Liar liar pants on fire:

Liar liar pants on fire.Pants on fire

For those that weren’t sure, Tony Abbott is the inspiration for this poem, and a worthy recipient of the inaugural  “Untruth seekers” award for the biggest lying bastard of 2013.

Liar liar pants on fire.


Liar liar pants on fire

Said the Liberal Dr Stone

To the leader of her party

The Mad Monk… as he’s known

Cos he tried to blame the workers

And the management of Ardmona

Just to beat up on the unions and

And to refuse to be a donor


To save three thousand jobs or more

He just won’t contemplate

Giving money to help workers?

He rather give it to a mate!

Or hand it to a company

To help them stay afloat

If it suits his own agenda

Or it’ll buy another vote


Cos he doesn’t care for workers

Though he’s called himself “their friend”

As usual Abbott’s telling lies

They’re just a means unto his end

And it’s not a one off, incident

Cos on lying he has form

And he leads the mendacious LNP

For whom lying is the norm.


He’s claimed that he has been misheard

That it’s other people’s fault

‘They didn’t listen carefully’

‘It wasn’t what they thought’

And when confronted with the proof

He continues to deny it

Proving yet again when it comes to “Truth”

The Abbott just won’t try it!


The man is such a hypocrite

It’s plain for all to see

As he wasted more than three years

Talking down our economy

He lied and lied, and with Murdoch’s help

Some gullible souls believed

Now many are really angry

Cos they know they’ve been deceived.


He said they’re un-Australian

That bloody ABC

For reporting allegations

Against our great Navy

How dare they cast aspersions

About our personnel

I should teach them all a lesson

And sell them off to Rupe’s Foxtel


He’s lied to fool the people

Spewing fear and discontent

And he’s lied about our climate change

And what the science meant

He’s lied about his policies

And he lies without a pause

He even lies about others lies

To help advance his cause


He’s lied to ruin others lives

And destroy opponents careers

He’s lied about debt and deficit

To play on peoples fears

He lied about being Adult

And about transparency

He lied to gain high office

For himself and the LNP


And he lies to hide his stuff-ups

And he lies to cover his arse

And he lies about his achievements

For lying he’s top of the class

He lies about not telling lies

And about his hidden agenda

He may be an amateur diplomat/ PM

But he is a professional truth bender


He’s the Abbott that many were dreading

Cos “Honest” he just doesn’t get

He lies and he cheats and is all you’d expect

From the arsehole… that is Murdoch’s pet

And there are damned good reasons why

He’s labelled  “The Mad Monk”

Cos he’s a rabid right wing nut-job

And a lying… little… skunk


Liar Liar


No skunks were injured during the writing of this poem, although I’m sure that at least some may be offended by the reference, which was made with regards to his ability, when cornered by the odd marauding Journo, to distract with the stench of decaying slogans and policies, and then beating a hasty retreat. But if you are too offended on the skunk’s behalf, feel free to substitute “Punk”, which also fits.   😯


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29 Responses to Liar liar pants on fire:

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Lovely, Truthie. I think my favourite bit is, ‘He lied about being Adult’. Or maybe it’s the pic of the little Liar Liar boy, But no, I think it’s the skunky disclaimer – a whiff of class there!


  2. bighead1883 says:

    M8 they just get better and better and I belly laughed at some of your excellent quips.
    The finale with the skunk was so fitting as to not insult any skunks.
    Author,Encore clap clap and applause.


  3. Gilly says:

    Hey TS what a good idea. Lets let his pants burn merrily away, then hope they catch onto one of his brain farts, that way he cab blow out his own brain , what there is of it.


  4. olddavey says:

    Another classic.
    I’ve been on a few sites today like GA etc and I wondered if Tone’s people monitor them and get a feel of what a lot of us think of him and his “government”.
    It must be disheartening that the majority of comments on these sites,although scathing, is fairly light hearted, while comment on the RWNJ sites is totally over the top and makes his mob look like a bunch of total looney cockheads.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Olddavey, thanks for that 😀

      Mate, I wouldn’t be surprised, they pop up everywhere from time to time, trying to derail a thread. 😉

      It’s also interesting to see where links get posted 😀

      Mate I’ve always said… “If it walks like a “Total Looney Cockhead” and talks like a “Total Looney Cockhead”, then the chances are it’s Abbott, or one of his total looney cockhead mob 😯

      Cheers 😀


    • cornlegend says:

      I don’t know if they monitor them, but I just sent the link to Abbott, the Liberal Party and Joe Hockey.
      When I get a bit more time, I will send it to the whole bunch of scumbags.
      mate, this one has made my day, week, month.
      Dunno how you keep coming up with them, but please do
      great stuff. 🙂


  5. The Mad Monk Tony Abbott got my award for Wingnut of the Week – Check it out on Politicoid if you like…


  6. Kaye Makovec says:

    🙂 May I share that epic poem?


  7. Well, I’ve just shared it with my over one thousand twitter followers, also shared it on facebook. We need to keep sharing these hilariously funny pome’s ’cause otherwise we would just sit around all day with our head in our hands saying OMG not another stuff up or lie.
    Great work Truthie.


  8. Lorraine says:

    The Lord of the Lies! Abbott outdoes all others in his party!


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  10. frontad84 says:

    As a hypocrite Abbott’s the epitome
    With each broken promise a litany
    By supporting this prick
    Your either rich or your sick
    And urgently need Leucotomy.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Frontad84, thanks for that 😆 😆

      You caught me just as I was about to turn in 😯 so I’ll wish you and all truth seekers a very good night 😀



  11. frontad84 says:

    Fantastic poem Truthy, love it !


  12. NicoleR says:

    Brilliant work!! intelligent, well written, and entertaining.
    You’ve encapsulated succinctly the crooked character of our PM in your poetic musings.


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