Would you like fries with that public utility?

Would you like fries with that public utility?

The Court Jester!

The Court Jester!

So, we’re half way through January, and already we’ve seen the template set for Abbott’s loonies, with;

  • Abbott still working on the principle (bad choice of words   😆   )  that if you tell a big lie often and loud enough, the people will eventually believe it.
  • Abbott still saying that everything’s fine with the relationship with Indonesia while the Indonesians clearly believe otherwise.
  • Bishop still practicing her “Verballing” skills and playing at foreign  Minister, to the country’s detriment.
  • $1 million set aside for the Abbott’s commission of audit, and $20 Million set aside for another enquiry into pink batts… WTF? (You don’t need to spend a lot of money on an audit with a predetermined outcome).
  • Pyne trying to rewrite not only the curriculum, but also history.
  • Hockey refusing support to small business, and setting the ground work for right wing slash and burn.
  • Morrison now, not even pretending to tell us what’s going on, but just putting out a press release unless there is something of significance to tell,   😆    except that he’s already said that he won’t talk about “Operational or ‘On Water’ Matters?

Scott Morrison 11

We also have bi-elections coming up for both state and federal seats, and hopefully a new senate election in WA, which may well have serious implications for Abbott if, as the polls suggest, he loses three senate seats.   😀

As a QLDer, I will be watching with interest the Redcliff by-election, to see whether they reject the fascist Newman, or they should rename it Redneck Central?   I sincerely hope it’s the former, to send the nut-jobs a clear message that one term is all they’ll get   😀

Griffith will also be one to watch, although I doubt there will be any change there.   😯

So what are the indicators pointing towards for 2014?

  1. More lies and spin and broken promises from the “Ruling Arses”.
  2. Economic and social suicide by a thousand (LNP) cuts.
  3. More “Jobs for the boys/girls.
  4. Higher debt and deficit levels.
  5. Higher unemployment numbers.
  6. Higher costs of living.
  7. Only negative action on climate change.
  8. A further eroding of our already newly damaged international reputation.
  9. A worsening of relationships with our neighbours.
  10. A selling out of our country to the multi nationals through FTA’s that include ISDS’s.
  11. More corruption of process.
  12. More corruption   😯
  13. More eroding of our civil liberties.
  14. More real waste, through nut-job ideology and false economy.
  15. A lesson  in how to run an economy… into its very own version of the GFC.
  16. A selling off of  public assets, to the point where the question asked by the “Rulling Arses”, is…

“Would you like fries with that public utility?”

want fries

BTW, as we approach 100,000 hits, I would like to once again express my appreciation to all those visitors, followers, commenters and friends who have chosen to join me on this meandering journey through the wilds of Australian politics.

The absolute madness that has been such a feature of the political and MSM discourse and landscape over the past twelve months (Since I started “Truth Seekers”), seems set to continue unabated into 2014 and possibly beyond   🙄   , but on the positive side they will undoubtedly provide more and more fodder for us to work with, which will in turn lead to their ultimate demise   😀

But I digress   😯

So the journey continues on into 2014, and by having a laugh, and sharing our opinions, facts and links we will continue to hope for and work towards the best outcome for our great country and its future, that of confining the LNP mob to the garbage bin of history, which they so richly (pardon the pun) deserve.   😯

Cheers   😀


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17 Responses to Would you like fries with that public utility?

  1. diannaart says:

    Thank you Truthie, will comment after heat wave.


  2. TimePasser says:

    Thank You Truthie! As always, a great mix of mirth, myth and misery for us to contemplate.

    Working on the principle: ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.’,
    let’s start another list – an ‘alternative scenario’ – just to cheer ourselves up!

    1. James Ashby decides to ‘spill the beans’.
    2. Numerous ‘resignations’ from coalition ranks.
    3. AFP decides to investigate LNP rorting.
    4. Murdoch converts to Buddhism – the middle way!
    5. Abbott says “Sorry” – to Julia Gillard.
    6. The speaker “restores dignity to the House.”
    7. Heat waves pass; the planet is saved! (….for Dianna)
    8. ……

    I have a Dream…..


    • Truth Seeker says:

      TimePasser, thanks for your comment 😎

      I do prefer your list, but sadly, for at least some on the list, there’s more chance of Julia Gillard and Anus Jones having a love-in 😯 But we live in hope or hype? 😉

      Cheers 😀


  3. bighead1883 says:

    Good work Truthy and all that I can really about this LNP mob is that my brain has gone numb 😯
    It`s like scratching a flake of paint off your door jamb only to see white ants come out and when you probe it with a screwdriver you find the whole place is riddled with them and the likelyhood of demolition is imminent.


  4. Consider says:

    Well done Truthy, as usual. 🙂
    I see the Free Trade Deal is working well, for KOREA !!!!!!!! 😡
    I would have thought, in deference to their little grub mate Abbott, the Koreans and GMH would have waited a tad longer to make the announcement about taking our Aussie jobs.
    I also note yesterday GMH announced record car sales in the U.S.
    Their car workers must be paid a pittance of a wage just like the Korean workers I suppose.
    Just another nail in the coffin.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks for your comment and feedback 😎

      Yes mate, and that will be replicated with every FTA they sign, but hey… the corporations will be happy for five minutes 😉

      Cheers 😀


  5. Gilly says:

    Such a positive note Truthie. “Do you want fries with that?”. Going on past privatisation sales, I can’t see this LNP lot trying to upsell. More likely they will offer the fries for free, the workers as slaves and the customers as easy, captive marks.


  6. my say says:

    is it possible for the GG to have this parlament dissolved,surely someone has the power to do something,if not [,where will we be in two and a half years time?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      My say, thanks for your comment 😎

      Mate, that’s a question that more and more people are asking, and the answer doesn’t bare thinking about 😦

      Cheers 😀


  7. frontad84 says:

    There are thousands of Voters dejected
    And from Liberals have surely defected
    Now that they’re awake
    To that wing nutted snake
    And the lies he told pre elected.

    Abbott’s agenda was plain
    You did’nt need half of a brain
    To know his only ambition
    Was to reach top position
    And see his name in the hall of fame.

    Now he’s playing the Dictator game
    With a brain that’s right out of train
    If he lasts for 3 years
    We’d be dead twixt the ears
    If we let him be PM again.

    Some people praise Abbott’s format
    Whilst others will call him a pratt
    And there’s those he makes aggro
    But of course they all know
    He’s as cunning as a shithouse rat.


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