Even more outrage?

Even more outrage?

Bishop venting her spleen at Shorten over Conroy.

Bishop venting her spleen at Shorten over Conroy.

I have to admit that after my last post on this issue, I thought enough had been said on the delicate matter of LNP over acting, and then the shit hit the fan.   😯

We had the Manus Island riots culminating in the death of a young man, Reza Berati, who sought our protection and while under that protection, was brutally murdered.

Fiona Nash, being particularly obtuse.

Fiona Nash, being particularly obtuse.

We also had the Assistant minister for health, Fiona Nash, embroiled in a conflict of interest with her chief of staff, Alastair Furnival who was acting as lobbyist for the junk food industry (Cadbury) at the time that Abbott committed $16 mil to Cabury’s coffers for boosting “Tourism” to Tassie… WTF?   😯       A decision that is now haunting them as they reject funding for other vital industries, that will add tens of thousands to the unemployment lines/dole cues.   👿

Oh, and did I mention that Cadbury’s are a sponsor of Abbott’s pollie pedal?   Mmmmm 😉

Now either of these issues are enough to outrage most people,  and I know I felt, and still feel outrage that Reza Berati was murdered while under our protection, not to mention the 60+ that were seriously injured at the same time.

I also find it hard to justify, and feel a certain outrage over,  giving tax payer funds to a multinational company like Cabury’s, while rejecting the needs of local manufacturing, that supports whole communities, and are major contributors to states and federal coffers!images

There is also the on-going issue of the grossly incompetent speaker, that causes me and many others anger and outrage, highlighted again this week just gone, as she refuses to allow the government to be held to account, or to answer questions with, actually, relevant  answers, as opposed to just trying to rubbish the previous administration.

So which one of these serious issues caused the most LNP outrage?

Well as it turns out, what really upset them, was not the fact that;

  • Nash was embroiled in a conflict of interest problem, that not only broke the law, but shows clearly the priorities of the LNP for employing their “Lobbyist” mates,
  • or even the  death in detention, that caused Morrison to make the Freudian slip of “Operation Sovereign Murders”
  • That their speaker, is trashing the “office of speaker”, the parliamentary rules/standing orders, whatever credibility she may have had left (a very minor issue, if one at all), not to mention parliamentary process, and the parliament itself!

So what was all the LNP outrage about?Conroy1

Well, while much of the country was outraged about those aforementioned issues, it was Stephen Conroy that got the LNP all fired up, and not because he was involved in “Possible” corrupt activities, or because someone in his care was murdered, or he was trashing the parliament, but because he had the audacity to accuse Major General Campbell of being involved in a political coverup!   😯

Now we know that Campbell has a fine record of service, and no-one, including Conroy, is disputing that!

The problem that Campbell has, is that he has chosen to nail the last stanza of his career to the LNP policy  “Operation Sovereign Borders/Murders” mast, which at best shows a severe lack of good judgement, bordering on gross stupidity, and at worst makes him complicit in their deceit.   😉

And the question has to be asked “Are we to shun criticism of someone just because of their past history of good service, or is it connections to the LNP that makes someone ineligible for criticism?”

The truth is there are plenty of examples of sports people, even Olympians, politicians, from both sides (although on balance, the right are well and truly overrepresented), Bureaucrats, doctors, police, Judges, Magistrates, Business people, Navy, Army and Airforce personnel  etc, who’s actions are at odds with their social standing or what their previous records would indicate.

So the only conclusion that one can come to, is that it’s the depth of connection to the LNP that determines the level of  support from this mob, and the number of “get out of jail free” cards they hand out.   😯   Their hypocrisy knows no bounds!   👿

So with only five months down, and record levels of ministerial lies, stuff ups and incompetence , and around two and a half years to go, unless something unforeseen happens, the one thing we can be sure of, from the LNP is;

“Even more outrage?”   (For all the wrong reasons!   😯   )

Reza Berati, many Australians are disgusted and deeply embarrassed  and offended by this government's actions. We are sorry for what happened to you , and for your family's loss.   RIP<

Reza Berati, many Australians are disgusted, deeply embarrassed and offended by this government’s actions. We are unreservedly sorry for what happened to you, while under our protection and for your family’s loss. R.I.P . 


