West Australians Heed the call!

West Australians heed the call!WA

Before the last election I heard many people who intended voting for the Abbott, stating  “Well, if he’s no good, we’ll just get rid of him next time!”

Well, with only six months down, and already the list of Abbott/LNP stuff-ups, backflips and broken promises is; not only as long as your arm, but down your leg, out the door and across the road to a lamp post   😯   , it’s hardly surprising that people are getting increasingly worried about the prospect of open slather for Abbott’s, unspoken, legislative  agenda.   👿

So with only a few short weeks until the West Australian Senate elections, I thought that I would add my voice to the throng, by way of a poem   😯


West Australians heed the call!


West Australians, heed the call

This Liberal mob have dropped the ball

They say that you’re the mining state

With Gina as the workers mateimages


Who’ll employ a slave on a 457

Cos that’s her idea of employers heaven

And she’ll get them sweating for 2 bucks a day

If “dear” old Gina gets her way


And there’s Col Barnett, the moguls friend

Who for his mates, the rules he’ll bend

Like his chair sniffing treasurer, Troy Buswell

Who’s earned the nickname… Old  Butsmell


And has only just been forced to quit

Cos his private life has turned to shit

With his credibility all but spent

And his state supplied vehicle Badly bent


And “Genius flawed” was Julie Bishop’s spinBishop meerkat

On the whole sorry saga of Old Butsmell’s sin

But truth be told, Julie’s lost the plot

If she thinks old Butsmell’s intellectually hot


With his lack of self control, and his born to rule crap

There’s nothing too smart about this sleazy Liberal chap

Cos in the Liberal world, high IQ is just a farce

And she wouldn’t know a genius if one bit her on the arse


Then there’s megalomaniac “Tony’s” planimages

For sending Australia down the pan

Following blindly Europe’s lead

They’re making our economy bleed


He’ll break us up and sell the farm

And in one term, do untold harm

And it’s not the boats we need to stop

But the Abbott… and his right wing slop


So as the seeds of doubt are sown

And Abbott’s contempt for us is shown

And he knows that Murdoch’s got his back

So the media won’t give him much flack


Reporting only fluff and bubble

To hide the fact his mob’s in trouble

Though they know, he’s a truth, and fact denier

They still won’t call him a bloody LIARLiar Liar


So, West Australians heed the call

Rebuke the Abbott one and all

Don’t make the Senate a rubber stamp

To appease the nut-jobs in Abbott’s camp


Who tell you we must Axe the tax

But conveniently… ignore the facts

That very soon there will be fines

Imposed upon exporters lines


Cos countries that don’t have a price

Will be thought of as… not playing nice

And penalties will be imposed

As exporters doors begin to close


So check the facts before you vote

To support the Abbott’s sinking boat

And put the LNP,  stone,  cold    last

Cos Australia’s already… sinking fast!





About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher. https://truthseekersmusings.wordpress.com/
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19 Responses to West Australians Heed the call!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    Struth Truthy what a ripper and for once not only am I gobsmacked at your Truthyness but I have nothing to add 😯


  2. melaine's HWO says:

    Nicely put together Truthie, thanks 😀


  3. cornlegend says:

    Those Nasty Right wing W.A. slime
    Had better know they’re on borrowed time
    Cause we’ve got a bloke to give you heaps,
    Skitch-em Bighead, get the bloody creeps.


  4. consider says:

    Truthy you are getting better by the day.
    If Abbott sticks around for too long, you`ll have enough poems to fill a library
    Good work as usual .
    Cheers 🙂


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks for that mate, 😀 I always appreciate your feedback 😎

      I’m still thinking about putting out a book of them? 😯

      Cheers 😀

      Cheers 😀


  5. brickbob says:

    And has only just been forced to quit cos his private life has turned to shit,great poem and for some reason that line really made my day,classic stuff and keep it up. There is no doubt the LNP nation wide are been protected by the police,truly frightening.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Brickbob, thanks for that mate 😀

      Yes the “Turned to shit” line just had to be there 😀 and WRT the LNP self protection racket, it is very frightening 👿

      Cheers 😀


  6. frontad84 says:

    Piggy Rinehart has’nt a spouse
    Lives alone in her fucking big house
    Rich and meanest by far
    Would’nt show her own grandma
    The shortest way to the shithouse

    Piggy Rinehart always acts like she’s smart
    But really just a boneheaded tart
    Who was born into wealth
    Increased further by stealth
    From the public who rightly own part.

    Gina Rinehart is obnoxious and huge
    Like a character from Moulin Rouge
    No satins nor lace
    Could sweeten that face
    Of the world’s first female Scrooge.

    Almost seems the Devils crept in
    Since the Mad Monk and Co had their win
    Can just visualise Murdoch
    With Trident and Hemlock
    Screaming “Go Tony boy, let us sin.”

    The Mad Monk became PM by stealth
    I predict not good for his health
    He’s like a junky on dope
    Give him enough rope
    And in time he’ll just hang himself

    The Mad Monk sure fooled his supporters
    Pre election with female escorters
    And now he’s top of the heap
    But to get there the creep
    Had to use up his wife and his daughters


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