Bazza O’Fazza, and the strange missing Grange?

Bazza O’Fazza, and the strange missing Grange?

Now, as someone who lived through the heady days of Love, peace and mung beans, albeit as a young observer in the early days, when The Beatles and The Stones rocked the music world,  and Woodstock was the centre of the universe;  when Jimi Hendrix gave us “Purple Haze” and great bands like Jethro Tull joined the fray, with a myriad of other fantastic artists, I live the old adage, “If you remember it, then you probably weren’t there!”   😯

Cos there’s lots that have mysteriously disappeared, like a certain James Taylor concert, where I was otherwise engaged, and remember nothing of the actual concert, although I do remember arriving at the concert with my girl friend, at the time, and three of her girl friends   😯

And I’m still pissed, as I was, and still am,  a huge fan.

Now why, you may ask, am I travelling down this memory lane, that  ends up as a block end turning (cul-de-sack)?

Well if during those aforementioned “Heady Days”, someone had given me a $3,000 bottle of anything, I’d have remembered it, and would have considered that person, some sort of friend !   😉   So despite your protestations that barely knew the man, here’s one for you Bazza   😉


Call me cynical, but really?

Now I’ve heard some saying that maybe it just got lost in the sheer volume of largesse shown to a “Liberal” leader, from a grateful top 5%?

When Bazza said that he never received the delivery, my immediate reaction was… Mmmm?

Then he was reported as saying that he and his family were  away, and even the family dogs was in the kennels?  Mmmmm?

Then we had the handwritten thank you note, followed closely by the inevitable resignation!  😉

We then saw  The Hon (Nyaaaaaahahahhahahahaha   😀  ) Tony Abbott PM saying what a thoroughly heroic act, from a truly decent man, who “Inadvertently misled” the ICAC …. Mmmmmmm?

Of course, Abbott does tend to give glowing personal references, like the one he gave for a pedophile priest?    Mmmmmmmmmm?

So here’s one for Tones and Bazza   😀

Anyway, IMHO, there are only three possible scenarios.

  1. The aforementioned theory of so many “gifts”, that it got lost in the pile?
  2. He really did forget that he received a $3,000 bottle of Grange, of his own vintage (1959), also forgetting that he phoned his benefactor and sent him a hand written “Thank you” note, then  subsequently forgot to declare it?
  3. Rather than forgetting, he’s realised that he’s on a ticket to nowhere, and decided to lie, and then quit his job, rather than face the real consequences?

My pick would be #3, as I figure that if all he he loses is his job, he’s doing well, as not only has he not declared the gift, but he’s also misled the ICAC.   😯

So despite the protestations from the LNP, about his “honour” and “Integrity”, I personally don’t really think that either of those fine qualities were part of the equation when Bazza thought about his future, but rather IMHO he was trying to contain the inevitable damage, and cover his very exposed arse!    😯

What do you think about;

Bazza O’Fazza, and the strange missing Grange?


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Musician singer/songwriter, guitar teacher.
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28 Responses to Bazza O’Fazza, and the strange missing Grange?

  1. Fed up says:

    I know this might be seen as far stretched but could have O’Farrell been strafed by his own party. He was not friend of Abbott’s. O’Farrell supported Gillard when it came to Gonski and NDIS.

    The media seemed to be hinting there is much more to c0ome. We still have the Central Coast MPs. All seem t5o be connected.

    Not impress by the names being put forwarded by the media. They say we could end up wit6h surfing buddies.

    I suspect Abbott will find a successor more easy to mould to his way of thinking.

    Could he have been set up.

    Nothing surp4rises me with this mob, but what5 happened yesterday does not make sense.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Morning Fed up, 😀 and thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, you may be right, there’s definitely more to come 😉

      Cheers ;grin:


    • Rhonda says:

      A few have now raised this on IA and I agree. Barry O’Farrell has had differing views from Abbott on several issues now, so no doubt moves were made to dispose of him. Typical Abbott, praise publicly, twist the knife privately. He does not like to be crossed.


  2. Russ says:

    Truthy, back in the day, as my porridge memory serves, you could have bought a new Holden, ( thata thing that used to exist in Australia) for $3,000.00 bucks, For that sort of dollars you could have stayed pissed all year.
    James Taylor still sounds great yet I see he has opted for the reverse Mohawk haircyut, so popular with many of our former pop stars, great stuff

    I loved Jethro too Mate, thanks for the links.

    I have it on sworn authority from Tony and Chrissy that the dog signed for the Grunge Hermitspiss and drank it. Theres a pic of the alcoholic dog at the top of page.
    Cheers Ts


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Russ, thanks for your comment, 😀 and the laugh 😆 Love your work. 😉

      Yes mate, and for less than twice that, you could get a Falcon GT 😯 And in 1972, you could buy a Cortina for around $2,800.oo 😀

      Reverse Mohawk… 😀

      Mate we were fortunate that our era had the best music 😉

      Charlie resembles that remark 😯

      Cheers 😀


      • Russ says:

        Truthy, talking about the GT Falcon, I remember a guy who worked with us bought one and we werent so puzzled about its cost but the size of the fuel tank. I think it was 40 gallons where as the trusty Holdens had a 16 gallon job.

        Back in the day, most people used to pull up , at the servo, (when they had attendants) and ask for 2 bucks worth, or maybe 5 bucks. The only time you’d fill up is if you were going on holiday. The thought of 40 gallons was enough to make strong men tremble.

