So, how’s Conski working for you?

So how’s Conski working for you?images

Remembering back to the pre-election rhetoric about Gonski, and how it was labeled “Conski” by Pyne, (a derogatory term repeated only the day before they,  did their 180% turn on the funding), it’s hardly surprising that they have now displayed their true intentions via a double backflip with pike.   😯

Always… wait it was never?

Always… wait it was never?

So what happened to the Adult, Transparent and “No excuses” government that we were promised?

So the “Adult” government so far have:

  • Played “Hide and seek” with asylum seekers, boat arrivals, general info and the truth.
  • Tried to bully our neighbours, and the ALP.
  • Lied about the debt and budget emergencies.
  • Lied to the voting public as well as kids all over the country.
  • Refused to admit to lying, instead trying to blame everyone else for not hearing what they said, even though they have been well and truly caught out, with transcripts and videos of all the relevant statements being readily  available.
  • Shown that as “Adults”, they make great spoilt brats!

The “Transparent”  government so far have:

  • Refused to tell even the parliament what’s going on.
  • Used the military as a political tool to hide information.
  • Refused to provide information for the senate, even though the senate specifically requested said information.
  • Still will not release the full details of one of their “Core” policies to combat CC, as the experts all say that DA is a dud that will not deliver the required reductions.
  • Basically expect Australians to just take them on “Trust” when they’ve proven conclusively that they cannot be trusted.
  • Proved that “Transparent” in the LNP lexicon means Obscure?

And the “No Excuses” government so far have:

The dog ate my homework

The dog ate my homework

  • Said, “It’s not in my folder” (Read “The dog ate it”)
  • Said everything is Labor’s fault.
  • Said that they didn’t lie, it’s just that we, the voting public, misunderstood or misheard what they really promised.
  • “No Excuses” actually means “Nothing but excuses”!   😯

And all this from a government (?) that:

  • Is less than 3 months old.
  • Has only sat for less than 2 weeks so far.
  • Has already had foreign affairs disasters.
  • Promised to improve our relations with everyone, and then trashed relations with our neighbours and trading partners.
  • Has blown out the debt that they claimed was so bad under Labor.
  • Has already broken the record for the the government with the shortest honeymoon period ever.
  • Has already shown disunity and disfunction.

And the lists go on and on!   😯images

I suppose that it’s just as well that they also promised “No Surprises”…   😯

They promised that they’d stick with Gonski

Until last week when Pyne dropped his bombski

Proving they don’t have the cred

And that all that they said

Should be listed under the heading of “CONSKI”


And the question for all of those “Mythical” Abbott supporters is;

“so how’s Conski working for you?”

LIARS ALL   :mad:


Update, the Liars have just backed down with another double backflip, making the full backflip a quadruple flip with two pikes and a belly flop   😯

But in the process they have proved conclusively that they have no idea WTF they’re doing, and definitely cannot be trusted.   😦


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31 Responses to So, how’s Conski working for you?

  1. consider says:

    All of the above should be Headlines in every newspaper around the country. Wishful thinking!!!!!
    By the way I actually heard Shorten say on T.V. that Abbott LIED. Hooray, at last he really said it.
    Let`s hope he keeps ramming it down the Journos throats that he (Abbott) is a pathological liar, right up until the next election.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks for your comment 😎

      Mate, I heard him call Abbott a LIAR a couple of days ago, and I said what you just said 😀

      I think he’s finally got his head around the word, and will use it frequently now, as it’s absolutely true 😯

      Cheers 😀


  2. cornlegend says:

    Good article mate.
    I always thought that they themselves always acknowledged that they were lying bastards.
    They all belong to the LNP.
    Doesn’t that stand for


  3. cornlegend says:


  4. davo says:

    Pyne described the scheme as a shambles.

    How can he foist a “shambles” on the children of Australia.

    He must resign.


