An unfortunate incident?

An unfortunate incident?Abbott and Morrison+

After watching the “Sovereign borders” debacles of the last few weeks, culminating in the assaults on 70+ asylum seekers, and the murder of at least one, Reza Berati, last weekend,  Scott Morrison  has proved himself to be at the very least stupid, if not downright dishonest and incompetent, and should either fall on his sword or be sacked.

The truth is that Morrison started out by accusing people of spreading unsubstantiated rumours, and warned the media not to do it?    He then went on to report unsubstantiated rumours himself.

This is a man who has been more than secretive about the workings of his portfolio, and their border protection policies (?) telling us nothing of what’s really going on, to the point where  we have to go looking to the Jakarta Post for our news and information.  But when it comes to covering their own arses, they will do and say whatever it takes…  Do you see a pattern emerging?   😉

Remember this is the minister (?) that;

  • Has misled the Australian voters and probably the parliament too.
  • Has thumbed his nose at the Senate.
  • Has presided over policy stuff ups and Navy incursions into Indonesian territorial waters.
  • Has blamed everyone from the ALP to the asylum seekers themselves for his own mismanagement and incompetence!
  • Has displayed a spectacular lack of sympathy, empathy and humanity in his attitude towards the people under his care;

So what did Morrison know?

Well we know that while the  the violence was taking place, there were reports, credible reports as it turns out, coming from inside the camp to Australian refugee agencies and advocates, at the same time that, you would imagine, Morrison’s office were getting their information?

Any competent minister would have announced an enquiry immediately, and told the media that there are conflicting reports, and he will release the information as soon as he knows all the facts.

Instead, he seized the false information and ran with it, intimating that;

  • he knew what had happened
  • it was the asylum seekers own fault,pontificating over the “Fact” that if they had stayed “inside the compound” they would have been safe, and the man wouldn’t have been killed.
  • That his information was good and that reports from sources other than his own weren’t credible, and should be ignored.
  • He  can guarantee that if asylum seekers stay within the compound, they would be safe!

Since this tragic event happened, I have heard a number of LNP MP’s comparing this one “Unfortunate incident” with 1100 deaths at sea under the ALP… WTF?

I’m sorry, but IMHO there is NO comparison between the situation of desperate people drowning as a result of choosing to board a leaky boat for a clearly dangerous trip, and the death of a man who was placed under our protection, via Scott Morrison, and was subsequently, violently murdered inside the detention centre that was supposed to protect him from the type of violence that he was fleeing, and sadly proved his ultimate demise… on Morrison’s watch.

All deaths are tragic, whether drowning at sea, or suicide while in detention, or murdered in detention.

Sadly there will always be people desperate enough to undertake dangerous and sometimes deadly journeys to find a life for themselves and their families.

Suicide is a sad consequence of the hopelessness and the inevitable depression felt by many innocent people held in detention, and facing an uncertain future at the hands of politicians and bureaucrats.

The murder of a man who had come to us for sanctuary and a better life, was, is and has produced many things, including;

  • A terrible tragedy for the family and friends of the victim.
  • A criminal act requiring a thorough investigation.
  • Another blot on our international reputation.
  • A major policy failure (Albeit one of many).
  • A major display of ministerial incompetence.
  • A lack of ministerial accountability.

What it is NOT, is;

  • It’s not just an LNP inconvenience.
  • It’s not the time to rally around an incompetent minister.
  • And It’s NOT JUST “An unfortunate incident!”



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33 Responses to An unfortunate incident?

  1. frontad84 says:

    Scott Morrison’s arrogance and ire
    With an ego that couldn’t be higher
    Shows he hasn’t respected
    The poor fools who elected
    His gang of misogynist liars.

    Morrison and his Liberal thugs
    Continue to treat us like mugs
    For he told us one day
    Navy loses it’s way
    Is it him or the crew who take drugs?

    Herr Morrison and LNP thugs
    Must take the public for mugs
    When they try to show
    Navy’s pure as snow
    Forgetting it’s recent sex slugs.

    Herr Morrison thinks he’s just it
    But the fact is he’s full of bullshit
    Lies just like Abbott
    And can’t break the habit
    A typical LNP gambit.


