Such outrage?

outrage1+Such outrage?

Is it just me , or has anyone else noticed the extreme outrage that has been displayed  by LNP MP’s?

I ask this, because it seems to me that the amount of outrage displayed is, to a large degree, determined by the size of their own stuff ups, and by the level of ideological imperative attached to a particular policy.   😯

A case in point is the grossly out of proportion tirade unleashed upon the ABC, by a seemingly apoplectic Defence minister, as a result of the allegations against Navy personnel.

We have witnessed plenty of outrage from Most, if not all, of Abbott’s nut-job mates (LNP MP’s), over the  “Carbon Tax”, fed and built upon by a plethora of lies and misrepresentations relating to the fiscal impacts and lack of emissions reductions.

Now we know that Abbott is still pushing the “Carbon Tax” barrow, even though the world, as a whole, has moved a long way past their pathetic and outdated ideologies based on climate change denial, and we just know we will hear much of it over the next few weeks, due to the WA half senate election.

The question lingering in the back of my mind is… WTF?

I mean really;peta-credlin 1+

  • Has Credlin sent them all to “outrage” classes?
  • Did she send out a directive saying “Don’t speak to anyone, but if you Get caught… LOOK OUTRAGED! 

Mr Angry 1I Have to say, when it came to David Johnston’s outrage… I was outraged (By his outrage   😡   )   The man said that he was quiet for a while, cos he was just so angry… WTF?

It’s more likely that he was MIA, cos he had to learn his lines, and practice his Mr angry face.   😉   And IMHO, he needed more time.   😯

Then we have Hockey, who, when discussing Labor fiscal policies, or rather when blaming Labor for … everything, looks like he will blow a gasket, as a hurricane rages in the space between his ears.   🙄

And the Oscar for ‘most convincing feigned outrage’, goes to… “Sloppy Joe Hockey” for his leading role in “To Fool a Nation!”

Chrissy Pyne is outrage incarnate, even getting outraged over not having anything to be outraged about.   😯

Even Abbott, who has the emotional and moral maturity of house brick, tries to look outraged when he talks about Labor or the “Carbon Tax”.

Now I’m sure some will fall for it, like they have with Hockey’s crocodile tears in parliament, but it’s getting a bit old and tired, and sadly their outrage doesn’t equate to better policy, just better theatre for those that want to believe it.   😦   while the rest of us just shake our heads and wonder … WTF is it, and who TF do you think you’re fooling with;

Such outrage?

Tony (Facts… What facts) Abbott, Outraged over his own "Shit Happens!" Statement.   :shock:

Tony (Facts… What facts) Abbott, so outraged over his own “Shit Happens!” Statement, he was speechless. 😯


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59 Responses to Such outrage?

  1. captain51 says:

    And there is of coyrse, the perpetually enraged Bananaby blowing a gasket


  2. Fed up says:

    TT, I believe that rage be real. One has to ask, Why?

    Then what bully can ever accept criticism. I have heard that aggression and bullying could really be a sign of lack of self confidence and belief.

    That aggression is because the person is unsecure and frighten.

    I have seen this explanation when trying to understand the oppression of children suffering from ADHD and Oppositional, Disorders. They hit out, because they do not feel secure.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, yes Abbott has every reason to feel insecure, as he is a classic example of Ambition clearly outstripping ability 😦

      Cheers 😀


    • olddavey says:

      Fed up,
      I agree. These crazies seem to be angry all the time. They were ranting and raving the day after the election, before anything had time to go wrong.
      It might be partly due to the bolts, joneses, shanahans and the other sycophants who continually tell the faithful how wonderful things are which only makes them look even more incompetent.
      I’m loving it.


  3. diannaart says:

    I have asked this question before and will ask again:

    Abbott is not at all comfortable with women, his stammering worsens and then he opens his mouth and out come the most inanely sexist crap.

