2014, a happy new year.

2014, a happy new year.

The last 3+ months of 2013 has seemed like a bloody eternity, as Abbott and Co stumbled and bumbled their way from one blunder/disaster to another, with backflips and broken promises galore.

And when the parliament finally sat, the newly appointed speaker confirmed what many, including your’s truly, expected of her.

That she would be:

There you go Bronny, that'l boost your retirement funds.

There you go Bronny, that’ll boost your retirement funds.

  • Completely biased.
  • Quick to stifle debate, for the sake of allowing the government to continue their propaganda unabated.
  • Blocking every attempt to hold the government to account.
  • Dishonest in her rulings and interpretations of the rules.
  • The geriatric Bishop.

In all, a disastrous start, and a long way from  the “Adult” government we were promised 😯

The great irony of 2014, for Abbott, may be that the polls that his real coalition senior partner, Murdoch, used so effectively to get Abbott into government, may point the way to his demise.

Now maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but if the WA polls continue to slide for the LNP, or even if they stay where they are, they point to a real problem for Abbott at the Senate elections early next year.

And if, as some are predicting, the LNP  lose three WA senators, then Abbott might seriously entertain the idea of a DD, as it might be seen as the only way that he can gain the total control that he desires.

Of course, there is always the possibility that there may be some attempted political interference, like Brandis threatening to sack the entire AEC, or Abbott and Hockey cutting their funding, but I for one am going into the new year with the firm hope that a new senate election will be called, and that the worst dreams of Abbott/Credlin/Murdoch will come to pass, and will force their hands.   😀

So with that in mind, my wish for truth seekers everywhere is that you all stay safe and well, and for 2014, a happy new year.

Cheers   😀



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Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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22 Responses to 2014, a happy new year.

  1. Fed up says:

    Brandis has a;ready signalled that he will attempt to bar funding for candidates if there is a rerun.

    A year I believe many will not be sorry to see the end of.

    May the New Year bring all that one wishes for oneself.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Fed up, 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes you are right, many would like to forget 2013 😯

      If the senate election goes ahead, as it should, and then a DD is called, I would imagine an awful lot of WA voters will be really pissed off with Abbott 😀

      Have a great one Fed up, and stay safe and well 😀

      Cheers 😀


  2. joy cooper says:

    A very well-deserved Happy New Year to you Truth Seeker & your family. 🙂 May it bring us many more of your much-enjoyed, brilliant blog posts.

    Have a good one & an early Scotch. A hearty & Happy Hogmanay to us all. 😆


  3. diannaart says:

    2013 has been a year I want to farewell – maybe in time it it will simply be another year and not the annus horribilis (many thanks, Liz) it appears now.

    To 2014 and to all of us. We all have something to offer – no matter whether we agree or disagree. How boring otherwise.

    Thank you Truthie, Ross Leigh, John Lord, Victoria Rollison, Michael Taylor, Kay Rollison, Turnleft2013, Kaye Lee, Dan Rowden and all contributors – such as Cuppa, Fed-Up, Cornlegend, Biggie, Fed Up, DoctorRob, Geoff of Epping, Olddavey, Richo and many more whose monikers I can’t recall, I have enjoyed meeting you all.

    Until we meet up again in a new year, may your reality be a kind one.


  4. kate ahearne says:

    Thanks for a wonderful year’s work, Truthie. May you continue in fine fettle to nettle the buggers.


  5. Truth Seeker says:

    Thanks to all 😀 Have to go out again now, but will reply to all when I get back later 😉


  6. Caz2 says:

    See you all in the New Year. Keep the faith


  7. Gilly says:

    Happy New Year all. Interesting times ahead, as Murdoch, Rinehart etc realise they have a moron in power, Can they stab a first term PM in the back? Can the rabid one keep one promise, and call a DD with falling polls? Can sloppy joe continue to promote the budget emergency that wasn’t but now is? Can Bronny ever stay quiet when a speaker needs to? Just a few questions that dangle for the children in power to use as pinardas.. .


  8. bighead1883 says:

    Happy New year from my Darling and myself Truthy and Mrs Truthy
    This site has been a gem of a find in a year of madness perpetuated by Ltd News.
    I like the rest here trust those in WA have seen the light and rid ourselves of as many WA LNP Senators as we can,the effort will be put out.
    I`ll wear my volunteer ambo uniform at the ALP booth on that day to add extra sneer into my tactics at making LNP bogans feel like the grubs that they are.
    I`ll have my phone at the ready for any call out.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, we hope you and your darling have the best and safest new year 😀

      You are a true warrior for the cause, and we look forward to the new year when we can shove it right up them 😯

      Have a great one mate 😀

      Cheers 😀


  9. melaine says:

    Wishing all a wonderful New Year 😀
    Thank you all for a fabulous year of inspiring comments and many laughs.

    Truthie, words can not express my appreciation for all the hard work you have put in setting up and maintaining this site. You truly make a difference to many peoples lives. You are one in 7 billion buddy 😉 😀
    Stay safe everyone…
    Mel xo


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mel, 😳 your contributions and support have been fantastic, and I just want to wish you and HWO the very best of new years. 😀

      stay safe and well, and have a great night… you deserve it 😀

      Cheers 😀


  10. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie,hope you and your family have a great 2014 and all the contributors as well.
    You have provided some great musings over the past year and may you continue in 2014.
    I dont have a clue whats going to happen next year but i hope the demise of Tony and the goon show will be top of the list. Cheers.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Brickbob, And likewise you and yours 😀

      Mate, having great contributors like your good self, make it an absolute pleasure 😀

      The one thing we can be sure of is that there will be more LNP stuff ups, lies and excuses… But no surprises 😯

      Thanks for all your support, and again… Happy New Year. 😀

      Cheers 😀


  11. orangefox says:

    Hi Truth Seeker and all the other wonderfull posters here.
    I hope you all had a nice Christmas and I wish you all a great New Year.
    This is a great site to visit and I am amazed at the output of Truthy.
    It will be interesting to see if Abbott and the Clowns deliver us the,
    ‘Recession we did not need to have’.
    Perhaps the senate should let it happen so people that voted for this mob get a taste of their stupidity.
    Anyway, on a brighter note you may like to have a listen to the song ‘Closure’ by Melbourne outfit ‘Owl Eyes’.
    In my opinion one of the best tunes of 2013.
    [audio src="http://searchfreemp3.com/newplayer/ODI5ODQ3NjE=yFRzT3dsIEV5ZXMgLSBDbG9zdXJl.mp3" /]


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Orangefox, Thanks for your kind words and support 😎 and for your Christmas and new year wishes 🙂 which, BTW, are are fully reciprocated 😀

      Yes, the recession that we didn’t need to have, or economic death by a thousand cuts, and the worst case of economic suicide the world has ever seen 😯

      Good song 😎

      Stay safe and well 😉

      And a happy new year CHEERS 😀


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