Gross stupidity, and even grosser Hypocrisy!

Gross stupidity, and even grosser Hypocrisy!Joe Bullock

And the masters of stupidity and self foot shooting (The ALP), along with the masters of lies, spin and confected, hypocritical outrage (The LNP) are at it again.   😯 Meerkats +3+ With the repeat WA half senate election (Not a Bi-election, as claimed by the LNP)   now relegated to the annuls of history, and the long and laborious preference  counting, begining, to determine the last of the six seats, you have to wonder what has this country come to?

What we saw, was yet another example of gross stupidity on behalf of the ALP, with the choice of  Joe Bullock as #1 on the ticket, and even grosser LNP hypocrisy from the likes of Abbott and Bishop (All we’d need is the Cardinal, and we’d have the Catholic trifecta   😯   ), crying foul over “People buying seats”… Shock horror…   😯   😮

I’ll get back to the LNP, but the first question that has to be asked is;

“WTF were the ALP thinking?” I mean seriously? What political genius thought… “Oh… I know, lets go far a Labor candidate that:

  1. Is a friend of Tony Abbott?
  2. Advised him to join the Liberals?
  3. Has publicly endorsed Abbott as a potentially “Good PM”?
  4. Has publicly criticised his ALP running mate?
  5. Has publicly stated that  some in the ALP are “Mad”?
  6. Has publicly stated that the ALP don’t look after the workers, and can’t be trusted?
  7. Says he doesn’t always vote Labor?

Now we know that it was a right wing union deal, but really; is it a prerequisite of the “Right” factions, that they check their brains, common sense and loyalty at the door, when they join up, and never reclaim them?   🙄

WTF, if anything, were they thinking?

And the upshot being that Louise Pratt, the decent” candidate, and the one that should Pratt and Bollockhave been #1, is fighting to claim her seat, while the modern version of “Senator Field” of the Gough dismissal era comes to mind. (For those that don’t remember he was appointed to replace a deceased QLD Labor Senator (Bertie Millner), by Joh Bjelke-Petersen  who rejected the Labor nominee Mal Coulston.)

Of course, the difference being, that appointment was made by a corrupt QLD state Premier, to help screw a Federal Labor government, whereas Bullock was an ALP appointment, to help screw themselves?   😯

Now we come to the other stupidity, from the LNP; the issue of their blatantly obvious hypocrisy.

When  Arthur Sinodinis showed his lack of recall, last week at the ICAC enquiry, we were gobsmacked that one of the most influential and arguably, most powerful Liberals, has such a shonky memory.   😯

But apparently it’s also in their (The LNP) DNA, as the leadership (And I use the term very loosely) team,  seem to have forgotten about the last election?   😉

OK, outrage on the count of three.

OK, outrage on the count of three.

Apart from the fact that we have Abbott and Bishop squealing like the proverbial “Stuck Pigs”, over Palmer and his efforts to “Buy” seats in parliament, in the bi-election that wasn’t, what we witnessed was the most breathtaking examples of selective memories and hypocrisy.

So let’s just have a quick look back to the last parliamentary term, and the way that they stole won the election.

One of the main features of the last three years+ was the LNP lies, spin, fear and propaganda  campaign, waged with the full and unwavering support of the Murdoch media empire and most of the remaining MSM.

Now I have to say that it beggars belief, that Abbott and Jules Bishop, can seriously imagesexpect anyone with a brain,  to accept the level of outrage that they displayed, over Palmer paying out around $3 mill (According to Clive, and much more according to the LNP) for party advertising, when they owe Rupert for 3 years + of, almost daily,  free advertising in the form of editorial content, spread from the front pages of  his “rags” (and I do mean “RAGS”),  back through the pages in most editions, in most of his mastheads.   😯

Even Clive couldn’t afford that!   😯   And certainly the LNP can’t.   😉

So without covering the old ground of how we’ll be the ones to pay back, in spades, Abbott’s debt to Murdoch; the truth is that while it can be argued that Palmer bought his seats in parliament, there is a much stronger, more powerful and valid argument that says that; Murdoch bought and paid for, not just a few seats, but the whole damned parliament!