    So what does Peta Credlin have on Abbott? Must be freakin’ amazing. If not alarming, I mean does Credlin ever look happy or even just a little calm? Even Julie Bishop appears warm and fuzzy compared to this very perturbing woman.


  4. kate ahearne says:

    Truthie, I think you’re onto somethinmg. Outrage Classes! And for Mr Abbott, Repetition Classes, Slogan Classes and Earpiece Classes. Thanks again, mate.


  5. bighead1883 says:

    Bloody outrage acting lessons alright Truthy conning the bogans via posturing ponderances proporting perpetual predisposal to look at how f**ked we are and we have to SELL everything.
    Yes folks Labor buggered it up that much that we don`t even own anything cause I`m signing the TPP so `Merica can save us and we all work for Macca`s for $7.50 ph.


  6. Consider says:

    Truthy, as usual you`ve picked it in one.
    This mob is panicking and flailing about, hoping for some traction. Could you imagine Gillard, Combet, or Swan et al carrying on like that, and if they did ,how do you reckon the good old MSM would have reacted?
    Silly question I know.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks mate 😀

      Yes you can see them falling over one another to see who can get the most sensational story 😯 , or make it up? 😉

      Cheers 😀


  7. olddavey says:

    I reckon Mal is really outraged although he hides it behind that “I don’t believe I’ve let myself be conned into spouting this shit” expression.
    Abbott has ensured his chances of ever being leader again are zilch.


    • diannaart says:


      Beats me why right-wingnuts are always so angry – the closest to happy they ever get is smug.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Olddavey, Yes, he’s outraged at himself for not having the guts to be publicly outraged at Abbott, who he’s privately outraged at for making outrageous demands of him in this outrageous portfolio. 😯

      And consequently all his claims are… outrageous 😉

      Cheers 😀


  8. cornlegend says:

    My outrage, at their outrageous act of being outraged, has me so outraged I’m almost gone to the extent of being enraged


  9. Fed up says:

    diannaart, you are correct about Abbott with women.

    One needs to keep in mind, women have always played a big part in Abbott’s life. I am thinki9ng of his mother and sisters. I believe the sisters were expected to meet his needs at all times.

    Abbott, I suspect needs sup[port and is reliant on women for advice and keeping him out of trouble.,

    I suspect that Abbott could not cope with a man in Credlins position.

    Saying it another way. Abbott is used of women serving him and meeting his every need since he was a young child.

    Funny, his wife does not seem to have much influence or play a big part in his life. One wonders why>

    Yes mum and sisters were always there. His relationship with his three daughters, tells one much. Not normal in any way.


  10. Fed up says:

    It seems to be a fact, that Abbott not only has no empathy with women. He has none with anyone.


  11. olddavey says:

    Not only are they outraged, whenever they or their apologist mates appear in the media with someone who disagrees with them, they are always extremely rude and ill mannered. Usually to try and drown out any disagreement that makes them look like knobheads.
    Still, I suppose that’s what a private school education does for you.

    I used to catch a tram at Sth Yarra station to St Kilda road and a mob of Melbourne Grammar brats would get on at the same time and they were the rudest pigs you could ever see. Real LNP material.


    • diannaart says:


      A long time ago in another space time continuum I was the proud owner of an MG midget (1200cc engine BTW). One day, coming off freeway exit ramp my little car started to overheat – so I did the best thing I could moved my car to as close to the kerb as possible and turned off the engine. This part of town was close to Toorak one of the wealthiest suburbs of Melbourne, various business men in their Mercs and Beemers were so outraged at me blocking their way home they hammer their car horns and yell at me (perhaps believing this would make me and my car magically disappear), then along came a dusty old tray-truck, sitting in the back (this was in the days before sitting in the back of utes ‘n such like was illegal) were a group of men in blue tank tops and shorts – big and burly they were. They leaped out and each took a corner of my car and lifted it onto the grassy verge. They waved as they took off – the entire episode from first stopping my car to rescue by REAL men probably lasted not much longer than 10 minutes. Very satisfying to wave back at these men and dare I say lift a finger at the complete dicks who could only blast theirs horns and yell.