    • cornlegend says:

      if only he would 😦


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Davo, thanks for your comment 😎

      Mate, that’s what makes me laugh about this whole situation, yesterday he was saying that it’s un-implementable , and today he says that they will stick with the four year funding model? WTF? 😯

      The man (and I use the term loosely) is a complete knobhead, and should be sacked, not only from the LNP, but from the human race 😯

      Cheers 😀


  5. Gilly says:

    They call it a shambles, then say they fixed the mess. Now they will claim it as there own.
    No wonder they have no trouble lying. They are concentrating on rewriting history as it happens.
    Now put it in the curriculum.


  6. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie,thanks for another great piece of writing on Abbott and co. I always look forward to reading your musings because it comforts me and other readers to know that there is someone in our corner fighting for us ,and dont ever think you dont make a difference because you do.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Brickbob, thanks for that mate 😀 you’re too kind 😳

      It’s just so hard to fathom the hypocrisy and stupidity of this sad little mob of political degenerates 😦 but the worst of all to get my head around, is that they are the government… so we’re told 😯

      I sometimes think it’s just someone with a lousy sense of humour, playing a bad joke on us 🙄

      Cheers 😀


  7. my say says:

    gilly,they sure are rewriting history,GONSKI hasbeen taken off the commonwealth education dept,website,which shows they were never going to honour their policy from the beginning,they just lied,and still are,
    i think we have a new name for our PM,i watched insiders yesterday,and as it was their last programme they went through the year that was,
    there were two men talking about the cartoons when they came across one of abbott and they described him as THE ABOMINABLE NO MAN,can we make sure it sticks


  8. cornlegend says:

    Nothing new with the LNP today.
    They are just lying about lying.


  9. joy cooper says:

    Great Musings Truthie, as always. Thank you for the fantastic job you are doing.

    Here is a link to wonderful analysis of the way Fox News & their Tea Party ilk “brainwash” their compliant viewers & followers. It is two years old but is oh so relevant to what has been happening here with Murdoch media, shock jocks & Abbott et al. This modus operandi was imported holus bolus to Australia probably by you-know-who..


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Joy, thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 😀

      This last episode should leave voters in no doubt about the lack of ability and accountability that will be a key feature of the Murdoch/Abbott administration 😦

      Thanks for the link 😀

      Cheers 😀


  10. Bighead1883 says:

    On the money again Truthy with your “Conski” money shot and this truly pornographic government.
    Why am I saying that the government is pornographic?
    1- It`s f$$king everyone in public.
    2- It`s open child abuse about education accountability
    3- It`s F**ked parliament up so bad in the public eye openly with the vile and lurid display of the Speakership.
    4- It is f!!king relations with our overseas neighbours openly and in public.
    5- It`s into open incest because it`s f**king it`s own LNP families State counterparts.
    .6- Like in the old video shops,they have turned Parliament into a secret counter service where you have to ask to see where the f%%king tapes are so you can see them
    So Truthy,when they said the adults were now in charge they were correct,the XXX adults
    who run government like adolescents in a XXX store.


  11. Bighead1883 says:

    Cheers Truthy 🙂 some of my steam has dissipated for today but the Minister For Banging Square pegs Into Round Holes Malcontent Truncheonbullshit is now my target along with Switkowski and their Murdoch/Telstra idiotic #fraudband.
    A thought Truthy- the May budget is the chance to see if the Greens and Labor really have the balls to block supply as the new Senate does not start until July 1
    Is there a chance of this within the allowed time frame?..
    I know the loop hole there was never closed as I`v written about it be4 and am up on my facts concerning this.
    The public are now fully aware of this governments 😈 wrecking ball mentality.


  12. cornlegend says:

    Biggy Alert.
    Choose your words carefully today on IA.
    I just got chopped for saying “Jason”s dad should have worn a condom.
    deemed as a personal attack
    After he said He’d be happy when Craig Thomsom was finally locked up .


    • consider says:

      Corny, I would have thought that Jason`s comments re Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson on IA were also a personal attack on them as well.


    • Bighead1883 says:

      Thanks Cornie,the do gooders or trolls or whom knows :mrgreen: whom are in there for whatever.
      It`s time to get pedantics Cornie and I`m going to BIG words like wheelbarroww and
      ornithorhynchus to day then 😆


  13. cornlegend says:

    I thought so too, 🙂


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