Free speech for sale!

Free speech for sale!Abbott sleeping

I have to admit to feeling somewhat flat, and uninspired by the political landscape/discourse at the moment, but it appears that I’m not alone. It feels a bit like the nation is holding its collective breath, in anticipation of the next big policy and or diplomatic stuff up, by this Abbott led catastrophe we laughingly call a government.

Abbott1+While the MSM are busy lauding his latest efforts at selling us out to overseas interests, as a great win and diplomatic triumph for “The Blunder from Downunder”, there are many at home  asking the questions that the MSM should be asking… like:

  • What are the “REAL” benefits, if any, for the nation?
  • Who benefits the most from these FTA’s?
  • And most importantly, are there ISDS provisions included, and if so …WHY?

But of course the chances are that these questions will go largely unasked, and consequently largely unanswered.

It also seems, from the latest Fairfax Nielsen  poll (Labor 52%, LNP 48% TPP), that many punters are not overly impressed with the LNP performance so far, with 9 out of 10 respondents citing  the amendments to 18C, and associated legislation as of great concern, and not warranted, or wanted.

Now it appears that Brandis is likely to be forced to backflip on his promise to clear Bolt’s name, which I’m sure will be very upsetting for the likes of Gina and her “Boy” Bolt, who will just have to learn to live with the original determination.   😦   😉

For me though, the thing that really jumps out is the level of publicly displayed hypocrisy, from a federal mob that screams “free speech” at every opportunity to further their own cause, and protect their mates, while their fascist state counterparts ably supported by the MSM do all they can to stifle free speech, with draconian anti association laws like the VLAD  laws in QLD.images

And while I’m on the subject of QLD, and the fascist state that it has pretty much become, it is increasingly evident that newman (no Capital N deserved   😯  ) is trying to takes us back to the years of Gerrymander “Don’t you worry about that” Joe.

He is now looking at ways to;

  • Make it harder for the marginalised to vote.
  • Politicise and/or silence the public service.
  • Further erode the effectiveness of the watchdogs, which he started from day 1, under the guise of “Cutting red and green tape” (sound familiar?).

Amongst other things…

The sad truth is that the LNP are ideologically driven, by the mantra “Greed is good” (at least when it’s right wing greed), with the almighty dollar being the determining factor in all areas of policy making, and consequently the reason why they are worse than useless when it comes to good public policy; and they are the same, both state and federal!

All these issues, and more,  are symptomatic of the aforementioned ideologies, dictating policy direction.

As a nurse, who worked for many years in the public health system in QLD , SWMBO still has friends in the QLD system who tell a disturbing story of;

  • Corporate bullying of nurses, allied health workers and even doctors , as all levels of management jockey to find some sort of job security for themselves, as they are forced to find further savings in a system that is already stressed to breaking point as a direct result of newman’s previous cuts.
  • Morale at an all time low, throughout the sector.
  • A “health care” service that takes no responsibility for the “health” or “care” of its own workers.
  • A culture of fear, propagated by implied threats to, what if any, job security remains, for any that try to speak out against “The System”, or its masters.

Doesn’t sound much like democracy or free speech to me?

And meanwhile, back at the trough, similar types of laws are already doing the rounds in Vic, while Tassie will almost definitely jump on the VLAD/LNP bandwagon, as a way to contain the damage and fallout from his promise to tear up the ‘Forestry accord”.

So although we may see a major backflip (one of many) from this “Adult, no excuses, no surprises” — NO HONESTY — LNP mob, the truth is, the fact that they even considered these amendments clearly shows their screwed priorities when it comes to “Free Speech”, and  policy in general.

If you live in a state other than QLD, and are thinking “I’m glad I don’t live there!”, all I can say is… Just wait!

So as we wait with baited breath for Hockeys axe to fall on those of us identified as leeches on society… you know, pensioners and the disabled etc, and we witness further acts of  gross hypocritical bastardry,  like the states getting on board with Hockey’s assets sell offs, let’s use what free speech we have left, to tell the LNP unequivocally:

  • Hands off our democracy!
  • Hands off our public assets!
  • Stop degrading our public services!
  • Leave our long-suffering aged and disabled pensioners, their homes and their pensions alone!