      Such is privilege, I guess.


      • Caz2 says:

        Your story is not unusual. When my son had a motorbike accident, he was injured and crawled to the nearest house for help, only to be turned away. The couple that did help help looked like hippies and not only called the ambulance and looked after him until it arrived, they took charge of his bike and all the bits that had broken off, and kept them until the family could collect them. Never judge a person by their appearance, only by their actions.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Yes mate, for people with a born to rule mentality, they certainly seem to be sadly lacking in the social graces like common decency and manners 😦

      Cheers 😀


  12. Caz2 says:

    It is called winning by intimidation, the natural approach of a bully. Abbott and co would do well to take notice of Christine Lagarde on Q and A this week. she was more in line with Julia Gillard’s way of thinking than Abbott’s. Also he should heeed Malcolm Fraser’s warning about releasing cabinet documents to the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation scheme. Fraser knows that by doing so the Libs may reap the whirlwind when the government eventually changes. I think Fraser was trying to protect his own term of office as well as Howard’s. Eventually all the dirt will be revealed.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Caz2, thanks for your comment 😎

      I agree, but then it appears that Abbott only listens to himself and Credlin 😯 So I can’t see him taking notice of Fraser or anyone else for that matter. 😦

      I’m just looking forward to the time when it comes full circle, and bites them fair on the arse, but then that may prove to be wishful thinking on my part 😯

      Cheers 😀


  13. Fed up says:

    Does one get the following, there is something very unusual arising in the community, It is not anger or rage. Much deeper than that. It is not about politics or parties.

    It is as if a body of people is standing up, and quietly saying enough is enough.

    It is being driven by no one.

    I think that asylum seeker having his throat slit might be the final straw.

    I have joined up with the Getup group in my area. Yes, many people willing to take a stand. Very few have any interest in connection with any party. They all appear sincere about bringing about a change,

    Most are not young.,

    If I am correct, Labor will have to be very careful how they manage things. I suspect these people are not interested in politics, in fact, many are saying a pox on all houses.

    One is picking the same sentiment up on social media and blogs. Even comments on MSM sites.

    We have the G20 Treasurers and bankers in Sydney. This under normal times would be a big e4vent. The MSM seems to be ignoring it. It makes one cringe the little we see of Hockey.

    The only reason I can see to it being ignored, is that the MSM does not want to highlight the fact that Hockey is making a fool of himself.\\

    Maybe I am wrong, and it is wishful thinking on my part.


    What is amazing, it is not rage, hate or anger. It comes across to me, as being steely resignation. Yes, we, a feeling that many believe they have no choice but stand up and be counted.

    It is more like the public has lost all respect and belief in this government.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes I think that there is a steely determination to do something about this rabble 😀

      Cheers 😀


    • diannaart says:

      I know this is short notice but received this from Father Bob Maguire in my email:

      By now you would have heard about the tragic events on Manus Island that left one dead and 77 injured.

      Reza Berati, a 23 year old from Iran, lost his life in the most horrific way while under our care. It was in July last year that he made the perilous journey by boat to seek refuge in Australia and instead of finding safety, he endured a nightmare.

      This Sunday, we can send a different message and shed a light on the unacceptable way we’re treating asylum seekers in our care.

      Despite our Government’s best attempt to keep us in the dark, we’re going to light up the night. Australians will be gathering across the country, in homes, backyards, parks and churches to pay respects to those we’ve failed to protect and display the compassion and hope that we know Australians are capable of.

      There are candlelight vigils planned in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Perth and Adelaide, and many more Australians will host their own vigils with family and friends right across the country.
      Will you join us in lighting up the dark? All you need to bring is a candle if you have one (there will also be some there) and your compassion. See you on Sunday?


