Hey Tony, that’s a hell of a wedgie you’ve given yourself!

 Hey Tony, that’s a hell of a wedgie you’ve given yourself!Abbott CC

The great irony of the last three years or so, is that whichever way Abbott’s “Axe the tax” mantra plays out in this parliament, he’s set himself up to look like the rambling knob that we all know he is!   😯

Now I’m sure we all remember that most favourite of Abbott’s slogans, and how many times a day we heard it repeated, over the last term of parliament, complete with spin and lies about how much it will cost business and individuals.  We were even told that Whyalla  would be wiped from the map  etc…   😯

We were also told that;

  • We were the only country with a carbon “Tax”
  • Ours was the most expensive… Even though no-one else had one… WTF?
  • Life as we know it will end as a result of the impost imposed upon us.
  • All major economies were moving towards “Direct Action”, and NOT carbon pricing!
  • We should not go it alone, but just wait and see what everyone else does?
  • We are massively disadvantaged by the extra cost to business.

Now that’s just a snapshot of the fear and misinformation campaign that we were ditch the witchsubjected too, along with the almost hourly condemnation of Julia Gillard as a “LIAR”, backed up with three part harmonies from the Abbott cheer squad of Jones, Bolt and Hadley, not to mention all the Murdoch press, and the majority of the rest of the MSM!

So here we are, six months into the Abbott’s tenure, and the world has moved on, leaving Australia with egg on its face, as he pushes ahead with his ideological agenda to walk away from any emissions reduction targets, for the sake of short term profits for a select few.

An agenda that has been rewarded with such accolades as:

This year’s Colossal Fossil goes to Australia. The new Australian Government has won its first major international award – the Colossal Fossil. The delegation came here with legislation in its back pocket to repeal the carbon price, failed to take independent advice to increase its carbon pollution reduction target and has been blocking progress in the loss and damage negotiations. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

And now we get to the crux of the issue, and the great irony.

If in fact Abbott does get to repeal the “Tax”, which is actually not a tax, but just a price on carbon, we will find ourselves in a fairly unique position of being one of the only developed economies to NOT have some form of carbon pricing.

Now, despite Abbott’s protestations that with our carbon “tax”, we will not be able to compete with the rest of the world, the truth is that in 2015, the worlds major economies are meeting in paris to thrash out a plan to penalise those countries that DO NOT  have a mechanism for pricing carbon!

What does this mean?

  • Australia, who took a lead roll in trying to combat CC, will now be penalised for being out of step with the rest of the major developed economies!
  • Repealing the carbon price will actually make it more expensive for Australian companies and in fact Australia itself to do business around the world.
  • Pretty much everything bad that Abbott attributed to the “Carbon Tax”, will become reality for us, but not because of the “Carbon Tax”, but rather because of its repeal!   😯

Abbott and his supporters spent around three years lying about the carbon price, and trying to wedge the Gillard government over the lie that wasn’t, but the ultimate irony is that Abbott has painted himself into a corner, from which there is no escape.

Cos if he gets his way, with the help of PUP, and repeals the “tax”;

  1. His lies WILL be exposed!
  2. The cost of Australia being “Open for business” without a carbon price will blow out, and will have long term ramifications and consequences for our ecological and economic credibility.
  3. He will be seen as the complete, lying KNOBthat we always knew he was!

And if he fails to get it repealed;

  1. His lies will be revealed, as we realise the benefits of a world wide carbon price.
  2. The costs of Australia doing business with the rest of the world will stabilise, and we can then focus on, and be a part of,  the push to the new “Renewables” economy, and take out place in the 21st century.
  3. He will be seen as the complete, lying KNOBthat we always knew he was!

And what’s left to say but:

Hey Tony, that’s a hell of a wedgie you’ve given yourself!

An oldie but a goodie!    :grin:

An oldie but a goodie!   😀   


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23 Responses to Hey Tony, that’s a hell of a wedgie you’ve given yourself!

  1. silkworm says:

    This 2015 Paris conference in which the international community is discussioning penalizing the countries dragging their feet on climate change needs to go viral.


