The payback begins!

The payback begins! 071127-MalcolmTurnbull-c83d7dd4-7a4b-49d5-b4d6-07e082dd963c_thumb[1]

Now hands up all those that were surprised by Turdball’s announcement that he was “Comfortable” with changing the media ownership laws?   😉

I have to say that the excuse they used was absolute classic LNP hypocrisy, as both Abbott and the Turdball pointed to the internet, citing the expansion of the internet, online news sites and blogs, as justification for handing a few more strings to Murdoch, for his propaganda bow, not to mention further expanding his power base in Australia, as it contracts around the rest of the world..   😯

And this from a government that is bound and determined to keep our broadband capacity at around third world/20th century speeds, while the rest of the world moves into the 21st century (hence my claim of “LNP Hypocrisy”)

WRT Murdoch’s world wide falling stocks, there’s the phone hacking scandal in the UK, and a number of enquiries in the US, that seem set to declare Murdoch as unfit to own, or hold, media licences… Which will only ratify what most see as merely stating the bleeding obvious.   😯

Then there was Turdball’s speech at the launch of “The Saturday Paper”, where he appeared to drop a bucketload on Murdoch.

Only to be forced to deny that he was referring to Murdoch, when he talked about a

Demented Plutocrat, and that he, Murdoch,  was the most “Normal” media mogul he knows.

So according to Turdball,  Murdoch isn’t the “demented plutocrat,” that he referred to in

Rupert "The Pirate" Murdoch, Puppet Master

Rupert “The Pirate” Murdoch, Puppet Master

his speech, but rather the epitome of “Normal”, for media moguls!   😯     WTF?… Therefore we can assume that Turdball thinks it’s “Normal” for a media mogul, to display  such anti social traits and tendencies as;

  • Megalomania.
  • Sociopathy.
  • Blatant dishonesty.
  • Greed.   😯

Now, if I was your common or garden variety “Media Mogul”, I have to say I would be highly offended by Turdball’s statement as to what constitutes “Normal”.

And to throw the spotlight back on Turdball;  could it be argued that He is the epitome of “Normal” in the LNP?

Well in many ways, I suppose he is!   😉

Like the way he can blatantly lie, and then try to validate the first lie with a second lie. Or

A Turdball on QandA, it may be rolled in glitter, but it's still a "TurdBall".

A Turdball on QandA, it may be rolled in glitter, but it’s still a “TurdBall”.

the way he can spin anything in bullshit, so that to the casual observer it sounds all fair and reasonable.   😯   Or the way he can can heap derision on his opposite number, while sounding smart, but talking complete shit!  🙄

And yes, all this stuff is “Normal for the LNP, in fact it’s more than just normal, it’s a matter of… Genetic predisposition  or, to use one of the Abbott’s slogans, “It’s in their DNA!”   😯

But, was Godwin Gretch and the “Ute Gate” affair Normal?

Well er… when you look at the Abbott’s slush fund,  Ashbygate, the Slipper and Thomson witch hunts to name but a few,… er … well …      Ok, maybe it is normal…  but I did try?

Ok, so we’ve established their credentials, as lying, conniving, money grubbing, no talent, political opportunists and ideologues, (And those are their good points   😯  )  but what has all this to do with the media ownership laws?

Well, this LNP “normality” affects every decision they make, and must be considered, to add context to their policy and decision making processes.

So, the question is; Why would a government that already has some of the most media mogul friendly laws, anywhere in the world, consider a further degrading of the ownership rules?

Would it:

  • Improve the quality of media in this country?
  • Allow for more diversity in ownership?
  • Assure fair and unbiased reporting?
  • Stop overseas interests from picking OUR government for us?
  • Guarantee faster and better braodband, which should be the infrastructure priority of the 21st century, for the man who want’s to be known as the “Infrastructure PM”… W..T..F?
  • Be in the public interest?

And of course the answer to all those questions is a resounding  NO!   

So the only logical conclusion that one can come to, is that either;

  1. They are so stupid that they believe their own press releases?   (Plausible/possible?)
  2. They owe Murdoch so much for his part in the election win/steal, and now it’s time to pay the piper?  (Most Probable?)

