The Abbott’s LNP Lexicon… WTF?

The Abbott’s LNP Lexicon… WTF?  Dunce2 With all the lies, that aren’t lies, backflips, that aren’t backflips, broken promises, that aren’t broken promises, I thought it might be time to lay out the Abbott’s LNP lexicon, so as to try to ease some of the confusion?   😯

Before we start, you should understand a few basics:

  • NO = No, unless it means yes… or maybe?
  • YES = Yes, unless it means no… or maybe?
  • MAYBE = No, but I can’t tell you that, so… Maybe?

Ok, now you have to remember that  everything that the Abbott says is tainted by these basics.   😉 We also have to take into account, the fact that Abbott has already admitted that unless it’s a carefully scripted, “written” statement, it isn’t necessarily to be believed…   😯

So now we understand Abbott’s basics   😉

Let’s take a look at a few of the things they say, and add the proper meanings, like:

Slogans = Substitutes for Policies.   🙄

  • Stop The Boats = Hide the boats.
  • Stop Labor’s waste = To make even  more room for LNP waste.
  • Axe The Tax = Sack the environment.
  • Budget Emergency = Proof that even some RWNJ’s have an imagination.   😯
  • Heavy Lifting = Something Identified by the LNP…  and done by everyone else.
  • Illegitimate Governments = Any government that wins ahead of the LNP.
  • Legitimate Government = Any LNP government, regardless of how they win?
  • Reduce Labor’s Debt = Double Labors debt.
  • Bad Fiscal Management = Three AAA credit ratings, and a top performing economy.
  • Good Fiscal Management = Stuff everything, and then blame Labor.
  • Class warfare = Something to accuse Labor of, whist the LNP do all they can to reduce conditions for workers, families and the poor, and redistribute more of the wealth… To the wealthy!

Lies = Something only Labor does.   😉

Facts = Something only the LNP have.   😯Abbott CC

Experts = See “Facts”.   🙄

Adult = Child or A Dolt!   😛

Climate Change = Crap!   🙂

Renewables = Donors to secret LNP trust funds.   😀

Foreign Affairs = How to screw your international neighbours!   😯

Corruption = Everything thing that Labor does, and nothing to do with the LNP, unless they get caught, and then it was;   😉

  • Inadvertent.   😀
  • An honest mistake.   😯
  • The dog ate my homework.   😉
  • I don’t recall!   😛

Now this list is far from exhaustive, but I’m sure that others will feel the need to add to; The Abbott’s LNP Lexicon… WTF?   Pants on fire


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17 Responses to The Abbott’s LNP Lexicon… WTF?

  1. consider says:

    Truthy, I don`t know who is giving Abbott his riding instructions, but it is patently obvious that he is not discussing them with his Cabinet. His Ministers are saying one thing publicly and Abbott hasn`t got the decency to warn them privately that what they are saying will be shown to be absolutely wrong shortly afterwards.
    But then again, they may say these things before Abbott has been told what is really going to happen, so he is just as much in the dark as they are.
    One example, Julie Bishop said in April that the Govt. had no plans to re-introduce the fuel indexation, yet it is almost certain it will be, in the upcoming Budget.
    The ABC Journalists seem to be asking more relevant questions lately.
    Leigh Sales better watch out, Sarah Ferguson is doing a pretty good job on 7.30. At least she tries to get the idiot LNP guests to answer her questions and not just blame the ALP for everything including droughts, bushfires and floods and anything else they can think of, to keep the heat off of themselves.
    Hopefully by continually highlighting the facts that you have outlined above, it will finally hit home to those idiots who voted for Abbotts dangerous crew, just what damage they have done, and will continue to do, to this country.
    As I have said before the idiots must suffer before they wake up and do some serious thinking before they cast their vote in the future. Unfortunately those of us who didn`t vote for these cretins have to suffer too.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Hey Consider, 😀

      Mate, IMHO this alleged budget is going to be a complete disaster, and show up the LNP as the incompetents they are 😯

      It’s just scary the amount of damage they have already done, and we still have a week to go before the wrecking ball really hits 😦

      WRT the LNP supporters suffering, I think that it’s really starting to hit home now, and many are having serious regrets about their choice at the last election 😯

      Let’s hope there is enough crazy shit in the budget to make the senate vote against at least some of it, and see if they can force Abbott to keep his promise to call a DD 😉

      We live in hope, but then Abbott’s promises have all the credibility of the flat earth society 😛

      Cheers mate 😀


    • Frank Ston says:


      Thanks for putting your thoughts together so clearly.
      I was struck by a similar epiphany recently but couldn’t express as well as you have done. I got to thinking about the “old” LNP chestnut about Labor’s so-called ‘faceless men’ and I started thinking about the LNP ‘menless faces’.

