The Abbott of Downunderton Abbey.

The Abbott of Downunderton Abbey.

The Abbott ot Downunderton Abbey

The Abbott ot Downunderton Abbey

Isn’t it interesting that The Abbott’s favourite show is Downton Abbey,   🙄   and isn’t it also interesting that “The Abbot” was the traditional master of  “The Abbey”?   😯

Now is this simple coincidence, or a long held aspiration of one Tony Abbott, to take his “rightful” place as “Lord of the Manor”?

Well his last solo policy effort (Read BRAIN FART) may give some pointers to another of his hidden agendas.   😉

In Dec Tony Abbott said that he would not reintroduce  titles, only to announce on Tuesday, that he is reintroducing titles.  😯

So, what’s changed in three months?

Well many commentators are asking the same question, and the consensus answer is; that it’s a distraction.    And I agree, it is a distraction, but IMHO it’s about more than just a “Look over there” moment, to take the attention away from;

  • The Sinodinis /Obeid ICAC connection.
  • The murder of Reza Berati, and the ensuing enquiries???
  • Multiple backflips over legislation destined for repeal on… Repeal day… 😯
  • Not to mention general incompetence dishonesty and stupidity from  the Abbott, down.

For starters, it’s another Abbott broken promise, pertaining to his pre-election commitment that the LNP would be a “No Surprises”, no excuses government  (Gag, gag   :mrgreen:   ).  Now, as I’ve said before, nothing surprises me, with this mob, but the majority of MSM commentators that I heard, throughout the day, and since, referred to Abbott’s “Surprising decision” to reintroduce these titles.

Now call me pedantic, but when something is described as  a “Surprising decision”, that would give a fairly strong indication that at least someone was “Surprised” by the “Decision”?     The great Irony of this broken promise is that not only were many right leaning media commentators, along with much of the citizenry “Surprised” by this decision, but so too were most, if not all, of his own cabinet.    😯    (BTW, I think that Abbott’s unilateral decision making is another broken promise?  Something along the lines of inclusive and consultative were the sort of words used?   😉  )

But it’s also about Abbott realising his dream of “Serf-Choices”… the real class war.

Just for those that may have forgotten, prior to the election, Abbott spent inordinate amounts of time and resources (mainly Murdoch’s) to accuse the ALP of waging a class war.

Now we know that Abbott is the master of “Right Wing Projection”, and hypocrisy, but I have to say that he excelled himself with this one.    And what better way to payback favours to people who already have  pretty much everything, than to hand them a title, for services rendered!   😉

  • Lady Gina (gag)   😯   (For services to poor billionaires)
  • Dame Bronny Bishop (For disservices to democracy)

    Sir Brandis of Nott

    Sir Brandis of Nott

  • Little Lord Johnny Howard (For service to himself, his party and his mates!)
  • Sir Bananby Juice ( for service to smoothies, and parliamentary stupidity)
  • Lady Sophie…. Nyaaaaaaaaa hahahahaha    😆   😆
  • Sir Brandis. (for blatant self service)
  • Sir Alex Downer (For service to high heels and fishnets)
  • Sir Rupes Murdoch ( for services to megalomania and sociopathy)
Now that's a "Demented Plutocrat!

Now that’s a “Demented Plutocrat

And these are just a few of the cast of hundreds from  the newest reality series, coming soon to an Australia near you.  It has the working title of “Serf Choices” but you’ll come to know it as;

The Abbott of Downunderton Abbey.

Downton 1+


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16 Responses to The Abbott of Downunderton Abbey.

  1. bighead1883 says:

    WellTruthy the Lycra Looney is the gift that never stops giving as he has morphed into a life sized puppet of the US Koch Bros.
    His POHM is at the forefront and rich Americans love titles because they used to buy them once until that became unfashionable.
    Now they buy them with fiscal politicking,don`t believe me just watch as the first yank State Treasurer here in WA starts privatising everything,arise Sir Mike.
    The IPA run LNP advisers and staffers are working overtime with these arse clowns who are not sticking to ALEC script and have not set up the whole shebang for privatisation yet,hurry up they scream from all media by proxy.
    Meanwhile as you say Rupert will go from Kingmaker to Sir Kingmaker as his youngest Lachlan has returned to the fold of evil ready to assist wreaking havoc on mortals.
    On 8/9/2013 Australia entered a strange Universe indeed where nothing is as it seems and the Mad Hatter is in charge.


  2. consider says:

    Silly question M8, but when do you reckon the MSM are going to highlight the list of broken promises by this dangerous clown. To think that Gillard was destroyed by one “lie”‘.
    By the way, did anyone notice Abbott nearly revert back to his ” punch the wall” look when trying to answer a question put to him by Shorten?
    They certainly got under his guard yesterday. Hopefully they will rip into him again today.
    Methinks he is starting to feel somewhat isolated,as he is not even talking to his caucus before introducing his wacko ideas.
    Maybe the Morgan Poll has frightened him.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks for your comment 😎 mate, IMHO the only time the MSM will turn is if it’s in their own best interest, or they get the word from Murdoch.

      Abbott is becoming more and more isolated, and he’s starting to look like a Rabbott in the headlights 😉

      Cheers 😀


  3. Frank Ston says:


    I’m not sure whether he is getting intellectually squirrel gripped by Whispering Bill’s questions or whether he feels isolated by Credlin’s radio messaging or Uncle Rupie’s hand up back moving his mouth.

    I suspect that the drop jawed, blinking, “village idiot” stance, is most likely due to Credlin’s words not synchronising with Uncle Rupies manipulation of the lower and upper jaws


  4. Fed up says:

    It appears little Johnny would not accept an award. Appears he does not support Abbott.,

    I have a funny feeling, that many more are distancing themselves from Abbott and Co.

    Shorten pulled on an MSO over education this morning. Good speech from Shorten. Unusual to do this away from QT. Madam speaker not in chair, therefor house behaved in a civilised manner.


  5. Fed up says:

    27 minutes to debate four bills on climate change.


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