Either way, if Abbott gets control of the senate…we’re screwed!   (Definite!) .

But IMHO, the one thing that we can be sure of with this mendacious mob, regardless of their lies spin and rhetoric  is that:

The payback begins!

Now that's a "Demented Plutocrat!

Now that’s a “Demented Plutocrat!


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24 Responses to The payback begins!

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Hi, Truthie. Lovely work as usual. Poor old Turdie – he probably meant what he said about the demented mogul, but then got into big trouble. Dearie me!


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Kate 😀 Thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 😀

      I hope all is well with you? 😉

      Yes, I saw that part of his speech, and told my wife that he “Just dumped a bucketload on Murdoch” 😀

      He is just so shifty 😯

      Cheers 😀


      • kate ahearne says:

        Thanks, Truthie. Yep, things are OK, but I haven’t been able to get onto the computer as I usually do, hence the silence. Found this on Facebook this morning.

        Applauding democracy – it is a riot!
        March 12, 2014 at 3:18pm
        ** please note, my website was hit with a DOS attack today. Here is the text of my article people have been interested in. Please note it doesn’t contain any hyperlinks, so might not make entire sense on its own. (THE GOOGLE CACHE VERSION WITH HYPERLINKS IS HERE:

        Posted on March 12th, by Counteractive in Campaigns, News. 1 Comment

        So this evening I paid a visit to the Victorian State Parliament with a group of around 30 other people. A diverse mix of folk – amongst them unionists, lawyers, environmentalists, people who could get their house bulldozed for the East West tunnel, people who care about peace, refugees and transparency and democracy.

        We were there to watch the Summary Offences and Amendments Sentencing Bill (Anti Protest Bill) get passed. A law which will allow police unprecedented discretionary powers to ‘move on’ peaceful protesters, and others they might suspect of a fairly broad range of things, from public places.

        We watched in a fairly subdued manner, with some occasional rumblings as anti choice Liberals such as Bernie Finn, used the platform to throw random vitriol around about concerned community members who voiced their dissent to his fundamentally anti choice, and anti women ‘March for the babies’ events.

        A few more folks spoke. The Greens had already spoken against the bill before we arrived and a number of ALP members took to the floor to express concern about a wide range of aspects to the bill.

        And then the riot police got called in.

        Did the speaker call order when ALP speakers were interrupted for standing up for the rights of union workers? No. Did the speaker call order when ALP members were interrupted for making points about the disproportionate impact this bill will have on homeless and marginalised people? Or when they were interrupted talking about community legal centre submissions on the bill, and those known militants in the Salvation Army having concerns with this bill?

        No, instead after a couple of completely minor interjections, the Speaker decided that this whole darned freedom of speech, public being able to witness ‘democracy’ in action was being so seriously distracting that he closed the gallery. Why? Did someone yell out a bit too dramatically or crank open some bad singing and chanting? Did some ‘serial pest’ activist roll out some audacious banner they cunningly snuck in there? Perhaps try an epic commando roll? Did someone try and kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia or even look a bit funny at one of the Liberals?


        Because, apparently a bill being rushed through parliament and a few folk scrambling to get to the gallery in time to witness this abomination, and demonstrate approval for some minor level opposition to our democracy being dismantled – this CLEARLY deserves the riot squad.

        In case anyone needs some context about the deep level of concern many share on this bill – Tony Abbotts’ hand picked Federal Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson said the following: ”It unnecessarily gives police too much power to move on protesters unjustifiably,” he said. ”I have an issue with the low bar that is being set to give police the powers to move people on.”

        The Salvation Army has said “These laws will disproportionately affect marginalised young people, people experiencing homelessness, poverty and mental health issues.”

        The government even admitted they would be removing fundamental human rights, “… the laws will, in certain circumstances, limit the rights to freedom of expression, and peaceful assembly and freedom of association”.

        You can read submissions against the bill from a range of respected legal and community advocates here – they include: Flemington and Kensington Legal Centre, Human Rights Law Centre, Victoria Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, Fitzroy Legal Service, Law Institute of Victoria, Victorian Trades hall Council, Homeless Law, Federation of Community Legal Centres (Victoria) Inc. Victorian Council of Social Service and Madge.