  2. Truth Seeker says:

    It will be interesting to see if Shorten calls a vote of no confidence in Morrison, in Q T today 😉


  3. consider says:

    Every day Morrison is looking more like the Goose he really is,and should resign.
    The ABC site today had a Navy type trying to explain how it breached the boundaries of the Indonesian maritime borders SIX TIMES. I posted the following comment on the ABC site;-
    “Anyone who says they have never made a mistake, has never made anything, BUT anyone who makes the same mistake twice, is NEVER likely to make anything”
    Cheers :smile”


  4. bighead1883 says:

    Yes Truthy well done in picking out the incessant lies and blunders.
    Meanwhile Truthy whilst everyone`s attention is diverted this is going on>>

    Liked by 1 person

  5. cornlegend says:

    they lie like pigs in shit, but who’s gonna keep them honest,
    The Speaker ?
    The Attorney General ?
    The MSM ?
    get used to it people it’s gonna be a long ride. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  6. cornlegend says:

    Saw this on IA,
    Should be everywhere.
    Thanks Greens for giving Joe an unlimited credit card.
    Shouldn’t have done sweetheart deals with the LNP.
    lost credibility Greens


    • orangefox says:

      The Greens lost credibility a while back when they would not agree to trying to solve the asylum seeker issue. ie. Giving the Malaysia plan a go. SHY has ruined the Greens brand for the moderate Greens supporters. I used to be a big supporter of the Greens but they have changed which is sad because a lot of their policies are excellent.
      There are solutions to the asylum issue which are reasonable but politics stops that approach.
      Regarding that clock, they really should not note that it is in billions or trillions of dollars when the figures are presented in dollar amounts. If they want to quote figures in billions then it should look like $503.678653763 billion Nnot $503,678,653,763 billion. A small point but a fact.


      • orangefox says:

        I have to clarify what I mean. The clock says ‘hundreds of billions’ when in fact the actual amount is already quoted as such. Hence it should just say ‘billions’ or nothing. I suppose it’s a way of scaring people a bit more.


        • diannaart says:

          The Greens do not approve of offshore processing of asylum seekers. With both Labor and the LNP on the side of harsh deterrence policy, the Greens made the mistake of trying to play one side off against the other – did not work.

          The Greens are not perfect, but at least they remain true to compassion and caring for the more vulnerable – something Labor used to do.


  7. cornlegend says:

    Apparently Larry Pickering can do magic better than Dynamo.
    The clocks above show our debt growing at about $8000 a second
    On pickerings site, JOE, is reducing debt by about $1000 a second
    Lying Larry at it again using the same clock from the same site, but in reverse.
    Magic eh ?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Cornie, 😀 But we know that pickering operates in a different space time continuum 😯 so just like his heros — the LNP— there is no truth in him 👿

      Cheers 😀


  8. The comparison to the deaths at sea would be like comparing the road deaths to a death in custody.


  9. orangefox says:

    This asylum seeker issue is such a distraction. However there is a solution which many fair minded people would agree on. But first a few points should be noted.

    – The vast majority of people do not support an open border policy so therefore it is pointless to proceed with such a policy. The Greens tried and lost half of their voter base. They only held seats because of preference flows.
    – There are predemately two groups this majority is made up of. Those that want a fair approach for refugee intake (that’s me) and those that want to stop certain types of people settling in the country.
    – Offshore processing is too expensive and is not sustainable long term. There is no guarantee the boats will stop sailing.
    – Not all asylum seekers are aware they will be risking their life as the people smugglers promise them good passage and it is only after they have paid their money that they get to see the boat.
    – Not all asylum seekers are genuine refugees fleeing persecution. Some are looking for greener pastures but that is understandable but in that case they need to apply for an immigration visa not asylum.
    – There are people in Australia helping the people smugglers in Indonesia to organise this activity. These are often people who have come by boat themself.
    – Although politics is one reason that has caused an uneffective solution there is also the legal aspect of implementing a good plan.

    These are just some of the issues that need to be taken into consideration.
    But what would a good solution look like?


  10. orangefox says:

    Should be ineffectual, but you knew that.
    So what would a good solution look like?
    In my opinion we should only accept refugees from refugee camps or the UNHCR. All arrivals by boat or plane should be exchanged for a person from a camp. Money or bribes should play no part in determining ones sucess in gaining refugee status.
    We should also help these cps by better fuding them and we should also increase the refugee intake quota.
    I believe such a policy would get majority public support and put an end to this awful situation.
    But would the present clowns in charge want this? No way, as they demonstrated before when they blocked the Malaysia swap deal from proceeding, they find it very good to have this issue distracting everyone from concentrating on more important issues.


