The cost of justice?

The cost of justice?CT+F

I have to say that personally I feel very sad about the situation that Craig Thomson and his family find themselves in, as a result of the magistrates “Guilty” verdict.


And although I’ve never been a fan of Peter Slipper, (having said that, I did think he did a pretty good job as speaker, and was light years ahead of the current incompetent   :mrgreen:   )  I also feel for him and his family, for what they’ve been through at the hands of a manipulated political and legal system.


IMHO, both of these cases are symptomatic of a misused and broken system, fully exploited for maximum political gain… Now who would do such a thing?

The truth is that in this country, in the 21st century, the justice that’s available to each one of us is determined by;

  1. Who we know, and how well we’re connected.
  2. What socioeconomic demographic we belong to.
  3. Whether the media takes an interest, or not, in our case.
  4. How well connected our enemies/accusers are.
  5. And the biggest and most common reason why we can’t get justice… The size of our bank balance!   😦

So despite all the rhetoric about a fair and equitable justice system (mainly from the legal fraternity) the reality for many of us is, that we get the justice that we can afford.   😯

In C T’s case, he took the riskier and cheaper option, primarily because he could not afford to go to trial.   The upshot being that he could not present the evidence that, in a fair, trial, may well have delivered a different result.

I won’t indulge in speculation on Slippers case, as it’s still in the system, but I will say that I find it passing strange that Ashby, Doane and Brough were all deeply connected to a scheme to bring down a duly elected government, according to Justice Steven Rares “Ashbygate” determination, and yet the AFP WILL NOT investigate it?

But they can start investigations and mount raids on solicitors offices, or channel 7 at the drop of a hat!….. Mmmm?   😉

Then we have another player in the HSU saga, and Tony Abbott’s favourite whistle blower, one K Jackson.

With the announcement yesterday, by Chrissy Pyne, that the LNP will jump on the CT1opportunity to score a few more political points in their personal vendetta against the workers, (through their attacks on said workers industrial representatives) and apologise to those named by Thomson under parliamentary privilege, we see true LNP priority.

That is to cut spending on health, education and services in the name of  “fiscal responsibility”, and being “careful” with tax payers money, whilst wasting hundreds of millions of tax payers $’s to pursue an ongoing LNP vendetta against unions, with the sole purpose of shoring up their own electoral prospects, by tying up union focus and funds in the courts, thereby reducing their ability to support the ALP!

But I digress   😉

Sadly, Shorten also jumped on the bandwagon, along with many from the ALP, to dump on Thomson, rather than risk further accusations of supporting corrupt union officials, even though Thomson still has the right of appeal.

And where does the apology stand, if ;

  • Thomson is exonerated on appeal?
  • Jackson and the othes named are charged and found guilty of fraud and corruption?
  • Jackson’s links to the LNP are exposed?

Now I know that there is also the possibility that due to her ties to the LNP,  Jackson may well have been offered some kind of prosecution immunity, in an under the counter deal for supporting their (The LNP)  union bashing ideology.  And you only have to look at the Credlin DUI case to clearly see that Brandis and the LNP have form in manipulating the legal system, to get the outcomes that suit them!Jackson and Lawler

WRT the Parliamentary Apology, there is also the distinct possibility that it may be part of a cynical, political,  exercise, by the LNP, to undermine any future action taken against Abbott’s “hero”, Jackson, and protect their own arses in the process.

As I see it, there’s four possible scenarios for Jackson;

  1. Jackson is charged, tried and found guilty, with major implications for the LNP.
  2. Jackson is charged, but due to political pressure charges are dismissed.
  3. There is also the possibility that Jackson has been working on her own plan “B”, just in case charges are forthcoming, and that could be a plea of  “Diminished Responsibility” or “Temporary Insanity”, backed up by her recent sojourns in mental institutions?
  4. Jackson is not charged with anything, and gets off scot free!

With the wealth of evidence against Jackson, and others, the fact that #4 is even a possibility, clearly shows that the system is broken, as the allegations against her MUST be tested in a court of law.

whistle blower

The worry for us, the Australian public, is that with Brandis and the LNP prepared to use the law as their own personal plaything, and  Newman’s  “VLAD” laws stripping away the civil rights of ordinary people, it is getting harder and more expensive to achieve real justice.

So if relatively well paid MP’s like Thomson and Slipper struggle to afford true justice, the question arrises;  “What chance do the rest of us stand?” , and sadly the answer is;


The truth is;

We as individuals only have access to a legal system, and through that system we BUY access to the Justice system, and consequently, only get the justice we can afford:

And it is a sad indictment on our society, that the majority cannot afford…

“The cost of justice!”

sheriff of nott2


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24 Responses to The cost of justice?

  1. consider says:

    Truthy sad to say there is no longer any Justice in this country for the likes of us ,it`s just about all over for this Great country. UNLESS————–


  2. Gilly says:

    An indication of how easy it is to have a travesty of justice because of financial concerns. And where oh where is there any policing of politicians and the MSM in relation to subjudicey laws?


    • Gilly says:

      Especially, in CT’s case, the election was trial by Magistrate rather than by Jury, due to political and MSM noise.. Then the Magistrate is critical of the prosecution over the scatter gun approach of charges to be laid, then, the Magistrate, uses the “man on the Clapham omnibus” test against one of the charge which the defence had elected not to defend against..


