you`ve opened a can of worms and there they are wrigling around wondering where to go and what to do.
    If that`s YOUR Team Australia drawing I absolutely love it,an Emu with an American helmet on.
    I came across something that taught me plenty as to Australian Intelligence gathering on IA.
    This might explain Shortens Team Australia as his mother in law is the GG.
    John B posted this on IA.
    Many observers of this ‘security scandal’ are overlooking one important aspect. The “Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Act 1986” (IGIS Act) (as amended in 2005) specifies:

    DIGO’s [Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation] Legal Accountability – Who Oversees DIGO’s Activities?
    DIGO’s activities are overseen by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security and the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security. The Inspector-General is mainly concerned with how DIGO conducts its intelligence activities, while the Parliamentary Joint Committee is concerned with DIGO’s administration and expenditure….

    The Inspector-General is empowered by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Act 1986 (IGIS Act) (as amended in 2005) to provide independent assurance to the Australian Government, the Parliament and the Australian public that DIGO conducts its activities legally, behaves with propriety, complies with any directions from the Minister for Defence, and has regard for human rights (such as privacy)….

    …To guarantee the independence of the Inspector-General, the IGIS Act provides that the position is appointed by the Governor-General and cannot be dismissed by the government…..
    …The ISA establishes the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security to allow members of Parliament to directly oversee some of the activities of DIGO. The committee is made up of members of the government and the opposition, drawn from both the House of Representatives and Senate….In particular, the Committee cannot review the intelligence operations or priorities of DIGO; rather, it reviews the administration and expenditure of DIGO”

    In other words, the Government of the day has no direct control or governance of specific ‘surveillance’ activities of DIGO.
    The Minister can ‘request’ (not ‘direct’) specific intelligence actions from DIGO, but he must (by regulation) advise the joint party “committee” that this request has been made.

    The Government of the day may not receive detailed reports of specific activities of DIGO – DIGO is independent of the Government – appointed by the Gov. General.
    The government of the day, in all likelihood knows nothing of, and has no control over the minutia of clandestine DIGO activities.

    p.s. Credit to Peter Ormonde, (a commenter at ‘The Conversation’) for alerting me to this information.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Biggy, thanks mate 😀

      Sadly I can’t take credit, as it is a logo for our cricket team 😀

      But I thought it applicable 😀

      Cheers 😀


    • diannaart says:

      Excellent work there Biggie. Cool to acknowledge Peter Ormonde – one of the best.

      Shorten needs to understand what goes on behind the scenes does not translate well to the public. Like Truthie, I was thinking “Team Australia”, WTF? Surely a card to play when in power, not in opposition?

      Sounds like Shorten is rattled – he cannot do anything from opposition except provide a viable alternative to the current crop of bully tactics. That is what he was elected to do – with Albo as attack dog – yeah, in my dreams, right?


      • Truth Seeker says:

        Dianna, thanks for your comment 😎

        Yes, The LNP have given them so much ammo, and yet they seem to be sitting on their hands, along with the compliant Murdoch MSM who still seem reluctant to ask the real questions, preferring to stick with their RW spin 😯

        Cheers 😀


      • Bighead1883 says:

        Cheers diannaart,I do believe that was the original intention of Labor right after they hijacked the first [and maybe only] rank and file say towards picking the Labor Leasership.
        In their thinking they would have thought Albo would play along as Opposition Manager of Business in the Lower House and attack.
        In this they have created the same recipe for internal dissent as was there during Rudd.
        Albo is nobodies fool and will see what if any “balls” Shorten has.
        I have tried in vain to explain the role of the “Old Guard” in Labor and only get vilified by factional fighters within Labor supporters.
        People are unaware that the right is moving Labor into the irretrievable position of being another right wing party subject to the whims of corporatocracy.
        I`m telling you this diannaart because I respect your commentary on many subjects on a number of sites and hope that more can see the true positioning within Labor.
        The Rudd/Gillard tet` te` tet` is now history and a repeat is not only not wanted but would be foolish to contemplate again.
        The future choices are still to be made and supporters and rank and file can help direct these if they voice their opinions loud enough.
        But what really frightens me is that the Labor right has been got at by the corporations like the US Democrats have in the US.
        By this I mean it`s the corporations who fund the elections over there as they have the Liberals here.
        Once the corporations realise that it`s cheaper to fund both majors here and the corporate press`s 2pp model is so unchallengingly adopted,our doom is sealed to corporate rule by the unelected.
        Thank you once again for your kind reply 🙂


        • diannaart says:

          And kudos back atcha, Biggie.

          The idea of corporations backing both Republicans and Democrats or LNP and Labor is a simple strategic and brutal move towards a win/win situation – for the corporates, of course.

          I do not see how Labor can return to representing the bulk of people while it is being poisoned by powerful self-interest lobbyists. This is why I have been voting Greens for many years now – I was tempted to change this year, however Gillard was summarily dismissed – anyone thinking Kevin did it all by himself attribute far more power and ability on a man who was rejected comprehensively by his own party when PM.