And BTW, our Free speech IS NOT for sale!

Chrissyfit2 Cheers   😀


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11 Responses to Free speech for sale!

  1. kate ahearne says:

    Hey Truthie! I don’t know how you find the energy to hit it so hard and so straight, again and again. I wish I could find a comma or two to argue the toss with you about, but it never seems too happen.
    I do love to hate ‘Insiders’, but their interview with J Hockey seems to have let some squeeling cats out of the bag. I’m only 65, so no worries there. But what, as you would say, the fuck?


  2. Gilly says:

    Good one Truthie, good because it is right (correct). I have come to expect that free speech for the conservatives means they are free to say anything without fear of correction or consequence. As far as policy goes then on a holistic appraisal many of their policies actually work against each other.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Gilly, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes mate, everything they do is with themselves and their mates firmly planted centre stage 👿

      As far as policy is concerned, just more of the same, and that’s why they work against one another, because good policy is developed for the benefit of all, and bad policy is for the benefit of the privileged few. 😯

      And you can clearly see their skewed/screwed priorities, when they doggedly stand behind a $5+ billion PPL, and attack the living conditions/standards of the poorest and the most vulnerable to help pay for it… WTF? 😈

      Cheers 😀


  3. The LNP are a joke, and it wouldn’t be so sad if they weren’t so obviously self-serving, and scapegoating and disadvantaging the most vulnerable members of Australia! Wayne Swan was the best treasurer and most Internationally recognised and awarded treasurer in the OECD! Now, 7 months later with Hockey at our helm, he is known as the worst performing treasurer in the OECD, what with all the money they have had to pay the Murdoch/Fairfax machine, the World Bank and such to help ‘them’ get in power! Check this out: and that was only up until March 2014! Keep up your great articles!


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Bridget, thanks for your comment 😎 and kind words 🙂

      Yes, I think it really rankles that Swann was recognised and awarded for the great work he did, while the LNP only ever produce shonky treasurers, who cook the books with their own brand of “Creative accounting practices 😯

      Six months in, and the list is already as long as your arm, and growing further by the day 😯 and when the may budget comes down, the chances are that there will be some more big ones added to the list 🙄

      Cheers 😀


    • orangefox says:

      Swan should have been allowed to run his class warfare message as he was on the money.


  4. consider says:

    You are right Truthy, it will be interesting to see the reaction of other States when their Governments follow the lead of our LITTLE dictator here in Q`ld. ( A State now hurtling back to the bad old pre-Fitzgerald days.You know what they say M8, “Ignore history and you will re-live it”
    With the current VLAD laws, could you imagine living here in Q`ld with the police being run by the likes of Joh`s mate, former Commissioner Terry Lewis. Bloody hell we would all end up in the slammer for having the gall to participate in the March in March.
    I believe W.A. has had a taste of it when a group were arrested for holding a pray meeting at Julie Bishops` office.
    As I keep saying, nothing will change until the idiots who voted for the likes of Newman and Abbott start to really suffer
    Cheers M8.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, thanks for your comment 😎

      Mate, Sadly, I don’t think we’ll have to wait too long to see VLAD do the rounds, especially as they all prepare to sell off everything that’s not nailed down 👿 They’ll need some way to stop the protests 😉



  5. orangefox says:

    I’ve heard the Chinese want to bring in their own workers for any projects they invest in under the Free Trade Agreement. I other words the Chinese are seeking expansion into other regions. Australia would be a perfect location for the them to sandwich the rest of Asia and give them domination of the whole Asia Pacific region.
    Abbott probably had something else in mind.
    I think the way it will work is Gina will tell Brainless to turn Northern Australia into a shire for her.
    Then the Chinese will get a 100 year lease and Gina will get land royalities, $2.00 a day labor, a tax free zone and minerals thrown in.
    What a deal for Gina.
    But the Chinese are a bit smarter. They won’t wait 100 years if you get my drift.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Orangefox, thanks for your comment 😎

      Well we know that he doesn’t read anything, so maybe before he signs anymore, someone could slip in a “RESIGNATION” form, and tell him it’s an FTA 😉 cos I recon he’d sign anything. 🙄

      Having said that, you may well be right 😉



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