  3. doctorrob54 says:

    Everything you say is true,thank you.Lets keep our eyes open.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Doctorrob54, thanks for your comment 😎 your kind words and the reblog 😀

      You are dead right mate, we should all keep our eyes open, and be ready to call it as we see it, cos that’s the only way we can effect change. And we desperately need to effect change both in our political and legal systems, as an imperative for the future of this nation. 😉

      Keep up the good work 😎

      Cheers 😀


  4. cornlegend says:

    Good onya Truthy.
    A bloody good article,
    You nailed it mate.
    What was that old saying ?
    Justice is blind ?
    I think Oz has developed the Cretin earpiece model


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cornie, thanks mate 😀

      Yes mate, the “Cretin Earpiece Model” adds two extra features:

      That model of justice is not only blind, but deaf and decidedly illusive 😯

      Cheers 😀

      BTW mate, did you end up getting the Eureka for your DIL? 😉


      • cornlegend says:

        The one we looked at on Saturday is “in negotiation” they have changed prices twice.
        Have been put onto one that is for sale in Yass, $7000 cheaper, and supposedly immaculate, so we are going up there tomorrow.
        out of the two, she will end up with one.
        Haven’t seen her for a couple of days, still getting used to parenthood, and little sleep.
        Riley is an insomniac like his POP 🙂


        • Truth Seeker says:

          I must say I liked the red one 😉 but I’m sure the colour won’t be an issue 😀

          Riley is an insomniac like his POP, and his uncle Truthy 😀

          Cheers mate 😀


  5. Rhonda says:

    Great article TS. We need this to be kept in the public arena. Fighting the injustices of the LNP seems like an impossible task, but at least they need to know we are ‘on to them’! The scales of justice are decidedly out of balance since the LNP came to office and after witnessing QT this afternoon, it’s obvious that even our Parliament is totally lopsided….


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Rhonda, thanks for your comment and kind words 😎 😀

      The problem is that there are just so many of those injustices, and they’re not even five months in 😥

      Yes, sadly parliament has degenerated into high farce, with Helmet hair doing everything she can to completely trash the office of speaker, and the integrity of parliamentary process. 😈 She just has to go, followed closely by the rest of the LNP rabble. 👿


  6. Fed up says:

    All the Slippers judgements are to be handed down tomorrow. About time.


  7. Russ says:

    Truthy, Thanks for the great summary of events mate. Very insightful and pretty close to the bone.
    This case has a long way to run, possibly a long and winding road, but ultimately, Craig will get justice.
    Personally, I was totally gobsmacked when the judge backflipped completely with his strange verdict, that contradicted the evidence.
    On consideration, I am now leaning toward the old theory, that not everyone who sh*ts on you, is your enemy.
    Sometimes in life, bad stuff has to happen to bring about a greater good.
    I am preying that is the case with Craig and Peter as well.
    Cheers Truthy, I always appreciate your slant on things.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Russ, thanks for that mate 😎

      Yes, I too hope that true justice prevails for them 😉

      Injustice is one of my pet hates, and one of the few things that make me really angry 😡 that and right wing nut-jobbery 😯

      Cheers 😀


  8. Truth Seeker says:

    Morning truth seekers, and welcome to another day in Abbottalia, where there are no surprises, cos no-one should be surprised by anything this lying, deceitful bunch of right wing nut-job hypocrites do! 😉

    Cheers 😀


  9. bighead1883 says:

    With the fish going rotten in the head first the challenge to the ‘born to rule’ status quo can only come from the State.
    It can only be done in a tit far tat as to how the LNP now operate when Labor is next returned.
    Seize all documentation,
    Release all the previous governments paperwork to the Crown Prosecution office.
    Repeal all legislation that protected travel etc rorts.
    Hound every LNP corrupt pollie into bankruptcy/prison.
    There is no other way to break the back of this corruption 😈 👿
    Once again Truthy your take on these going`s on enlightens readers to the truth 😉


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, if there’s any justice in this country, it won’t matter to them (LNP), cos most of them will be in gaol 😀

      Thanks for all tour support mate 😀 I greatly appreciate it 😎

      Cheers 😀


  10. cornlegend says:

    Hows the cost of justice, if you had Michael Harmer as your brief ?

    Ashby might have gained the right to appeal, but the judgement against Harmer stands,
    Justice Rares really bucketed Michael
    Rares said, in his judgement last year
    “Justice Rares slammed Harmer for including damaging and at times irrelevant allegations in the originating process, which were then quietly dropped after extensive media coverage, and held that the case was an abuse of process. The judgment read:

    “The originating application was used by Mr Ashby for the predominant purpose of causing significant public, reputational and political damage to Mr Slipper.

    “A lawyer cannot open a case in court by making statements that may have ruinous consequences to the person attacked that the lawyer cannot substantiate or justify by evidence. Similarly, a lawyer cannot plead such statements and assert that they are supported by sworn or affirmed evidence, when he or she does not have a reasonable basis for making such an assertion.”

    Justice Rares found the inclusion of “scandalous and irrelevant” allegations from 2003 in the originating process and the assertion about Cabcharge allegations had “no legitimate forensic purpose”:

    “No lawyer acting responsibly could have included either of those matters … in the originating application to make what would become a public attack on Mr Slipper when it was filed.

    “A party cannot be allowed to misuse the court’s process by including scandalous, irrelevant or damaging allegations, knowing that they would receive very significant media coverage and then seek to regularise his, her or its pleading by subsequently abandoning those claims.”


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