          If there was no corporate infiltration, why else would Labor privatise so many services that do not make profits and, consequently, provide less service for the majority of Australians? Why the absurdity of “my action on boat people, is nastier than your actions on boat people”? The continuation of Howard’s action on single parents? The failure to bring Newstart into line with pensions? The continuation of funding for private-for-profit schools, the Christian prayer at commencement of parliament – not all Australians are Christians – where is separation of church and state (while religion can be used to divide and conquer, corporates will use it). That’s enough of a list – for now.

          Biggie, no matter where we meet across the 5th estate I always read your posts and will disagree and agree with (I hope) true conviction.




  2. Fed up says:

    TT, that team, I believe grew today. Having states, church, teachers and parents on ones side is not a bad effort.

    The other team seems to have no one. Abbott, Morrison and Pyne seem to be the only ones in step.. Everyone else, seems to be marching to a different band.


  3. Fed up says:

    Pyne on LateLine tonight


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, thanks for your comments 😎

      Yes, the LNP certainly know how to backflip on a large scale 😯 although I’m not sure that that was the “Team Australia” that Shorten was talking about? 😦 , but Team Murdoch is certainly taking a flogging, and completely deserved 😯

      Cheers 😀


  4. cornlegend says:

    you wrote exactly what I’ve been thinking and feeling.
    Stuff “Team Australia”
    I’m a paid up member of Team Piss this LNP Fraud Squad Off”


  5. consider says:

    12 months ago I said to any-one who would listen to me, that I would bet my life that Abbott would NEVER lead this country and that with absolute certainty I reckoned that Shorten would never lead the ALP.
    What a great judge I turned out to be !!!!!
    No more tipping for me. It`s no wonder I can`t back a winner at the races.


  6. consider says:

    Corny, I`m in 😀


  7. cornlegend says:

    This “Team Australia”
    pissed me off.
    The one that has me ready to kick the cat at the moment is “Funding Envelope”
    Geez, he is one evil little prick that Pyne 👿


  8. bilko says:

    Shorten was NOT my choice no fire in his belly and now proven to have no backbone to boot. IMHO Albo should have been selected, he would have been kicking arse from day ONE. And thank god rudd has fallen on his sword, however three years plus too late. I am not sure if he of Rupes did more to put abbort where he is today.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Bilko, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes I agree, I have seen nothing from Shorten so far to change my mind about who should be leading the ALP, and my original belief still stands… Albo! 😯

      Rudd or Murdoch?… Mmmmm close call 😡

      Cheers 😀


  9. cornlegend says:

    Hi Truthy,
    I’m up early ready for the Jury Duty gig.
    Just reading ABC on Indonesia.
    I think you’d better rev up the poems and musings !!
    read the comments page.
    I can’t believe some of these bother to get up in the morning.
    for a bit of blood boiling, have a squiz at the comments page.
    things like
    waterloo sunset

    12:28 AM on 27/11/2013

    Well done, our PM. A master-class in diplomacy.

    99% of The Drum have red faces.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Cornie, good luck with the jury duty 😉

      I’m already thinking about what poems to write, but there’s so much to say, and so little time 😯

      Mate, thanks for the link, I’ll have a look 😀

      Cheers 😀


  10. Fed up says:

    Maybe something, along the lines of Peter Pan. We seem to have many little boys that have not grown up.

    Pity about that adult government we were promised.

    Maybe the little boy, that does not have the nous to shut up, but continues with justifying his actions.

    As the Indonesians said, pity about no apology or regrets, but plenty of promises of good intentions.


  11. consider says:

    Why is it that Shorten can`t seem to say the word “LIE” when he talks about Abbott breaking his pre- election promises?


  12. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie,just caught this latest post of yours and am impressed once again but not impressed with Shorten and his wet lettuce approach towards Abbott and Co. I gave him a honeymoon period which one should but to me he has been a huge disapointment and Albanese would have kicked Abbotts and Pynes arse from here to back of Burke. We all knew what this LNP mob would be like but even i did’nt think they would drag us all down to the pits this quickly. And now miss dumb ass Medusa [ and thank you for that description ] has got us off side with the Chinese Government as well as the Idnonesians and all the Countries in the world who believe in the science of climate change and we have become the laughing stock of the world who are viewed as white anglo dumb racist rednecks. Keep up your cartoons,they are getting better all the time.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Brickbob, thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 😀

      I did try to give Shorten the benefit of the doubt, but there is just no passion in the man, and IMHO, if he was the leader during some kind of conflict, and he had to make a speech to rally the troops, rather than a great battle, I think you’d see a mass surrender. 😯

      As far as Abbott and the mess he’s already made of our international reputation, the real irony is that he promised:
      Adult government?
      Good fiscal management?
      They’ll deliver on their promises?
      And my personal favourite… “No surprises”

      Now the aforementioned irony is that for anyone who knows the LNP, they should not be surprised by any backflips, lies, spin or in fact most things they do, except for those commitments in the list above, prior to the “No surprises” one, as I for one would have been extremely surprised if they had kept any of the commitments other than “No surprises”.

      So his “No surprises” will be the one promise that he will keep as far as his detractors are concerned, but will be one of many broken promises to those that believed the lies and spin, and voted for him. 😯 Delicious Irony 😀

      Cheers 😀


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