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  15. James Cook says:

    Just saw the execrable Hockey after the G20 meeting. (Was that low key or what?) Apparently all agreed on a 2% growth target. Gosh, that makes me feel much better! Seems they have no idea on how to achieve that world-wide, but Jolly Joe seems to think he’s the Man! I think now they all go home and pass on the great news to their respective nations. World-wide soul-uplifting is sure to follow. I hope those people onManus Island Resort get the good news too. God, I’m pissed off with these lieberals! And the bloody MSM. How do all these bastards sleep?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Cookie, yes mate, I’m just disappointed that they all played his silly game, and ignored the elephant in the room;

      How climate change will impact on fiscal management, and growth forecasts and targets? 😯

      2% 😀

      Cheers 😀


    • hefina says:

      Im pretty sure that Hockeys wife is giving him the information , she wears the pants in the house i reckon. He couldnt have thought about any of this G20 himself, I wonder though if his wife was there too. his speech on the nws tonight had quite a few umms and more umms , he really isnt that bright in my opinion anyway .Cheer s , nice to be back .
      Another thing im concerned about ,truth seeker, a bit off line here, Julie Bishop said that she wants the poorest Country and the one with the worse human right Cambodia to take in refugees. years ago three or four young men was murdered by them , and she wants to send these people there , they are already fleeing , fearing for their lives. This Government will do anything to get rid of these asylum seekers . I was just wonering what you think of her plans to get Cambodia to take in refugees.:-)


      • Truth Seeker says:

        Hey Red, I agree about Hockey, IMHO he isn’t that bright, although the amount of “Umms” might just be that Credlin sent out a memo telling them all to sound more like Abbott, so he doesn’t sound so thick when he’s dribbling? 😯

        As for the Bishop, I’m just surprised she hasn’t announced similar plans for Sri Lanka and North Korea too 😦

        This mob will do anything to try to make their policies (and I use the term loosely) work! 👿

        Cheers 😀


  16. brickbob says:

    I hope you dont mind that i reblogg some of your stuff on my Grovely Gazette blog site,i dont have a clue what im doing i cant even remember how i managed to get the site working it was just a fluke , i thought the more progressive opinions that are out there the better. I have reblogged a lot of different left or progressive sites on to the Grovely Gazette blog but i have never written anything myself. My monicker on is always brickbob but i use ”’ left turn ahead on the Grovely Gazette blog. I dont have the knowledge to take my blog site to a higher level but i just use it to reblogg other peoples sites such as yours to help to get the message out and a few people have written they have noticed the site and have read some of the stories i have reblogged.
    Let me know if you are fine with me reblogging some of your stuff as i am still learning the ropes. Such Outrage was a great read and so true. Cheers, brickbob”’alias Left turn ahead.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Brickbob, mate you are more than welcome to re-blog anything you think is worthwhile 😀

      I know what you mean, as I have only been doing this for 14 months, and it can all be a bit daunting.

      I had no idea, and some would argue ‘still don’t’ 😀 , but Miglo (Michael) from CW and AIMN was a big help to me, and still is if I need to find out something, but a lot of it is just trial and error.

      I’ve read many of your comments, and I really think you should give writing a go. This mob give us plenty of subject matter, and it doesn’t matter if we cover the same subject as someone else, cos we all come at things from our own perspective. 😯

      And if there’s one tip that I can give you, it’s; advertise. When you leave a comment on a site like IA or CW etc, if it’s on topic with something you’ve written or re-blogged, slip in a reference and post a link to the relevant post, most are pretty good about it, as long as you keep it relevant and aren’t too blatant 😉

      Having said that mate you are also doing a great job in using your blog to spread the word, so you can afford to take your time, and experiment.

      I had no idea that TSM would turn out the way it has, and it’s quite time consuming, but it’s also good fun, and I have got some terrific regulars, who also help to make it what it is 😀

      And remember, there’s a lot of info on wordpress, and there are always people around to help if you get stuck with something 😀

      Cheers 😀


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