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16 Responses to Even more outrage?

  1. consider says:

    Truthy, it must be getting closer to the day when we all start shouting “That`s it, enough`s enough”
    Maybe the march in March will be that day. 🙂


  2. diannaart says:

    Riddle me this Truthman:

    According to those who support LNP, everything bad that has happened since Abbott took office is Labor’s fault . Using the same logic, therefore, anything good that has happened must be due to Labor as well.

    If someone points out that nothing good has happened for Australia in the past 6 months (which is claimed as Labor’s fault – remember above “everything bad… is Labor’s fault”), when does whatever happens to Australia (good and bad) start to become the LNP’s responsibility?

    Most jobs have a 6 month trial basis – LNP’s time is nearly up.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Dianna, thanks for your comment 😎

      Well according to the LNP, it will always be Labors fault, no matter how long 😯

      And yes, they have failed spectacularly 😯

      cheers 😀


  3. bighead1883 says:

    They`re ouraged 😈 I`m outraged because people were told,but no,they listened to the propaganda of the MSM 😡


  4. Gilly says:

    I get the distinct impression we are on an, accelerating, downward spiral. The LNP (I refuse to call them a Government) have no cohesive policies to implement, instead we are subjected to ill considered, ideological, reactions. The results are an abomination which need to be covered up or have attention drawn away from them. This leads to yet more ‘dog whistle’ announcements that again need to be obfuscated. A vicious circle of incompetence and cover up. Being unable to admit to errors etc. the LNP will not learn they will only accelerate the carnage.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Gilly, thanks for your comment 😎

      I also refuse to call them government, my preferred label is the LNP Mob or rabble! 😉 and I agree that they are on a road to nowhere, and they’re dragging us along with them 👿

      Cheers 😀


  5. olddavey says:

    In reality they are outraged by their own incompetence but are unable to admit it, so they constantly say “Look, over there!”
    That goes not only for arselickers like Das Bolter but also many of those who voted for them and can’t bear the thought that they’ve made a mistake.
    We all know who I’m talking about from the blogs we read. (xxxofyyyy or tttofaaaa) You can fill in the names.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Olddavey, thanks for your comment 😎

      yes mate, it’s common behaviour in the LNP, blame everyone else rather than take responsibility for your own stuff-ups 😯 a very puerile attitude for an allegedly “Adult” (Read A dolt) government 😉

      Cheers mate 😀


  6. Fed up says:

    How is sending jobs offshore, good for the Australian economy. By the way, the PM deeply regrets.

    Qantas, not happy.


  7. wazman_nz says:

    Hi Truthie, how are you on this fine Tuesday morning. As long as i can remember people always talked about Australia as the “Lucky Country” if you wanted to make a good living and earn some good coin “go to Australia” i was told. When the GFC came along no country was spared except Australia, while other countries economies were going down the toilet Australia’s just seemed to get stronger. Now its like the brakes have been put on and the country is going into reverse, there seems to be no plan at all, well if there is they aren’t sharing it with anyone else, so far the only plan i have seen is – repeal the c tax, repeal the m tax and get rid of the red and green tape. Where once Australia’s economy was the envy of other countries i suspect that alot of the would be scratching their heads and thinking “what the f**K”, but hey don’t forget Australia is open for business the way things are going will anyone be able to afford to buy anything. Anyway Truthie i think we better buckle ourselves in because i think things are going to get ugly come July if TA gets his way. Take care mate.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Wazman, it’s always good to hear from you 😀
      Mate, I’m still kicking 😉 But mad as hell about this mob they laughingly call a “government” (not my description), they’ve even proved worse than my expectations, reaching new highs in “LOW”. 😯

      Yes mate, you are dead right, in six short months or so, we’ve gone from the economic and environmental envy of the world, to a laughingstock 😦

      And with no end in sight to their stupidity, it can only get worse 😯

      Cheers 😀


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