20th century infrastructure for the 21st century… Mmmmm?

20th century infrastructure for the 21st century… Mmmmm?images

Now that the veil of secrecy is finally lifting from the Abbott’s true agenda, and we can see that the rhetoric of the last three + years was just that— substance free, political rhetoric— there is very good reason to fear for the future of our nation.

Abbott’s agenda is ideologically driven, which was made plain when Hockey admitted that they were ignoring the world wide benchmarks set for a developed economy, in favour of their own benchmarks… WTF?   🙄

But not only are the LNP setting their own fiscal benchmarks, they are ignoring the experts, to set their own benchmarks on such things as climate change, and infrastructure.

The big problem for Abbott, and consequently Australia, is that these areas of policy are, and should be, interconnected, and an holistic approach taken to ensure that we, as a nation,  are as well prepared as we can be, not only for the advent of the challenges of climate change, but to take full advantage of the emerging economic opportunities that those challenges will present.

Sadly, Abbott’s policies are a mishmash of ideologies, based on the IPA policy wish list, with  what’s in the best interests of  themselves and their corporate masters, at the forefront of the decision making process.

They reflect no vision for Australia’s future, but rather a pathway back to Abbott’s view of his preferred past (The “Howard’s Golden years”, and beyond?”… WTF?).

So, as the worlds economies move more and more inextricably towards the new jobs, industries and infrastructure of the 21st century, based on the need to recognise and deal with what’s happening to the planet— OUR PLANET— the LNP are bound and determined to take Australia back to the last century.

And so we come to Abbott as the self titled “Infrastructure PM”?… WTF?

So, what are the infrastructure needs for a 21st century economy?

  1. Cheap, efficient and reliable public transport for our cities and their suburbs, to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads, as well as the cost to, and time for  commuters , and aid in reducing the pollution that said traffic produces.
  2. State of the art broadband, to help decentralise, taking further pressure off our CBD’s by providing more opportunities for people to work from home, and allowing the regions to compete for job creation and services, without being so disadvantaged by the tyranny of distance.  Taking further pressure off the cities road networks, as well as the budgetary pressures on families who spend  inordinate amounts of their own time travelling to and from work, and of their disposable incomes on petrol, general car maintenance, long day care and city parking.

These two areas of infrastructure, go a huge way to addressing the issues of;

  • Carbon pollution.
  • Investment in decentralisation.
  • Levelling the playing-field for the regions.
  • Reducing the cost pressures on families and business.
  • Setting us up well for the future

So what is Abbott offering?

Well he is “committed”  to building roads? ( Whereas he should just be committed!

And stay out!

And stay out!

😉   )

Now to me, that seems a bit hypocritical when it was Abbott and Hockey that effectively destroyed the local car industry  (maybe they think that those that join the dole queue, from Holden and Toyota, can build roads instead!), but more than hypocritical, it’ just plain stupid!

So while the world is moving towards a cleaner, greener future, investing in renewables and introducing a market based carbon pricing scheme, Abbott is not only tearing down anything  connected with climate change and renewables, but is actively working against the tide of public, scientific and world opinion, for the sole purpose of pursuing his own ideological agenda!

They have fast tracked Federal approval for such infrastructure as the Abbots Point coal port, which has the potential to seriously and permanently damage the great barrier reef, at a time when the price and demand for coal is falling, and the pollution that it creates, through coal fired power stations, is a major contributing factor to  AGW.

There is also the threat to the world heritage listed forestry in Tassie, that’s in the LNP cross hairs, and another potential environmental catastrophe.

And so, we  come to roads.

Now very few people would say that our roads do not need fixing and/or upgrading, me included, but the reality is that in Australia, many of us travel vast distances in the course of a year, and most in private vehicles, because the public transport options are either way too expensive, sadly lacking, or completely non existent.

The big problem for Abbott is that he is committing tax payers money to building roads, where there is NO cost/benefit analysis which, prior to the election, was declared by Abbott as an essential tool in determining the viability of a project, and whether or not said project should be funded at all.   But since the election, he has committed to many road projects like “Westconex”, where there is NO cost/benefit analysis, and where the money would be better spent on public transport options.

The thing is that you only have to look to QLD, and the example of Newman, who’s pet projects as Mayor of Brisbane included the white elephant “Clem Seven” Tunnel, that has not and will not produce a return for investors, as we don’t like, and in many cases can’t afford, to pay exorbitant tolls to use what should be public roads!

Then we discover that not only is the Abbott ignoring the public transport needs of whole communities, for future generations, he’s ignoring his own announced guidelines WRT throwing lots of money at un-tested/un-costed projects, and just as he’s chosen roads over other more efficient and more modern transport alternatives, he’s also decided to raise the price of petrol, so using his roads will cost us even more?  WTF?

Then there’s the LNP’s “third world” NBN, and another infrastructure white elephant that will be well and truly obsolete, before it’s even finished… if in fact it ever is?

And with the Hockey Fudget  handed down, we can all be 100% sure that these idiots are nothing more than LIARS, CHEATS and THIEVES!

They have absolutely no credibility, as their promises fall like confetti, at a cheap wedding, and “truth” plays no part whatsoever in the LNP!

So when Abbott says he wants to be known as “The Infrastructure PM”, our reply should be;

“You are a liar, an ideological nut-job and a fool, and what we DON”T need is your, 20th century infrastructure for the 21st century…Mmmmm?


With Australia as our starting point!



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9 Responses to 20th century infrastructure for the 21st century… Mmmmm?

  1. Fed up says:

    Divisive. Divide and rule. So sneaky, that the experts have still not been able to work out who will play. Lack of coherence. What is it about.


  2. bighead1883 says:

    Conservative confoundary connivingly concocted
    Liberal lies lavishly laid
    Bigoted bastardry blatantly broadcast
    Police presence perpetually positioned
    Welcome to L:iberalLand
    Where a lie is not a lie if it is not written down
    A tax is not a tax if it`s a levy
    A levy is not a tax if it`s a dam {oh wait a sec that makes sense and does not belong in LiberalLand]
    A toll is not a tax if it`s to pay for road use
    A law is only a law if we say it is
    Pay as you enter and pay as you leave
    That`s very Liberal of us.
    Truthy these nongs of whom you write are the real weird kids at school
    Remember them in groups away from the kids all playing with eachother pointing at those around
    They would all run to a teacher if one appeared on the playground wanting to be noticed by authority
    Yes it`s our fault that we never pushed them all under the BUS


  3. diannaart says:

    There are better ways to do things, for example:


    Business objective will overcome poverty, or one or more problems (such as education, health, technology access, and environment) which threaten people and society; not profit maximisation
    Financial and economic sustainability
    Investors get back their investment amount only. No dividend is given beyond investment money.
    When investment amount is paid back, company profit stays with the company for expansion and improvement
    Environmentally conscious
    Workforce gets market wage with better working conditions
    …do it with joy

    Not the kind of business Abbott claimed Australia is open for , but good to know others can plan long term and act humanely.


  4. Fed up says:

    Have another from Abbott yesterday. He said that section B was just a supplement. Changing it, was not taking money of mothers, as they still had their income.

    I assume removing the pensioner’s supplement, is seen by Abbott has not reducing pensions. After all it is only a supplement. A hefty one for most pensioners. By the way, also came in before carbon tax. Was given to help with rising power and other costs at the time.


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