Chrissy Pyne, I was outraged by your outrage!

Chrissy Pyne, I was outraged by your outrage!

When the ALP moved a motion of “No Confidence” in the most deserving speaker our Bishop abd Pyne1parliament has seen.   (Even the bulk of right wing commentators and journos have recognised  that she is a bloody disgrace.)

But then Pyne got up and started to defend the indefensible (Helmet Hair), in his best, feigned righteous indignation voice and expression, claiming that he was the most ejected from parliament, but wasn’t a “sook” about it.   WTF?  Most of the time it was him being a sook/chucking a tantie, about something that got him ejected in the first place!

He has been seen and heard in QT, telling the speaker what she should do — which makes a joke of her impartiality, and alleged knowledge of the rules/ standing orders — and then she does it, and between them they have trashed parliament, as surely as Abbott is trashing the rest of the country.

His (Pyne’s) dummy spits are legendary, along with his whinging, hypocrisy, lies and stupidity, and they’re his good points   😯

So I went back through some of my poetry to see what I said about Chrissy, from when I first started writing political, satirical poetry and the first political poem that I wrote was back in July 2012,  and was a satirical piece called “The Boil”, and Chrissy got a mention.

There are many mentions of him over the last 20 months or so, so I have pulled some relevant verses from some of my earlier poems, to show that not only is he a major sook, but he is a spoilt brat who’s main talents are spitting the dummy and telling lies.

Now I know that my last poem was dedicated to “Chrissy Pyne, the crown prince of whine!”, but I thought it appropriate to highlight the fact that when it comes to whinging, whining and dummy spits, he’s a master.   😯

So here are a few excerpt verses:

“The boil”, written in July 2012


Then the core broke away in a fountain of puss

And in the midst of the gore was an LNP bus

Covered with slogans and filled up with slime

Then the door slowly opened and out stepped Chris Pyne

And the children collectively said to their mummies

“It’s a big mincing poodle, with a mouthful of dummies”

Then Hockey slipped… landing, calculator in lap

But the batteries were spent and his figures were crap

Mirabella and Bishop stepped out hand in hand

They were covered in slime….. but their posture was grand


“The Media”,  written in  Aug 2012.


So while Abbott bolted, Bishop stepped up

All prim, and looking spruced

But her expression really said it all

“I’ve just been verbally goosed!”

Then the mincing poodle took the stage

A fire in his tummy

With nostrils flared and eyes ablaze

He spat another dummy

Then Hockey sought to join the fray

His large jowls all a-quiver

Stating “Lower tax and interest rates,

You know we will deliver.”


“Arsegate for beginners”,  written  Sept 2012.


There’s Pyne, the Mincing poodle with his mega dummy spits

And his whinging, wining manner giving everyone the shits

And his social ties to Ashby giving rise to speculation

That there’s more to that than meets the eye, and cause for consternation


“What a joke the LNP are”,  written Sept 2012


Pyne enunciated the same script

Falling prostrate to the floor

While proving once and for all time

He’s Abbotts little whore

He’s called the mincing poodle

And he’s great at dummy spits

But as leader of opposition business

He gives everyone the shits


“Tony Abbott’s letter to Santa”,  Dec 2012


For Chrissy Pyne… It’s my first choice

That he could get.. a deeper voice

My misogynist word “Shrill”…. is working fine

Except.. HE.. gets “Shrill”.. when he starts to whine

His whining.. and his dummy spits

Are what give.. laborites the shits

But sadly.. if I’ve truth.. to tell

His voice gives us.. the shits as well

The Mincing Poodle’s his.. nick name

Making light of the way.. he plays our game

So a deeper voice.. would be just great

To help my little.. fluffy mate

“Said the Abbott to the Bishop”, written  April 2013.

Said the Abbott to the Poodle

What I need for you to do

Is to spit your dummies daily

And to shovel cattle poo

To rant and rave incessantly

And to your hearts content

To disrupt, and show dysfunction

In this Labor government





About Truth Seeker

Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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27 Responses to Chrissy Pyne, I was outraged by your outrage!

  1. Fed up says:

    a person lacking spirit or self-confidence.
    a hand-reared calf.

    Urban Dictionary: sook‎
    sook. to sulk, crack a sad and act like a big fat baby when you odn’t get your own way. sam had a sook when claire wouldn’t sleep with him. by lala August 24, …
    ‎Sook – ‎1.