        Funny how times change.


      • cornlegend says:

        In 1972 I bought a new Valiant Charger for just under $4000, I couldn’t stretch the extra $500 or so to go for the RT.
        Now an original RT in good nick goes for $100,000 plus 😦


  3. consider says:

    I bet the injured workers in NSW are glad to see the back of him, after what he did to the Workers Compensation Act.
    Hopefully ICAC will un-earth a few more of the grubs.


  4. olddavey says:

    This is my favorite piece of detritus from the whole affair.
    Silly old fuckwit Gerard Henderson trying to make Boffa Boy look like a saint.

    No wonder we laugh at these monkeys.


    • Rhonda says:

      He had the cheek to ask Kate McClymont to let him speak without her interrupting him, but continually spoke over the top of her. The presenter should never have let him get away with it, but then again, maybe he wanted to give Henderson every opportunity to show himself up as the pretentious, biased old git that he is.


  5. my say says:

    Oh isn’t karma a bitch,they were so busy trashing the labor brand with coruption,that they forgot to clean up their own house first,could not have happened to a more deserving lot, and with any luck more nasties will be revealed,


    • Truth Seeker says:

      My say, thanks for your comment 😎

      Yes, I’m with you, 😀 I’m hanging out for the next episode in anticipation of a few big fish frying slowly 😉

      Cheers 😀


  6. Gilly says:

    So he forgot all about one bottle of plonk. So he is a cheap drunk.


  7. Fed up says:

    I Love a headline I seen on the Australian site. Did not bother to look.

    “former PM Gillard, embroiled in police investigations”

    Funny, it is only the Australian that is still flogging this dead horse.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Fed up, yes they live in hope 😯

      And we would expect no less 😦

      Cheers 😀


    • diannaart says:


      What is it with RWNJ’s and evidence,and/or truth?

      Gerald Henderson is such an example – if something contradicts his world view he tries to argue black is white. This pattern of thinking is something we see with fundamentalists, CC deniers and others who believe ideology trumps a mountain of evidence.

      I do think it is strange that O’Farrell felt he had to resign – many other politician’s have been caught out on far worse behaviour (Abbott’s tax-payer funded book promotion?) and continue their careers with barely a shrug.

      The questions I want answered are why O’Farrell felt he had to lie?

      What does his resignation cover up or mitigate?


  8. Rhonda says:

    I think Barry O’Farrell thought he got away with it, when he feigned memory loss (it was only 3 years ago, for pity’s sake), only to be confronted by confirmation that he pretty much had lied to ICAC.

    It ceased to be about the bottle of wine, but about integrity. It also showed he was set up by his own side. Makes a change from it all going Labor’s way, but actually it’s way worse, as the LNP had set themselves up as a paragon of virtue. How the mighty have fallen! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving lot…


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hi Rhinda, 🙂 and thanks for your comments 😎

      Yes, it certainly looks like an inside job to do him over 😯 but then that is in their DNA, along with lies, deception and general corruption. 👿

      And you’re right, it did cease to be about the “Grange”, as soon as he started denying knowledge of it, 🙄

      And with LNP scalps falling like ten pins, and more of the enquiries to go, I am personally hoping for more of it 😀

      Keep up the good work 🙂

      Cheers 😀


  9. Frank Ston says:

    Morning all
    To all my friends in the lounge, and one who may be on the shaky end of a grader/roller/compactor, have a safe and happy time with family, friends and those you love.

    Use the time wisely to make happy memories.

    I’ll catch up in a few days.

    PS:- Cornie, a radio station in Melbourne, last Thursday had a talkback segment in which listeners were invited to phone in with their favourite lyrics. One caller came up with a great line if your mate ‘fred’ goes on a religious binge again – Tom Waits – ‘Heartattack and Vine’ – “Don’t you know there is no devil just God when he’s drunk.”


  10. cornlegend says:

    happy days for you too mate,
    I see Diamond Dickhead is running amok at IA again


  11. brickbob says:

    Plz checkout ” I Wish I were a Liberal ” @


  12. Fed up says:

    brickbob. Well worth the visit. What do the Liberals stand for today. Seems to be a big secret.


  13. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie,im a bit late getting to this one but i hope they all end up dobbing themselves in and pooling their money and buying a winery.


    • brickbob says:

      ps,feel free to check out my poem and anybody else who wants to pass it along.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Brickbob, mate thanks for your comment 😎

      Mate I’ve been a bit crook over the Easter, SWMBO thinks I might have a virus or something, but it’s kept me out of action for days, so it’s just as well it’s been quiet on the blogosphere 😉

      I have read your poem, and will leave a comment on your site shortly, but I will say here, well done mate, good job 😀

      Cheers 😀


  14. brickbob says:

    Hi Truthie,sorry to hear you have been a bit crook,hope you are over it soon and thank you for your feedback on my poem,coming from you it’s a great compliment so thank you once again and i urge anyone who likes it to reblog it at their will. Any messages we can get out there to expose these LNP fuckwits is a bonus. Cheers” John O’Callaghan””’ aka ” brickbob.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Mate, I told you a while ago that you should start writing your own stuff, as well as reblogging others pieces 😉

      So all I can say mate, is Thanks for proving me right, 😀 and keep up the good work 🙂

      Cheers 😀


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