The LNP are revolting! Said the Abbott to Peta Credlin!

The LNP are revolting! Said the Abbott to Peta Credlin!

The LNP are revolting!

The LNP are revolting!

Here’s another poem in the “Said the Abbott…” series   😀   , and with the “Commission of All-shit”, telling us that we need to sacrifice our fist born child, so that Abbott et al, can fulfil their dream of right wing nut-jobbery and  political ideologies, where the only benchmarks you have to meet… Are your own!  you just gotta ask yourself… WTF?   😯


The LNP are revolting! Said the Abbott to Peta Credlin

“The LNP are revolting!”

Said the Abbott to Peta Credlin

“They say they’re not prepared to buy

The policy I’ve been peddlin’

My rolled gold signature PPL

To show how much I care

For women and their lady bits…

I love it when they share


Like when you left fertility stuff

In my refrigerator

And you said they’d start to love me;

Call me Tones… “the sperminator”

And the Abbott’s paid parental leave

Would be something to behold

But now our revolting colleagues

On my PPL… have gone cold


They say it’s too expensive

And they say that it’s unfair

That Liberal “gals of calibre”

Will get the lions share

But that should be a given

Cos the value’s clear to see

Cos it’s spoilt little rich kids

That make up the LNP


And it isn’t just the PPL

The rebels are rejecting

It’s my Debt Tax; I mean levy   😳

That the bastards aren’t respecting

They say it won’t be popular

But we must stop the infighting

Cos we’re running out of time for all

The budget bill, rewriting


And Sloppy Joe’s beside himself

Which is quite a sight to see

As he tries to sound half competent

While bagging the economy

He’s running round in circles

But he stays the party line

That everything is Labors fault

And none of it is mine


He’s a good and faithful treasurer

Who’s heard his party’s call

But if and when, shit hits the fan

Sloppy Joe will take the fall

Cos his leadership ambitions

Make him perfect for the job

As he’ll take the heat for all my lies

The chubby little knob


And I’d hoped to keep their “revolting” quiet

But that ship’s already sailed

So I’ll just blame Labor, once again

To show I haven’t failed

But that bloody carbon tax repeal

Is looking hard to pass

With the ghost of Julia Gillard’s “lie”

Set to bite me on the arse


Cos the MSM are turning

And to turn them back, I’m keen

But it’s going to be difficult

From the headlines that I’ve seen

Like; “The LNP are revolting”

Which are seeds they shouldn’t sow!”

But the country’s reply to Abbott is

“Tell us something… we don’t know!”


The Dirtiest of them all! Be afraid, be very afraid!

The most revolting of them all! Be afraid, be very afraid!



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8 Responses to The LNP are revolting! Said the Abbott to Peta Credlin!

  1. consider says:

    Good one mate.
    When Abbott leaves politics (soon), he should be able to make a living selling his “magic hair restorer” I reckon.


  2. Frank Ston says:


    Aaaaah! Magoo, you’ve done it again!


  3. bighead1883 says:

    Ah Truthy the habit of the Abbott is a myxomatosis rabbit,
    Blind in both eyes and dull from all lies,a very bad habit
    May it`s misery be soon at an end,
    For to bunny heaven we wish it to send,
    And really Truthy just as a hunch,
    Let`s all pray he`s joined by all his LNP bunch.
    Thanks for your series of said the Abbott,
    We all look forward to hear more about his habit,
    Cause the MSM has been too slow to blab it


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