Pot… Meet Kettle!   😉   

At this point, it would be remiss of me to not mention that I also heard the greens make similar claims about Palmer, which is also somewhat hypocritical and disingenuous, from the party that was the second biggest spender.   😉

And sadly, the things that will define this current term of parliament, and may well become its enduring legacy are: Gross stupidity, and even grosser Hypocrisy!

I know I’ve used this picture a few times, but I just love it!   😉

An oldie but a goodie!    :grin:

An oldie but a goodie! 😀


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35 Responses to Gross stupidity, and even grosser Hypocrisy!

  1. bighead1883 says:

    Cheers for that Truthy,and well put..
    Yes well what more can be said of the Bullock bullocking his bullocks all over Louise in a bigoted,sexist,misogynistic way and for Labor to allow one SDA idiot to trade places with a bigger SDA idiot,oh yeah,lunacy at giving him No 1.
    And of course the bought seats bit is horseshit diarrhea spewed from all who shat it.
    It`s only the odd Independent who wins a seat on ability and charisma that gets there without spending an arm or a leg in a Federal election,the rest buy them one way or another,mostly both.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cheers mate, and well said yourself 😀

      Yes, the $’s call the tune, and I doubt there will be too many political legends come out of this current crop, 😉 and sadly even the odd good one may well get tarnished by association with the rest 😯

      Cheers 😀


  2. olddavey says:

    How did this RWNJ Bollocks get into the ALP, let alone get endorsed for the senate.
    He must have incriminating photos of somebody.
    He’s a fucking traitor, I have more respect for Abbott.
    And I have fuck all for Abbott.
    Everybody needs to get really annoyed and push to have him expelled from the party. He will be completely unreliable.
    And he’s a fucking traitor!!
    I’m angry!!


  3. Frank Ston says:

    Morning all

    Having spent 3 or 4 years tearing the party limb from limb in the unwinnable game of personalities have we (the political and the parliamentary arms) learned SFA.

    Without an intimate knowledge of the players I can’t help believing that if Louise Pratt had been No 1 she might have given us a reasonable chance of a second seat by gaining as many votes as Bullock lost.

    The last 2 weeks became an unending round of “he said/she said” (almost exclusively “he said” in this case). They had a unique opportunity to attack the LNP credibility over Sinodinos and didn’t lay a glove on him or the Libs.

    It was a sickeningly inept performance and I feel desperate regret for the true believers.


  4. sandrasearle says:

    Well said again Truthie. I agree with you & the rest of the comments here about the ALP nominating Bullock ahead of Louise Pratt. Just what were they thinking (or not). I just hope that when Bill Shorten gets back after compassionate leave that the speech he was about to give regarding opening up the membership to the ALP to us regular little people where we can have a proper say about who we want to represent us in government.
    I also think that the party distancing itself from the Unions could be a good thing, but really the unions are needed to help the workers maintain their rights in the workplace that they fought so hard to keep. This is something that the LNP want to destroy and it is something that we must all be aware of and not let happen.
    Everybody says that Bill Shorten is not doing his job in standing up to the LNP but he is a thinker and a good people handler. Changing the party from within takes time, patience and understanding from all sides. We need to encourage him and the rest of the opposition to do the work that is needed to bring the ALP back to the people. We also need to be able to let them know when we feel they are not listening to us.
    Looking at what I’ve just written here it could look like I’m a dyed in the wool ALP supporter, but this has not always been the case. For years I followed the Libs (when they were a half descent party), then I matured and found that I had developed a social conscience, became a swing voter which is where I still stand today. The big change is that although I’m not happy with the way things have happened in the ALP I think that they still have the ability to make the changes that will be needed to meet the demands of the people and the foresight to be able to take back this great country of ours and lead it once again.
    The MIM was just the first step that the people of this country who are totally sick & tired of being dragged back to the past by this ghastly leader of the LNP & his party. I just hope and pray that it will not be the last and that the next one will be even bigger. It is here that we can really have a say. It is being run for the people, by the people which is something that those in the MSM just do not get, neither do the LNP.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Sandra, thanks for your comment 😎 and your support 🙂

      I hope you’re right about Shorten, but I still have serious doubts. 🙄

      i do agree about the party, and the direction they need to take, 😉 and to distance themselves a bit from the unions is probably a good thing.