    Sook | Define Sook at‎
    Australia and New Zealand. a timid, cowardly person, especially a young person; crybaby. interjection. 2. Midland U.S. (used to summon cows from the pasture).


    I believe whiney Pyne would have great problems convincing one he is not a sook. Could not have chosen a better word myself, unless if was the previous PM Gillard’s mincing poodle.

    It is a shame that he has not learnt tjat those who live in glass houses, should not thrown stones.

    The worse thing is, Mr., Pyne believes all his had said.

    I seem to recall, Mr., Pyne saying on that cooking show, that many in his party did not think him very bright. I sense that he agreed with them.

    Then all was well, as he had his mentor, Vanstone on side.

    Seems the elder Bishop is in agreement with her. Must be, as she does everything he tells her in QT.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, “SOOK” fits him to a tee, so his claim is yet another example of right wing projection, accusing others of his own shortcomings 😯

      Cheers 😀


  2. bighead1883 says:

    A truly pathetic excuse for a human being that lives amongst others of similar ilk to keep getting voted in.
    The electorate of Sturt next to Dolly`s Downer`s electorate is a bizarre place indeed where the masochists go and genuflect to the blue ties and self flagellate whilst bleating praise toward their oppressor.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, it sure must be to continue to seek him to represent them… What are they thinking? 🙄

      Obviously not much, cos they don’t realise how badly he reflects on them! 😉

      Cheers 😀


  3. Truth Seeker says:

    Morning truth seekers, 😀


  4. Ricky Pann says:

    How dare you pick on Grandma..she knitted my security blanket from the threads of regressive ideology, she bathed the festering wounds of my credibility in Kerosene and has the spare key to the closet on my back. 🙂


  5. consider says:

    Good work Truthy.
    I reckon his mother can`t stand a bar of him either.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks mate 😀 it just shows that even back 20 months and more, they were still playing the same games, and that includes the media 😯

      It was interesting going over the old poems, and seeing the same issues with this LNP mob 👿

      Cheers 😀


  6. melaine says:

    Thanks for this one Truthie 🙂
    When the lying nasty people sooks get ALL too much for me I often dive back into the earlier poems and musings you have crafted for us and I soon start to feel much much better 😉


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mel, thanks for that 😀 it’s just amazing to me that in opposition or government this mob are still playing the same old worn out games, and the only conclusion that you can come to is… that it’s all they’ve got 😯

      Cheers 😀


  7. diannaart says:

    Many thanks for your latest – this current crop of the LNP really suffer from dissociation with mirrors. When Pyne opened his yap with the following:

    ” “I am no sook,” Pyne said. “I was leader of opposition business for for five years. I never complained, I didn’t stand up like a great big sook. When you are in opposition, you are thrown out more often. I was thrown out.””

    He has zero insight into his own behaviour. Sook? I am betting that plenty of the LNP nearly triggered a mass of aneurysms trying not to laugh during QT.

    Sook? That’s Sir Sook, peasants!


  8. Fed up says:

    Further refinement for Christopher.

    fussily and excessively respectable.
    “a middle-class family with two prissy children”
    synonyms: prudish, priggish, prim, prim and proper, niminy-piminy, strait-laced; More
    antonyms: broad-minded

    late 19th cent.: perhaps a blend of prim and sissy.
    Translate prissy to
    Use over time for: prissy

    Urban Dictionary: prissy‎
    stuck up, goody-two-shoes, self-centered, all-knowing, hard to please biatches.
    prissy – definition of prissy by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus …‎
    adj. pris·si·er, pris·si·est. Excessively or affectedly prim and proper. [Perhaps blend of pri(m) and (si)ssy.] pris′si·ly adv. pris′si·ness n. prissy (ˈprɪsɪ).
    Prissy – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary‎
    having or showing the annoying attitude of people who care too much about dressing and behaving properly and who are easily upset by other people’s …
    Prissy | Define Prissy at Dikctionary

    Sooky Prissy Pyne, has a nice ring to it.


  9. Gilly says:

    Excellent work Truthie. Especially the choice of photo go with it. The furrowed brow to go with the waving finger, surely no better NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming, or Body Language) picture of immaturity, role playing and concocted self importance. So introspective as to completely miss out on the joke that he is.