        Two basic overviews of the bill are available here and here.

        Many thousands have marched, a massive and wide spread opposition is growing.
        The small group of people in that gallery were representative of a much larger movement, of many 1000’s of people who do not want to see democracy further stifled in this state.

        We were there for unionists, for teachers, for nurses, for people who fought for the rights we now have. We were there for environmentalists, for people who care for refugees, who care about the city we live in, and who have saved the buildings we now cherish. We were there for those defending their homes and communities from an unwanted road project that will bring no benefit but much pollution, at a cost of billions.

        And I was also there for the farmers I have been working to support who could stand to be criminalised by these laws for merely standing at their gates near unwanted and controversial gas mining sites, to defend their land, and our food, from being poisoned and groundwater and livelihoods destroyed.
        We bear witness for all that couldn’t be there.

        This legislation is yet another step down the slippery slope. If we don’t fight for our rights now, they will take them away. Don’t let this happen.

        You can follow the live feed from the evening at #antiprotestlaw and check here for blurry images.

        **UPDATE** There have been several media articles about last night. We want to give a big shout to the quality reporting of the Herald Sun who said we ‘stormed’ parliament. I wonder if they have one of those auto word generators for their articles. I know I like to check my bag, go through a metal detector and get a security pass and sit and listen quietly to speakers for an hour before I do some good old fashioned storming. Slightly less hysterical articles from the Age and the ABC.
        Nicola Paris, CounterAct


        • Truth Seeker says:

          And the rot spreads? 😡


        • bighead1883 says:

          Wow kate has this been kept low key across broader Australia by the MSM.
          Thank you for this news of gallant effort on your and those with you part.
          As Truthy said the rots spreads into totalitarian States preceding a Totalitarian Country 😈


        • diannaart says:


          I am fearing for my sanity – Tim Wilson said something reasonable? (have been waiting for him to say something ‘human-rightish’) since his appointment. If so, then he would’ve been one of the, er, ‘stormers’, right?

          Another ‘if’; if our ‘democratic’ government were so fearful of passing the Summary Offences and Amendments Sentencing Bill does that not indicate they are completely aware this bill is is completely antithetical to freedom of speech our beloved and democratic had the riot squad ready?

          Just wish the Abbottoir would ‘fess up and admit the bleeding obvious – yes, its true the Federal government is the final destination for hypocrites.


  2. melaine says:

    Hey Truthie 😀
    Excellent work, as usual.
    Yes, the payback has only just begun. If we manage to come thru it all with the seat of our pants still intact I will be mighty surprised 😯


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mel, thanks for that 😀

      Yes they work on two types of payback;

      1. The revenge type for the ALP 😯
      2. The return favour for services rendered 👿

      And there is a long way to go yet! 😦

      Cheers 😀


  3. consider says:

    Truthy it`s frightening to think Australia is in such a position after only 6 months of these traitors being in charge. BUT until the ” greedy, I`m entitled mob” start suffering, and I mean REALLY suffer, nothing will change.
    I only hope it happens real quick, so we can rescue this once great country from sinking into disaster. If not then the selfish bastards will realise ,too late, what they have lost.
    Keep up the good work M8 Cheers 🙂


  4. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie, when are you going to write something positive about this Government? i mean come on they must have done something that was good in the last 6 months,anything,i’ll take anything you got,lay it on me brother,come on man think,there must be something you can placate me with,a snippet,a thread of good policy oh who the fuck am i kidding,they are a pack of bastards and as for Turnbull he should bend over every morning and cop 6 of the best across his lying arse with a piece of copper.””


  5. bighead1883 says:

    This Turdball is beneath my contempt concerning the NBN and just how big is Rupert`s arSehole?
    Because one can see that many pairs of Italian shoes sticking out of it everywhere he goes 🙄


  6. frontad84 says:

    The Mad Monk was once heard to say
    He’d do anything to be PM one day
    Short of selling his arse
    But even that came to pass
    When with Murdoch he started to play.


  7. cornlegend says:

    “demented plutocrat”
    yes, that sounds like a good initial starting point
    Thats sort of day one, then we just keep growing


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