The complete KNOBHEAD

The complete KNOBHEAD

One of my fine contributors, Mel, refered to Abbott as a “Knobhead”, and then suggested that a song should be written about it.

Now as I explained in my reply to Mel, I wouldn’t waste good music on him, but a poem might suffice.   😀

So here’s a little rhyme, laying out a case for the label, and exposing LNP right wing “Knobheadery”   😯

This one’s for you Mel   😀



Some say we have a Knobhead

As Australia’s PM

And after some consideration

I must agree with them

He walks like a Neanderthal

And says things really slow

And he makes out like he understands

But he really doesn’t know


He’s tried his hand at diplomacy

And failed at every turn

Cos he just ignores the experts

And that means he’ll never learn

He’s called himself a weather vane

But I think that’s being kind

Cos for political expediency

He’ll just change his freaking mind


Now I’ve heard him called a scumbag

Or a slimy little worm

Or a stinking piece of doggy do

Or some other derogatory term

But a reference to a Dick or knob

With it’s sexual overtone

Is really rather fitting

As he screws us to the bone


But he isn’t just a knobhead

He’s the LNP head knob

And just the first of many

From this coalition mob

Who lie and cheat, and play their games

To create a right wing hell

Cos it’s in their own best interests

And their DNA as well


So here’s a few examples, of why

Knobhead’s a good fit

For mendacious right wing nut-jobs

Who are truly, full of shit

Like our treasurer Joe Hockey

And his economics crew

Who will trash our good economy

And dump us in the poo


There’s Scott Morrison who when asked a question

Just won’t give an answer

But will spin and jump and dodge and weave

Like some manic ballet dancer

And their minister for climate change

The stupid Mr Hunt

Who despite the weight of evidence

Thinks Climate Change is a lefty stunt


On education they’ve got Chrissy Pyne

Who does a stellar job

At telling lies and dummy spits

An outstanding little knob

And Turnbull with their NBN

Is building us a dud

Providing slower down and upload speeds

The lying little crud.


Julie Bishop’s foreign ministry

Is really quite a farce

As she trashes our reputation

By always talking through her arse

There’s Bananaby the simple

And Brandis the crooked too

And the speaker, Browyn Bishop

Who’s flushed the rule book down the loo


So while these right wing idiots

Are having quite a ball

In trashing this great nation

Proving knobheads one and all

The Abbott has excelled himself

With the knobhead skills he’s mastered

And with every utterance from his gob

He’s confirmed, the biggest.. knobhead… bastard



About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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27 Responses to Knobhead!

  1. melaine says:

    Thank you Truthie, 😆 they really are a bunch of knobs… but of high calibre of course!
    Big plate of custard tarts waiting for you in the Lounge 😀


  2. kate ahearne says:

    Lovely stuff as always, Truthie.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi Kate, thanks for your comment and kind words 😀

      I hope you’re feeling better now 🙂

      I was going to post a comment later today sending you well wishes for a speedy recovery 😀 so it’s good to see you’re back on deck, 😎

      Cheers 😀


  3. Fed up says:

    Want some free entertainment. Listen into NBN at senate hearings.

    I hope the plastic bags, that Telstra uses to keep the copper wire together, are not degradable.


  4. Fed up says:

    Maybe, after listening in, to what his board does not know, Turnbull maybe head of the class, when it comes to this government.


  5. Gilly says:

    Most admirable Truthie. How you ever manage to even mention this lot without breaking the pencil, tearing up the paper, eating the keyboard or putting a hammer through the screen is beyond me. I really can’t think of anything to say or do which is far too complimentary for them. I did try for an audio version, it turned out to be one long scream.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Gilly, thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 😀

      Mate, I get great satisfaction in showing them up for the “Knobheads” that they are 😀

      I go for the long scream when I’m watching QT 😯

      Cheers 😀


  6. Pam Rawlings says:

    Love it, great poem.
    I can not believe Asbestos Julie is now trying to upset the chinese. As for Pyne on Gonski well that was totally an out and out lie just to fool the sheep of this country.
    Every day these knobheads stuff up and also prove that they lied before the election yet they said Julia lied and demonized her for it. The rusted on facsist supporters of the liberal party still support these neanderthals but it is good to see some people are waking up albeit too bloody late.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Pam Rawlings, thanks for your comment, 😎 and your kind feedback 😀

      Yes they seem determined to start a war in the region 😯

      Their lies over Gonski is upsetting a lot of people, and many are saying it’s worse than the so called carbon “tax” lie 😉 and as a result, there are more and more waking up to the fact that they’ve been conned, and if there is some way that we could force a DD, there may well be enough to send them packing 😀

      Cheers 😀


      • Pam says:

        I doubt we will get a dd, he would not be game enough. What are the other ways we can get a dd without him calling it? We really need these morons out before they do too much more damage.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          Hi Pam, and thanks for your comment 😎

          Yes I agree that he is very unlikely now to call a DD, but I live in hope that there is some way that it can be forced, or there is some way that it can be taken out of his hands 😀

          I also agree that we need to get this alleged government out ASAP, before the damage is irreparable! 😯

          Cheers 😀


  7. olddavey says:

    This travesty is an insult to KNOBS everywhere.