  10. Ann says:

    What can I say, I just detest the man, if you can call him that. Something hinky about him and Ashby at that resort up north frequented by lovely gay people. Although if the poodle was there it wouldn’t have been as lovely


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Ann, thanks for your comment 😎 and you are in very good company here 😀

      As you might tell from the verses, I’m not a fan 😯 and yes, there are a lot of questions unanswered, over his relationship with Ashby??? 😉

      Here is a verse from “Abbott’s Christmas do”, that fits with that theme 😉

      With Pyne on the door checking invites galore
      And his mate Ashby, there by his side
      For this night all was good, as he reflectively stood
      Wagging his long fluffy tail, with such pride
      With his eyes all aglow and his chest puffed, for show
      And by his side, dummies packed in a pail
      But his mate seemed unimpressed, as he was totally obsessed
      By the vision… of the poodles… wagging tail

      Cheers 😀


  11. frontad84 says:

    As you say Truthie the earlier verses still fit don’t they?

    Christopher Whine

    Chris Pyne was losing his cool
    When Emma was quizzing the fool
    She made the little worm
    Writhe and squirm
    Which put a sad end to his drool.

    The Liberals Christopher Pyne
    Makes whinging his usual line
    He learned that bad habit
    From his boss Mr Abbott
    And now he’s The Master of Whine

    Chris Pyne often loses his cool
    Spits the dummy and screams like a fool
    Goes red in the face
    So stand back a pace
    Lest he explodes and your covered in drool.

    When Chris Pyne goes red in the face
    Looking like he’s not long for this place
    Reminds one of a cane toad
    That’s about to explode
    Leaving Lib shit all over the place.

    Can’t be sure Chris Pyne won’t explode
    When face is puffed up like a toad
    So while having his fit
    We could be covered in Lib shit
    Or with luck he might only implode.

    Chris Pyne’s mad eyes and his drool
    Starts one to thinking the fool’s
    Gonna go round the twist
    And start biting his fist
    As he probably did when at Pre School.

    Pyne gets that mad look in his eyes
    And blood pressure starts in to rise
    When he’s right in the middle
    Of insane tarradiddle
    And telling his bald faced lies.

    Pyne who must have his say
    In his own hysterical way
    Shows he’s full of conceit
    And while mouthing deceit
    Grows more swollen headed each day.

    Chris Pyne the egotistical rat
    Acts like a spoiled child brat
    Thinks he’s being oratorical
    But with lies diabolical
    All the bullshit he spouts falls flat.

    It’s about time Christopher Pyne
    When spouting his bullshit line
    Woke up that most folk
    Think that he’s a big joke
    With his incessant whinging and whine

    So glad that Christopher Pyne’s
    Surname rhymes with whine
    Else I might get stuck
    Writing verse re this Schmuck
    Re the bullshit that’s his only line.

    You can always rely on Pyne
    Who makes whinging his usual line
    To jump into the fray
    With nought value to say
    In his girlie effeminate whine

    How could anyone believe Chris Pyne
    For in one day he’s backflipped his whine
    From his verbal attack
    To now switching back
    Saying Labour’s Gonski is fine!

    To say that Pyne acts very wild
    Would be really putting it mild
    For when he screams and rants
    Bet he still wets his pants
    We suspect he did as a child.

    You can see the devil emerg’n
    When Pyne about Labour is splurg’n
    With a maniacal grin
    Like Rumplestiltskin
    At this conduct he sure ain’t a virgin.

    When Chris Pyne goes red in the face
    You’d be wise to stand back a pace
    If he explodes and your close
    The result will be gross
    With Lib shit all over the place.

    How could anyone believe Chris Pyne
    Pre Election said Gonski was fine
    Now the lying little hack
    Has flipped right back
    Saying Labour fucked up it’s design.


  12. cornlegend says:

    loved them all 😀
    Where else would you find such a dickhead as Pyne, to write so much, so often,
    Mind if I use a couple around the place ?


  13. frontad84 says:

    Cornlegend your very welcome to use what you like mate.


  14. cartoonmick says:

    You may or may not have seen this cartoon. It was inspired by the hypocrisy which flows in abundance from the HOR.



  15. Chloe says:

    Interesting Read


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