  2. johnlord2013 says:

    There is so much truth in what you say and at some point in the future it will come back to bite us.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      John, thanks for your comment 😎 I greatly appreciate your feedback 😀

      Sadly mate this is just one of many of Abbott’s stupidities, that will come back to bite us 😦

      Keep up the good work 😎

      Cheers mate 😀


      • johnlord2013 says:

        I still don’t get notified when you post and I have now filled in my email three times. This came through Facebook.


        • Truth Seeker says:

          John, mate I just checked, and you are only registered through AIMN wordpress, which means the wordpress reader is how you get notified.

          I think what’s happening is that when you register your email, wordpress for some reason overrides it 😉

          I did check the last time, and your name was there, so I’m not sure what’s happened .

          Maybe Migs would know what to do?

          Thanks for trying mate, and I’ll see if I can find out. :smile

          Cheers 😀


  3. bighead1883 says:

    Thanks for the continual reminders of Abbott&Co disasters against us,the reef,the forests,our manufacturing industries,our schools,hospitals,unemployed,under privileged,all public transport and anything else they espy.
    The price on Carbon had me looking just at the Coal Councils figures and last year we exported 162 million tonnes of coal X $23 per tonne.
    So revenue for exports is $3.726,000,000
    I do not know of all the other collections collectively and this could be found quite easily.
    But because of carbon pricing our emissions here have dropped [since the CT started] and the second largest importer of our coal China has seen pollution go up through the Stratosphere,viewed continuously in Beijing,
    So my maths say if our price on carbon is stopped X an 11% per annum in coal exports X a [BREE Forecast} of a 14% rise in iron ore exports to 610,000,000 tonnes = No air traffic over China and possibly Japan by 2020 due to zero visibility.
    Question Truthy– How long until the Sun is blotted out completely?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, the light went out in Australia at the last election! 😯 , and if Abbott gets his way, the rest of the world will suffer lights out in the not too distant future. 😦

      Cheers 😀


  4. bighead1883 says:

    PS If you read http://sallymcmanus.net/ and she`s got Abbott up to 115 broken promises make sure aspirin has been taken beforehand.


  5. consider says:

    As usual Truthy spot on.
    It`s strange how Abbott was bleating that Australia shouldn`t go it alone with a Carbon Price, yet he is doing the same thing with his useless Direct Action plan.
    No not strange, just hypocritical.


  6. Gilly says:

    He, he, he, nothing like a good catch 22 to expose BS. Well done Truthie, although I have a sneaking suspicion the Abbott finds wedgies sensually pleasing, after all how many times has he sold his a*se?


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Gilly, thanks for that mate 😀

      I think you’re right with Abbott and “Regular” wedgies, and his arse 😯 , but this is one that I doubt will give him any pleasure 😉

      Cheers 😀


  7. Truth Seeker says:

    I see that another Murdoch pay day is coming up, as Turdball and Abbott are talking openly about rewriting the media ownership legislation. 😯

    Cos Murdoch wants a TV channel (probably 10 ) to add to his propaganda machine. 😉

    $880+ mil, and now the media ownership laws… obviously buying elections doesn’t come cheap? 😯

    Cheers 😀


  8. frontad84 says:

    Tony Abbott led many attacks
    Upon Labour without the true facts
    That other Nations indeed
    were already in the lead
    And had brought in their own Carbon Tax.

    We wonder when creepy Greg Hunt
    That grubby sleazy little runt
    Will stop twisting the facts
    About the carbon tax
    And his cheaper Electricity stunt.


  9. kate ahearne says:

    Terrific, Truthie. Climate change is the biggest issue of the lot, all over the world. Thanks again for all your wonderful work.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Kate, Thanks for your comment 😎 asnf kind words 😀

      Hope all is well with you? 🙂

      You’ve been missed, but I know you said you were coming back to the mainland, so we just waited for your return 😀


  10. melanoma says:

    Greetings! Very helpful advice within this article! It is the little changes that produce the greatest changes. Thanks for sharing!


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