  8. cornlegend says:

    spot on as usual.
    I’ve had a gut full of these Knobheads.
    You think they can’t get any worse, and then they do 😀


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Cornie 😀 and thanks for that 😎

      Yes when it comes to lies, deceit and dysfunction, this mob beat the last government hands down 😯

      Cheers 😀


  9. cornlegend says:

    According to nineMSM-Finance, {Knobheads]
    The sponsor of these Knobheads, The poster girl of the far right and all round disgusting “thing” Gina has been named as a poster girl for all the Board Room lackeys.
    {Well, sort of :grin}

    “Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart has been crowned Australia’s chairperson of the year”
    IMHO, see won because I figure,
    Her Board meetings are precise, and quick.
    Agree to what I want.
    Agree Do what I want,
    Agree to say what I want.
    Board meetings are speedy affairs.
    Gina needs her time to,
    Compose poems,eat, sue her children,eat sue journalists,eat, wine, dine, and purchase LNP politicians,eat, rape our landscape, eat, dream up $2 a day worker schemes, eat, and attend charm school


  10. oral area` Moral says:

    Slightly off topic, I thought this Govt. finally hit rock bottom in the `Morals Department` when they donated two ships to Sri Lanka to help them turn back asylum seekers escaping torture and other in-humane treatment, but I was wrong.
    I just caught the tail-end of a news item on the ABC where I`m sure I heard that two Indonesian nationals were caught by Customs smuggling wild-life either into or out of the country,using – WAIT FOR IT – a HERCULES PLANE donated to their country by Australia.
    Now I realise I may have had a `seniors moment` but I`m sure I heard right!!!!!!!


  11. consider says:

    I don`t know what just happened to my comment posted at 12.17pm ,but it appeared as being posted by Moral.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks for your comments 😀

      I agree about the boats… Bloody stupid 🙄

      As far as the other story is concerned, I did hear about the customs operation, but missed the details 😦 but I’ll keep my ears open 😯

      Cheers 😀


  12. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie and thanks for another great poem and it proves that humour is a great and powerful way to get a message across. I will never look at a door knob the same way again and every time i turn one i will imagine i am twisting the neck of the Dear Leader or one of his cronies.
    Paul Keating once described Alexander Downer as the ”’ Idiot Son Of Aristocracy” and Chris Pyne would also fit under under that heading,he is the most pompous private school boy tory twit or to put it in a crude way he is just another by product of another late night drunken fuck who thinks he is superior to the great unwashed ungrateful undeserving wage slaves who he lauds over like some Colonial slave master from the 19th century which he would have been if he was born into that era which leads back to your exellent poem called Knobhead.”, because thats exactly what they are. Cheers and keep your fingers thumping those keys.


  13. frontad84 says:

    Dear Truth Seeker, Superb Verse as usual you are unbeatable, so here goes with my meagre contribution. Best Regards, Radnoft.

    Pre Election there was a great scrimmage
    In an effort to improve Abbott’s image
    They made use of his daughters
    As faithful supporters
    But misfired on the family man visage

    With two Bishops and Cardinal Pell
    And being a Catholic as well
    Tony Abbott the liar
    Acts like the Messiah
    But he can’t cover up Satan’s Smell.

    Lots of folk on Abbott will heap
    Loads of shit and call him a creep
    But I feel that is cruel
    To the wing nutted fool
    I won’t praise him that high,- not a peep.

    Abbott that wing nutted goblin
    With his maniacal lop sided grin
    Is a bloody great farce
    Licking Sri-Lanka’s arse
    And alienating Indonesia the Cretin

    The PM with his wing nutted mush
    Must have his brain housed in his tush
    For the statements he makes
    Usually end up mistakes
    Which reminds one of President Bush

    “H” stands for Hockey and Hypocrite too
    Our make believe Treasurer who hasn’t a clue
    For him an idea must be a strain
    With that ugly fat head devoid of a brain
    Like the rest of the Liberal Zoo.

    Hockey lives in a kind of a stupor
    Deluded with thinking he’s super
    But with Finance this prick
    Is as dumb as a brick
    With his pea brain wedged into his pooper.

    Scott Morrison’s arrogance and ire
    With an ego that could’nt be higher
    Shows he has’nt respected
    The poor fools who elected
    His gang of Misogynist liars.

    Scott Morrison of the Liberal sty
    Keeps quoting from days gone by
    And of when they were powered
    By War Criminal Howard
    Who sent Soldiers to Iraq to die.

    When watching that weasel Greg Hunt
    It makes one think of a runt
    But from someone I heard
    An unrepeatable word
    That befits the smart arsed little – fellow!

    That weasel Greg Hunt is obsessed
    Giving Roof Insulation no rest
    Now he’s acting real strange
    About Climate Change
    Think he needs a good Shrink and a rest.

    To say that Pyne acts very wild
    Would be really putting it mild
    For when he screams and rants
    Bet he still wets his pants
    As surely he did when a child.

    How could anyone believe Chris Pyne
    Pre Election said Gonski was fine
    Now the lying little hack
    Has flipped right back
    Saying Labour fucked up it’s design.

    Julie Vicious that useless old chook
    For the Libs is not a good look
    But I guess by her actions the shrew
    Shows she also hates women too
    So matches their misogynist outlook

    Julie Vicious the Devil’s disciple
    With her look so evil and spiteful
    Turns friends into foes
    Wherever she goes
    Until Aussies outlook is now frightful.

    The Liberals constantly claim
    Their Policies will lead them to fame
    But led by that dumbell
    They’ve been all shot to hell
    And blackened Australia’s good name.

    Lib voters must now feel dejected
    Knowing now what they went and elected
    Had we all stayed with Labour
    We’d still have a great neighbour
    And Gonski would not be rejected.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Frontad84, Thanks for your kind words 😀 and thanks for another of your fine limericks 😎

      I know the work involved in getting one together, so I greatly appreciate your efforts 😀

      Keep up the good work 😎

      Cheers 😀


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