      I think we all know that Cretin’s hand operates his mouth, albeit badly, and we know who’s on the end of his ear piece. What we don’t know is who’s writing the script and who is responsible for the storyboard layout.


      • cornlegend says:

        I think they keep it in the Cretin dynasty
        Cretins husband Brian Loughnane and his direct links to the IPA seem to me to put them top of the suspect list


      • consider says:

        Thanks for that Frank, You are right, the LNP would buy and sell the ALP on hypocrisy and how the ” behind the scene ” un-elected faceless people run this country via this Govt.

        Compared to Big Business and the multi-nationals, the Unions, who get blamed for most of the problems the ALP get saddled with, are but babes in woods when lined up against that lot.


  2. cornlegend says:

    I agree on the DD.
    Even though I don’t trust the fool one bit, Clive will have a big say on whether we see the chance of a DD.
    The thing that worries me though is I think Milne would bring it on, hopefully Palmer would support it but I have major concerns that Bill would back down in a “Team Australia” moment.
    I’m concerned that Bill isn’t saying even one tenth of what you’ve outlined above.
    Geez, Shortens cause for concern


    • truthrevealed says:

      Hello Cornlegend, long time no speak, that is on my part!

      I couldn’t agree more about Bill Shorten, he says nothing of importance, when he should be outraged & giving us the real facts of the matter. He is a real worry. Wish Albanese was the leader, but that wont be happening any time soon.

      I find it almost unbearable these days to even look at or listen to that ratbag Abbott, he is evil in the flesh. God help this country that’s all I can say!


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cornie, yes mate, I worry too that he hasn’t got it in him 🙄 We can only hope 😉

      But the first hurdle is to get to that point, then we can see about putting the pressure on Shorten to do the right thing and dump their sorry arses 😯

      Cheers 😀


  3. hannahquinn says:

    Reblogged this on The Kettle Press and commented:
    The simpler the better Tony can remember what to say when he’s not actually supposed to say anything.


  4. cornlegend says:

    Now Abbott doesn’t see any need for a Federal ICAC type body.

    “Abbott also played down calls for a federal anti-corruption body, like the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption, saying Canberra had a “pretty clean polity” and people should be careful about “casual smearing”.

    Of course they don’t, what with the AWB Wheat for Saddam scandal, the Reserve Bank overseas bank note rort, the regular rorting by the conga line of pigs to the trough.

    We do have the $10,000 dinners, the Food for Friends with Funds wanting Favours. but the biggest lark is AFTER they leave Parliament.
    Right now it appears policy is dictated to this lot by Murdoch, the Miners and the Corporate Lobby groups.
    This lot are paid enough that they don’t necessarily have to go for the little bits of ‘carpet” that the State mob do.
    After retirement, they just take up positions on Boards, Directorships , and Advisory positions with all the recipients of favours and get fees that resemble telephone numbers.
    Things like Arthur Sinodinos, as reported in ICAC
    “ICAC alleges that Senator Sinodinos was paid $200,000 a year by AWH, plus bonuses, for about 100 hours’ work and stood to make up to $20 million from the deal between AWH and Sydney Water”

    There is no more honesty in the Federal Parliament than there is in any of the States.

    Just the Feds have PATIENCE


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Cornie, I almost choked when I heard him say that. 🙄

      He really does think we’re all stupid, and in that, he’s about half right… that’s the half that voted for him 😉

      Cheers 😀


  5. consider says:

    I wonder if we could borrow Thailand`s Court for just a short time to dish out some Justice to our Federal Govt. too!!!!!!!

    Although, the way the ICAC hearing is going, the Feds in the LNP may be dealt with by our OWN court system shortly.

    We can live in hope.


    • Truth Seeker says:

      Consider, yes mate, a bit of Thai “Justice” would make for some very nervous MP’s, but ICAC is already doing that 😀 apparently 😉

      We live in hope, indeed 😉

      Cheers 😀


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