      I have to say though, that I’ve never been able to understand why a “union” would support the right of politics, as they just don’t have the same level of social conscience, but I know that some do. 😯

      BTW, there is another march being organised for Aug or Sept I think. 😀

      And you are right about the MIM, and if we keep it up and the numbers continue to grow, they will not be able to continue to ignore us. 😀

      Cheers 😀


      • cornlegend says:

        Years ago I reckoned that Labor and the Unions were inseparable because of ideology,
        I worked for both and saw how the link fitted like hand in glove.
        Unions paid ok, for those working for them, and there were hundreds of Unions there to represent the specific rights of the Workers.
        Some only had a few hundred members but they were close knit and fought for the pay and conditions of their particular group.
        Then, the concept of the SUPER UNIONS came about, and the large Unions gobbled up the small.
        Once that happened the smaller Unions within these Super Unions became a distant memory, swallowed by the big ones.
        Then these Super Unions had all this extra cash, and power started going to the heads of some.
        Salaries started to look like telephone numbers {pity I hadn’t stayed around 😀
        and the few at the top started to have even more clout within the ALP.
        If you ever bother to look at WHO in the ALP belong to what factions, you’ll see their power and see how some people became strange bedfellows in the factions.
        Unfortunately, because these Super Unions ended up being controlled by tired old Right Wingers, who had little interest in the now huge memberships, across so vast a range of occupations.
        Old blokes, with old ideas ruled, and still do, with an iron fist.
        Blokes like Bill Ludwig of the A.W.U. who still pulls the strings on Paul Howes and Bill Shorten, and Joe de Bruyn of the SDA, who was the one that lumbered us with this Bullock fool, a former State SDA Organiser.
        I think it’s past time for an amicable divorce.
        Geez, the Unions have enough on their plate, trying to defend workers rights under this LNP regime.
        We need that industrial strength,, and I’m proud to still be a union member.
        We need the ALP as a separate entity , to fight the LNP at ever step in Government.
        We need them to be a Party of social justice, of vision, and effective.
        The two have critical roles IMHO ,
        but separately.
        The marriage has to end



    • cornlegend says:

      Sandra, you might be interested in this message I got from JohnB on IA,
      JohnB Cornlegend • 19 minutes ago

      Have you thought of making a submission here:
      As donor to the Chifley foundation, I received an email today (am preparing a submission):

      “…This is where you come in. Because the culture of ideas that I want to champion is all about Labor people thinking progressively, it’s all about people like you. The contributors, readers, participants and supporters who make up what I think of as the “Chifley circle” don’t just enable our work – you really are our work. The best sign of success for us will simply be that more Labor people do what you already do every day: think about progress.

      So for starters, I’d love to hear from you. I’ve got plenty of ideas about where Chifley goes next and I’m sure you have too. It’d be great if you could take the time to drop me a line with your thoughts – the best is or you could tweet me @cooneymj so the world sees your thoughts too….”


  5. consider says:

    I thought after what Mundine did to the ALP was about as low as we could go, but, like you, I was absolutely gob-smacked when I read what Bullock has been saying about the ALP and his comments re Abbott..
    What really saddened me was to hear Albo defend this clown. albeit gently, by suggesting he, after all was a “character”
    Up until now, I thought even with our mediocre attack we could possibly fall over the line at the next election, courtesy of the Village Idiot, but I cringe when I know what will be thrown up at us via Murdoch`s RAGS, because of Bullock`s comments. Maybe Bullock was right when he told that meeting the ALP are full of “mad people”
    Look out Patio HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Voltara Smith says:

    Does it really matter which political charity-case Labor nominates for the senate? Is Bullock going to vote any differently to Pratt? It will make ZERO practical difference which one of the talentless slobs takes a seat in parliament. They will vote the party line their whole career. If people are looking for reason not to vote Labor the alleged difference between these two hacks should be low on the list.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Voltara Smith, welcome to Truth Seekers 🙂 and thanks for your comment 😉

      WRT your question, yes it does matter, because he was given the top spot in a right wing union deal, he certainly didn’t earn it, and it may well be that he does vote differently, as he is a far right unionist who, as I said, has close ties to the LNP and Abbott, both personally, and philosophically, and is not even vaguely representative of the R & F, or true Labor values. 😯

      I would also suggest that the only “Hack” is Bullock, and if you really don’t want “Talentless Slobs” in parliament, then you should direct your efforts towards getting rid of this LNP mob, who are lightyears ahead in the Talentless Slobs” stakes, not to mention the “worst government in our history” stakes, and will completely stuff this country if they get half a chance. 🙄

      As you ignored the other part of this post (LNP gross lies, spin and hypocrisy), can I take it that you are a supporter of the Mendacious Abbott and his despicable bunch of talentless hacks?

      And if that is the case, then I would ask you WHY?

      I ask this in the hope that you can enlighten us, as we and many others have asked this question of LNP supporters, ad-infinitum, and are yet to receive one valid response.

      We’ve had plenty of “Cos Labor is bad!”, “cos Abbott isn’t Gillard/ Rudd”, “They’re just better!” etc etc.

      What we need, is what makes Abbott worth supporting, and we wait with bated breath for an honest response. 😉

      If you don’t support Abbott, then I would like to hear your feelings WRT his lies, spin and hypocrisy!

      Cheers 😀


  7. frontad84 says:

    I wonder how much the Libs paid Bollocks to undermine the ALP


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Frontad84, yes mate, you have to wonder? 😉

      That’s been the problem for too long… Right wing plants, whiteanting and destabilising the party, and leaking to mates in the LNP! 👿

      Cheers 😀


  8. Frank Ston says:


    Just when the clouds seem darkest, in the political sense, along comes Mr, or Mrs, Smith to renew my intent to see the arse end of Abbott and his insane clown posse.


  9. diannaart says:

    The LNP can leave Labor to wreck itself, how many more?

    We’ve had (just off the top of my head coz I’m research deficient today:

    Lindsay Tanner (I used to be very impressed by this man)
    Mark Latham (never impressed)
    Bob Carr (always glad I lived in Victoria)

    and Joe Bullock – hasn’t even written HIS memoirs yet… but is being given every bit of support by Bill Shorten.

    Meanwhile Abbott strikes another goal from THE LIST:


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi Dianna 😀 Hope you’re feeling well?

      Yes it certainly seems that way with the latest Bullock balls up, 😡 and yes, that IPA list is a real worry 😯

      Cheers 😀


  10. Fed up says:

    Did I spot Hawke overseas with Abbott’s stunt of the century. What is it with old union leaders, such as Martin Ferguson and those that appear on Bolt. What are they out to prove?

    Times have changed, time for the arms of Labor to split and stand on their own feet.

    I believe Australia is one of the few countries that combine both arms. Seem to have survived in other countries, keeping space between each.

    Just a thought.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Fed up 😀

      I didn’t spot Hawke, but there were plenty there, so I might have missed him 😉

      I too, wondered about those that go on bolt, and write for “The UnAustralian”. 😯

      Cheers 😀


    • consider says:

      Fed Up, I could be wrong ,but the segment I saw with Hawke was showing previous visits to China by politicians and union leaders from earlier times.
      Incidentally ,I am old enough to remember Bob Menzies saying to voters during an election campaign, that if you vote for the ALP, the first thing they will do is commence trading with China.
      How times have changed.


      • Truth Seeker says:

        Morning Consider 😀

        Mate there was that many there with him anyway, 😯 and yes, it is amazing how times have changed… except for the LNP spin, lies and fear campaigns haven’t 😯

        I suppose it’s a case of “The more things change, the more they stay the same!” 😯

        I hope you’re having a great Saturday mate 🙂

        Cheers 😀


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