  11. cornlegend says:

    I’m sure there is an acceptable solution, but with the current setup in politics, we aren’t likely to see it soon.
    The LNP have locked themselves into a closed border policy.
    The Greens have locked themselves into an open border policy [but you will have trouble finding one Green to honestly admit it, or even put a top number on it, believe me I have tried 😀
    Labor, who are half way between the two, but are too gutless at the moment to even be seen to be anything but tough on Asylum seekers.
    Today in QT, the LNP were expecting no confidence motions in Morrison and a hot time of it for the whole of QT according to the ABC.
    Labor asked 4 half baked questions and moved on.
    I think Labor is the only one that could bite the bullet and come up with a half way decent policy, without being seen to lose too much face.
    Question is, do they have the will?
    Don’t think so, cause they have the BILL.. the Team Australia closet bloody lib
    I have absolutely no faith in Shorten on anything.
    The only thing that might change that view is if he ever moved a motion of no confidence in that obnoxious Speaker Bishop.
    Of course they would lose, but they should stage a walk out.
    What have they got to lose.
    They are being ridiculed by both the LNP and the Speaker.

    end of outburst 🙂


    • olddavey says:

      As I said a while ago, Cornie,
      The ALP should do exactly that with Bishop.
      They need to say “We’re out of here until you appoint an impartial speaker. Until then you can continue to fuck up the country without our help. You’re doing a brilliant job by yourselves anyway”
      Possibly followed by “Fuck you Tony.”


  12. cornlegend says:

    Quite an interesting speech from a millionaire venture capitalist.Nick Hanauer
    A speech from TED University.
    One they blocked the broadcast of, as it may offend their sponsors, some Republicans

    After some heavy criticism, they relented and released it.
    Land of the free, freedom of speech, America yeh !!


  13. cornlegend says:

    And this is How Fox News handles Nick


  14. Fed up says:

    Morrison, today in QT did get around to telling the man’s family how sorry he is, for his death.


  15. Gilly says:

    Some 40 years ago I had a job transferring biology specimens from one medium to another. One was of a very small foetus; it was the shape of a peanut with 4 little bumps, the start of arms and legs. I wondered what might have been and rued at what the world had lost. Never can the loss of a life, especially a young one, be just an incident. How many more “unfortunate incidents” are in store for the country? Climatic catastrophes, mass unemployment, bankruptcies, blood on the streets, overcrowded prisons, starving children all unfortunate whilst with a wink and a not, champagne in hand they smile and say “what a good government we are”.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Gilly, thanks for your comment 😎

      one of the problems that the LNP have is that they never learnt the old lesson of “Self praise is no recommendation” ( I also wrote a post of the same name 😯 ) but then, when self praise is the only praise you get, you can either realise that it’s you that’s out of step, or you can do what Abbott does in his ego fuelled mania, and dismiss the rest as ignorant and irrelevant, cos HE knows better 😯

      Cheers 😀


  16. wazman_nz says:

    Hi truthie you would have had to be blind freddy to not see this coming, it was an outcome that could only end in tradgedy and i don’t think we have seen the last of it. I read the comments on some of the other news websites and think to myself how can people have such distain and hatred for someone who they have never met, whose only crime (in their eyes) is that they happened to come to australia on a boat. The dynamics of what happended at Manus changed the moment Morrison issued his statement on Saturday night that the detainees were attacked inside the centre. It also didn’t take the PNG investigator to absolve the PNG police and locals from what happened. My feeling is they will try and pin it all on G4s.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Wazman, good to hear from you mate 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes it’s a sad indictment on all of us that there is a blatantly prejudiced undercurrent running just below the surface of such an outwardly multicultural society… why can’t we all just get along?

      The thing that I find strange, is that on the Tuesday Morrison said that the man had been picked up by ambulance, and was on his way to hospital, when he died. surely it wouldn’t be that hard to ask where the ambulance picked him up, and at what time?

      I wonder what they were all doing between Tuesday afternoon and Saturday evening?

      Yes well blaming other people is in their DNA 😯

      Cheers 😀


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